If only I had more time


  • TemujinRi - 5 points - Yesterday

    You mean you haven't built your very own X-Wing Enterprise yet?

  • JohhnyBAMFUtah - 5 points - Yesterday

    Never played it... Worth the money?

  • TacoRalf - 9 points - Yesterday

    kerbal is so amazing dude. Make time for it trust me :D

  • wintrparkgrl - 2 points - Yesterday

    was ~5000 hours into ksp when .90 came out. officially ran out of things to do

Imma fire ma laza!


  • bibbidybobbidyboobs - 41 points - Yesterday

    What is going on

  • Arcterion - 124 points - Yesterday

    Shoop da whoop and what not.

  • Silly_Balls - 35 points - Yesterday

    I love the second guys reaction, "Yeah lets get... umm.... how, how you guys doing..."

  • xoticpc-service - 42 points - Yesterday

    That was a short power up for a Kamehamema. Hmm... Needs more screaming!

  • FluffyMcSquiggles - 13 points - Yesterday

    I liked the death star version better.

  • Voltron_McYeti - 28 points - Yesterday

    heres the original video, imo better with sound

  • BamParker - 19 points - Yesterday

    What spell is that?

  • DrWafflesGT - 7 points - Yesterday

    Family Kamehameha

  • ThisGreatMan - 6 points - Yesterday

    "You may fire when ready."

  • Goreticus - 4 points - Yesterday

    This is why you never act friendly as an invader and treat it like a duel. If players get butt hurt you don't bow or give them a chance to buff that's too bad. Also heal in their face, they'd do it to you if they were losing.

  • Greymor - 4 points - Yesterday

    Original OP said it was a deathstar

  • Mark0P0LO - 2 points - Yesterday

    Don't cross the streams!!!

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS - 2 points - Yesterday






  • loknarash - 2 points - Yesterday

    I'm more impressed by the guy standing in between the streams, like he knew the exact trajectories.

  • Phasechange - 5 points - Yesterday

    That's a bass cannon.

  • Lutsaga - 2 points - Yesterday

    "Hey Vegeta! Look! Imma firin my BOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB!

  • yoloruinslives - 1 points - Yesterday

    execution by firing squad.

  • torrin16 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Goku shoulda taken notes

  • voidlife - 1 points - Yesterday

    Fucking jimmy

  • KillahDBZ - 1 points - Yesterday

    Must've only taken like 9000000000 tries.

  • SkyIcewind - 1 points - Yesterday

    The story of a man who has fucked up now.

  • EastClintwood89 - 1 points - Yesterday

    There's a fire in Malaysia!

  • Lutheritus - 1 points - Yesterday

    Sunrider reference! Asaga is best waifu

  • eddmario - 1 points - Yesterday

    Imagine if they had missed. They wouldn't be able to cast it again for 24 hours...

  • Fallout4-Hype_Train - 1 points - Yesterday

    Reminds me of the beginning cutscene of Mortal Kombat Deception

  • wolf-and-crow - 1 points - Yesterday

    Why would you need so many phantoms? How is the game fun like that?

  • weeddeed - 1 points - Yesterday

    It's "Imma firin my lazor"

    If you're going to be a shitty memelord at least get that shit right

  • lanzelloth - 1 points - Yesterday

    Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!

  • NeekNack - 1 points - Yesterday

    The reposting will never stop...

  • LobsterPastry - -3 points - Yesterday

    Shoop da Whoop is so old it could buy a porno mag

  • underpantsviking - -5 points - Yesterday

    I didn't know Malaysian Farmer was a class... Sweet!

  • Zethyr_Faeyd - -46 points - Yesterday

    Blah blah blah blah crossed the streams joke blah blah blah blah I'm so funny.

Halo 5 Minigame - Beer Pong


  • ElWonAte - 37 points - Yesterday

    Does anyone remember when Foundry was released in Halo 3...?

    Nice work TurbTastic! This is another fantastic creation.

  • RideorDie455566 - 22 points - Yesterday

    Looking at all these Halo 5 gifs on this sub , this game honestly seems like the only interesting and fun Triple A title nowadays. Need to check it out.

  • b33rs - 15 points - Yesterday

    not exactly how i play beerpong, but looks fun!

  • ktynnlol - 10 points - Yesterday

    Microsoft really needs to bring this game to PC with a decent server browser for custom games ASAP!

  • iKampfer - 7 points - Yesterday

    Full video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q24sDNylrWo

    This is Beer Pong by TurbTastic. It’s like real life Beer Pong but instead of throwing a ball you are the ball. Your team must drive into all of your cups before the other team does. Every time someone lands in a cup it disappears. When all the cups are gone the round is over and the winning team gets a point, first team to get three points win. If you download and play on this map my suggestion to you is to not drive at full speed because you’ll overshoot the cups every time, you have to control your speed.

