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Week 2 of 2017

1. Uh yeah, totally. Could be anyone...

10347 points - Jan 13,2017, 11:22am - 178 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • notacompletemonster - 323 points - 4 days ago


  • ChEeTAh3 - 191 points - 4 days ago

    U are clearly not a spy , u don't even have a disguise !!!

  • Thee_Ph3n0m12 - 52 points - 4 days ago

    Weird, I feel like I get attacked on sight by imperials, even wearing regular armor. Does it have to do with me being past a certain point in the quest line (I've taken whiterun)? Or is it because at one point when they weren't attacking me on sight, I started killing groups of traveling imperials because it's what a true son of Skyrim would do...

  • gregIsBae - 138 points - 4 days ago

    They should attack you on sight if wearing stormcloaks armour..

    Fucking Bethesda missing bits out

  • Rogue_freeman - 16 points - 4 days ago




2. uhm no thanks.... you can keep it

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  • all4reddit - 525 points - 1 weeks ago

    It's ok.

    The letter's under his bandana.

  • Gayfella83 - 209 points - 1 weeks ago

    He got anything for me?

  • X3liteninjaX - 77 points - 6 days ago

    "Put your hand out."


    "Put your hand out."

    "Uh no thanks"

    "Come on man it's for you only come on just put your hand out and close your eyes."

  • PoeGhost - 56 points - 6 days ago

    Explanation: This is a bug, or more accurately, developer oversight. All characters in the game have something called a gear table that allow them to upgrade their gear as you level up. This is why bandits start out with leather and iron gear and move up to steel and so on. The courier's table was accidentally left mostly blank so as you level up, he ends up with less and less clothes.

  • bgey - 285 points - 1 weeks ago

    You maxed pickpocket just so you could make this joke, didn't you?

3. Don't ever change Bethesda

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  • ChrisSweet93 - 17 points - 4 days ago

    How does a bug like this even happen? It's so oddly specific.

  • PolaroidsOfPenguins - 5 points - 4 days ago

    I pay good money for those features.

  • ItsBlinkzz - 4 points - 4 days ago


  • JackFlynt - 3 points - 4 days ago

    Somewhat relevant xkcd

  • 11111one11111 - 2 points - 4 days ago

    Literally unplayable

4. When the war starts and you begin questioning your career choice...

2570 points - Jan 12,2017, 6:14am - 41 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • Fishooked - 194 points - 6 days ago

    Death for sale! Also flowers!

  • DoctorAlcatraz - 72 points - 6 days ago

    The colour of those flowers are as varied as his type(s) of armor.

  • VoteBurtonForGod - 36 points - 5 days ago

    Call 1-800-FLOWERS for all your mercenary needs.

  • amityvilletoaster - 15 points - 5 days ago

    War were declared

  • carthalawns_best - 14 points - 5 days ago

    War of the roses

5. Poor Hadvar

1191 points - Jan 09,2017, 9:15am - 32 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • noshavenoever - 122 points - 1 weeks ago

    The Nord who sold the world.

  • imyxle - 75 points - 1 weeks ago

    I was playing one of the Civil War quests on the Imperial side and my follower (Marcuriel) cast some AOE destruction spell which apparently hit Hadvar, so for the rest of the dungeon, Hadvar and Marcuriel would fight each other in every room until one of them dropped down on one knee, and then they would catch back up with the main group and continue this until I finally finished the quest and separated them both from each other. Luckily, Hadvar did not remember his vendetta next time we crossed paths.

  • The_Grubby_One - 27 points - 1 weeks ago

    Dear Diary,

    Fuck nebulous individuals of indeterminate race, sex, and appearance who show up at odd moments to save the world whilst carrying out multitudinous acts of variable ethicality or not carrying out multitudinous acts of variable ethicality.

    Dragon Breaks suck.

  • axelnight - 12 points - 1 weeks ago

    Captain, what should we do? I'm not on the list.

    Forget the list. You go to the block.

  • bloodyXcupcakes - 44 points - 1 weeks ago

    It's pretty old, but it still gets me

6. I never regretted installing this sweet(roll) mod

782 points - Jan 15,2017, 3:06am - 26 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • ShnyFlygon - 199 points - 3 days ago

    Was this made by the same person who made Nazeem blast off into space whenever he mentions the Cloud District?

    And strikes guards with lightning if they dare to mention arrows and knees in one sentence?

  • LavaMeteor - 21 points - 3 days ago

    What is the ENB?

