A criminal

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  • ProfessorBLK

    23 hours ago

    And you didn't title this "Cat burglar" because...?

  • SgtNitro

    22 hours ago

    Khajit is innocent.

  • GoodCatWarriorName


    So smooth

  • MSG17

    22 hours ago

    If this rowdyism and goonda activity continues, what will happen to the society? What other crimes will happen? Litter box occupation, sandalwood sratch post smuggling?

  • saolsaor

    15 hours ago

    The colour of her fur on her paws makes it look like they're covered in Cheeto dust!! 🐾

  • eversaur

    19 hours ago

    I haven't had those curly Cheetos in years. Now I have to go out and be irresponsible and buy snacks. Damn you, OP.

  • _right_you_are_ken

    20 hours ago

    I know this is nitpicking but gee whiz do I hate the two-period ellipsis. it's like, you already took the effort to type two of them, why not make it three? when it's just two it kinda looks like you just accidentally held the period key for too long and didn't bother to correct yourself..