Why Dogmeat is best follower


  • Sodar - 584 points - 15 hours ago


  • TARDIS - 52 points - 14 hours ago

    I still prefer HK-47... A murderous robot is a murderous robot.

  • The_Cute_Dragon - 200 points - 15 hours ago

    Cait pls, let me help these people. COME ON! WE GET TO KILL THINGS!

  • TyTyTheFireman - 227 points - 14 hours ago

    I can't have dogmeat as a follower. I hate when he's getting hit and I can hear him crying. I like dogs too much.

  • Grisu1 - 78 points - 15 hours ago

    hes actually the best because lone wanderer perk works with him.

  • Mewing_Raven - 22 points - 15 hours ago

    Yeah, this is why I keep the dog. He's just awesome.

    However, Strong is patrolling Sanctuary, with full armor and Grognak's axe. I'm kinda hoping someone invades.

  • glemnar - 20 points - 15 hours ago

    Quick question: how do you name him? Mine is just named Dog. Does he become dogmeat during a quest or something?

  • scordev - 45 points - 15 hours ago

    Garvey you SOB.... Ya I can pick locks, fuck off

  • Jehovacoin - 72 points - 15 hours ago

    I just hate that he whines all the time. As a person who has a dog that looks and acts exactly like dogmeat, I have trouble figuring out if it is him or my dog that is barking/whining.

  • soulburn32 - 34 points - 15 hours ago

    Not sure if everyone knows this, if you put a dog house close to your workbench he will go chill inside it while you are messing around.

  • Aerron - 8 points - 15 hours ago


  • gqtrees - 5 points - 14 hours ago

    my dog is like that in real life. amount of times hes walked in on me jerking it. well he still loves me :)

  • lordxvulcan - 5 points - 14 hours ago

    He's not judgmental sure, but he also loves to stand in my fucking way when I'm trying to walk through doorways.

  • Xionos - 4 points - 14 hours ago

    idk for me dogmeat always stands in the way when you dont want him to just looking at you like your the dingus, or when you wanna dump items on him he runs in the other direction even when you tell him to go right infront of you.

  • timmystwin - 4 points - 14 hours ago

    I hate that none of the followers I've had so far like the institute at all. Like, I need to do their shit to do the main quest, but can't really.

  • SighAgain - 12 points - 15 hours ago

    But it's way more fun to have people disagree with some of your actions. I don't need everyone in the Wasteland licking my balls cause they think I'm so awesome. I want somebody to just be like, "Dude you have like 40 Nuka Quantums. Put it back. Dude, you're a dick."

  • nickyno - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    The best part about Dogmeat is that I can eat people and he doesn't care. I can even eat people with Dogmeat. Truly man's best friend.

  • -SPACETARD- - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    Bad thing about dogmeat:

    The fuck is in my way? Why can't I get through this door?

    (looks down)


  • nopunchespulled - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    Yeah but every time I want to trade the fucker runs away

  • Knight-in-Gale - 7 points - 15 hours ago

    The same thing when it comes to your real life dog and your fapping habbits to female with dicks porn.

  • Superflypirate - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    He's definitely great but anyone get tired of him crying/whimpering all the time? As a dog owner that noise bothers the heck out of me, it's like nails on a chalkboard.

  • phunqe - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    But he barks way too much!

  • MickTheBloodyPirate - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    Did this really need a meme?

  • KingdomSmoker - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    That, and you get 30% more damage and 100 carry weight with the lone wander perk even if you're using him!

  • CapnChaos - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    I dropped him pretty much as soon as I could. My own dog whines at me enough. I don't need to listen to Dogmeat whining constantly for no reason.

  • abnom - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    My dogmeat is a douche, gives me reproaching looks all the time and whines like a bitch or howls when we trade. Constantly running away when I need the missile launcher I keep in his pack, after I gave him dog armour he keeps trying to tackle me and be in the way, like trying to cock block me from loot and passing through doors. I'm with useless cait now.

  • eats_of_eden - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    I hope that someone mods a cat that kinda follows you around only to meow when it wants fed, brings you dead animals and zombie parts, and you have to have a litter box, litter, and a ball of string in your inventory.

  • jey123 - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Also why I like Hancock. He doesn't give a fuck.

  • Cug1ne - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    I really tried running around with dog meat and all but he just doesn't have the creep level that I have where I pickpocket mutants and shit and always gets me caught.

    I had to leave him behind with some stray dogs in hopes they would take him in as their own.

  • ThePomqueteer - 8 points - 15 hours ago

    Wait theres other followers besides dogmeat?

  • redditating_ - 4 points - 15 hours ago


I thought it was a row by row type of deal...


  • LordPeePerz - 487 points - 17 hours ago

    You're not alone bro. I didn't figure this out until I was 20 hours in.....

    Now I don't feel as dumb. Thanks!

  • AP_Feeder - 52 points - 15 hours ago

    dat one point in VANS tho hahaha

  • ASK_ME_ABOUT_MAGIUM - 163 points - 16 hours ago

    You're telling me?

    It took me hours to realize you could actually scroll down.

  • petewilcock - 116 points - 17 hours ago

    I also did this and only realised when I'd put all my points into intelligence. Turned out OK as that then increases the XP you earn from that point forwards, so while it's a long game the payback has to be worth it.

  • Fanthos - 48 points - 17 hours ago

    Well it wasnt adequately explained, & I did this untill around level 7 or 8. Still felt stupid though...

  • Drithyin - 28 points - 15 hours ago

    Well, that just means you're... special.

    I'll see myself out.

  • MannToots - 72 points - 15 hours ago

    How do people see this whole screen and never try to click down to even look at what else is on the other rows? Took me about 5 seconds to realize how this worked.

  • pacmanwasright - 15 points - 15 hours ago

    oh boy

  • Sursion - 4 points - 15 hours ago

    I thought you had to level each stat up fully before moving on to the next one down the list.

    Bethesda did a 0/10 on explaining anything.

  • Regards0 - 7 points - 16 hours ago

    I did the exact same thing. I think the natural RPG mind would view it as a skill tree of sorts.

  • jdtherocker - 3 points - 17 hours ago

    Why is this game so hard?! Oh wait!