  • Rogue_freeman - 21 points - 3 days ago

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll?

    Don't worry, you can have my sweetroll.

  • Empanser - 18 points - 2 days ago

    My favorite is the one that causes a bandit raid any time a guard complains about being bored

  • iorgfeflkd - 19 points - 3 days ago

    40 bounty added to Whiterun

7. Skyrim Is Beautiful

756 points - Jan 12,2017, 2:07am - 43 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • Nobutthenagain - 139 points - 6 days ago

    skyrim on potato

  • bastix2 - 97 points - 6 days ago

    Your minecraft looks great, what shader/texture mods do you use?

  • caramon770 - 29 points - 6 days ago

    Is that Runescape?

  • TheBadger40 - 57 points - 6 days ago

    You're doing it wrong.

  • Offended_Christian - 23 points - 6 days ago

    Looks like a combination of Zelda and Skyrim. Skrelda, if you will.

8. Perhaps the most Skyrim-like photo I ever took

720 points - Jan 13,2017, 8:06am - 40 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • DaClems - 53 points - 5 days ago

    But where are the villagers who fight to the death if you kill the chicken?

  • peterlof - 42 points - 5 days ago

    Just kidding of course ;) here are a few more (better) ones:

  • AdonisBatheus - 40 points - 5 days ago

    I was looking at the feathers and was like "damn what kind of insane texture mod is this can this even run on any computers" and then I saw the title

  • THCGraywolf - 13 points - 5 days ago

    What mod is this?

  • onPointPhife - 5 points - 5 days ago

    Can't tell if modded or if it's that strange thing called "real life"

9. The bandit chief who got in a few free hits by disguising herself as Lydia

600 points - Jan 13,2017, 8:53am - 37 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • IcarusAbides - 135 points - 5 days ago

    So there I am returning home from a long trek up to Winterhold, with Lydia lagging somewhere behind on the road, when I'm assaulted by a few bandits just outside my front door. Cheeky buggers have clearly heard all about my precious butterfly in a jar and have come to swipe it.

    Anyway, I drop one of them to his knees where upon he starts begging for mercy just as I spot 'Lydia' charging in from the distance. She must have taken be long way round so I leave her to club the poor guy to death whilst I turn my attention to the other pesky butterfly thief. Just as I'm taking aim at him I get hit, quite hard, and figure the guy begging for mercy must have had a quick rethink and decided to get in one last swipe before 'Lydia' sends him to Sovngard. I carry on with murdering his friend when I get hit once more, at which point I notice the Bandit Chief health bar which now dominates the top of my screen. So I turn just in time to note that 'Lydia' has now taken to sporting warpaint for some strange reason while also...cloning herself because Lydia proper has now decided to finally turn up, battle-axe in tow, to smash her doppelgangers head in.

    These bandits will resort to anything to get their hands on my precious butterfly in a jar.

  • Dangevin - 45 points - 4 days ago

    I love that Carved Nord armor has an open face; was always frustrating to see poor Lydia stuck behind some Steel Plate/Dwarven/Ebony facade. Like traveling with a robot. So glad when this was added with Dragonborn.

  • AvsFreak - 16 points - 4 days ago

    Those active quest markers...

  • ChrisSweet93 - 9 points - 5 days ago

    The bandits are learning. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Trogdor300 - 4 points - 4 days ago

    Had the same problem when I freed whats his name grey mane from the thalamor. As soon as I walk outside there are 4 hired thugs waiting on me and all wearing the same armor as Lydia. Needless to say she got hit a few times.

10. Dragon Souls as Seen on the World Map

357 points - Jan 09,2017, 4:34am - 17 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • Ninjaassassinguy - 28 points - 1 weeks ago

    Never worked for me

  • saltsrox7 - 19 points - 1 weeks ago

    I don't quite get it

  • smiity935 - 4 points - 1 weeks ago

    how did you zoom it in so much?

11. I might have overdosed on modding this weekend...

339 points - Jan 09,2017, 7:32am - 27 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • TheGamblingAddict - 39 points - 1 weeks ago

    I... I am genuinely speechless.

  • 2LazyToPickANameLeL - 25 points - 1 weeks ago

    Why is Raiden riding a chi-...You know what? nvm. I've seen enough of Reddit for today.

