When you've been playing BW for 20 years and you welcome the new nerds

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  • SomeStarcraftDude

    2 days ago

    StarCraft v1.18a Patch Notes

    • Added Keybind options


  • Internetloser666

    2 days ago

    I'm just sick of hitting P for pylon.

  • ToddGack

    2 days ago

    Oh, custom keybindings are gonna be a thing? I might actually try to play.

  • Reallynotarobot123

    2 days ago

    Probably the worst pic ever to choose, Life pretty much beat Flash every time they played.

  • awe300

    2 days ago

    More like

    "fresh meat"

  • quiznex

    2 days ago

    Cannot wait to hit up zerg again. Played zerg in SC but could not for the life of me get the same feel in SC2 and became a Terran player.

    Back to my roots for sure. That and zerglings, zerglings everywhere.

  • thenfour

    2 days ago

    As a left-hander using Dvorak layout, I have never had a good time on BW. Praying they'll add custom keybinding...

  • SCRuler

    2 days ago

    custom bindings?\Hah

  • ThaGreenAnt

    2 days ago

    I cant wait for the remastered edition, hopefully it will bring it back, im literally the only person ever on broodwar channels

  • coloRD

    2 days ago

    Seeing Life just makes me sad.

  • prk624

    2 days ago

    so everyone uses custom keybinds already? when i was playing bw i got shamed for editing the registry..