  • blackbarlow - 3 points - 16 hours ago

    I did the same thing! I was so mad when I figured it out!! Going through the game with like no perks other than base ones. Argh!!

  • psychodreamr - 3 points - 15 hours ago

    Apparently, Rob Gronkowski never ages.

  • drbaler - 3 points - 15 hours ago


    I thought I was alone.

  • falldrgn - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    I made the same mistake...

  • selethice - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    Thats impressive to say the least

  • balla49686 - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    You and me both boss! I was a good 15 hours in before I figured it out. So I'm charisma strength and agility heavy. :(

  • Peanlocket - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    Dear game developers: please don't dumb your games down any more. We're not all this stupid

  • Unimpeachable-L - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    But your intelligence is maxed out?

  • Jackz0r92 - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    I did this too, I was asking my friend just some general nooby questions about it and he discovered I had just put points in the top line. OH HOW HE LAUGHED, prick.

  • Bigboss5nake - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    took me to level 15. Just grab idiot savant. It will help remedy the situation

  • settledownguy - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    HaHa I thought the same thing. I figured you can't unlock the next row selection until you complete the initial 10 stars. However, its pretty sweet when you realize how it works and the fact that you can unlock anything below you want. You didn't mess up, you just built a solid foundation.

  • Nby36 - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    Ditto op. Ditto.

  • Ziym - 7 points - 15 hours ago

    People trash talking the layout of the screen, what more do they have to do? They literally made a wall of perks with little stars in the corner of the image. Have you never played an RPG before?

  • ThinKrisps - 3 points - 15 hours ago

    Fallout 4 did a REALLY bad job of explaining most of their new stuff, and I have no idea why. Did they decide that tutorials were universally hated and unnecessary? I still have no idea how to work with my settlements.

  • daveofrepublicofdave - 6 points - 16 hours ago

    I guess you have low Int

  • Aleitheo - 3 points - 16 hours ago

    You thought you had to wait until level 30 to get a perk? You got that far without being curious as to why it would take so long?

  • Survivor301 - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    It's because the rest look washed out, like you can't click on them. I made the same mistake.

  • NewAccountPlsRespond - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    You're the reason AAA games now cater to differently abled individuals and are piss poor easy.

  • OMalley_ - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    i'd recommend some console commands to sort that out...

    or maybe a new character

  • Wergalion - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    Me too! I just figured that out last night.

  • Krindus - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Well I can say without hesitation that the game is worth restarting, gives you a chance to play through the other main quest-lines. Rebuilding the settlements was kind of a pain in the ass though, and scavenging has fallen by the way-side.

  • oopsimdrunk - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    I honestly thought so too....

  • bayouburner - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    You've created the perfect human specimen. Nothing to be ashamed about, and the Super Mutants should love you.

  • AP_Feeder - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Oh man. at that point I might have even roled a new character lmfao.

  • Canis_Familiaris - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Its NOT???

  • Jon003 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    seriously. same for me. I was like level 15 or 20 or so...

  • irishayes86 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I did the same thing, but figured it out around level 10...

  • JoeFulford - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Don't worry I did the exact same thing up until level 14 when I just clicked hoping the game would glitch and give me the next tier... turns out it happened legit

  • Rottin - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    yep had no idea you could scroll down.

  • MrButtermancer - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    You're fine. Get damage perks next. You are going to have really strong vats in particular, so consider some vats perks soon too.

  • zambam128 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I'm level 25 right now and I learned about this last night. I raged quit.

  • Meltypants - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I did too at first but I figured it out after a few levels, don't worry if you chose just the main stats as perks it'll still help a bunch

  • KevinBelo - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Did this too for a few levels (~15)

  • secondprojectaccount - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I did this on purpose.....Am I the only one? I wanted to max out all my stats before I picked up the perks as the perks to me....seem to be.....sub-par to the perks from FO3. Now before I get destroyed, I LOVE the new perk system, just the perks themselves don't seem to be all that helpful.

  • yesilovecats - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I did the same thing. I thought it was like you had to max out the base one before you could go down the columns

  • solodayz - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I did the same thing then accidentally hit the 2nd tier strength one for melee since I thought you had to work down to get to lower tiers, and I use heavy guns...

  • Presence- - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Didn't figure this out until level 17.

  • frankyfrankfrank - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I made a post just like this earlier.

    It's really annoying but if you look it up you can use console commands to reallocate the stats if you want.

    The perks are really fun so it kind of sucks to have to play on and it also sucks to have to start over.

  • james18205 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Me too! I got 25 points in and I was like, wait a minute...

  • DreadLion510 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I thought the same thing about 10 hours in, until I looked at c the whole chart. Saved me a restart.

  • kingmario75 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Well aren't you just so... S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

  • ItsSansom - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Yeah I figured this out at level 10. It's really not clear that the second row is selectable. I thought it was crazy when I realised you could jump straight to the 10th perk in a tree if you wanted. At least now I know it could've been a lot worse.

  • xEradicator - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    You fucked up

  • Elemenohpeenis - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    as interesting as this level up chart is, it's a terrible design. I had the same issue and spent my first few points in pure stats thinking that I had to "unlock" the lower tiers.

  • Khalirei - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I don't see how you can mess up...

  • doie - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Don't feel bad, I played Fallout 3 for the first time and got about 10+ hours in before I found out about VATS..

  • monsignoreMasore - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Same here. Lvl 15 'til i figured out.

  • dwfergusson - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Same happened to me, lucky I was only level 12 when I figured it out. I restarted and it is sooo much better. Good luck to ya.

  • raskas_kylkimiina - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    HA HA

  • DarthRevart - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Me. fucking. too.

    I played up to GODDAMN LEVEL 27 before I realized my mistake. I've never felt so stupid in my life.

    Whatever though, I still had fun and just went and made a new character.

    Edit: butts.

  • PrinceParadox - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Yea, they did a Poor job at explaining how this worked...

    I also feel that 50 points with no chance to respect is going to suck...... somethings are great and needed early game to get rolling but suck by the time you get to end game...

  • JazzHandsNinja - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    well now you can have your way with all the other perks !

  • TottenhamHotspur - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought this.

