Honey in the International Space Station.

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  • jkopplin

    10 hours ago

    Why is he trying to put honey on a soft taco shell/tortilla? Space is weird.

  • Mark0os

    10 hours ago

    What I'm wondering is does it not cause problems if they are not able to clean it all up again?Maya's be not so hard with honey, but I've seen all kinds of fluids float around, including Coca Cola for example. I believe they do have a special area for that kind of stuff, still kind of strange with the space station itself being built in emergency room like conditions (clean air etc) imo.

  • discounteggroll

    10 hours ago

    love the speed limit signs...that honey is going faster than you think!

  • ga-co

    10 hours ago

    Pretty sure this should have been posted to /r/gifsthatendtoosoon/I really wanted to see what happened next.

  • deej32

    10 hours ago

    Was thinking he was going to loosen his grip and it'd suck it back in

  • mjreddy86

    10 hours ago

    Is he putting it on a tortilla? Our space program should demand funding for waffles. #waffles4nasa

  • ironicsharkhada

    10 hours ago

    I only noticed one thing at first. Speed limit 17500. What happens if they go over?

  • Davetheminion101

    10 hours ago

    For some time while the gif was loading I thought it would be his SO

  • dragonquestazzy

    10 hours ago

    How does swallowing food and the digestion of food and pooping it out get affected by gravity?

  • yesiwantfood

    10 hours ago

    Who is a bee's favourite astronaut ? .... buzz-aldrin ! .. ill let myself out.

  • Gorthon-the-Thief

    10 hours ago

    Flashbacks from Donnie Darko.

  • IcyLemonZ

    10 hours ago

    Every time I see them take out food on the Space Station I think of...


    "Careful! They're ruffled!"

  • Mentioned_Videos

    10 hours ago

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  • Ned_Edgewalker

    10 hours ago

    Expedition 35 is my favourite. All of the videos we got were fantastic. I also may be biased as a Canadian who loves Hadfield but still.

  • skunkyray

    10 hours ago

    What happens if you violate the speed limit? Do the space police pull you over?

  • TurdsAndCo

    10 hours ago

    I know I'm not the only one thinking it so... imaging ejaculating in space

  • WiggleWeed

    10 hours ago

    Wait a minute - is that stuff in the bear even real honey? I thought it was processed junk loaded with cane sugar. Am I wrong?

  • festanoap

    11 hours ago

    This only happens because as the honey tries to move away in a straight line, the earth pulls it back in the exact same amount

  • remoteradio

    10 hours ago

    It's not honey. It's American sweet crap with a subtle resemblance of honey.