Another guy saving M'lady

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  • IvankasBabyDaddy


    she messaged me on Instagram saying thank you and how grateful she was I helped her

    This is every white knight's fantasy, typically ending in coitus.

  • fangsby


    That wasn't a rant, it was a humblebrag.

  • nikhilbhavsar


    Ticket Checker: Miss, please, you need to show a ticket if you want to travel on the bus

    M'lady: Go away!

    Ticket Checker: Seriously miss, if you do not have a ticket, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

    OP: (look Ticket Checker dead in the eye) Here's $100%, now leave m'lady alone and don't bother her again

    OP's name?

    Bestbert Feelingstein

  • Beowulf891


    Did she offer $100% bills? or applause? or sex?

  • mdh431


    He made him back off with a tip of his fedora.