Tokio Hotel


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    He goes to the arcade with only one quarter.

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    "Yeah, I've played a couple times"

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    This is a man who has found his purpose in life.

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    John Wick when he was younger.

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    I don't see Billy Kaulitz anywhere. This is fake news.

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    This guys has the power of god and Anime on his side.

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    Cheers mate you totally reminded me of one of his older videos I watched years back. I used to watch this with my bro and laughed at how ridiculous this was.

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    This guy is something else... A fucking legend!

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    Also Tokio Hotel

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    I do not understand the title to this post.

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    This video makes me miss Ghost Squad. I spend hours and unknown amounts of tokens playing it at the arcade.

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    Fuck it, he's having fun. I'd do the same if I wasn't so damn shy and self-conscious about everything I do and how it might make me look like a stupid asshole.

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    That guy must be swimming in clunge

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    Is Tokio Hotel still a thing? Last time I checked it had stopped being some kind tween shit to become some kind of hipster shit.

    Still not sure what kind of shit is shittier.

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    Now imagine if it's for two player.

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    Reminds of that one scene in lost in translation where the kid is playing guitar hero with a leather jacket and a cigarette with his groupie girl admiring from the side

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    How I wish we were that hardcore in America\

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    I played a game similar to this at House Of Targ in Ottawa. You could duck around the game and shoot around cover etc just like this. Was playing it drunk during a dune rats show and it was super fun!

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    I want to hire him to walk into rooms before me. If there’s a threat he’ll solve it. If not he’ll still look bad ass scoping the area.

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    I'm envious of this guy.

    Seems really fun, but I would be too embarrassed to act out like this.

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    doing it right!

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    Wow. He's taking it to 11! The guy behind him is keeping it at a leisurely 2 however.

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    Man he really gets his money worth.

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    Getting the most value out of his quarters.

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    So cool

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    Trying to picture this guy watching a porn with the same enthusiasm

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    If I was playing VR and saw a player like this I'd be convinced they were a bot.

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    i wish i could love anything as much as he loves that game

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    When you wear gloves to the arcade, you're there to do work.

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    So that's why those guns are always broken

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    10 years later and I'm still fucking gay for Bill

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    Weaponized autism at work

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    Well done! You get a trophy!

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    You just reminded me of that band with that name. (Different spelling)

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    I can't tell if the game is actually that involved or if he's just really into it.

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    Kojima on his day off?

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    Man I wish I could immerse myself that well.

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    Someone should introduce him to airsoft.

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    I thought this was about the actual band. Came here to find a Japanese guy playing horde mode on gears of war 5 arcade.

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    I love the people at arcades who are just super skilled and into games.

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    You say shooter, he says RPG. Because that man is taking much joy in the role he's playing.

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    Too funny to see the kid right next to him being so basic compared to this advanced tactical display

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    The best is how the other guy doesn’t even look over. Ah Japan

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    Pretty good for his first time

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    That immersion.

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    I feel like the resolution gets lower each time this is reposted.

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    Why is this entitled Tokio Hotel? It seems like it doesn’t have anything to do with the band.

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    This my friend is called the future

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    “Check those corners”

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    This is the type of training our military needs.

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    The word ’engagement’ has been taken to a whole new level.

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    What the fuck, why is this post titled "Tokio Hotel?" I've been trying to remember the name of that band for the past week, and then this post comes up with that name for no apparent reason. What??

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    This guy and I need to do Area 51

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    Actual Tokio Hotel

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    I wanna see this guy play any shooter in VR.

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    I want that guy on my team

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    you can definitely tell he got a high five from the president at the end of that mission.

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    Crystal meth?

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    What game?

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    The shitty band from years ago?

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    Running through the monsoon

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    “Rainbow Eleventy-too”

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    What's this, dance dance revolution? I've heard of this game

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    I mean who hasn't stayed up all night playing ghost squad on the Wii memorizing all the on rails spots and where the power ups are

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    Ah, Surge doing work

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    The way he ducks without any repercussions indicates he’s done the same thing before and found that it works. Gotta give props to his dedication! 👏🏻

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    This is from years ago? He memorized the action scene from the advertisement...cmon guys

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    Running through the monsooooooon just me and yoouuuuuu

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    is that...ghost squad? i loved that game

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    This has been getting reposted once a week for 5 years.

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    I want the kid next to him finally beat time crisis lol

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    YOU THINK THAT THIS IS A GAME??!!?? Wait?...

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    Is this cod 4 on the plane?

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    Jon wick irl

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    What anime is this?

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    Why the gloves

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    John Wick training

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    Is that an OC Shotgun Mic on the left?

  • ThePhyrexian - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    That level is hard as dicks. "Oh you think killed everyone? SURPRISE! Armored guy right in front of you"

  • JTMmachine - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Remember, no Russian.

From regular dude to Geralt!


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    this is the guy who lies for karma lol

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    From a regular repost to a super repost

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    From regular guy professional cosplayer who Geralt's face was modeled on, to that character he famously portrayed... wow, it's really not that impressive when I rephrase it like that...

  • paputsza - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    Good contouring

  • ladyliayda - 3 points - 14 hours ago

    handsome before and after :0

  • Anigavanator - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    How did you make your hair white? I wanted to have white hair for a costume this Halloween and I don't know how to make it white.

  • addyseth - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Haha nice

  • BetterTDYK - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Why does every guy over 45 look like the second photo these days?

  • everypostepic - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Also how you feel when you hear The Witcher franchise is 10 years old.

  • DirtyDanTheManlyMan - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Thought this was a collection of Fallout 4 character creation pics until I clicked on the post.

  • myweed1esbigger - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Is that Gerald of the Riviera?

  • BlackFeign - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    Oh this looks simple... step 1. Grow a full beard.....fuck

  • tenares1989 - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    Wooow amazing

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    "Regular dude." Yeah, ok.

  • JvViLL - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Fuck this guy

  • BucketofFeet - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Wonderful cosplay, the resemblence is striking

  • TrundLth3gr8t - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Just a 40 year old man who’s trying to be a hipster

  • momo88852 - 0 points - 11 hours ago

    First pec to the bottom left, I had lose my panties if I saw him walking down the road. Even tho I'm a guy.

  • _GameSHARK - 0 points - 10 hours ago

    Too human. Geralt is meant to look a lot more like a sickly mutant.

  • hoogafanter - -13 points - 16 hours ago

    from douche to megadouche...

  • rheanhat - -4 points - 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or once the guy has full white hair does it look like Will Ferrell in disguise?



  • Clayton_11 - 16 points - 13 hours ago

    This is a disturbing amount of effort. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

  • sec713 - 9 points - 14 hours ago

    When the Rat's away, the Cat will cosplay.

  • CatOffBeat - 7 points - 12 hours ago

    Eyebrows really sell it

    10/10 would instalock again

  • Det_alapopskalius - 11 points - 14 hours ago

    I'd play it!

  • Tedesche - 5 points - 12 hours ago

    That is the most well-behaved cat I've seen in a while.

