A message for the Brits

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  • dammitIgiveup


    people getting called out for their blatant ignorance of history gets my dick hard

  • Fairy_Squad_Mother


    British humour is absolutely a thing, but so is British colonialism.



    "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?"

  • Billthesighunzipsguy


    So, John Cleese once demonstrated the difference between American and British humour by using the film 'Animal House', specifically the scene where John Belushi smashes up that guys guitar. He said that an American audience would laugh at John Belushi smashing the guitar, they would identify with Belushi, whereas British audiences would identify with the guy who got his guitar smashed.

  • I_enjoy_dying


    You can literally tell how salty he is from the smiley faces he added

  • Trpepper


    This is one of those rare instances when the person who starts throwing shit first actually ends up looking better than at least 1 person in the forum.

  • Maple_jack


    "you don't have humour"

    "Yes I do"

    " Your country was a dick "

  • EQGallade


    As a Brit, everything about this makes me want to laugh and scream at the same time.

  • LandmineFrisbee


    You can win debates on subjective matters by pulling the "Well your country was a dick" card, now?

    Poor Germans.

  • BronsonR


    Can I upvote twice

  • sunnevajoh


    The brits were no less cruel

  • EvilSpunge23


    This is such a silly argument. If the British have to take responsibility for the awful things done by the early colonists. Do we not also get to take credit for everything good that the USA has ever done? According to this Tumblr poster the revolutionary war was fought by "our people" as well.

    As for them being "our people" surely it's more likely that an American is descended from a slave owning native murdering colonial than someone from in the UK?

    EDIT: I think I misunderstood the original Tumblr post, I read it as saying that historically, the responsibility for the atrocities were the British and not Americans.

    Obviously the distinction isn't clear, there's responsibility on both sides.

    I do think the whole premise is flawed, it's weird to bring up colonialism as a response to being told that you have rubbish banter. Especially as there's a good chance that neither of the people involved had any ancestors involved. I know for a fact that none of my direct ancestors were.