  • Sodar - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I would say you are not a smart man, but you do have 10 in intelligence...

  • primalwhite - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    same here, but now i have so many options to choose from

  • kick6 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    As someone brand new to the entire series (literally saw this screen for the first time this morning), can someone explain to me why this is wrongbad?

  • Cere4lKill3r - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I made this mistake for like my first 10 or 15 levels haha

  • MythicalMagicMan - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    10 CHR 10 LCK 6 STR.

    Dumb Lucky Charismatic average guy. All the luck perks are hilariously fun, and you level really fast with the idiot savant perk.

  • ribrawb - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Haha, I have two friends who did the exact same thing until I explained it to them. At least you have full choice of perks to choose now.

  • DeutschlandFickJa - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Me too! Figured this out at LVL 12 or so… Had a pretty solid build by then though…

  • imz1foru - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Yup same here. Had to start over. Luckily I was only 8-10 hours in.

  • cderring - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Played until the glowing sea without knowing that the list scrolled.... You're not alone, and I'm not a smart man.

  • Oscar96 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    level 30 with no weapon mods, lol that mustve sucked

  • mokasakin - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Me too! Ended up putting 8 points in skills I don't care about at all before figuring it out. Sorely missing them now

  • Raging_Woods - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    This is my only gripe with the Fallout series, they don't teach you anything about how the game works and how to do shit, they just drop you in the game and say "GO". Dont teach me how to use my pip boy or HUD, or VATS system, or perk tree, it wont come in handy or anything. Dont tell your new players what rads are and how to get rid of them. Dont tell your new players that you can only carry so much equipment, to the point that you walk super slow when you are "full". Its really frustrating for someone new to the series trying to figure things out.

  • phant-m - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Shit. Me too

  • Mewing_Raven - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Ya know, this doesn't seem a horrible way to play, really.

    Just get your hacking and your lockpicking, then do whatever. Like, literally whatever.

  • WideLight - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Yeah I thought I had to buy things in order at first. So I bought pickpocket to get rifleman to get locksmith. Didn't figure out til level 17 that I could just buy whatever. Now I don't play that character anymore.

  • TheMuffinMan203539 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Ouch, you really missed out on some nice to have perks. For instance, +20 or 40% damage to pistols.

  • Pornstarbob - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    It took me about 4 hours to figure out.

  • jb__19 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    This happened to me too, took my brother (first time fallout player) to tell me (playing since FO3) how the system worked..

  • highslime - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I'm only level 5 I think, glad I saw this sooner rather than later.

  • VonDinky - 1 points - 15 hours ago


  • Fictiouz - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I thought i was the only one.

  • DefinitelyNotADemon - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Don't worry man, I spent my first 20 levels on strength and charisma before i found out how it worked. I was just sitting there thinking "holy shit, how many levels do they expect us to get"

  • AutismHour - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    You're not alone, it is set up terribly/not explained well at all.

Kind of ironic...


  • PandaRapeCorporation - 72 points - 16 hours ago

    "We must deactivate the DRM using the GOG"

  • Fenghoang - 13 points - 16 hours ago

    I'd say Watch Dogs was the one that's actually ironic.

  • Dommy73 - 14 points - 17 hours ago

    Could I get some help from some Cpt. Obvious on this one?

  • wowy-lied - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I am feeling out of the loop, what is happening with just cause 3 ?

  • maffi9 - 0 points - 16 hours ago

    I wouldn't call it DRM exactly, just a poorly thought out always on leader board system.

  • Treyman1115 - -1 points - 16 hours ago

    They could have potentially planned that out first without knowing there'd be strict DRM

  • rannie_pophe - 0 points - 15 hours ago

    That is more like paradox.

  • Bastrion - -10 points - 15 hours ago

    Hey guys, remember that time when everyone was on dial up? Right?

    Why is this still even a point?

Friend sent me this.. unfortunately he couldn't conquer EA.


  • Mr_Degroot - 335 points - Yesterday

    Fallout New Vegas has the Mother fucking mailman

    someone shoots him in the head nearly killing him?

    Track him across the Post-Apocalypse dessert and kill the bastard

  • SycoSlayer - 75 points - Yesterday

    "Ordinary Rocket Scientist"

  • Labeled90 - 130 points - Yesterday

    Gordon Freeman was just a scientist...

  • bigdaddycruiser - 99 points - Yesterday

    I love Master Chief!

  • tk-not21 - 63 points - Yesterday

    If you look at the space horror genre as a whole, one could make the argument that it is exaggerated allegory for the mental frustrations, daunting challenges, and implied loneliness of the IT professional.

  • beltfedvendetta - 43 points - Yesterday

    Isaac Clarke is a damn good and over-looked character.

    The man just doesn't quit. He's selfless as fuck. He's competent and can find an exit to almost any situation. And despite getting mind-raped by exposure to alien technology, experimented upon the government, and suffering from a case of PTSD that would give even the most seasoned mental health worker PTSD themselves; he's still calm, doesn't complain despite having every fucking right to, and isn't an asshole. He's not Mr. Sunshine, but despite having life throw him the shittiest hand possible time and time again, he's still in the game and isn't pissy about it. His mental fortitude and endurance are practically unmatched without delving to super-hero realms.

    All these other fuckers can take Master Chief and whoever the fuck else they want. If shit went down in outer space, Isaac Clarke is the man you want to turn to. He's the most dangerous thing in space: a human engineer.

  • handsomeness - 34 points - Yesterday

    god bless the 1st dead space. It had some wonky mechanics for sure but what an atmosphere, perfect until the final level. I always tell people Dead Space is 'my RE 4' The 2nd one fixed a bunch of mechanical shit but imho the atmosphere was gone. the 3rd was a joke

  • henryuuk - 13 points - Yesterday

    Link is just a regular boy in half of his adventures.
    Mario is a plumber.

    "anygame with a self-insert characters" just as a silly lifeguard as its lead character

  • Da_BizkiT - 4 points - Yesterday

    sounds like Gordon Freeman ripoff ^

  • Derpy_Guardian - 6 points - Yesterday

    He's also dead.

  • VEJJ2Freshness - 3 points - Yesterday

    I regret never finishing the first game

  • El_Raro - 2 points - Yesterday

    And he has dementia.