  • MrEchoSpecial - 4 points - 9 hours ago

    Usually when I see a picture of a cat dressed up, it's pissed off... This is a proud looking kitter

  • fooly__cooly - 3 points - 12 hours ago

    I love this cat's cosplay. His Ganondwarf is still my favorite.

  • 2intheslink - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    Im cat rick!

  • Is4acx - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    Is so cute

  • ptapobane - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    how are you not dead?

  • RagingDaddy - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    It's a good day for some meow-hem

Replaying the original Uncharted. Fun game, no logic


  • sevenw1nters - 1054 points - Yesterday

    Typically they blow their way inside with dynamite. Sometimes you can even hear the dynamite exploding and some debris will fall or there's a dialogue line about it or something.

  • Chingparr - 530 points - 21 hours ago

    Let's not forget the fact that our "Hero" racks up anywhere from 500-1000 kills per game.

    God, I love Uncharted.

  • Blk_Angel - 186 points - 23 hours ago

    It's his hands that bothered me the most. Nate doesn't even wear gloves yet he can climb up a rusty old ship with no scratch.

  • chompythebeast - 69 points - 19 hours ago

    It should actually be "Ancient Prophecy" - prophecy is the noun, prophesy is the verb. So prophets prophesy prophecies.

    This however does not explain the six fatasses with shotguns

  • The_Naked_Snake - 27 points - 19 hours ago

    It's almost as if a whole army of people with vast resources and blasting equipment are more capable of finding/ making entrances than one scrappy guy with a map.

  • ComputerMystic - 12 points - 18 hours ago

    Just finished Tomb Raider (the original) the other day, it does this a lot less often (very few human enemies), but the one time it did pissed me off to no end.

    So you mean to tell me that that French fucker who I've shot 150 times over the past four levels and who keeps running away from every fight he starts with me (often toward the way I came from) got to the artifact first?

    I'd believe that if (a) there was more than one entrance, and (b) it wasn't guarded by TWO FUCKING GIANT ZOMBIE CENTAURS WITH GRENADE LAUNCHERS FOR ARMS which were both suspiciously intact when I got there.

  • snoozieboi - 94 points - 22 hours ago

    The tomb raider reboot had this all over it. Mystic island that does not show up on radar etc etc. Has radio tower, shanty towns, thousands of fresh dead bodies and somebody is constantly 3 mins ahead of you lighting all those candles to set the mood for Lara who believes she's alone.

  • Sithfish - 9 points - 17 hours ago

    There were 12 guys trapped there but 6 of them ate the others so now they are 6 fat guys. Simple.

  • -Sawnderz- - 8 points - 15 hours ago

    I'm playing FF6 for the first time.

    It's a world where magic has not been seen for thousands of years, but the shops all stock Ethers.

  • HellWolf1 - 20 points - 21 hours ago

    The most mind boggling thing about uncharted to me is how Drake survived the whole sequence from the city to the mountain village in Uncharted 2, it's so fucking brutal, I get plot armor but even superman would be exhausted after all that

  • docholliday504 - 18 points - 20 hours ago

    Hahaha. I love uncharted (every one) but the number of times I've said "How the F*ck did they get in there????" while playing.

  • ArcherKSI - 4 points - 20 hours ago

    There was a lift on the other side.

  • ThatSuperThing666 - 4 points - 19 hours ago

    Someone hasn't been watching ninja warrior, those stunts are not physically impossible.

  • ImNotATexan - 26 points - 22 hours ago

    To be fair if there weren't fatasses with shotguns appearing in ancient tombs our outside of long lost WW2 submarines in the middle of buttfuck South America when you get there, the game would be utterly devoid of any attempt at gameplay.

    You've got to pretend your game is a game somehow, even if the only way of you doing so is to put endless third person murdering in to break the monotony of extremely easy and boring platforming.

    Otherwise Uncharted would be

    1. Platform!
    2. Easy puzzle!
    3. Look at journal that literally shows the answer to easy puzzle!
    4. Cutscene!
    5. Platform!
    6. Cutscene!
    7. Platform!
    8. Platform!
    9. Cutscene!
    10. Easy puzzle, press up arrow to view answer!
  • Underwaterbob - 3 points - 19 hours ago

    Who can take 30 bullets to the chest and not blink an eye.

  • kidaXV - 3 points - 18 hours ago

    I hate to break it but I don't think OP is a human.This was posted here and here a year ago, and that last guy didn't even play Uncharted

  • J2289 - 2 points - 19 hours ago

    My favorite comes from the reboot of Tomb Raider. You scale a mountain and at the summit you see your destination, yet the bridge you cross breaks or an avalanche or flash floods hits. You then get swept away back down the mountain but somehow wind up right at where you needed to be when you get free.

  • jesseoffy - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    You gotta Pump up the game time somehow. I watched walkthroughs of all uncharted games and noticed a neat pattern that almost all major shootout gunfights lasted approx. 5 minutes.

    It’s like they’re tucked in just to remind you that it’s a shooter, and to tack on a few hours of gameplay.

  • Silent_As_The_Grave_ - 2 points - 12 hours ago


  • LookLikeUpToMe - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    My favorite is bad guy wearing only a tank top and shorts takes multiple bullets to kill. This was the first Uncharted in a nutshell.

  • W1Z3RD - 3 points - 21 hours ago

    Playing after years, the first uncharted, it was brutally bad, it was bland, repetitive and just broken. It's such a surprise to me that a sequel ever got made. But when you start playing the second and it feels so incredibly good you thank the stars it was made.

  • TheGreatBenjie - 2 points - 19 hours ago

    They use explosives. Goddamn, this gets reposted every damn week. They blow their ways in. Nate goes the "right" way, which is why the baddies are always ahead of him!

  • Baltheir - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    The formula made for a great game. Despite the awesome sequels, the first is still my favourite in the series and one of my all time fave games. The U-boat in the Amazon or taking down the hordes of Spanish zombies at the end were lit. Helped that the story and setting were the most focused in the series bar Lost Legacy.

    Sully: I'm sweatin' like a hooker in church.Nate: You took a hooker to church?

  • SandManic42 - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    Replaying or reposting?

  • Majestic87 - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    For me, there wasn't even "fun gameplay". I borrowed the entire series collection from a friend. Got about halfway though the first game and gave it all back. Not fun at all.

  • Orile277 - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    I'll take "Reasons why I never finished Uncharted" for 200, Alex. Honestly this became unbearable to me by the third game. The entire series to me (story-wise) boiled down to:

    Drake: I know where to find the thing

    Bad Guy: You'll find the thing for me!

    Drake: I'll find the thing but escape with the thing, wink

    Drake helps bad guy find the thing

    Bad Guy: Pew pew I kill you now!

    Drake: Good thing I left out that one detail about finding the thing

    Bad Guy: Oh no, find Drake before he finds the thing!

    Drake does some crazy parkour on crumbling ruins

    Drake: Tada!!! Found the thing!

