Number of hugs - this is my main. Was searching if Statistics have info how much Nethershard I earned, and found this. Felt kinda sad :(

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  • Drougen

    20 hours ago

    That tracks hugs given. You're a terrible person. :(

  • ifeanychukwu

    23 hours ago

    Doesn't that track the number of hugs you've given? You should feel sad for all the hugs you've never given :(

  • commandershitlorde

    19 hours ago

    I still think they need to add transmog into the Wealth category. I don't spend nearly as much on the barber shop as I do with mogging.

  • Kurfuerst_

    19 hours ago

    Just play a little pvp. Some people will hug you when you die <3

  • RepThePlantDawg420

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  • szej10

    17 hours ago

    this just shows how much F you give :D

  • HugCollector

    15 hours ago

    I'm here for my hugs.

  • DrLemniscate

    23 hours ago

    I used to use the Comix addon a while ago. Not sure if it is kept up to date. You could report times you have hugged, been hugged, jumped, etc.

    Main use was adding comic-style POW/BLAM/etc on large crits, and adding funny sound effects when jumping, dying, zoning in, etc.

  • The_Hero_0f_Time

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  • VilliHenki

    16 hours ago

    *internet hugs*

  • Dravvie

    15 hours ago

    Bro you can start whenever you want. Warlocks are allowed to give hugs.

  • Vallahaha

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  • Ditchstick

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  • Ywaismann

    22 hours ago

    21k achivs used to be impressive in Pandaria , now it's really nothing to open a Reddit post about , sorry op