  • ishotyodog - 2 points - Yesterday

    He's definitely doing something with the moons activated That's one way to look at it.

  • Fullgrownfetus - 2 points - Yesterday

    Lol. Ordinary Rocket Engineer. Yeah, some of my friends are rocket engineers.

  • Kill_Kayt - 3 points - Yesterday

    I sways thought he was black. Was kinda disappointed when I found out he wasn't.

  • molotovnic - 1 points - Yesterday

    Baaaaad choice in women.

  • lizard_larry - 1 points - Yesterday

    'Ordinary Rocket Engineer'

    I don't think that is ordinary.

  • core999 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I actually really liked the lore of Dead Space, theres a few cartoons and stuff that flesh it out a little bit. I liked all 3 games, 1 and 2 more than 3 though(the DLC episode for 2 was shit though, dont think I bought any other stuff)

  • sanitizeyourhands - 1 points - Yesterday

    I loved Dead Space (all of them) but to say Isaac was an "ordinary rocket engineer" is kind of an understatement. The things that guy did and was capable of rival some superheroes.

  • x-skeww - 1 points - Yesterday

    Ordinary engineer... yea, right. He's motherfucking Jason Voorhees in space. He's not as easily killed as the opening-kill dudes and he can rip those monsters apart with his bare hands and stomp them to tiny bits. He's a nearly unstoppable killing machine with plenty of ammo and a pile of health packs.

    I finished 1+2 multiple times on normal and hard. Totally worth those $5 I paid. They are great games with fairly moderate hardware requirements and excellent sound design. The vacuum segments were great.

    I can recommend them. However, they are horror-themed action games and not survival/psychological horror. Also liking action games is pretty much required to enjoy this.

  • BSexclusionzone - 1 points - Yesterday

    When it comes to balls of steel I think nobody tops Harry Mason, a civilian that casually walls into hell just to find his daughter.

  • TheGreyGuardian - 1 points - Yesterday

    He also does this all with what are basically power tools.

  • soupy_scoopy - 1 points - Yesterday

    Three times? Correct me if I'm wrong but in the DS3, Isaac and Carver kill the moon, then on the return to earth there turns out to be three or four moons descending on Earth. So they didn't really kill anything, they just kind of fucked up everything for everyone.

    Although it'd be interesting to see if EA tries to continue the series, its personally one of my favorite universes, even if it did diverge from the horror aspect in lieu of a more action/shoot-em-up style play.

  • __________-_-_______ - 1 points - Yesterday

    i think it's nothing compared to the barbarian from diablo 3..

  • computerguy0-0 - 1 points - Yesterday

    How can one stop an infection three times? If it was truly stopped the first time, there wouldn't be a second and third time.

  • daffodilambrosia - 0 points - Yesterday

    Translation: "average guy becomes a hero." Further translation: "triple aaa American entertainment." It's not bad but the heroes journey is the heroes journey. Like it for what it is but the heroic premise is far from unique.

  • Golden_Kumquat - 0 points - Yesterday

    Who is this?

  • Strokavich - 0 points - Yesterday

    Lots of heroes in video games start out as something else. Ness was just a child and he ended up saving the world, or more. (Haven't beaten the game so idk how drastic the danger was exactly.)

  • ashworfinl - 0 points - Yesterday

    You might have a point OP but Big Boss exists.

Every now and then in Fallout 4, I get a very Bioshock feeling...


  • novelTaccountability - 9 points - Yesterday

    Looks like a Bioshock mod for Skyrim.

  • rocky1003 - 6 points - Yesterday


  • CommonCity - 2 points - Yesterday

    The mannequins bring back fort frolic nightmares.

  • weclock - 2 points - Yesterday

    Well, I can see why. You played Bioshock before playing the Fallout games. You're right, the Bioshock dev team was influenced by Fallout.

  • FistCar - 1 points - Yesterday

    That is what the Scollay Square Olympia Theater looked liked.

  • 20somethinganon - 1 points - Yesterday

    My god, I haven't waited that long for an image to load since 2000.

  • vin97 - 1 points - Yesterday

    bioshock infinite was an awesome game

  • grantnel2002 - 0 points - Yesterday

    ...would you kindly...

  • sudynim - 0 points - Yesterday

    Not to mention that 1950's era soundtrack. :)

  • Nut_Cancer - -12 points - Yesterday

    This popular game reminds me of another popular game. Here's a screenshot, karma please!

Gobbstu go fest.


  • Diehlornodiehl - 11 points - Yesterday

    Waiting for the gold version.

  • _Magna - 6 points - Yesterday

    Does someone have a link where to buy this? It would look really great on my desk.

  • KittenCommunism - 5 points - Yesterday

    It's funny how by this point Sonic is far more of a joke than anything else. May he rest in peace.

  • A_Concerned_Koala - 2 points - Yesterday

    Gotta go fest.

  • TheRarePepe - 5 points - Yesterday

    But how ded u manaj 2 catch him ins tat boxz lelelele xdxdxdxd

  • Abdi04 - -4 points - Yesterday

    This has to go viral

At the store I work at, someone sold all this "Junk" he was clearing out of his house.


  • bibowski - 138 points - Yesterday

    I call bullshit. No one calls that stuff "junk" and has everything still in boxes. Everything looks like it's in amazing shape too.

  • ctr2010 - 75 points - Yesterday


  • Fukteld - 65 points - Yesterday

    Do you have Battletoads?

  • Shy_Guy_1919 - 52 points - Yesterday

    Looks like you could get a lot of circuitry, plastic and copper from that junk.

  • Bastrion - 9 points - Yesterday

    Every time I see that N64 box, I get that "I REALLY WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS" feeling, for a second. It's weird how it's only for that specific console though.

  • NoCalHomeBoy - 5 points - Yesterday

    Man, Skate or Die! I loved that game!

  • Rancidnarok - 4 points - Yesterday

    OMG!! Are those POGS?!?

  • Neologic29 - 4 points - Yesterday

    A Boy and His Blob?! Loved that game. Would always beg my parents to rent it for me. Really neat concept, too. Kinda like an early Kirby. Blob would eat different flavor jelly beans to turn into stuff the boy could use like a ladder, umbrella, etc.