  • mr_sabz - 25 points - 1 weeks ago

    If it hasn't crashed keep going

  • glennis1 - 12 points - 1 weeks ago

    When i see stuff like this it makes me think of the movies where the first test of an experimental revolutionary new energy source (usually some sort of nuclear fusion) is underway and it all is looking good.

    They clap and high five and, and one of the guys squeezes the other's shoulders at the excitement of how well this is all going!!!

    Then a scientist says "Uh, what's this?" And it flashes to a screen.

    Another witness to this event says "well that can't be right? Did you remember to-"

    "Shit" the protagonist says


    The screens all stsrt turning from green to red, equalizer bars shoot to the very top, you hear a loud buzzing as the machine starts to shake, people start running from the room when the protagonist yells at the top of his lungs


    They flip a large switch and evrrything cools down and everyone brrathes a sigh of relief.

    "That was a close one!" Someone says.

    And now our hero has finished the first half hour of our film and has 60 minutes left to figure out what went wrong. But now he has to deal with a innocent bystander who gained some power from this event, and is out for revenge.

  • super_thing - 21 points - 1 weeks ago

    10/10 would overdose again

12. Extremely sensitive bandits...

324 points - Jan 12,2017, 3:34am - 10 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • VanorDM - 8 points - 6 days ago

    It's wabbit season.


    Anothaw wabbit's deadI'm a wabbit swayerA guitaw pwayawWith a nasty habbit

  • AndrewKarate - 8 points - 5 days ago

    Never should have come, hare.

  • Calipos - 8 points - 6 days ago

    You picked the wrong time to get lost friend... says to the rabbit LOL.

  • neko_ali - 12 points - 6 days ago

    That's what happens when the combat music starts up but the only enemy you see is a rabbit...

  • Nakts - 3 points - 5 days ago

    It could have easily been the Rabbit of Caerbannog, it's best to be safe.

13. Late Xmas present: the gauldur amulet.

313 points - Jan 11,2017, 1:15pm - 15 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • KhajiitKnows - 29 points - 6 days ago

    Khajiit likes this thing. It would be a shame if you were to lose it.

  • Lancerweasle - 6 points - 6 days ago

    Looks great!

  • S_Universe36 - 5 points - 6 days ago

    Looks really cool! Hand made or bought?

  • all4reddit - 5 points - 6 days ago

    Adds 100 health, stamina, magicka.

    Adds 200 boyfriend points.

  • Jabacasm - 2 points - 6 days ago

    Looks like someone carved that out of a Chipoor snippet.

14. Now that I have the Twin Souls perk, all of Skyrim trembles at the mere sight of my thralls.

296 points - Jan 09,2017, 10:34am - 33 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • Zieg777 - 65 points - 1 weeks ago

    So. Do you escape the dungheap of mortality to visit the cloud district often?

  • Plebaloon - 99 points - 1 weeks ago

    This is why Necromancers are outcast in Skyrim.

  • datChef - 31 points - 1 weeks ago

    Nazeem doesn't get to the cloud district much anymore.

  • MargarineOfError - 28 points - 1 weeks ago

    On nice, quiet evenings, I like to go down into my wine corpse cellar and browse my collection. Some of my favorite vintages include:

    Sild the Warlock - 21st of Frost Fall, 4E 202.

    Nazeem - 15th of Morning Star, 4E 203.

    Heimskr - 3rd of Rain's Hand, 4E 203.

  • Heimskrr - 24 points - 1 weeks ago

    Let me show you the power of Tacos

15. Just where I wanted it. 👌🏻

292 points - Jan 09,2017, 12:09pm - 10 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • Stuyvesant1994 - 15 points - 1 weeks ago

    A little to the left

  • kodee2003 - 4 points - 1 weeks ago

    Keeps happening to me too in my Lakeview Manor

  • TheR1mmer - 3 points - 1 weeks ago

    "To me, To you To me, To you"


    "Ah that'll do"

  • Nadie_AZ - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Jaxonz Positioner is an awesome mod. Too bad it isn't available for SE.


    I hear you, OP. I've got a statue of Dibella that keeps respawning at my front door. Standing up. Try getting that thing stood up on any surface. I just ignore it anymore. And why does it always grab the base when you pick it up?

  • Rogue_freeman - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Close enough

16. Thieves Guild is recruiting utter amateurs...

277 points - Jan 10,2017, 8:29am - 26 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • Essexboyz123 - 70 points - 1 weeks ago

    I punish the random Thieves in the towns for several reasons:

    1. The whole fucking town is attacking them so they are obviously not very good Thieves.

    2. I've never seen them down the Flaggon so I can safely assume they are freelance and not members of the guild, therefore they are fair game.