    Bad Guy: Surprise, motherfucker

    things get all Mystikal

    Drake: Wow, what a crazy adventure guys. It was not a good idea to find the thing...

  • TECHZOID-NATION - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    I didnt get it properly.

  • quangxvnguyen - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    The worst!

  • Trifectard - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    That game had WAY too much action in it, not enough puzzles. Got super tiring constantly facing gunfights.

  • so_difficult - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Thought it was going to be a ghost joke. Why does this character look so similar to Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures? 😂

  • grndmstrk - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Does Uncharted 2, 3 & 4 get any better?Having never played any Uncharted before, I bought the 'Nathan Drake Collection' a couple of months ago but I had to put it down because of things like this.

  • BrolestBrolin - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    General Reposti

  • vigoroiscool - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    If you are playing how did you miss the part where they state they get in using explosives?

  • Casfrank - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Are you sure that's not Gregor Dimitrov (Tennis player)

  • MIERDAPORQUE - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Like why wouldn’t you just come in through the the HUGE EXIT

  • BlownHappyKid - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Actually, this applies to many games that would take hours to list here.

    But good point. Especially by Uncharted 3.

  • Icegyrfalcon - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    I am still rather sad that I ended up almost completely disliking this series even though I love The Last of Us. Played 1 though 3 and lost legacy, only enjoyed them in brief stretches surrounded by boredom or aggravation, 2 in particular was one of the worst game experiences of my life (which I was flummoxed by as I realized that was what was happening, given the series' reputation and that entry in particular).

    Although a few times the excuse for how they got ahead is that they blasted their way in (especially Lost Legacy), or sometimes you have to backtrack and run into them that way.

    Or sometimes they just "catch up" in a cutscene and make the protagonists do the work for them...

  • H0T_TRAMP - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    I had the same thing with Dead Space. Went back to my PS3 because I picked up all 3 games for £10. Anyway after the first few levels I was thinking how the hell are their soldiers on the other side of this door that I've spent the last half hour trying to open?

  • Qualiafreak - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Just want to throw out there I enjoyed U1 more than U2. Quintessential video gaming, felt so good.

  • Dreweb1 - 1 points - 12 hours ago


  • OhGawDuhhh - 1 points - 12 hours ago


  • Venrexx - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    That's what gets you? I still can't get over games like Battlefield and Far Cry with their torches. Vehicle broken? Burn the hell out of it with a torch, that'll fix it!

    Or even the older Far Cry. Vehicle broken? Got too shot up? Tighten the rad support!

  • Based_JD - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Man, they went in through the back cave door

  • somerandumguy - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    It's fun until you get to the fucking impossible wall jump that's less than 30% into the freaking game.

  • Crocosaw - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Hey me too!

  • SituationCornflakes - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    I can neither confirm or deny that.

  • PeckerHead16 - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Logic is not the point lol

  • KfatStackz - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    My fav was in the first one where explosive barrels are coming down river while you are going up. It first starts with normal barrels and you think nothing of it then an explosive one goes by then they all are explosive. You think nothing of it cause it’s a game and then you come up on a couple of guys actually lugging barrels in the river like fossil fuels are renewable.

  • RedditorWorder - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    "No, no, hear me out. Let's trick 'em into thinking that this is some super-duper mega-difficult puzzle that no one has ever done before, and then catch em off guard in their celebration!"

  • Trankman - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    Here's the top comment from the last time with was reposted disproved on this sub with the same post title:

    "I was reading a rebuttal of this on TV Tropes. The villains have large squads of people that are able to search out large amounts of land. They can also cut though to secret areas in ways that were impossible in the past, blowing up tomb walls and drilling large holes in the ground. This is how they end up in areas after you solve puzzles. Because they brute forced their way around the puzzles.Many times, Drake is simply followed while he is going through tombs and solving puzzles too." -/u/RockItLauncher

With EA shutting down Visceral to most likely move their single-player Star Wars game to a "games as a service" online model, I want to thank PlayStation for continuing to believe in and bring single-player focused games to the console.


  • IronicMetamodernism - 92 points - 10 hours ago

    I do much prefer single player games.

    Other people are shit

  • RickVince - 20 points - 10 hours ago

    Goodbye, any hope of another Dead Space.


  • DarkbeastPaarl - 35 points - 10 hours ago

    Not to mention, if you look on OpenCritic, most of the top rated games for this year are all single-player games. But they don't bring in the $$$$, so fuck gamers I guess.

    Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier Automata, What Remains of Edith Finch, Cuphead, Nioh, Divinity Original Sin 2, and most likely Mario Odyssey will all be among the top rated games of the year.

  • Denz292 - 21 points - 10 hours ago

    Props should go to Nintendo too

  • Jamey431 - 6 points - 9 hours ago

    I'm personally a Nintendo guy but I have to admit that massive props to Sony for taking on all of these games, ones you can loose yourself in without having to worry about teammates. Also great exclusives, something that Microsoft doesn't do very well, ah I'm rambling anyway, looking forward to what they have next.

  • HowdyDoodlyDoo - 4 points - 10 hours ago

    I think it's more likely to be a singleplayer open world "light RPG" like Assassin's Creed/Shadow of Mordor.

  • O_Apples - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    Wait, Visceral has been EA'd?

  • SolidJungle - 3 points - 9 hours ago

    6 of them aint even out yet

  • CptnMrgn246 - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    Hellblade was so amazing. Creepy as hell.

  • skumwoy - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    Until Dawn was amazing. First game in a while i found hard to put down.

  • CaptainMarko - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    Are we serious?! That was going to be my dream Star Wars game.

  • combatwombat8D - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    A while back I sold my xbox one because it was a glorified Netflix box. I'll be getting a PS4 soon. When the lead dude at Xbox said they weren't going to focus only single player games because "nobody wanted them", it pretty much sold me a PS4

  • Flametris - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Second son was soooo good.

  • LargeMonty - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    Fuck SOE for ruining SWG. fuck them in their stupid asses!


  • SketchtheHunter - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    Ok, the bottom 6 of these games aren't even out yet and one of the other games is a piece of shit (1886). I'm all for giving EA shit and praising single player but for Christ's sake make sure you're using good examples.

  • kuliddar - 1 points - 9 hours ago

    Hardly ever play multiplayer. The exception to that rule are Classic MMOs like EQ and LOTRO. I did enjoy destiny but I soloed all that I could solo and never raided (quick strikes were cool though)

    I'll take a single player game over an MP any day.

  • joe847802 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Put nintendo on that list as well. Both of these companies do well in providing a dope single player experience.

  • fumbbbles - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Does this mean no more deadspace????

  • ApolloCreed41 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    I think they win just buy having the Last of Us, horizon zero dawn, and uncharted.