  • dragonjc - 6 points - Yesterday

    You should send the battletoads to Pawn Stars... its worth thousands... but they will give you $5 for it.

  • letdogsvote - 7 points - Yesterday

    Some may call that trash, OP calls it treasures...

  • Ozzytudor - 2 points - Yesterday

    "Battletoads developed by Ub- Rare. "Fuck I can't be bothered to write that out, just come look lads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igL_kaXGoC8

  • themastersb - 2 points - Yesterday

    At the store I work at, someone sold all this "Junk" he was clearing out of his house.

  • Pigmy - 2 points - Yesterday

    Stickers directly on the boxes. You god damned savages!

  • Jaredplayspokemon - 1 points - Yesterday

    Is...that N64..unopened?

  • FERALCATWHISPERER - 1 points - Yesterday

    Because it is all "junk" best I can do is...$15 and 2 cups of Gobstoppers.

  • vw68MINI06 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • sik_dik - 1 points - Yesterday

    to be fair, I do see Gremlins 2 in the mix

  • narbilistic - 1 points - Yesterday

    I bet you guys bought it all for $3

  • Magnatross - 1 points - Yesterday

    Steal it all.

  • SlyMurdoc - 1 points - Yesterday

    That Ducktales tho...

  • Smell-Gibson - 1 points - Yesterday

    you should put that junk in your trunk

  • SteelDiscipline - 1 points - Yesterday

    One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  • cprosciaZer0 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Is the junk still there? I will give you $4 for the lot. One mans junk is another's treasure

  • TrollAccount420 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Is this in the Quakertown farmers market?

  • BaronMatfei - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hope you snapped up Airwolf.

  • cefm - 1 points - Yesterday

    To be fair, AirWolf is total junk.

  • Shiner00 - 1 points - Yesterday

    is that fucking battletoads?

  • ApparentlyStoned - 1 points - Yesterday

    Parentheses not necessary.

  • OriginalScootyBooty - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hey do you got battletoads?

  • theneublack - 1 points - Yesterday

    a year before current gen came out i decided to do the same. took a nearly mint ps2 into gamestop with a bunch of games and accessories. the employee's were like why are you doing this? I told them I was getting rid of stuff for the next consoles... ps2 was only worth about $40 but I'm glad i did it. the only thing they wouldn't take was my time splitters gun and racing wheel. the gun i ended up selling on eBay with the game for like 27$

  • Whitworth - 1 points - Yesterday

    I don't game, I think it's junk, but I'd sell it on ebay.

  • Rkmskmrobots - 1 points - Yesterday


  • PlayedUOonBaja - 1 points - Yesterday

    Chip and Dale was one of the good ones. The game, not the penises.

  • -Saggio- - 1 points - Yesterday

    Can I have the Battletoads box plz?

  • redhelpful - 1 points - Yesterday

    what's the saying? One man's junk is another man's reddit gold?

  • HARDON4YURMOM - 1 points - Yesterday

    Just because you don't think it's junk...........oh well fuck this losing battle

  • Chaspen - 1 points - Yesterday

    how old was this man who sold this????

  • unidan_is_a_cunt - 1 points - Yesterday

    Looks like garbage to me

  • Corn-Doge - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'd sell that right away.

  • cops17 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Damn, I need some of that junk.

  • unitedkpf22 - 1 points - Yesterday

    *Heavy Breathing

  • graperaped - 1 points - Yesterday

    You're a fucking liar op. Battletoads and everything? Liar.

  • kinchattack - 1 points - Yesterday

    how much was he paid to part with these goodies

  • bigdaddycruiser - 1 points - Yesterday

    One man's junk is another man's childhood

  • mikerowaev - 1 points - Yesterday

    This in FL in the US by any chance? Might need to stop by your store to buy some junk.

  • Derigor - 1 points - Yesterday

    send me the power cord to that NES. Mines missing.

  • redtoasti - 1 points - Yesterday

    Soo...can you buy stuff yourself?

  • DudeNudem3 - 1 points - Yesterday

    God I want an NES and gold zelda cart!

  • ILike2TpunchtheFB - 1 points - Yesterday

    One man's trash, is another man's treasure.

  • Fastfashionguy - 1 points - Yesterday

    Duck Tales...woo woo!!!

  • SilotheGreat - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Let me bring in a buddy of mine who's an expert on retro games."

  • r1ght0n - -4 points - Yesterday

    damn that's awesome, i'd buy it all i love it. Kids these days have no idea what their missing lol :)

  • The_Kurosaki - 0 points - Yesterday

    Thats like 3 bucks in gamestop money! Wow ducktales in legit NES box. I wonder if the zelda game gold cartridge came off.

  • Pachinginator - -2 points - Yesterday

    Don't blame him for not realizing what he had.

    In high school, I gave a friend of mine(who moved out of state) ALL of my N64 games.

    Every game I ever had, close to 120 games. When I gave them to him I had just gotten a 360 so "they were useless crappy games"

    I'd trade my xbox one and every game bought for half of those games back. They just don't make em like they used to.

  • PMmeYourNoodz - -7 points - Yesterday

    picture of some old games. OMG THANKS OP!

  • tastybreers - 0 points - Yesterday

    TIL Starfox 64 was called Lylat Wars in Europe and Australia.

  • dazzle999 - 0 points - Yesterday

    i like the trol deck :D

  • jhonycage1 - 0 points - Yesterday

    Do you have Battletoads if you would like to come pick it up"

  • n64god - -1 points - Yesterday

    Considering its PAL it is junk :P

how to title this ?


  • P-rhyme - 158 points - Yesterday

    Before and after

  • 132joker - 54 points - Yesterday

    Smoothskin Criminal

  • softnsensualrape - 122 points - Yesterday

    "thats ignorant"

  • BedsideReaper - 65 points - Yesterday

    Got a light skin friend, look like Michael Jackson. Got a dark skin friend, look like Michael Jackson,

  • GrimmyBumm - 20 points - Yesterday

    It don't matter if you're black or white.

  • ManleyP - 51 points - Yesterday

    Woah, didn't know you could play as a ghoul in FO4.