    3. Several of them have tried to rob me when out questing in the wilds.

  • Huntercd76 - 10 points - 1 weeks ago

    I don't like the Thieves Guild in this game. In Oblivion they were nicer and a bit noble and weren't in the pocket of nobles. In Skyrim they allow you to ignore the old rules and they are not nice to beggars. Its the same problem I have with the Dark Brotherhood.

  • perratrooper - 2 points - 1 weeks ago

    I just beheaded one on the road just out side of Winterhold lol

  • SamBelacqua - 3 points - 1 weeks ago

    i loved doing assassin work, but when i went to riften and joined the Thieves Guild, I felt bad. Killing randos is fun, but shaking down mom and pops for some coin seems 1) vile and 2) beneath me

  • Nadie_AZ - 2 points - 1 weeks ago

    They look all cool in their outfits but the outfit isn't there when you loot them. After they die, of course. In town, the guards take care of that. In the wild, you or your companion does. This applies to thieves and assassins.

    Astrid. I'm going to find a way to kill you. Soon.

17. Corruption vs Justice

276 points - Jan 11,2017, 7:45am - 30 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • Xeno87 - 28 points - 6 days ago

    Slightly related

  • Nadie_AZ - 30 points - 1 weeks ago

    I've played Diablo before. ;-)

  • jfraz1994 - 11 points - 6 days ago


  • rajin147 - 47 points - 1 weeks ago

    What mods, if any, are at work here OP? I love angelic aesthetics

  • KhajiitKnows - 6 points - 1 weeks ago

    Bloody Corruption vs Dark Veiled Justice

18. The Whole of Skyrim, and Paarthurnax

171 points - Jan 15,2017, 3:06pm - 10 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • IHaeTypos - 28 points - 2 days ago

    And somewhere off in the way distance, a slaughterfish detects you

  • JestyRanger - 6 points - 2 days ago

    If you look really close, there's some wierd guy in mismatched armour eating 17 entire cheese wheels with a troll frozen in time in front of him

  • YapasWD - 3 points - 2 days ago

    How did you make this?

  • Llim - 1 points - 2 days ago

    This is incredible

  • djchalack - 1 points - 2 days ago


19. Leveling smithing summed up in one image

168 points - Jan 10,2017, 6:02am - 29 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • fusrohdiddly - 29 points - 1 weeks ago

    I see what you did there

  • TheUncagedElephant - 23 points - 1 weeks ago

    I can't remember the location, but I once found a dead body lying over a grindstone, where the body was positioned so that his face was barely touching the stone. The guy literally "kept his nose to the grindstone"

  • DerbyTho - 5 points - 1 weeks ago

    Not sure, but I think I never found leveling Smithing that bad because I completed Hearthstone as quickly as I could, including doing all the decorating myself for one of the houses. After that, it didn't take much more to get the rest of the way.

  • Maclimes - 10 points - 1 weeks ago

    I don't see any iron daggers anywhere!

  • pixeleos - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Absolute genius.

20. Some would go into shock. Some would mourn their brother in arms. Some would sit down and ask "Is it all worth it?" Not this Imperial.

149 points - Jan 11,2017, 4:03am - 13 Visit on Reddit - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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  • AUS_Doug - 39 points - 1 weeks ago

    Just fast travelled to Reachwater Rock, when I heard sounds of battle from above.

    Tearing up the mountain side, I found this guy and his friend taking on the Forsworn alone.

    So I helped.

    Then, along came a dragon.

    His friend died trying to run away, but this dude stood at my side the whole time.

    And, after it was all said and done, he went right on back to eating his bread.

  • cirrendil - 18 points - 1 weeks ago

    i killed nilsine shatter-shield with an arrow in the back while she was sitting by the fireplace in her house.

    then went back in later to get tova's key to hjerim. the father, torbjorn, came in, saw his daughter dead and said 'no no no this can't be happening!'

    he then promptly sat down in the chair opposite said dead daughter, starting eating bread and telling me not to bother his mourning wife, who was also dead in the next room. love skyrim.

  • DrSilkyDelicious - 6 points - 1 weeks ago

    "Is it weird that I'm still hungry?"

  • Logofascinated - 6 points - 6 days ago

    "Well, life must go on. Also, my snack."

  • Fishooked - 5 points - 6 days ago

    What a loafer

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