  • RAGINGToast32 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Still to this day sad that I got an Xbox One and even more sad that I'm too broke to get a PS4

  • HotelAlpha178 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Wait, Hold up. Is that Order 1886? I haven't seen that game in a while lol

  • Eman1005 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    I was really sad when InFamouse Second Son didn't go so well. The first two games were great and the visuals were amazing. To bad the story was a bit poorly written. First light had a good story, but lacked in the gameplay department for me.

  • Jwr32 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    I agree with the sentiment but, Nier, Nioh and Hellblade are on/will be on PC and 6/20 are not even out yet.

  • WickedTriggered - -2 points - 9 hours ago

    There’s literally a metric fuckton of single player games on pc

  • Vault420Overseer - 0 points - 10 hours ago

    Man I need a ps4

  • DjFlex - 0 points - 8 hours ago

    Second son was trash

  • goxedbux - -3 points - 9 hours ago

    We need the Oscars equivalent of gaming cause that is what a masterpiece like Uncharted 4 deserves.

Got pocorn from Kernels and now this cannot be unseen.


  • DanielDManiel - 118 points - 15 hours ago

    Before The bag turned around this is all I could see.

  • UncreativePickle - 10 points - 14 hours ago


  • theoriginaled - 8 points - 11 hours ago

    My brain went "WAAAAH" in wario's voice before I even registered that it was him.

  • Darkbalmunk - 5 points - 17 hours ago


  • Nobodymoves - 5 points - 18 hours ago

    Garlic popcorn?

  • funny_username_ - 2 points - 10 hours ago


  • BitchinIndika - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    I too enjoy paying $8 for a bag of popcorn that was made 3 days ago.

  • PlatinumPanda124 - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    This means you need to put more garlic in your popcorn


  • caydenhawkins - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    GO... GO... GO

  • riggeredtay - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    God dammit.

  • wh173 - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    I thought it was going to be something fallout because colors.

  • IncorporatedShill - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Why is the 'K'capitalized, is this some kind of brand?

Amazing Single-player. Great multiplayer. Free DLCs. Loads of Content. Good progress system. No micro-transactions with loads of things to unlock. Map creation tools. A rare sight in the current industry.


  • PikachuIzGod - 1365 points - 19 hours ago

    They weren't free when the game first released though

  • LostRib - 148 points - 18 hours ago

    Didn't this game have a season pass?

  • everypostepic - 472 points - 18 hours ago

    Please don't mention "Free DLC" like it shipped that way. It was originally paid, and only went free a month or a few months ago.

    Which actually probably made the people that paid for it a little angry.

  • thunderwoot - 105 points - 16 hours ago

    I'm confused. This isn't Titanfall 2.

  • mmoustis18 - 47 points - 18 hours ago

    DLC for DOOM wasn't always free.

  • notangryjustupset - 97 points - 17 hours ago

    This subreddit is a giant circlejerk.

  • Humblebee89 - 142 points - 19 hours ago

    Not to mention gameplay that has helped break the trend of regenerating health in FPS games, and found a unique and fun way to regain health when you're low through glory kills. I recommend this video on the subject.

  • slingoo - 16 points - 17 hours ago

    This sounds like an advertisement..

  • rich115 - 11 points - 19 hours ago

    Creating your own multiplayer maps was awesome. Spent hours after work playing this with friends.

  • PM_HENTAI_PLEASE - 46 points - 16 hours ago

    Great multiplayer

    Eh... not really.

    Free DLC

    That is false, I would know I paid for that crappy DLC when it came out.

  • MarcusDA - 136 points - 16 hours ago

    These posts are so stupid.

    “Great design! Fun gameplay! Great characters!” Then make sure you include a random photo so it’s not a self post and you get that topic karma!

    I’d be all for: self post: Doom 2016 discussion. This karma whoring garbage is so stupid, though.

  • Dtree11 - 16 points - 16 hours ago

    Love the game... But, "great multiplayer"??? I could never connect to a game when I first got it. I mean would sit there searching (Xbox live) for an hour.

  • ererermax45222 - 5 points - 13 hours ago

    Enemies spawning infront of you

  • no1z - 7 points - 17 hours ago

    I still play Doom 2.

  • MovieFriend - 4 points - 16 hours ago

    Great multiplayer

    Yeah that's subjective buddy

  • Mr_Rotch - 5 points - 15 hours ago

    I actually just played a multiplayer match against bots the other day. Couldn't believe how much fun I was having, as I remember playing the multiplayer beta and being disapointed.

    I think the main reason is that it really reminds me of Unreal Tournament, which was my first PC game. I just wish they went full on UT and got rid of the classes and focused more on weapon pickups.

  • stdTrancR - 3 points - 14 hours ago

    Doom 2 was better

  • Azrael-XIII - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    "Amazing single player" I agree. But "Great multiplayer"? Let's slow down with the circle jerk there, that MP was the definition of "tacked on". I would've much preferred if those resources had gone into more single player content.

  • srgtbear - 12 points - 19 hours ago

    Great single player game but it's hard to play through a second time. Multiplayer is interesting. The fact you can become a demon is awesome. My only issue is that Matchmaking is bad when your new to multiplayer. It take some time to get to the level of some of these other players you get matched with. Overall definitely a 9/10 game.

  • Linked713 - 19 points - 15 hours ago

    I could not finish the game, it got tedious doing the same thing over and over again.... It was a good demon shooting simulator but to me it got boring quickly.

  • RoRo25 - 3 points - 14 hours ago

    And nobody can stop shitting on the multiplayer and snapmap.

  • kashmoney360 - 3 points - 14 hours ago

    Wait are we talking about Titanfall 2?

  • KRiSX - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    Great multiplayer? Lol!

  • ZeroAlbion - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    I'm still a little salty about the "free weekend" it had on steam a few months ago. I finished the first chapter and it's like "okay buy the game to play more" that's not a free weekend, that's a demo.

  • idontseecolors - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    Good progress system? Where?....

  • wolphak - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    Dont worry the next one will have paid mods.

  • rubixd - 6 points - 18 hours ago

    I bought the game when it was on sale with a cautious attitude. I had zero expectations. It was easily one of the MOST fun single player campaigns I have ever played.

    It was truly a breath of fresh air.

  • EnjoyBrainDmgNFLFuck - 4 points - 15 hours ago

    What a lovely shit post.

  • Weouthere09 - 4 points - 14 hours ago

    And this is exactly why they stopped making content for the game. They weren’t getting any money for it anymore, they saw the player base decreasing for the lack of content they provided. I gotta admit, I was extremely hyped up for this game, even pre ordering the 120 version, and yes, single player met the hype, overwhelmingly. When it came to multiplayer, I was underwhelmed, it felt like all of the arena style gameplay was truly being saved up for quake champions.

  • turboS2000 - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    great mp...

  • Dmacca666 - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    Not to mention an insanely good soundtrack which perfectly accompanies the demon slaying fun!

  • captaindabbin - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    Logged into play last week and it reset all my progress. It gave me the option not to do so, I clicked that and it did it anyway. Uninstalled. I paid for my DLC too.

  • c0wg0d - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    I wish there was a single player expansion pack for this game.