  • kinuman93 - 14 points - Yesterday

    🎶She's starting with the man in the mirror🎶

  • sovietdancnbear - 14 points - Yesterday

    Annie are you ok?

  • Dishevel - 12 points - Yesterday

    Suggested title ...
    "I'm on a quest to find a young boy."

    That is all.

  • Zman2413 - 24 points - Yesterday

    HE HE!

  • AtL_eAsTwOoD - 9 points - Yesterday

    Just beat it.

  • ReasonablyBadass - 7 points - Yesterday

    Ghoul Michael Jackson would be even better: "It's just a skin condition, that's ignorant"

  • saintscanucks - 7 points - Yesterday

    Catlyn Jenner

  • spriggig - 5 points - Yesterday

    'Shop in a skeleton on the right.

  • MephistophelianGuppy - 12 points - Yesterday

    Something something "little kids mod" something something.

  • AlphaPrism - 3 points - Yesterday

    Is it wrong that I thought of Yzma first?

  • Offended_Christian - 5 points - Yesterday

    "The Man in the Mirror"

    Jesus OP, common.

  • MonkeyFunker - 4 points - Yesterday

    "The population of Little Lamplight breathe a sigh of relief that they're not in Fallout 4".

  • LutherAD - 9 points - Yesterday

    "Shamon!""You know I'm bad"

    "I'm starting with the man in the mirror..."

    "Shamon kids; lets go on an adventure!"

    So many options

  • gonphisting - 3 points - Yesterday

    Michael Jackson. Through the years.

  • french_fry_samurai - 3 points - Yesterday

    "Back from the vault 2015 tour"

  • AMetalWorld - 3 points - Yesterday

    Nooo, that's ignorant! I'm just a little white girl! I just wanna dance!

  • unovacane - 3 points - Yesterday

    I'm starting with the man in the mirror~

  • Equilibriator - 2 points - Yesterday

    jesus.... that's the girl

  • Natcrash - 2 points - Yesterday

    Brings a whole new meaning to "go fuck yourself".

  • theforeverletter - 2 points - Yesterday

    Jet: not even once

  • boobies_forscience - 2 points - Yesterday

    Man in the mirror

  • frobischer - 2 points - Yesterday

    A lone wandered sets out into the wasteland in search of a little boy.

  • Dirtpig - 2 points - Yesterday

    Can't tell if that is suppose to be Michael Jackson or that Kardashian matriarch.

  • AllAmericanGimp - 2 points - Yesterday

    The children of the commonwealth will never be the same...

    Or maybe,"They said they were sending me to the recycling plant, i guess this trash heap will do."

  • AllergySeason - 2 points - Yesterday

    "So I picked up the Fallout 4 Character Building Simulator the other day"

  • Rubiego - 2 points - Yesterday

    Black or White

  • maxp84z - 2 points - Yesterday

    You're gonna be Startin somethin'

  • mcanders - 2 points - Yesterday

    Michael Jackson: Before and After

  • PhotoshopMogul - 2 points - Yesterday


  • PurePsykosis - 2 points - Yesterday

    Almost looks like Mallory Archer. Lol.

  • Blazablaze2 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Man in the mirror. Duh.

  • RedPresident - 2 points - Yesterday


  • zebranitro - 2 points - Yesterday

    Ebony and Ivory

  • CarpeMofo - 2 points - Yesterday

    Michael Jackson or Liza Minnelli?

  • platysquirrel - 2 points - Yesterday

    Great Liza Minnelli. You should do Michael Jackson next.

  • Mike-Oxenfire - 2 points - Yesterday

    Only in America can you be born a poor black boy and die as a rich white woman.

  • MY_GOOCH_HURTS - 2 points - Yesterday

    That's ignorant

  • Birdsongman - 3 points - Yesterday

    Even in Fallout he's still looking for little boys

  • Boggs3 - 3 points - Yesterday

    "I want to find my son Shaun so I can rape him"

  • wisd0m - 2 points - Yesterday

    "shitpost" would be a good title.

  • LapinHero - 1 points - Yesterday

    It doesn't matter.

  • Invalid_Uzer - 1 points - Yesterday

    "A ghoul's transition"

  • joeripz - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'm baad

  • Hiddenshadows57 - 1 points - Yesterday

    guy in the back needs a mustache and he's Carlton.

  • MrRav3n - 1 points - Yesterday

    Michael 2 Michael

  • Matumama157 - 1 points - Yesterday

    then to now

  • Scopeftis - 1 points - Yesterday

    Stop being ignorant you guyss!!

  • Nakotadinzeo - 1 points - Yesterday

    Shaun-Jean is not my son...

  • bobbobzoom3 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • damondono - 1 points - Yesterday

    MJ of sick and healthy man

  • ASK_ME_ABOUT_MAGIUM - 1 points - Yesterday

    Cause this is thrilleeeeeer...

  • lokizeep - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, oooo, I am for reeeall.

  • CaptainCankles - 1 points - Yesterday

    1980 vs 1995?

  • Prof_Piggy_Pants - 1 points - Yesterday

    Good post, absolutely Thrilling

  • ACrispyPieceOfBacon - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is so wrong; laughing my ass off, currently.

  • flumdinger - 1 points - Yesterday

    Young Joe Jackson sees the future of the man in the mirror

  • inGage - 1 points - Yesterday

    Ms Jackson if you're nasty?

  • HairyFishFace - 1 points - Yesterday

    I was gonna say 'Fallout Thre-HEE-HEE'

    Then I remembered this is 4 :(

  • Nayr91 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Meth, not even once

  • zw1ck - 1 points - Yesterday

    I thought that was Hilary Clinton, then I read the comments. I still think it looks more like Hilary Clinton.

  • Emrico1 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I don't even feel bad

  • cornbadger - 1 points - Yesterday

    Announcing Fallout four's new 'Thriller' dlc. Included are three new quests with new NPC companion; Imjay the ghoul.

    Quests include: "Smooth Criminal" where you track down a ghoul (Imjay) who's been stealing all of Boston's right hand gloves,

    "Moonwalker" where you team up with Imjay and use the power of dance to rescue his pet monkey "Bobbles" so he can turn Imjay into a robot.

