Caught this npc giving me the stink eye

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  • Scotty_Rydery


    What's the matter? Can't stand the sight of a strong elf woman?

  • TQQ


    I like your skyrim. It reminds me of a First Person World of Warcraft.

  • andromedamountains


    What mod are you using?

  • LunorPegazuz


    That woman looks like she wants to go! Welp, looks like I need my unarmed Khajiit for this shit...

  • ThalmorTom

    22 hours ago

    what is your mod for NPCs appearence ? This bosmer look like breton with long ears

  • icanisbeme

    22 hours ago

    Those clothes are higher res than real life clothes...

  • meatpardle


    Looks like someone just shit in her cereal.

  • MercerMontiere

    23 hours ago

    Did you use some kind of npc face expresion mod or something? Looks natural

  • Insane_Artist

    22 hours ago

    You eyeballin' me?

  • silofski

    22 hours ago

    Dayum...she cute