Now that 7.2 is here, I guess I should open these....

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    Aren't their contents set when you receive them? Not when you open them?

  • simo7466


    Remember to post what u get

  • RunNEat


    OP here! Didn't keep these for any particular reason; just hoarding them. I realize that the loot is set when I picked them up.

  • jhar23

    23 hours ago

    Please leave a second post showing us all the fun exciting legendaries you get!

  • ShitbirdMcDickbird

    23 hours ago

    Think about the weeks he could have had a BiS legendary but sat on his box, only to unbox a bunch of shit and Sephuz today.

    I don't see how this is worth it.

  • Toromyx


    If you're that far in already you could wait for AK50 instead