    And "Beat It" where you get fed up with how wildly insane your new ghoul friend is, and tell him to beat it.

    Also included are multiple colored fedoras with matching armbands and suits, several restraining orders, a new perk that allows you to craft incendiary nuka-genades, and the all new "Neverland" settlement area.

    A settlement populated with various exotic animals, a talking monkey, and lots of frightened children. Neverland even has it's own fully functioning ferris wheel!

  • Ozzytudor - 1 points - Yesterday

    Annie are you ok?! Annie are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?

  • JewJutsu - 1 points - Yesterday

    I can't stop laughing. Now I want to get FO4 just to make all these characters.

  • teaqualizer - 1 points - Yesterday

    Steven Tyler/ Tyler Perry

  • QuickStopRandal - 1 points - Yesterday

    If you're thinkin about my Fallout

    it don't matter if you're black or white.

  • tquiz - 1 points - Yesterday

    "I knew MJ's death was a hoax"

  • UweBofficial - 1 points - Yesterday

    Michael Jackson

  • The_Gooch_Median - 1 points - Yesterday

    KAch mon!! HEE HEE!

  • Gravemind137 - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Heee Heee!"

  • thecubanguy - 1 points - Yesterday

    Come on Zed, I can be Agent M.

  • imawin - 1 points - Yesterday

    Got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson.

    Got a dark-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson.

  • Trender_man - 1 points - Yesterday

    bold and brash

  • JimRaid - 1 points - Yesterday

    Micheal Jackson

  • ItsReaper - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hey blanket

  • jetpacmonkey - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Don't matter if you're black or white"

  • YouAreFullOfShitMang - 1 points - Yesterday

    "It doesn't matter."

    if you're Black or white

  • 9404nijo - 1 points - Yesterday

    looks like a combination of micheal jacksson and southparks caitlyn jenner

  • The_Paul_Alves - 1 points - Yesterday

    Guy in the back is Carlton from Prince of Bel Air right?

  • Fiji_Artesian - 1 points - Yesterday


  • realmonsters712 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Call it 'damn son, where'd you find this'

  • DaTerrOn - 1 points - Yesterday

    Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Nuclearbananas - 1 points - Yesterday

    Kill me

  • Likes_Shiny_Things - 1 points - Yesterday

    Michelle Jackson

  • KuztomX - 1 points - Yesterday

    Kris Jenner and a future boyfriend?

  • anonymouswrex - 1 points - Yesterday

    "im sorry Mrs. Jackson, WOOOOO I AM FO REAL"

  • Fober - 1 points - Yesterday

    Gone Bad.

  • throwmeaway898989 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Man in the Mirror

  • NoPanfakeMix - 1 points - Yesterday


  • the_leprechauns_anus - 1 points - Yesterday

    You Bad!

  • poptamale - 1 points - Yesterday

    So Alfonso Ribeiro (The Pepsi Cola Kid) and MJ?

  • dellabos - 1 points - Yesterday

    "I'm starting with the man in the mirror"

  • notrealmate - 1 points - Yesterday

    Damn. I'm impressed with the FO4 character creator. It's quite detailed.

  • bmollberg - 1 points - Yesterday

    Britta and Troy.

  • ragingtonberry - 1 points - Yesterday

    A B C... Easy as HEE HEE HEE!

  • individual_throwaway - 1 points - Yesterday

    King of Pip

  • SmashBlaster - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Wow, this is rare. Both versions of Michael Jackson."

  • Chaspen - 1 points - Yesterday

    this is bad

  • Boggs3 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Now you need to make a Neverland settlement and have all the settlers be children.

  • crypticlazr - 1 points - Yesterday

    that looks like the kardashian mom whatsercunt

  • Gearleader - 1 points - Yesterday

    The Man in the Mirror?

  • britcop1212 - 1 points - Yesterday

    The man in the mirror

  • Turtle69Turtle - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'm bad, real bad Michael JacksonNow I'm mad, real mad, Joe Jackson

  • AHigherBeing - 1 points - Yesterday


  • BLOW_UP_THE_OCEAN - 1 points - Yesterday

    Ground Zero for the onslaught of (hopefully) hilarious Before & Afters soon to flood the subreddit.

  • Versaton - 1 points - Yesterday

    DAE le FO4

  • Renshnard - 1 points - Yesterday

    He He

  • throwawaysarebetter - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Jumping on the bandwagon"

  • BDilla11 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Probable vs. Actual

  • kic01 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I love MJ, but this reminded me of this madtv clip.Please don't take offense, it's just a funny parody.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPngHV_y0P4

  • Roboman92 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Men in the Mirror.

  • GuySimile - 1 points - Yesterday

    Beat it scrub

  • SulliedBeast - 1 points - Yesterday


  • fingerblastin69 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Yin and child molester

  • rumwarthor - 0 points - Yesterday

    And that is when Michael Jackson knew he had fucked up.

  • Jelboo - -3 points - Yesterday

    "One of the greatest entertainers in history is reduced to cheap joke material, his legacy ignored"

  • GoatSoap - -3 points - Yesterday

    Title it : "The 500th fallout character creator post this week."

  • yourhatredfeedsme - -6 points - Yesterday

    Not funny?

  • hemlock_jackal - -8 points - Yesterday

    Title: "That's how I look when I Fallout of bed and my boytoy laughs at me".

I've been playing through Fallout 4 as Saitama, from One Punch Man. Here's a short guide on making your very own Saitama!


  • Deity_Link - 24 points - Yesterday

    HE ROW

  • DancewithRance - 39 points - Yesterday

    I'm pretty sure there would already be a mod for this on PC.

    However, I think creating Saitama in Fallout 4 comes with one big problem. Saitama's dilemma is that he is for all intents and purposes, Superman. He has no limits, there is no obstacle he can't beat. He's essentially bored from a lack of challenge. That might actually be the one thing you can emulate when you make an invincible character who demolishes everything in one shot, a boredom of 50+ hours with no tension/difficulty.

    Plus the whole forced-roleplaying father thing kinda dulls that sensation.