  • Jkru2000 - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    A friend gave me this game to try. It's still sitting on my coffee table. Haven't attempted yet. Getting excited hearing people enjoyed the campaign so much. Might just have to throw it in.

  • Volienzo - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    I think TitanFall 2 shares these accolades.

  • Flemtality - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    Those DLCs used to cost extra...

    That being said, they are indeed now free and the game was always amazing.

  • OhManOk - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    DOOM was awesome because the people who made it love games. Too many companies are run by people who only care about games because it has the potential to milk gamers for as much money as possible.

  • Gamertango - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    No loot boxes

  • trsilva - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    aaand no gnu/linux support. great.

  • Helplessromantic - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    No real politics either

    Just simple fun

  • whoeve - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    And lots of monsters!*

    *max of 12 at a time.

  • supersanic456 - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    Splatoon 2 ?!?!?!

  • Tyrant818 - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    And 80 gigs

  • chemergency7712 - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    Good stuff, but alas, the content wasn't always free, the multiplayer is just not very good, the map creation tools are somewhat-limited, and there's still no proper mod support (and now Bethesda's wanting to do this whole "paid mods" thing).

    It's a good game, but its shortcomings still need to be acknowledged.

  • clintnorth - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    Can somebody link/ provide a hi res wallpaper version of this? This is the best image ever

  • REDeyeJEDI85 - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    I'm all for posts like this that champion what we want to see in Gaming. All the shit posts bitching about micro-transactions isn't going to change anything. Build the future you want. Don't dwell on the past and things that you cannot change.

    As I see from the top post these weren't free on initial release but now that they are it's worth checking out at the very least.

    *edit: Spelling

  • Benwithyourmom - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    I just bought a switch and was thinking about buying it. Is it worth it since they took out the map editor/cooperative?

  • Tricksh0t - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    The multi-player is trash, this game was only ever meant to be a single player shooter

  • darwinzinn - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Great single player? HELL YES.Great multi player? HELL not so much....

  • Wytefang - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    MP in this one is not even close to great. But otherwise I agree with everything else.

  • Samurai56M - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    I played it for an hour and didn't like the gunplay or feel of the shooting. Its not for everybody.

  • Flogger23m - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    SP was dull. It was a 6/10 at best. The only high light of this game was how well it ran and the fact it had essentially zero bugs. Those two points raise it to a 7/10 in my perspective, because excellent quality control is something worth rewarding. But the game itself was thoroughly boring, and it was a chore to finish it for myself.

    On the other hand I found the recent Wolfenstien game to be wonderful.

  • timsterk45 - 2 points - 13 hours ago


  • BlownHappyKid - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    ...but this was after they released expensive DLC.

    But it's all good now.

  • ThaSmoothieKing - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    I wish more people forced gaming companies to stop bending us over and fcking us with extra costs and add ons for money, etc. we as the consumer have the ability to dictate what a company does and can charge if we bound together. If at least 30% is gamers all bound together and said fck you to certain companies doing this, they’d have to listen. We dictate the market and can make companies cave or succeed. Same with phone companies. If people bound together, we could make those outrageous bills and add ons go away and be small. I wish more people bound together by the masses and worked together to put companies in their place. Greed is too high.

  • jtspree - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Hard to believe Bethesda was the publisher...

  • IkeKaveladze - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    The music/sound production is amazing in this game. Some of the best I've heard. Talk about getting your heart pumping!

  • bhagan - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    Game with Best Lifting Soundtrack 2016

  • Rios7467 - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    And a BFG

  • Beer_Nazi - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    I enjoyed this version of Doom as I really pays tribute to the original.

    The music was fucking boss and kept you driving forward. It’s one of those games where the faster you play the better you perform.

  • Bountyx04 - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    Crazy how the game industry has been so obsessed with micro-transactions these days that now we have to clearly list having none as a positive to the game. It used to be expected that there weren't any...those were the days

  • Art3Mr - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    Overrated once again a garbo campain, good multiplayer,a nd a fantastic snapmap mode. That is it, seeing everything through rose tinted shades is the norm here but geeze calling this campain good it outrageous.

  • aufdie87 - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    When I played the new DOOM, I expected to be disappointed that it would not be anything like DOOM I and II. I was wrong. It's the closest game I've seen to matching its predecessors, and it adds to the chaos in fun ways.

  • Toeflesh - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    Yes titanfall 2 is a good game everyone should play it /s

  • breakingvats - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    You forgot great soundtrack

  • psaidnotts - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    Wish it had a quick save function though!!!

  • tronaldmcdump - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    I will definitely be picking this up soon.

    I started getting back into the original Doom/Doom2 quite a bit in the early summer. It would be silly not to pick this up considering how it seems to just be Brutal Doom 3D.

  • Chrundle-Kelly - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    What the fuck is with these types of posts lately? I feel like this is literally an ad and its not the first I've seen with this exact set up of "Talk about consumer friendly bullshit then splash screen of game".

  • CombustibleToast - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    Titanfall 2

  • FireHauzard - 4 points - 15 hours ago

    Amazing single player? It's the same fucking thing over and over again.

  • Baltheir - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    And what happens to said game within months-year of release? Retailed now at (in the UK anyway) £10! Whole lotta game for £10. Not many better ways to spend a tenner on a game.

  • Vetal13Gr - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    And it is still alive

  • chancewatson - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    I didn't know the DLC was free now... sure enough, put the disc in, and it's downloading.


    I think I won't be able to make it into work today....

  • jakalarf - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    with the amount of post's Ive seen with the same or similar name as this one it doesn't seem that rare.

  • Danbradford7 - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    No mod support though

  • rayblasdel - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Didn't play when it came out. Very much going to get the Switch version. Looks like a lot of fun.

  • m1k3tv - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    It's a solid game.

  • Hellmark - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I'm going to wait till the reviews are out, but I am likely to pick it up on the Switch. Always good to have mobile demon killing.

  • TheXtremeVocaloid - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    You can play any where with the Switch version. ✅

  • THEMACGOD - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Anyone have a true HD widescreen version of this not interpolated?

  • jayx3333 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Hell yeah!!!

  • BrotherPtolemaios - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Everytime i see this artwork i have to double check that the guy isnt holding a bugle

  • seniorscrolls - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    And coming to Switch November 10th

  • josh4050 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    It's funny that the only game that meets all of Reddit's criteria is a mindless button mashing shooter. This is what happens when "gaming politics" overtakes everything else. We're left with a bland, safe, boring game. "But there's no DLC, or micro transactions!!"

    Give me a slightly buggy game that is truly innovative and experimental. I'll take it over reddit's top choices any day

  • munch-ing - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Not to mention it has some awesome music tracks!

  • PM_me_your_muscle_up - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Okay, fellow PS4 owners someone be real with me. I freaking love my Switch. I cannot even play as much as I would like. That being said I also own a PS4. Those who have already played the game on PS4: Do you wish you had not played and waited for the Switch version? Yes I know it depends on portability vs. graphics, but I am interested to hear what people say for themselves.

