I photographed the Milky Way over my house while my city was blacked-out from Hurricane Irma.

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  • vikingwizard21


    House it pretty lit for the city being blacked... Glad you've found resources

  • trailermotel


    Wish we could have some kind of annual blackout event where everyone living in cities can see the stars for a few minutes at least.

  • ConneXion0


    Wow never seen the milky way before, but looks awesome bro.



    Crazy in what ways nature would force us to leave our gadgets and go out and see what it has to offer. A hurricane was overkill though.

    Hope everyone's alright.

  • marcuscotephoto


    Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great week, and if you were impacted by Irma, I hope you are safe and returning your life back to normal as quick as possible! My family remained safe on the Space Coast of Florida and our house suffered basically no damage. On the evening of September 11th, just 24 hours from when Irma began to unleash her wrath on Central Florida, I was outside and looking at the Milky Way shining beautifully above my house. The majority of my county had no power, and my small beach-side town was darker than I had ever seen before. To the naked eye, the Milky Way looked like a distinct strip of stars and haze in the night sky, but the camera was able to gather more detail. The light you see coming from my house is a combination of candles and a small lamp being ran from a generator. I am a 19-year-old photographer interested in space, nature, and much more. If you would like to see more photos like this, the best place to find me is on Instagram @marcuscote_photo where I take and upload a new photo every single day as part of a 365 photo challenge. I also created a gallery of my entire Irma experience on my website: (www.marcuscotephotography.com). Thanks!

  • GuardianBlue


    Remember my friends, you can always find the light even in the darkest of times.

  • xJokerz


    Move out of the city and you see this every night.

  • adonisbos


    I always have wondered what this looks like with naked eyes. Did you recognize it is milkyway?