    Map - https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder;=BookmarkCount&page;=1&gamertag;=TurbTastic#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_TurbTastic_308f45a2-213a-4e98-963b-859647bc0b7a

    Game Type - https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder;=BookmarkCount&page;=1&gamertag;=TurbTastic#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_TurbTastic_deccecc5-b894-4945-8132-dc2f0f4edeb3

  • ArtyomMoskva - 3 points - Yesterday

    Could someone kindly ELI5 where all these Halo 5 mini games come from and how I can be involved too?

  • TetrisLad - 2 points - Yesterday

    Red from Pokémon is a nice touch.

  • crazymudman123 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Piggy back me to /r/all kampfer!

  • melechkibitzer - 2 points - Yesterday

    https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/4ujdiz/halo_5_beer_pong/ Someone else did a different version that looks cool

  • Departments - 2 points - Yesterday

    This is skiiball with a weird layout.

  • KillahDBZ - 1 points - Yesterday

    Darn there's no beer around!Also are you able to go through that white panel in the middle if you go too fast? Or do you just hit it and fall down.

  • PandahOG - 1 points - Yesterday

    The first beer pong mini game involves throwing the odd ball into your opponents cup. However, it is up to the team who made the shot to push a button to make the cup disappear.

    I like how in this one they automatically disappear.

  • hyunsyng - 1 points - Yesterday

    The ramp should start shaking the more cups you lose.

  • ThinkingPrimate2 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Can someone tell me how I could download and play this?

  • youamnorealsupersand - 1 points - Yesterday


  • ChimpVision - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is great and all but we need these games in a matchmaking playlist. I don't have the time or energy to track down people and convince them to play in a custom game.

  • deleted - -13 points - Yesterday




  • NatakuNox - 15 points - Yesterday

    Well clearly the Backway said Exit only

  • splityoassintwo - 5 points - Yesterday

    Most of the time the back way has been blasted open by the enemy though.

  • blue_13 - 2 points - Yesterday

    The last mission in Uncharted 4 seemed pretty obvious to me.

  • luhbelle - 1 points - Yesterday

    TES: Oblivion - Fight through hoards of skeletons, traps and gates to get to Lucien Lachance... Walk a few feet around a tree next to the front door to take a trap door right to his bedroom.

  • sputnikmonk17 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Always move forward. Only death behind

  • CartmanVT - 1 points - Yesterday

    What if doing all the puzzles opens the exit too?

  • Hellangel72 - -10 points - Yesterday

    This is what made me hate the first game and stopped me from ever doing the next ones. You go through complex puzzles in abandoned ruins that no one have found in the last 400 years, have to find other ways because the path is always blocked, and every time, there are enemies waiting for you.

My Chinpokomon Go! Team


  • attendee - 544 points - Yesterday

    The first thing I looked for was Shoe.

  • koolmike - 43 points - Yesterday

    I would love it if South Park did a "Chinpokomon Go!" episode in the upcoming season.

  • preposterousdingle - 86 points - Yesterday

    Furrycat looks like Squanchy.

  • AdumLarp - 94 points - Yesterday

    Dude, you got a Shoe? Luuuucky.

  • gmb543 - 43 points - Yesterday

    Chinpokomon means penis monster btw, Trey and Matt found a perfect way to make a joke out of Pokemon (which means pocket monster)

  • Black_Punisher - 15 points - Yesterday

    The Pokemon Uranium guy should change the game's name to "Chinpokomon Uranium". He still uses a recognizable brand, but it's one that's less likely to get him sued.

  • unotc - 122 points - Yesterday

    I want Accountafish so fucking bad I'll kill a man for it...

  • sometimescash - 10 points - Yesterday

    Accountafish's legit.

  • foolsgold64 - 17 points - Yesterday

    Pfft, let me know when you evolve your Roostor into Roostallion.

  • StarWarsMonopoly - 9 points - Yesterday


  • shift22 - 8 points - Yesterday


  • ptatoface - 7 points - Yesterday

    Can somebody explain to me what these come from?

  • NemoOfManyColours - 12 points - Yesterday

    TIL Matt Stone and Trey Parker drew a Sylveon like 10 years before its release.

  • bitwize - 4 points - Yesterday

    Torai tsu bomu za hahbah!

  • Delphic82 - 3 points - Yesterday

    Where's brocori?!

  • UltimaVirus - 3 points - Yesterday

    I like how the PP button covers up the name of the funniest one.

  • magic_cabbage - 3 points - Yesterday

    Aww you don't have Donkeytron or Roostallion? Are they releasing those in the new patch?

  • Benakaflaka - 4 points - Yesterday

    Ohhhhh you American? You PP soooooo big. We Japanese have so small a PP. We couldn't possibry take ovah your gym with PP so small.

  • RogueTGZ - 2 points - Yesterday


  • Bennson89 - 2 points - Yesterday

    I can't wait for the next season

  • hmlangs - 2 points - Yesterday

    Shoe has to be the most powerful, it's unstoppable!