  • theredditflash - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Nope to all of that except single player. Snap map should have been huge but it flopped and the multiplayer was to bland and didn't feel the same badassness as single player. It should have

  • wadupBoi - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I thought you were saying titanfall 2, apart from the map creation tools

  • A_Ron24 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Well to be honest, the multiplayer is debatable. It's not bad but it's nothing special. They should have went with a traditional arena shooter rather than the Call of duty style.

    Either way, still a great game

  • kawwz - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Amazing music to boot as well

  • SSFLEG - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I see people bringing up a lot of negative thoughts on this game and I think they're wrong. Here's why:

    First off the multi-player.Yes it can be hard for new players to get into, especially when they are matched against good players. I've been playing this dooms multi-player pretty much since it came out and I've got lots of people that I play with, so I often feel bad when we come up against a team of low level players who just get destroyed (Like 75-5). However, with the big update (6.66 I think) they tried to help new players get experience by adding the beginners versus mode (don't recall what it's actually called and I've never been able to try it so I don't know if it's actually or not).

    The dlc. It's true that it wasn't free at first but the maps were always available on public multi-player for free. Only the dlc weapons, equipment, and purely aesthetic options actually required purchase. So yes the update made everything available for free, but only the weapons and equipment actually have any impact on the gameplay.

    The single player.Nobody dislikes this. It's amazing.

    If anybody is looking to get into playing doom then I want to invite you to come play with me on Xbox!



  • liljakeyplzandthnx - 207 points - 15 hours ago

    This image enraged me

  • no_flex - 44 points - 15 hours ago

    If Stakuga could read that subtitle, he'd probably be enraged.

  • Benti86 - 44 points - 15 hours ago

    Played yesterday and had a guy get enraged by injury and then just get enraged by everything. This cycle of rage repeated itself for about 2-3 minutes until I decided it was more worthwhile to break LoS and then just stealth kill him.

  • chessnbreasts - 20 points - 14 hours ago

    One of the Orcs' in the game is voiced by Kumail Nanjiani

  • Vodka_Cola - 51 points - 13 hours ago

    Real talk this game is a masterpiece.

  • 5FluffyKittens - 7 points - 12 hours ago

    I swear Stakuga is the most common orc name. It's like the "John" of Mordor

  • timkkhung - 6 points - 12 hours ago

    What game is this?

  • torrasque666 - 5 points - 11 hours ago

    Still not as cool as the ones that get their own hype man.

  • Tikaani91 - 10 points - 12 hours ago

    I didn't get a screenshot by my favourite was an orc named Dûsh (pronounced douche).

    The orcs in the background were chanting, "Douche! Douche! Douche! Douche!"

  • donutk - 4 points - 14 hours ago

    My existence enrages me

  • Leatherturtle - 3 points - 12 hours ago

    Suddenly Thrak Leaky-bowels tears down the wall and kills you

  • Maxwe4 - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    A.k.a. feminism

  • Zmac122 - 3 points - 15 hours ago


  • LeeroyOfHouseJenkins - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    what is he? a badgerman?

  • Maker1357 - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Welcome home, fellow redditor!

  • ThaiTaxi - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    So deep..

  • MaxPecktacular - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    When the world is just too much...

  • BowtieRunner - 1 points - 12 hours ago


  • DarthDragon117 - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Good thing I'm Nothing.

  • ladyliayda - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    i, too, have anger issues

  • phocusmo - 1 points - 8 hours ago


  • chaserchim - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Just started playing this. Amazing game. Anyone got any tips?

  • Hanarable - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    What game is this

  • Captain_Panic316 - 1 points - 14 hours ago


    Also i have some bad news for him, if i didnt know better thats the leg of a Graug, which means he's in deep doodoo

  • Bignaaaaty - -9 points - 14 hours ago

    This game enraged me

  • SituationCornflakes - -9 points - 12 hours ago

    The graphics are really good. Too bad I'll never buy this outside a $5 sale 2 years down the road since they muffed it up with micro transactions

  • DrunkWino - -7 points - 15 hours ago

    I didn't know Middle Earth had Tumblr

  • everypostepic - -17 points - 13 hours ago

    Not enraged enough about loot boxes to not buy the game tho.

This is a damn good cosplay


  • SirSausagePants - 717 points - 18 hours ago

    0/10 did not shave the top of his head.

  • randominternetdood - 1643 points - 21 hours ago

    0/10, he had one job, and hes spinning the speaker the wrong fucking way.

  • Bellegr4ine - 554 points - 19 hours ago

    Guys, it's a n64 game we can tell by the graphics. Pretty sure it is Perfect Dark.

  • JangSaverem - 101 points - 15 hours ago

    It seems the times this gets to the top of some sub or another its never posted by me but Im down for whenever someone wants to share it again.

    At least enjoy it with the sound running.

  • Raw1213 - 132 points - 18 hours ago

    Why is this gif so loud?

  • bcm311 - 62 points - 16 hours ago

    Dun nuh nuh, dun nuh nuh, dunnn dun dun dun dun nuh nuh, dun dun dunna nuhhh, dun dun dunna nuhhh

  • Luzimon - 90 points - 19 hours ago

    If he at least play the Song of Storm it be a good Cosplay. Dang, the Song is so catchy i even hear it right now in my head...

  • automata33 - 22 points - 16 hours ago

    This is the Ocarina of Time wind mill guy, in case anyone doesn't know.

  • chris2315 - 27 points - 19 hours ago

    A v ^ A v ^

  • milfhunter7 - 9 points - 13 hours ago

    Gramophone is moving in the opposite direction to cosplayer. Literally unplayable.

  • Reverse-Racism - 11 points - 19 hours ago

    Everyone knows he's the sonar dish from Star Fox.

  • kbchase - 5 points - 14 hours ago

    Just cranking one out.

  • Bassmaster888 - 4 points - 14 hours ago

    Step one. Cut hole in box.

  • buhzaRR - 24 points - 19 hours ago

    cant put my finger on what game this is...... i feel like runescape but I know im wrong.

  • Ashmic - 4 points - 12 hours ago

    I don't see the intense hate in his eyes 5/10

  • pentara - 6 points - 18 hours ago

    Is his dick in the box though?

  • cwf82 - 3 points - 15 hours ago

    Didn't shave his head. 6/10 ;p

  • N2O_Hero - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    No, it's not. It's spinning the wrong way. /s

  • N8R4D3 - 12 points - 15 hours ago

    1. Didn't wear the right clothes.

    2. Didn't shave head.

    3. Speaker spinning the wrong way.

    4. No pointy elf ears.

    5. No mustache.

  • fewwordswizard - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    Don’t even know who or what that character is but the effort man!!! Great cosplay

  • CptSailorMoonshine - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    Resident Evil 2 n64

  • l_osservatore - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    He’s spinning the wrong way. L I T E R A L L Y U N P L A Y A B L E

  • Shes_srsly_ - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    Annndddd that music will be stuck in my head all day. Not even mad.

