Starcraft 2 was way ahead of us...

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  • ABaadPun

    21 hours ago

    Can confirm, kerrigan became "zerg" again to evolve past the need to fidget

  • Valonsc

    22 hours ago

    Got to have something to do while you're waiting to respwan right? lol

  • the_murder_of_crowe

    21 hours ago

    Even the Queen Bitch of the Universe gets antsy sometimes.

  • -odem-

    21 hours ago

    quality post

  • dotoent

    20 hours ago

    Does this count as prior art? Looks like Blizzard has another huge paycheck to cash in...

  • Oftowerbroleaning

    22 hours ago

    Lol I just restarted replaying heart of the swarm campaign last night and noticed that

  • allyouneedisgnu

    19 hours ago

    The true origin ?

  • Sigma6987

    21 hours ago

    OH LAWD.

  • 96robola

    21 hours ago

    Illuminati confirmed!

  • Brolympia

    15 hours ago

    A picture her losing to cannon rush and the spinner coming out of her back and lifting her from the ground like a helicopter.

  • Crozo64

    13 hours ago

    If u look closely the mothership is like a giant flying fidget spinner too

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  • _Ekko

    19 hours ago

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  • White_Graffiti

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    21 hours ago