  • ikagadeska - 2 points - Yesterday

    Velocirapstar? Hahahahaahahahaha

  • machingunwhhore - 2 points - Yesterday

    Everyone should watch the commentary for this episode. The chose the name chinpoko mon as the name because it sounds like Pokemon and I guess chinpoko means penis in Japanese, so the entire episode is about penis monsters.

  • emeraldember - 2 points - Yesterday

    Where is Donkeytron?!

  • Oneshot_is_back - 2 points - Yesterday

    I always wondered if I was the only who thought Shoe was the best. I'm glad I'm not alone.

  • Konebred - 2 points - Yesterday

    I tried playing with Accountafish but it was too taxing.

  • Stebsis - 1 points - Yesterday

    Shoe!? I didn't know they added legendary Chinpokomon in already

  • Dontcriforme - 1 points - Yesterday

    Why does shoe have to be at the lowest power? :(

  • callmetmrw - 1 points - Yesterday


  • hazelcroft - 1 points - Yesterday

    Roidrat is a badass

  • soursh - 1 points - Yesterday


  • Fernando93551 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Wait, did you travel to Uganda just for Shoe?

  • Whatwhereiam - 1 points - Yesterday


  • Heredditory - 1 points - Yesterday

    I like the way you use the star of David as favorated chinpokomon, very Kyle but not very my-penis-uh-so-small business guy.

  • killacam925 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Ugh, you got shoe?!?

  • jinsei888 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • Kaoss0ne - 1 points - Yesterday

    I want this! Is it downloadable?

  • supea - 1 points - Yesterday

    The Star of David for the favorite marker is a nice touch too, really looks like something South Park would do.

  • TedwardCz - 1 points - Yesterday

    Aww, you haven't found a Roostor yet? I feel bad for you.

  • BillNyeTheRussianGuy - 1 points - Yesterday

    Huh. Why do I suddenly want to bomb pearl harbor?

  • Sanguinius - 1 points - Yesterday

    Chu Chu Nezumi doesn't have the heart for such endeavours.

  • UncleTomas - 1 points - Yesterday

    Where did you find shoe? that's the last one i need.

  • MysticHeatedWine - 1 points - Yesterday

    Lmfaoo Velocirapstar

  • GrilledStezz - 1 points - Yesterday

    Upset this isn't a game.

  • WhelpAtLeastITried - 1 points - Yesterday

    Loving how Snakat is just a poor cat getting swallowed by a snake.

  • Endro22 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Our penises are so so smah

  • tcmaddox - 1 points - Yesterday

    I clicked the X when trying to leave this post :(

  • nonofax - 1 points - Yesterday

    Velocirapstar is the best

  • GodEmperorPePe - 1 points - Yesterday

    i'll trade you my chu-chu nezumi for your pengin

  • jcman69 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Why isn't this actually an app?

  • Cysmith16 - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is amazing. I'm stealing this for my son. Hope they do something similar in the fractured but whole

  • JosefTheFritzl - 1 points - Yesterday

    You need to trade that Chu-Chu Nezumi away for a Pengin ASAP. Pengin is bad-ass.

  • deadlypinfish - 1 points - Yesterday

    If OP actually made this as OC, thank you. It's like the joke that seemed so obvious but no one thought of. Well done.

  • PasswordDenied - 1 points - Yesterday

    Seriously though, thanks for this...

  • psychicesp - 1 points - Yesterday

    Velocirapstar is the best thing ever

  • Hax5uMaDorNah - 1 points - Yesterday

    What is this cancer!?

  • ihahp - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'll stick with my wild wacky action bike.

  • 1337b337 - 1 points - Yesterday




  • _squidd - 1 points - Yesterday

    What is this? Is this real? I want it

  • tuscanspeed - 1 points - Yesterday

    Velocirapstar and Ferasnarf?

    Gamefreak pls.

  • LieutenantHardhat - 1 points - Yesterday

    I need this ASAP

  • gagreel - 1 points - Yesterday


  • a_smith51 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • xfustercluck - 1 points - Yesterday

    these guys predicted harambe being shot by gun, only to be reincarnated to be Gunrilla. #dicksoutsince1999

  • Jack_kenoff - 1 points - Yesterday

    ACCOUNTAFISH! That made my day.

  • hugehair - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'm waiting for them to make an episode on a game called Chinpokomon go-f**k-yourself.

  • first_order_general - 1 points - Yesterday


  • alp111 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Fetuswampi = best

  • mnblackfyre410 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Where's Alabama Man???

  • FGC_Slamjam - 1 points - Yesterday

    its like if the southpark team decided to rip of pokemans. Love it. XD

  • Vendetta1990 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Really hoping they are going to do something with this in the new season.

  • geeeeeedub - 1 points - Yesterday

    if they don't fucking NERF SHOE i will personally DDOS the servers myself. There I said it.

  • frozentime4 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I can't wait to see what South Park will do with Pokémon Go.

  • skiskate - 0 points - Yesterday

    Surprised how many people get this reference

  • Noctri - -3 points - Yesterday

    Chinpoko is slang for penis in Japanese, so this is basically penismon.

