Super edgy classroom

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  • Artist_X


    R. HOPE Yus

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  • CreamyGoodness90

    23 hours ago

    "Everyone got scared"

    Regardless of age, who would get scared by The Black Veil Brides?

  • WTFMyMang


    "VIEW ALL REPLIES" I have never been more glad that a button on an image isn't actually clickable.

  • dtrabs


    What on earth is going on

  • jakes_on_a_plane17

    21 hours ago

    Rawr ecks dee

  • ToiletStallWarrior

    15 hours ago

    EX DEE double little d

  • EveSaintRaven

    20 hours ago

    Ugh, I hate to have to/want to comment on this, but depending on where OP lives it's really plausible. People that have no knowledge of rock/heavy music tend to get really weirded out by screaming and distorted guitars. It's absolutely ridiculous, but I have toured with a ton of bands, and have been "talked to" by many idiots that think anything heavy is inherently satanic, or dangerous...