One of the closest public launch viewing areas remained open for the first time ever during Friday's SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center.

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  • marcuscotephoto


    Hey everyone! To get rid of any confusion in the title, you may have seen other launch photos from this beach in the past. These launches have been Delta and Atlas V rockets from launch pads that are located further away than Pad 39A where SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets lift off from. Canaveral National Seashore was given the okay for the very first time to keep Playalinda Beach open during this Friday's launch. This gave spectators access to one of the closest public launch viewing areas that is available (3.5 miles away using measuring tool on Google Maps/ In comparison, Apollo Saturn V center measures about 3.9 miles away.) I was lucky enough to go exploring during a one hour delay in the launch time and accidentally stumbled across the open road to Playalinda that is usually blocked off during a launch from 39A. The launch was incredible and you could hear and feel the immense power coming from the Falcon 9 rocket. If you like this image and want to see more intersting things that happen on Florida's Space Coast, feel free to check out my instagram @marcuscote_photo. I am a 19 year old photographer who is currently taking and sharing a photo every day of 2017! Have an awesome day!

  • CurtisLeow


    It's weird how there's a giant ULA logo visible on the left, but no SpaceX logo is easily visible during the launch.

  • TheRedMelon


    Could swear this is an old photo...?