    I dig it.

Valve Software turned 20 years old today


  • Aquavolt - 58 points - Yesterday

    And not a single third installment

  • GhostalMedia - 44 points - Yesterday

    All this does is highlight that they haven't released a game in 3 years.

  • HarlanCedeno - 11 points - Yesterday

    I really want to live long enough to see Portal 3.

  • SoundBearier - 9 points - Yesterday

    Holy shit I'm old.

  • ioquatix - 8 points - Yesterday

    Counterstrike was initially a mod... Made by independent developers and later bought by valve... Credit where credit is due :) I know because I played it at the time.

  • aristovdima - 7 points - Yesterday

    Dude, DOD is life...

  • LoBo247 - 15 points - Yesterday

    They'll never hit 33.

    Fuck it I don't think they'll reach past 29.

  • LegendOfPublo - 9 points - Yesterday

    I want to congratulate valve on making my favorite game of all time, Portal 2.

  • TheFrontPageIsGarbag - 2 points - Yesterday

    What additions, is this list missing from the Asian markets? I know Valve has some exclusives over there.

  • Absolute2014 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Team Fortress Classic consumed my teenage years. I love and regret it lol

  • Dadragon6 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Man, has it really been 3 years since Dota 2 was released? I remember having to wait to download it...And I still have no idea what the shitty queue was for.

  • dierebelscum - 2 points - Yesterday

    Damn, TF2 is nearly 10. Wow, so many of these games have aged amazingly. Left 4 dead

  • huffpuff1337 - 2 points - Yesterday

    When was CS:CZ Deleted Scenes released, out of interest?

  • y2jeff - 3 points - Yesterday

    Was it really only 6 years between HL1 and HL2? Huh, seemed like it was an eternity.

    Can someone just tell me plainly if Valve are currently working on HL3 OR have even confirmed they plan to do it at some point??

  • Maxtrax2001 - 1 points - Yesterday

    And no new games for three years

  • Sirrockyqo - 1 points - Yesterday

    Happy birthday to you!

  • am0x - 1 points - Yesterday

    And out of the first 10 icons, 4 valve did not develop...they were mods to half life.

  • darkdreamr - 1 points - Yesterday

    So... Birthdays today

    ValveSnesComic sans


  • Zenitram - 1 points - Yesterday

    I still remember, Pepperidge Farms remembers... Do you remember?

  • BansheeJam - 1 points - Yesterday

    I love the Steamlink so much, it's seriously a borderline perfect device

    Now that controller on the other hand..

  • banchees - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'll never forget November 8th, 2009. My brother-in-law and I drove for ~30 minutes to the closest gamestop to wait in line for the midnight release of Left 4 Dead 2. I had taken off the 9th and 10th so we could binge on beer and zombies with little to no sleep. He brought his TV over to my house so we could play together and learn every nook and cranny about the game before anyone else could. One of my greatest moments of my gaming life. I haven't stopped playing it since.

  • MLC2 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Also the same exact day that Gabe Newell married his wife. Coincidentally, the same exact day my parents were married.

  • SunSaffron - 1 points - Yesterday

    Alien swarm: that thing that was never a thing.

  • MouthJob - 1 points - Yesterday

    You have to give credit where it's due when their first three releases (Or some variation of them) are still some of the most popular games ever played.

  • BnetSamantha - -1 points - Yesterday

    ~ 10,500 "games" available for purchase on the steam store. I empty my queue every day, but it doesn't include tools, but it does include weeaboo porn novels so that's why I say "games"

  • zarzer - 0 points - Yesterday

    Dota 2 was released in 2011, not 2013 ...

  • fr33state - -3 points - Yesterday

    I don't see Half Life 3?

  • gtavpclover - -5 points - Yesterday

    And counter strike is still shit

  • samosafix - -3 points - Yesterday

    Valve is actually terrible but we let them pass.

Adam Jensen on in-game purchases


  • Groundloss - 165 points - Yesterday

    Back in my day we called these 'cheat codes'

  • Die4Ever - 47 points - Yesterday

    JC Denton doesn't like it either http://imgur.com/a/Y0Rjc

  • leihto_potato - 58 points - Yesterday

    Been playing the game for a while now and only realised it had micro transactions when the memes started coming in. micro transactions are not gonna go away, but at least this game doesn't shove them in your face.

  • user_not_relevant - 5 points - Yesterday

    you all bitch and moan but at the end of the day you still buy the game, so producers and developers will keep putting them in more games.

  • pipboy_warrior - 22 points - Yesterday

    Isn't the game supposed to be fairly easy even without buying additional praxis kits?

  • 8bit60fps - 11 points - Yesterday

    when the bar sets so low that you can buy legal cheats.

    at least its not a MP game..

  • Eleglas - 10 points - Yesterday

    You know what's hilarious, I can add those Praxis Kits via Cheat Engine for free.

  • BatPixi - 13 points - Yesterday

    You don't even have to use them . Game gives u plenty enough .