  • 7BOomeRanG7 - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Sucky. Can't even rotate the right way.

  • cseymour24 - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    0/10. He is making whimsical love to the box, not aggressively jackhammering it like the man in the game.

  • AShadySardine - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    It's my dick in a box!

  • Stasis0rb - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Anyone else hear the Song of Storms while watching this 🤣?

  • jakman556 - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    windmill song begins to play over and over

    God damn it.

  • ThaUniversal - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    Is that thing called a Jackin-it Box?

  • Noxtrotto - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    What game is this even from? Just curious.

  • sgonzalez1990 - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    When I was a kid, I always thought this guy was a chronic masterbater.

  • AeonThoth - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    Where is this from?

  • EugeneSaucy - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    Is it bad that I don’t know what game this is from? It looks like it could be from old runescape but like I don’t think that’s what it’s from.

  • hyrule_king - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    I like this one too

  • DontTreadOnBigfoot - 4 points - 16 hours ago

    1: Cut a hole in a box

  • Radiocide - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    IDK, I think he's missing an opportunity to display some prime cleavage.

  • HokieScott - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    Yeah needs to be counterclockwise. Plus should have got a green shirt and yellow pants/leggings. Geez

  • kuntyp - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    I'll never forget the first time I played Spyro

  • SpartanKen - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    some people will do anything for attention

  • MikeDubbz - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    They see me repostin'

    They hatin'


    Tryin' to catch me postin' dirty

  • Totikki - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Did it play the music though!?

  • XxDelta3EightxX - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    What if he spins the crank opposite ddirection?

  • Nancok - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    idk, but i always imagined him having a fetish with the box, i mean, look at how fiercely he plays it

  • bldarkman - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Do do dododoDo do dododo

  • Admiral_Bananas - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    This is actually a buddy of mine from college! Glad to see him back on the front page of r/gaming!

  • vector_ejector - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    A V ^
    A V ^

  • videohead85 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Points for originality, but I wouldn't call it "damn good."

  • TARDIS - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    I can hear the Song of Storms. I sat in that windmill far longer than needed just to listen to it...

  • jamiec865 - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    hahaha best game

  • joshbrunton4 - 1 points - 14 hours ago


  • RyVsWorld - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Needs to be more block like

  • realBadSamaritan - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    RIP convention goers 1-14

  • BozoTheeClown - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Almost thought that was mega 64 rip...

  • lenswipe - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Can someone remind me where this is from

  • DRBhylian - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Always wished that device was real. I'd be reviving milk bars.

  • julerdaruler - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    A v ^ A v ^

  • isthereapointtoaname - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    man our generation is honestly so fucking weird and ridiculous.

  • hurryupandfailplease - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Jorts too long

  • thorw_away1900 - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    How do you work out for doing that all day?

  • TheREexpert44 - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    How do you think the song of storms guy reacts when someone interrupts him?

  • nakoyao - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Looks eerily similar to the before & after of that dude who lost all the weight

  • Kai_Loki - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    I always thought that guy was the first 'Dick-in-a-box-guy'

  • KapnKrumpin - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    I do actually remember that character, but I would have NEVER recognized it without the side-by-side gif.

  • stupidmonkey420 - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Wait are people trolling this is from the n64 zelda game ocrana of time

  • maddonamerica - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh, da-da-da-duuh-duuuh-duh-d'da-du-duh

  • tbu720 - 1 points - 17 hours ago

  • thestoneder - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    The original dick in a box

  • Im_Not_Mr_Fantastic - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    I put my ____ in a box!

  • tomdominer - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Is that the angry video game nerd?

[Fallout:nv] Playing to your strength


  • hoogafanter - 709 points - Yesterday

    except NV had invisible walls bullshit, glad they fixed that in skyrim...

  • Bewan - 72 points - Yesterday

    NV was full of those annoying invisible walls.

    One time I climbed all the way up the side of the Deathclaw quarry. When I hit the invisible wall, I was so disappointed.

  • NvEnd - 280 points - Yesterday

    Spoilers: the mountain won ._.

  • sammut_3441 - 77 points - Yesterday

    Just spam space and press W very hard.

  • LongwaytoLA - 20 points - Yesterday

    I get killed by cazadores and try ten more times to go over the mountain, getting killed by the cazadores each time. I waste an entire day.

  • Megabotus - 16 points - Yesterday

    Isn't this Fallout 3?

  • WildBlackberries - 65 points - Yesterday

    This is Fallout 3

  • user0000111 - 25 points - Yesterday

    All the time, right if we go round here it should be quicker. Goes over the mountain take ages, gets stuck, gives up gets off the mountain and four deathclaws having a picnic.

  • DiezALOT - 25 points - Yesterday







    mountain defeated

  • the_pun_life - 16 points - Yesterday

    Yeah, I tried to do that but then found this mine site that looked like I could cut through instead. A perfect shortcut straight the Vegas!

  • austinape9 - 9 points - Yesterday

    My experience playing fallout NV.

    "I've played skyrim, this mountain is nothing."Spacespacespacespacespacespace"Uh oh, space stopped working.""Is it the keyboard?"F "I'm not floating stop that." "Pls" "I haven't saved in like a half hour" "Pls" Spacespacespacespacespacespacespace"Fuck" Repeat

  • krioru - 4 points - Yesterday

    There are clip brushes on the top. Resistance is futile.

  • adkenna - 5 points - Yesterday

    In New Vegas those mountains always win due to shitty Invisible walls, one of this games only downsides.

  • Crjjx - 9 points - Yesterday

    I'll do this in Skyrim but in Fallout 3 that is just asking to be randomly killed or pushed under the world.

  • corpse2b - 4 points - Yesterday

    I have 250 hours in skyrim, about half of which is glitching sideways up mountains.

  • Space0asis - 4 points - Yesterday

    Cazadores help

  • garynevilleisared - 3 points - Yesterday

    Still remember how often I did this in Oblivion. My character could jump so high by the end of some of my playthroughs love that leveling mechanic

  • coffeecupcakes - 3 points - Yesterday

    I remember once I spent a good amount of time crossing a raging river and traversing a difficult mountain so I could "save time" from going around. Along the way I lost Lydia which happened often when I went off like this. When I finally reached the other side I saw Lydia swing around a big rock and was right by my side again. Curious I went to see where she came from and found a convenient bridge and nice path over... my character was very embarrassed.

  • catchingupbeforeidie - 3 points - Yesterday

    Thought this was pubg for a second lol

  • Pervasivepeach - 3 points - Yesterday

    But this is fallout 3New vegas had the orange tinted hud fallout 3 had green

  • TrixieMassage - 3 points - Yesterday

    I get so salty when I can go gallivanting up a 60 degree incline because it counts as a road but get invisible walled on some 30 degree molehill cause devs said so. But still Fallout NV is best (3D) Fallout

  • thecandyman328 - 3 points - Yesterday

    But I refuse to let these mountains win ---> Any bethesda/scrolls/fallout game

  • buttermytoast223 - 3 points - Yesterday

    Used to take the mountains to avoid the death claws in NV miss those times

  • biologicalgorithm - 3 points - Yesterday

    Ends up spending more time trekking over half unclimbable mountains than it would have taken to just take a road

  • NessvsMadDuck - 3 points - Yesterday

    I'll just hold out for the Fallout base controls mod to Zelda BoTW. That'll teach me how much I hate myself.