  • Jayzonious - 17 points - Yesterday

    I love this! Here's an example of the melee build I've been working on that is similar. Trying to get to 100% VATS reduction to see what happens :)


  • ASK_ME_ABOUT_MAGIUM - 7 points - Yesterday

    100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, 10 km run. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    If you're planning to do a Saitama run, you should totally get the Saitama costume mod from this vid

    The top voted comments on the video say where you can get the clothes from, and I see there's even a guy talking about a cape.

    Also, I think you realize of course, if you really want to beat every monster in one punch, Saitama style, you'd need to use the console to up your strength to 9999, otherwise it ruins the immersion :P

  • wharrgarble - 6 points - Yesterday

    I watched a gif of this I think. Got me to read all the currently available mangas online, holy crap! I'm now reading the rest of the story via the original webcomic. One Punch Man is great.

  • A_Walking_Cane - 4 points - Yesterday

    Ok, I need to ask..... Who is Saitama? I've seen other "builds" from other games modeled after this person as well and I still have no idea where Saitama comes from.

  • Continuousstream - 3 points - Yesterday

    I LOVE THISImma do it

  • Polygones - 3 points - Yesterday

    Don't forget to eat 3 meals a day.A banana is fine for breakfast.

  • uuuuuuuuh - 2 points - Yesterday

    I thought this was going to be a guide on how to make your character look like Saitama, but I wasn't dissappointed

  • kingvicarious - 2 points - Yesterday

    How would you make a Vash the Stampede character?

  • OrangeNova - 1 points - Yesterday

    I honestly, dropped strength for a bit, put more into luck and got Idiot Savant.

    That way I got more XP off the hop to get to the point of it

  • Mikeyvesagas - 1 points - Yesterday


  • MultiCola - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'm enjoying the saitama life right now, except for a brief moment last night when i unknowingly spoiler

    Edit: meant to get the back thingie that covers the text, but apparently i'm useless when formatting text :/

  • wakayoda - 1 points - Yesterday

    Official is a buzzword.

  • Thopterthallid - 1 points - Yesterday

    Just how viable is this as a build?

  • OssimPossim - 1 points - Yesterday

    Does anyone know the unarmed damage formula for Fallout 4? And how does power armor affect it?

  • Ticklethydick - 1 points - Yesterday

    Need a standalone Saitama vault kid pic, someone pls.

  • Rocket1234 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Can't wait to do this when I get fallout 4

  • daveofrepublicofdave - -2 points - Yesterday


  • wPg- - 0 points - Yesterday

    saitama doesnt sneak

  • deleted - -1 points - Yesterday


Literally unplayable


  • heavymetalman75672 - 467 points - Yesterday

    faster link

  • PrecariouslySane - 262 points - Yesterday

    Can some ELI5 why or how it became a thing? Surely it's not a method to incresase FPS while in FPV.

  • weasel-like - 51 points - Yesterday

    Like this 40mb image? Ffs

  • BelieveEnemie - 40 points - Yesterday

    A vampire can't see his own shadow.

  • ASmileOnTop - 51 points - Yesterday

    Time to look for a corrective mod

  • Gersh66 - 22 points - Yesterday

    What monster of a melee is that.

  • originalbluesin - 14 points - Yesterday

    Please don't use jpg extension for gif animation like this.

  • incith - 21 points - Yesterday

    I watched this 8 times before I realized his shadow was disappearing. Who gives a shit?

  • IgnanceIsBliss - 4 points - Yesterday

    shhh bby its ok

  • Markusser123 - 60 points - Yesterday

    For fuck's sake stop with this "literally unplayable" shit,it's getting old.

  • SAM-000 - 5 points - Yesterday

    Well hopefully the creator of this mod is also playing Fallout 4. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49036/?

  • hippie0115 - 6 points - Yesterday

    Can someone explain? is this a joke or is something happening in this gif?

  • erickpasta - 4 points - Yesterday

    Bethesda... Bethesda never changes.

  • FrenzyGr91 - 2 points - Yesterday

    there is a mod that enables those shadows in FP view

  • slipinoy - 2 points - Yesterday

    Destiny's first person shadows are really good at mirroring the player.

  • happygorilla - 2 points - Yesterday

    Can someone tell me what weapon that it? Looks pretty awesome, like a dragonbone fist or something.

  • Plutoxx - 2 points - Yesterday

    On a sidenote, how do I obtain the deathclaw gauntlet? I've heard it's in the Salem museum.

  • gottheza - 2 points - Yesterday

    Me and my bro were talking about this last night

  • turncoat_ewok - 2 points - Yesterday

    Stealth is OP, even light passes through you.

  • anticommon - 2 points - Yesterday

    I thought the issue here was with the crosshair placement being way off when switching from 3p to 1p

  • Hautla - 2 points - Yesterday

    apparently it's playable for me because I had to watch the gif more times than I care to admit to see there is no shadow in first person...

  • ASK_ME_ABOUT_MAGIUM - 8 points - Yesterday

    Am I the only one who didn't realize what was wrong with this gif until I saw the top comment? :S

  • deleted - 3 points - Yesterday


  • WalrusSoup - 3 points - Yesterday

    Man, ive had so many issues with this game. Has anyone figured out a way to switch between weapons without it getting stuck? Every time i switch from Melee to range it just fucks up. Or i can't interact with anything and i just stand there eating bullets. Then sometimes if im building my Pip-boy gets stuck and won't open until i mash a shit load of keys. Then I died because I got stuck between two cars and couldn't get out, and can't seem to hit small rodents sometimes so i have to go into vats and target them. The game is fun other than those issues, though.

  • UFG_Zero - 2 points - Yesterday

    Vampire / human / vampire / human / vampire / human

    You have a gift.

  • mickeymouthface - 2 points - Yesterday

    Fallout and TES games don't draw the player while in first person.

  • YoureTheTrashMan - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Black ops 3 doesn't have this problem"

  • Fantabob00 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Oh the shadow, took me a little while. Ashamed

  • Tacokitty76 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Am i missing something? I've had no problems on PC. Is that just happening randomly to him in the gif?

  • FERALCATWHISPERER - 1 points - Yesterday

    Keep the literally train literally going!

  • ivan510 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Also on the back shiny part of the hunting rifles, it shows the relfection of whatever should be behind you. Buts it always the same picture.

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