  • Hairynutsackwastaken - 2 points - Yesterday

    What does these "Praxis kits" do?

  • FrankTheTank369 - 2 points - Yesterday

    I wasn't aware there was an in game store until Reddit started shitting all over it.

  • RonPunch - 6 points - Yesterday

    Then fucking ignore them and don't pay for them. So fucking hard.

  • Renvale912 - 3 points - Yesterday

    The thing is, these are not going away any time soon, no matter how much we may want them too. This is completely acceptable in places like Japan. You want to get ahead in the newest pokemon free to play clone? Pay for it.

    Sure, you can fight with your wallet. 'I aint never gonna pay for dem stupid microtransactions!' However, the 14 year old with access to his mom and dad's credit card sure as hell will. So will the frustrated-at-the-game 30 something that makes 200K a year.

    Like it or not, they are staying. Ignore them and move on. Or make reddit threads. I won't judge ;).

  • Caffine_rush - 1 points - Yesterday

    I think having the option to buy them is good thing, why does how someone else is playing the game effect you.

  • Dangreenacres - 1 points - Yesterday

    It doesn't actually bother me. Why does it matter? Simply don't spend your money.

  • StargateGuy - 2 points - Yesterday

    You didn't ask for it, but you failed to put your foot down hard when they did it before. Even more disgraceful, some actively participated in it. You reap what you sow.

    Edit - put, not out.

  • negroiso - 1 points - Yesterday

    Studies show, people love DLC and especially expiring DLC that you use once, and if you forget and delete your save, well that's on you, give another 5$ and win again!

  • PcHonkeyBoy - 1 points - Yesterday

    He made the meme?

    I don't get it. Explain.

  • ledfan - 1 points - Yesterday

    I was -wondering- where the praxis packs were!!

  • Qaswqqqq - 1 points - Yesterday

    You think this is bad? Look up kingdom hearts Unchained x microtransaction. That is fucking ridiculous

  • Neato - 1 points - Yesterday

    Yes you did. You bought the previous iteration. You begged for it, even.

  • AjGage09 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Just don't but it? Easy.

  • ImNotAnyoneSpecial - 1 points - Yesterday

    Totally avoidable. Doesn't affect experience whatsoever. Huge deal apparently

  • SupaBloo - 0 points - Yesterday

    Before the Internet didn't people have to pay for books with the cheat codes in them? People seem to forget that cheat codes were not free before the Internet. If you didn't have a buddy that knew them, you had to buy them. And didn't people used to pay for gamesharks and gamegenies to put cheats on? Still seems like people used to have to pay for cheats that weren't just readily available with button combos or weren't known commonly.

  • RulesOfRejection - -27 points - Yesterday

    They're completely optional. Not buying them does not effect the core game. But like every new AAA release, we need to make a big deal out of it.

  • supermoo13 - -11 points - Yesterday

    So I'm not allowed to preorder anymore, have to boycott all EA, Ubisoft, and Activision games, and am now forbidden from buying optional microtransactions. Honestly do you guys even like gaming, because as far as I can tell from this sub is we're only allowed to play Witcher 3 on PC and everything else is evil and ruining the industry.

  • dodgingbadger - -1 points - Yesterday

    We never asked for a mediocre Deux Ex, either.

  • HohlraumHe3 - -1 points - Yesterday

    When the last Deus Ex came out there was a day 1 patch that added ads to the load screens. This should not have come as a surprise.

  • windwaker910 - -3 points - Yesterday

    Nice meme

The mobile microtransaction cancer has now reached Deus Ex.


  • Murder-Mountain - 664 points - Yesterday

    So whats stopping someone using cheat engine and negating all of this?

  • uymai - 380 points - Yesterday

    Is this paying for skill points?

  • BillNyeTheRussianGuy - 287 points - Yesterday

    I never asked for this.

  • imadyke - 88 points - Yesterday

    Is it just me or is 6.99 and 7.99 seem like it doesn't fit in "micro transactions" criteria? Seems like a notable sum of money.

  • pantsuonegai - 331 points - Yesterday

    You gotta be fucking kidding me.

  • SoSeriousAndDeep - 54 points - Yesterday

    This is just like that famous scene in Neuromancer, where Molly says she'd gut Riviera for the theatre stunt, but she'd already used up the day's allotment of BladeGems and couldn't afford to buy more.

  • jereeeym - 283 points - Yesterday

    Who was put in charge of this game? Micro transactions, day one DLC, that whole pre order scandal and the piss poor optimization and crashes? Why do game publishers think it's okay to treat the consumers like utter shite?

  • JFKs_Brains - 42 points - Yesterday

    They're one time use only.

  • BigTastyWithBacon - 6 points - Yesterday

    I'll just leave this here

  • ashthenyan - 12 points - Yesterday

    so is cheatengine now classed as piracy? :v

  • Deemes - 96 points - Yesterday

    While some of you might think this "is an optional feature, why does it bother you?" there's a couple issues with this kind of "pay to not play" features.