  • thetdy - 6 points - Yesterday


  • Captainweirdo54 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Gets trapped

  • fuqfuq - 2 points - Yesterday


  • titaniumhud - 2 points - Yesterday

    Yeah i remember thinking this with the mountains right outside goodspring. Only seconds after realising i stumbled upon hell itself and couldnt even gtfo fast enough.

    Some shortcut...

  • Robustin - 2 points - Yesterday

    This should be Exhibit 1 for "Sunk Cost Fallacy".

    I've never seen myself fall for it harder than navigating terrain in open world games.


  • Tskcool - 2 points - Yesterday

    What are you talking about? There is a perfectly good path right there!

  • methshin - 2 points - Yesterday

    I call the term of endlessly trying to jump up the mountains/rocks in a bethesda game as "Elder Scrolling"

  • snowzua - 2 points - Yesterday

    U ever played skyrim?

  • ambiture - 2 points - Yesterday

    Oh yeah I bet youre determined to scale that mountain, but what you don't know is that there is an army of Cazadores just waiting to rip you apart.. I learned to respect the mountains early

  • jhar23 - 2 points - Yesterday

    I’ve scaled down a flat cliff before. It took me like 20 min after saving and loading so much but I did it

  • ballistic90 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Didn't laugh, mostly because I legitimately feel this way. Go to he'll mountains.

  • Notthehalf - 2 points - Yesterday


    You mean loaded with deathclaws and cazadors? Nah hopping on poorly meshed mountains is far easier.

  • Bundon5300 - 2 points - Yesterday

    I was trying to get up some mountains to try to get into the room where the rockets launched for the Come Fly With Me side quest because some npc is hanging out in there and I want to talk to him

  • omelletepuddin - 2 points - Yesterday

    I make it a priority to have at least one character that follows the rules and uses roads to go around mountains and whatnot, like it never occurred to him to climb over anything.

  • Phayzka - 2 points - Yesterday

    It resumes half my gameplay in Horizon.

    The other half is blowing things up

  • SilentBobomb - 2 points - Yesterday

    Why would I try to go over the mountain if it's easier to go around? I try to go over the mountain because it's harder to go around. As in, I'm lvl 1 and trying to get to a hard to reach place to get some advanced weapons and shit.

  • Smiddy621 - 2 points - Yesterday

    You mean "Skyrim: New Vegas"

  • audicoupe - 2 points - Yesterday

    Player.setgs fjumpheightmin 500

  • DARKANGEL426 - 2 points - Yesterday

    That's a skyrim thing not a fallout thing

  • Alpha_Mirage - 2 points - Yesterday

    [You cannot proceed in this direction.]

  • DjaroYT - 2 points - Yesterday

    You cant win from an invisible wall

  • nastler - 2 points - Yesterday

    that's fallout 3 though not nv

  • Sweetlew6 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Think its a short cut, ends up taking you 2x longer

  • DrunkWino - 2 points - Yesterday

    You see mountains, I see an open bouncey house

  • AmericanLzrOrca - 2 points - Yesterday

    I got Breath of the Wild this week and this is how I've played the while game so far.

  • wookiebath - 2 points - Yesterday

    An upvote for putting the game in the title

  • explodingbarrels - 2 points - Yesterday

    Reposted every three months like clockwork. Maybe it's some kind of shitty quest requirement.

  • goatonastik - 2 points - Yesterday

    Someday the mountain might get him,

    but the law never will.

  • LissaLover85 - 2 points - Yesterday

    so true

  • AnitaSnarkeysian - 2 points - Yesterday

    Upvote for posting the name of the game in the title.

  • Silent_As_The_Grave_ - 2 points - Yesterday


  • Doom-Slayer - 2 points - Yesterday

    Mountain climbing is an artform in newer Bethesda games.

    You find an inward intersection of two mountain faces and if its not too steep you can spam jump to get up it. Then if you need to, find a face and holding forward you can "skirt" around the mountain until you find another crevice, then repeat. NV cheated with invisible walls though.

    I swear I can look at real cliffs and see "paths" up them now since I've done it so much.

  • Ilbutters - 2 points - Yesterday

    Quick, summon a thread of only Bethesda, "walking over mountains, instead of using the path" memes.

  • Major_Richard_Sharpe - 2 points - Yesterday

    Ah. The Skyrim approach to long distance travel.

  • THEONLYoneMIGHTY - 2 points - Yesterday

    The amount of times I got stuck and had to reload. Always save before attempting this people!

  • pinkrobotlala - 2 points - Yesterday

    That's how I try to play all games. I'm crushed when I can't jump

  • Thopterthallid - 2 points - Yesterday

    I think the big mountain range that cuts right through the middle of New Vegas's map (complete with invisible walls) was the worst part of the game. It's like... you wanna get to New Vegas? Well pick your poison: Cazadors, Deathclaws, Super Mutants, or the mine field all the way on the south side of the world.

  • ThatMLPgamer - 2 points - Yesterday

    Every time I think of New Vegas my train of thought always ends up at "God, I sure hate Fallout 4."

  • Nik_Tesla - 2 points - Yesterday

    When playing PUBG with friends, we'll often say things like "we just need to skyrim this hill to flank them."

  • kylenbd - 2 points - Yesterday

    Best part about console commands:


  • Robert_Hannigan - 2 points - Yesterday


  • whanch - 4 points - Yesterday

    Man this sub has a real hard on for this game

  • BoppeBoye - 4 points - Yesterday

    The problem I have with a lot of these Bethesda games is that they don't make enough effort to make the intended path visible. There are plenty of ways to draw your eye and give the player a more cinematic experience for which way they are supposed to go.

    Instead, the compass only directs you as the crow flies, and everything gets muddled together into nothingness, so you have no idea where the cool path is - you end up just humping a wall until you get to where you want to go

  • MidEastBeast777 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Can we PLEASE let this meme die

  • SituationCornflakes - 2 points - Yesterday

    The rocks in all fallout games look like garbage.

  • Peter_G - 1 points - Yesterday

    Actually, NV had those irritating invisible wall mountains that forced you to use passes/go around. It's the best of the post Bethesda Fallouts, but mountain climbing was certainly not on it's good features list.

  • pocketMagician - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Mountains" "You see that pile of plastic looking rocks? You can climb those.

  • KooshIsKing - 1 points - Yesterday

    I've you've played Vegas enough you know that going through the mountains is the cheap, easy way to get past places fast. Only time it actually backfires is when you run into the Cazzadores.

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