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  • CashKing_D

    19 hours ago

    u gotta keep trying to art so eventually you can art

  • BewingedDragon

    20 hours ago


  • Spicyartichoke

    18 hours ago

    Sucking at something is the first step to being kind of good at something.

  • Weeperblast

    15 hours ago

    Most of the artists you know and love are deeply conflicted as to whether they are good at what they do. A lot of great talents hate their work. You might be great, you just don't know. Basquiat is celebrated. You can be too.

  • iolitesky

    19 hours ago

    sucking at something is the first step to not sucking so much at something.

  • EspressoTheory

    18 hours ago

    Git gud kid

  • Call_me_Cassius

    17 hours ago

    Me rn

    Or rather, I art on the paper and it's fine. Not great, but fine. But I art on the tablet and it's worse??? Not good. I want to art on the tablet so it's better to share, but I need to art on the paper cause the tablet is hard.

  • buttons-the-third

    16 hours ago

    try! I believe in u! I started three years ago and I'm very far from great still, but i practiced a lot and got a heck of a lot farther than I would had I not done any!

  • me_trash

    15 hours ago

    • repeat *
  • milkradio

    14 hours ago

    story of my life lol

  • Magic-Staff

    13 hours ago

    Gotta figure out how you art