    1) Time spent implementing this could have been spent on something useful, like QA/bugfixing. P2W features on single player games are pointless. It's literally like putting cheat codes to your game and then charging your customer every time they enter it.

    2) Next, we'll see the games being balanced towards people that have bought this stuff, to further incentivize them.

    The good effect of this feature might be that it brings the price of the game down a tad, if they expect that will cause people to buy the game more and later buying these things, making them average out roughly similar amount of money per license than without these and a higher sales price. Letting you "leech" off the suckers that do buy this stuff.

  • Johnobo - 19 points - Yesterday

    Isn't Ubisoft doing this since 2-3 years already?

  • LeMemster - 5 points - Yesterday

    Squenix have done it again.

  • Vikosus - 16 points - Yesterday


  • ashdelete - 22 points - Yesterday

    'Augment your pre-order' ... anyone that wasn't expecting this kind of cash grab has a lot to learn.

  • Brynhilde - 25 points - Yesterday

    I would rather pay another $10-$25 for a game and get everything at once, than buy microtransactions or DLC. The first time I played Dragon Age and ran into those fucking NPC's that told me I could go to their quest area for $4.99 or whatever it was, I was livid. Fuck companies that do this to their player base. It's not cool now and it never will be. Yes, I had the money for the extra content and no I didn't pay to get it, because fuck you for selling me an unfinished product. What's next? 'Hey, you can see the ending and credits for an extra $5.'? 'It won't affect gameplay at all!'

  • Blank-VII - 32 points - Yesterday

    Not sure if posted, gonna post anyway.

    1. This in a singleplayer game? Really?

    2. For those who are not aware, this is where it gets bad. Not only do you got spend what, $5 on some consumables, in a singleplayer game? You can only use it once per character, apparently.

    That's right. Buy some ammo for five bucks. Use it. Start your second character. Go to check for the ammo. Not there.

    This is fucking ridiculous. Not sure what the hell they were thinking. Who would even buy this?!

  • Woah_Moses - 7 points - Yesterday

    who would be stupid enough to buy this for a single player game....

  • Expendablepanda - 21 points - Yesterday

    Play on PC. Use a trainer if you want such things. Not a penny paid.

  • DFxVader - 8 points - Yesterday

    Such a great game with such shit wrapped around it :(

  • stanley_twobrick - 37 points - Yesterday

    I have a trick to dealing with these. I just don't buy them.

  • Razzeld - 6 points - Yesterday

    "Welcome to the world of 2029..."

  • Bloodhit - 3 points - Yesterday

    I knew they not going to just give up on bullshit, after that bullshit preorder campaign.

  • uncleseano - 3 points - Yesterday

    Official Legal cheats... that's ridiculous

  • LoneWolf0mega - 3 points - Yesterday

    This shit needs to stop.

  • urmamasllama - 3 points - Yesterday

    Oh look. Ubisoft.

  • Noxdus - 76 points - Yesterday

    My take on it? It's a single player game, so I don't give a shit. You can still progress through the game at a normal pace without this garbage. If anything, it is a way to squeeze money out of impatient people who hate challenge in their games.

  • Yell0w68 - 6 points - Yesterday

    I honestly don't care, I'd care if this was an online game, but people cheat in single player games all the time and it doesn't affect me, if they want to pay to cheat that's really just their choice.

  • jams72 - 2 points - Yesterday

    I saw many video reviews... I don't remember them saying any of this. Did the developers wait till last minute to add this in?

  • Too0 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Console commands on pc to "cheat" and get this for free right? Haven't bout this game yet but all the other ones had "cheats" you could enable.

  • WinOSXBuntu - 2 points - Yesterday

    It doesn't look that bad, I mean all of these you can still acquire by playing through the game. Those who want to work for their OP Jensen will still play through the game and work for it, ignoring these.

    If this was required in order to pass a mission then that would be a problem, but as of this moment, Squenix is just providing an option for those whom are lazy.

  • humma__kavula - 2 points - Yesterday

    I've found a nice solution to combat this is to just not buy it.

  • DefaultProphet - 2 points - Yesterday

    Let's totally ignore that you get praxis kits like candy just from playing but whatever where's my pitchfork?!

  • NandoVilches - 2 points - Yesterday

    Man in human revolution you could use the console commands to get all the praxis kits you would ever need.

  • Lazy-Programmer - 2 points - Yesterday

    Honestly, who buys this shit?

  • AG_Citadel - 2 points - Yesterday

    I'm just going to leave this here... John Riccitiello foresaw the future. Not the first time this has happened but this won't be the last we see of this.

    edit: I like how people are justifying it by saying its okay because if they don't want to waste time lvling up just give them money when this shit was solved +10 years ago with cheat codes or achievements that unlocked secrets, cosmetics, cheats, and other stuff as you played the game without micro-transactions in single player games (aka milking the consumer).

  • KaffY- - 2 points - Yesterday

    I remember when this started happening for Mp games and everyone said 'just don't buy keys, boycott micro transactions!! They'll disappear!' and look at how that went

  • ull90 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Maybe, just maybe, if people stopped paying for these things...

