Douglas Lunar Probe, atop a Thor-Able rocket, being readied for launch in this time-lapse photo (1958). [1280 × 1596]

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  • 7_EaZyE_7


    Badass picture

  • PopsicleMud

    22 hours ago

    Cool picture, but it's a long exposure, not time-lapse. /pedant

  • AndrewFGleich


    That's such a weird fairing/third stage. Did they design it with the intention of only having nuclear warhead payloads?

  • Firefoxx336

    23 hours ago

    Is this available in higher quality?

  • FScottFitzSpaceman


    This shot looks like it was directed by JJ Abrams.

  • smsean7

    18 hours ago


  • CA_Voyager

    18 hours ago


  • TaylorSpokeApe

    18 hours ago

    This is the great grand-daddy of the Delta class of rockets which launch probes to this day.

  • VoxelToPixel

    18 hours ago

    Looks just about ready for strongback retract

  • burrrpong

    17 hours ago

    How's there no blur on the rocket try thing. Flash and then darkness, then move camera to get the other streaks of light? Hmmmm

  • 10after6

    17 hours ago

    Thor was later mated with the Lockheed Agena for many satellite launches. As upper stages got bigger with heavier payloads they added solid boosters to the Thor

  • SirBlah

    16 hours ago

    Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite

    Reminds me of Perturbator's new album for some reason.

  • kingbooboo

    16 hours ago

    Well if that ain't a math rock album cover waiting to happen.