First tattoo- geometric design done by Jim at saints and sinners in Baltimore, MD

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  • tkeign

    13 hours ago

    Love how it fades

  • KiwiCarpenter

    14 hours ago

    Looks amazing man. Awesome first tattoo, I really like these types of designs just hard to find someone bearish to me that can pull them off.

  • vdemon

    14 hours ago

    Excellent ! I'd like to see it after healing. Please post back after 2 weeks ! Thanks

  • SATW121310

    12 hours ago

    Your tattoo artist must have been cross-eyed by the time he/she finished.

  • funnyman95

    12 hours ago

    Cool design but it makes me uncomfortable to look at. Hope you like it tho OP

  • autovonbismarck

    12 hours ago

    Fuck yeah - go big or go home. I wish I'd started my tattoo journey with one big piece instead of a bunch of tiny, shitty pieces.

  • granigrant

    12 hours ago

    That's a clean tattoo! Enjoy it bud! Looks sick!

  • Thrwawygap2

    12 hours ago

    I don't say this about a lot of tattoos I see here but that's some good work! Lines clean and level

  • illumiNati112

    12 hours ago

    100% no regert

  • jflyeah

    12 hours ago

    Looks like a modern take on maison goyards classic print.

  • nosewarmer

    12 hours ago

    Love it mate! Looks fantastic! I'm a bit jealous of how flawless it is :)

  • cmde44

    12 hours ago

    Fantastic man, really like it!

  • murdermeformysins

    12 hours ago

    that thumbnail is really uncomfortable at first

  • Sonicyouth86

    12 hours ago

    The amount of talent it takes to ink that on someone blows my mind

  • wildlikechildren

    12 hours ago

    This is gorgeous!

  • purple_lassy

    12 hours ago

    Nice! Sleeve tattoos are sexy, that is a good one.

  • BrokerKingdoms

    12 hours ago

    +1 for Saints & Sinners, got my calf piece done there, by Jim no less! He's an exceptional dude.