  • Kusibu - 2 points - Yesterday

    The second I saw the "augment your pre-order" campaign, I had a very strong feeling this game would turn out as a cash-grab shitfest. I'm sad that I was right.

  • joshballz - 2 points - Yesterday

    I had been wanting to pick up the game as well, oh well, guess we'll see how Civ VI turns out.

  • Irsaan - 2 points - Yesterday

    Here's how I handle games doing this shit, especially in franchises I love. Instead of buying the collector's edition on day 1, I wait until the regular edition is down to $20. Now their bullshit tactics have lost them over $100. Fuck you, and fuck microtransactions.

  • JohnnyOnslaught - 2 points - Yesterday

    This isn't anything new for SquareEnix. I remember when Sleeping Dogs first came out and they were offering day one DLC to buy fast cars and stuff. Thankfully it was pretty unobtrusive compared to other companies. :/

  • goldmanma - 3 points - Yesterday

    If they don't artificially make the game harder to make the game pay-to-win, and there aren't gameplay elements locked behind paywalls, I don't care.

    And with Mankind Divided, the microtransactions dont seem to break those rules.

  • cptstg - 4 points - Yesterday

    What do you mean "just now"? This was done with Human Revolution too, just probably not so blatant.

    First thing I thought of was a DX1 sendup of it I saw a while back. https://youtu.be/QoFe8hRy42o

  • Romulus144 - 7 points - Yesterday

    Oh hey, look, a reason to not buy it!

  • shevanelcutflip - 3 points - Yesterday

    ITT: Slippery slope arguments.

  • SirSonixxx - 3 points - Yesterday

    This exists simply because it works.. Otherwise this wouldn't become so prominent.Although why does this bother everyone, if you don't like it don't use it? I haven't seen this because i am enjoying this game. You can complain about everything in any game, but you could also just enjoy it for what it is, if it bothers you get a refund..

    Let the downvotes begin..

  • DarkNightRJ - 2 points - Yesterday

    Yes, it is terrible, but it's not required. If the game is super unbalanced to where you have to buy these, then that's an issue. If no one buys them, then they likely wont try it again.

    It's a great game and I'm not gonna rob myself of that for some unnecessary micro-transactions.

That's awesome


  • Aleitheo - 353 points - Yesterday

    Predictably a lot of people remind us why we tend to keep these things to ourselves. Personally I find it's nice that people can make friends through gaming like this.

  • Butterflylvr1 - 29 points - Yesterday

    Original post for background information.


  • SweatshirtNath - 641 points - Yesterday

    The double catfish. Classic.

  • Auphor_Phaksache - 95 points - Yesterday

    they should have stood in the street and pulled someone out of their car.

  • Dimanovic - 117 points - Yesterday

    I've never played GTA. Am I wrong in thinking GTA is pretty much the last place I'd want to find someone to meet in real life?

  • SadisticUnicorn - 33 points - Yesterday

    This happened in like 2014

  • JustenBrutality - 33 points - Yesterday

    Sweet repost!!

  • thejabiskey - 16 points - Yesterday

    Over/under on how long it took for them to smash?

  • Snazzy_Serval - 16 points - Yesterday

    Plot twist, their in game characters are actually reversed.

  • SirMize - 202 points - Yesterday

    I like how they are both equally fatter

  • quinewave - 7 points - Yesterday

    They're both something like 25% fatter and 100% happier.

  • tangohunter8071 - 5 points - Yesterday

    This is awesome

  • RyanFrank - 3 points - Yesterday

    I don't trust it, he's not wearing a hat. NOT the same people!

  • Snowlegendy - 8 points - Yesterday

    opens up thread
    looks at comments
    Just what I expected.

  • were_llama - 3 points - Yesterday

    Did she steal your car?

  • DuoShae - 2 points - Yesterday

    Did you take her out for Bowling?

  • XxSpoiledMilkxX - 1 points - Yesterday

    what mods are being used in that bottom picture?

  • aerojonno - 1 points - Yesterday


  • MCMK - 1 points - Yesterday

    Camera sure adds 50lbs.

  • NoKz47 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Grand Theft Auto-Friendzone 5

  • MarcusGutt - 7 points - Yesterday

    repost lul

  • lolpancakeslol - 4 points - Yesterday

    I remember when this got posted last and a bunch of sad kids made fun of the couple. Let's see if that happens again.

  • StrongStyleSavior - 4 points - Yesterday

    i see this post going very well

  • deleted - 2 points - Yesterday


  • AndersonKalista - 1 points - Yesterday

    GTA in 2K16 LU... get's slapped

  • SuprizeNinja - 1 points - Yesterday

    Top image looks like Lee Everett and Taylor Swift.

  • locotxwork - 1 points - Yesterday

    Where's the Brazzer logo?

  • PlsMePls - 1 points - Yesterday

    Honest about gender at least.

  • Haterbait_band - 0 points - Yesterday

    "You don't look like your profile pic... but neither do I, so it's ok, right?"

  • FuzzyWu - 1 points - Yesterday

    A rare instance where the real life photos are better looking than the online avatars.

  • ChromeSheets - 0 points - Yesterday

    That dude looks like sfv Tasty Steve. Like exactly like him. Maybe that's sajam after the sex change on the right. She does have nice hair...

  • unbalancedforce - 2 points - Yesterday

    Gaming is like TV but instead of the camera gaining 10 pounds the delusion of self loses 30 pounds.

  • luckyAZ - 0 points - Yesterday

    i mean yeah.. they are the right colors. Black and plaid. but, if that were all that mattered my wife would be a supermodel and i would have a speedo endorsement bro. However how it stands, she will have sex with the lights dim (if the kids are asleep and the dishes are clean) and looks damn good. I am a fat guy by the pool who has no business having anything on other than board shorts and a shirt. We have fun and also steal cars, shoot cops and rob banks... so there's that

  • ashdelete - 0 points - Yesterday

    Link or I burn everything!

  • JTF2OMEGA - 0 points - Yesterday


  • Will000jones - 2 points - Yesterday

    Top notch repost

  • SuperWeegee4000 - 1 points - Yesterday

    That's also old as balls.

  • SamsungVR_User - 0 points - Yesterday

    Do they fuck?

  • 3D_bartholomew - 0 points - Yesterday

    Holy shit!

    She was actually a girl?

  • iReddit_while_I_work - 1 points - Yesterday

    Camera adds 10....the game makes you lose 50...

  • MaSchulz - 1 points - Yesterday

    why didnt they both make their characters over weight too?

  • dotPanic - 1 points - Yesterday

    How about sharing the massive blog post or the original post from r/gtav? No?

  • GankaPuss - 1 points - Yesterday

    Like the 5th repost today. Wow

  • DorkSidedStuff - 1 points - Yesterday

    Now kith.

  • danyicd26 - 1 points - Yesterday

    obvious weigh difference? sorry it looks like photos before->after

  • RedJellyAnt - 2 points - Yesterday

    Funny how they instantly put on 100lbs when they meet in real life

  • hexxal - 1 points - Yesterday


  • Danyo45 - 0 points - Yesterday

    Homie gonna hit that tonight haha

  • RedHawk720 - -1 points - Yesterday

    I don't know who got more Catfished, the guy or the girl!

  • countfenrir - 0 points - Yesterday

    They fucked.

  • Mkilbride - -2 points - Yesterday

    Haha. They do like them big girls.

  • Djw245167 - -1 points - Yesterday

    It's funny, they're fatter in real life.

  • deleted - -14 points - Yesterday


  • Badger_Storm - -5 points - Yesterday

    I guess fat people make themselves skinny in video games.

  • TempestRave - -2 points - Yesterday

    You guys can say what you want about these people, positive or negative, I can guarantee you they don't give a shit. Yay Reddit.

  • jexio - -9 points - Yesterday

    Link to Rockstar post or r/thathappened

  • thatsneakerdouche - -1 points - Yesterday

    Whoa!!! Was this in Tony Hawks American wasteland? I feel like this is the Santa Monica pier

  • Sayrenotso - 0 points - Yesterday

    Real life adds 60 pounds

  • KhajiitOpOverlord - -4 points - Yesterday

    Now for the real question, did she let him smash?

  • KorvisKhan - -2 points - Yesterday

    RPG girls make the best girlfriends.... FPS girls will kick you in the junk and take the last beer from the fridge and leave you laying there as refrigerator door slowly swings back and biffs you in the face. They're a competitive bunch to say the least.

  • ZeusBin - -4 points - Yesterday

    It's really not.

  • CptFaggins2 - -6 points - Yesterday

    Both of you really seem to love KFC

Autumn in Honeyhive Galaxy


  • jordes - 15 points - 2 days ago

    Aw man, that's pretty hip.

  • conorrhea - 12 points - 2 days ago

    I would love to play a Mario with this style of art and graphic quality!

  • mcclivo - 9 points - 2 days ago

    I like this. If this is your original work please do more!

  • Nan0machines - 4 points - 2 days ago

    That's so fantastic. I kinda wanna use it as my Windows background

  • clitoral-combat - 3 points - 2 days ago

    This is beautiful!

  • cheesehound - 3 points - 2 days ago

    This seems to be a (great!) photo of the Mario Nendoroid figurine and a few of its accessories.

    I'm sure some photoshop work was necessary as well, to get the jumping figure looking so nice. Really well done! Probably not a 3D model/render like some folks seem to think, though.

  • xoticpc-service - 3 points - 2 days ago

    This is great and now the background on my phone. Awesome! <3

  • lawbag1 - 2 points - 2 days ago

    Now if the Wii U had graphics like this...

  • Eciper - 2 points - 2 days ago

    So it's Gold Leaf Galaxy.

  • weedygoodness - 1 points - 2 days ago


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