Who needs Grand Theft Auto when you can play this! (NSFW)


  • jonneburger - 549 points - 22 hours ago

    im wondering who would get erection from driving naked away from cops and shooting at them... but then i remember that i would probably have one too.

  • Dougy_Sampson - 152 points - 22 hours ago

    Finally. Sex AND violence.

  • XIII-Death - 121 points - 20 hours ago

    Riding a motorcycle naked seems like a bad idea.

    I mean unless you want to grind your dick down to a pulpy nub on rough, scorching hot, asphalt when you crash.

  • Mentalpatient87 - 90 points - 18 hours ago

    I refuse to believe they have 10,256 players online.

  • Mrfrunzi - 22 points - 22 hours ago

    As long as there's a good story arc I'm in!

  • ghostdigga - 20 points - 22 hours ago

    Jesus that seat must be hot.

  • ImAWizardYo - 38 points - 18 hours ago

    Are there any decent "sex" games out there? Anything I have ever seen borders unplayable. I am surprised at the near complete lack of something that should in theory be a completely viable market to tap into.

  • skybubbled - 58 points - 22 hours ago

    I need a download link.

    For, you know. Science.

  • Number1TopGun - 20 points - 18 hours ago

    Is it bad that I pressed "Continue to video" without realizing it?

  • rattfink - 13 points - 19 hours ago

    I cant wait for the next season of Archer.

  • SirHobo94 - 5 points - 20 hours ago

    I strangely want to play this...

  • zleuth - 6 points - 19 hours ago

    So let's see some gameplay.

  • Shanksdoodlehonkster - 4 points - 18 hours ago

    Grand Fuck Auto: Extra Hard...mode

  • Dbourbs - 5 points - 18 hours ago

    Oh cool I didn't know they'd already made another Saints Row!

  • CaptainPiracy - 3 points - 17 hours ago

    WOW! I almost couldn't breathe from laughing so hard at all the other parodies on the website for this game...MS. Pac Whore and others...



  • Goldar85 - 7 points - 19 hours ago

    Dat cock.

  • purplepenguin4163 - 5 points - 18 hours ago

    But is this a real game?

  • Turkery - 6 points - 18 hours ago

    So high I tried to quickly close the safari window, it was just a JPEG.

  • Concoelacanth - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    So... Saints Row, then.

  • 718hutfission - 2 points - 16 hours ago


  • JoshuMertens - 2 points - 20 hours ago

    What is that even

  • CANCEL-CAT-FACTS - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Put him on the BMX bike.

  • orflin - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    So, who's played this?

  • MomisSpaghetti - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    This is like one of the fake ads for games that are in GTA.. but even they couldnt think up this shit

  • Jon_Ice - 1 points - 18 hours ago


  • frisu - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    That is cool OP but lets talk about real topics...how was the video?

  • MindintoMatter - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Someone should post a legit review of this game.

  • Fender27 - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Seems Punchy is at it again...

  • Robozomb - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Has anyone ever actually played it? I'm sure someone has at least tried it.

  • PillowTalk420 - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    One could just mod GTA V PC to include fucking. Multiplayer fucking.

  • wagamamalullaby - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    I highly doubt there are over 10,000 people playing that right now

  • Kerrman27 - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    I clicked the X to close the ad. Forgot it was just a screen shot.

  • benbrm - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Private browsing I see :)

  • readitredhat - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Am I the only one who instinctively hit continue to video?

  • Zulakki - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    I wonder if you'd need to goto a porn site to see gameplay footage

  • jwoerd69 - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    so... do you fuck the cars?

  • scrubius - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Curious about which clip you were going to watch. Link?

  • MAGICHUSTLE - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Someone should buy that game...for science.

  • Behole - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Leisure Suit Larry

  • KingLiberal - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    If the front page is any indication, there are a lot of redditors on pornhub.

  • FinalMantasyX - 1 points - 17 hours ago

    Honestly? I'm really impressed that there's a sexual video game ad...with a male!

  • NESpahtenJosh - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    The real question - what video were you about to watch?

  • OhTheCasino - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    He should really be wearing a helmet.

  • SweetNeo85 - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Is this at all related to Grand Fuck Railroad?

  • tomanonimos - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Is there a website where people go and try out this shit for science?

  • maniclurker - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Has more people playing than Evolve.

  • Maverick524 - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    I immediately tried to click on the "continue to video".......

  • kristjkm - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Muscle memory had me trying to close the ad.

  • dan17555 - 1 points - 16 hours ago


  • JustAlexander - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    The follow up to grand Theft Auto-aerobic Asphyxiation

  • notquiteotaku - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    ...You have my attention.

  • Antlerfabulos - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Is this the new dlc?

  • James_saa - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    It was instinct to press "continue to video", completely forgot I was checking out a post

  • Ringo007 - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Muscle memory left me trying to continue to a video.

  • zakrak4 - -2 points - 19 hours ago

    I just tried clicking on the X of the ad out of pure habit... sigh

  • TurquoiseRanger - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Who else tried clicking the 'continue to video' link..hahahaha..and then I realized it was an imgur lol

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  • elboydo - -3 points - 20 hours ago

    The Grand Theft Auto of sex!

    EDIT: I just realized I derped and now I have the pornhub of downvotes.

  • deleted - -56 points - 22 hours ago


  • a_magic_wizard - -29 points - 21 hours ago

    I have never felt the need to watch porn on my phone. I can't be the only one.

LEGO Marvel has some nice reference jokes!


  • colt01234 - 120 points - 23 hours ago

    I loved that game.

  • Senaro - 108 points - 20 hours ago

    There's also an achievement for having the Human Torch and Captain America on the same team. It's called "Don't I Know You?"

  • dcfisher - 83 points - 22 hours ago

    There is also a pulp fiction one where you party at the avengers HQ and nick fury is the DJ. He says, "And you will know that I am the DJ, when I lay my beats upon you!" I think this is after you get all the red bricks or something.

  • Masternoob411 - 30 points - 21 hours ago

    There's also a reference to the incredibles as well. I can't remember the exact place, but reed Richards is carrying a few of the fantastic four off of a plane or something and is being a parachute. He says, I saw this in a movie once

  • YetAnother_WhiteGuy - 20 points - 20 hours ago

    LEGO game characters talk now? Haven't played since the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games and back then it was all kind of mumbling and nonsense words like the Sims. Do they still do that just with added subtitles or have they just learned to speak?

  • greatmuta2 - 9 points - 21 hours ago

    Also when you fight Juggernaut there's a few "Juggernaut bitch!" references one being getting his helmet knocked off he yells something along the lines of"CHARLES...er...I mean Jean NO MY HELMET!"

  • Crusader1089 - 8 points - 20 hours ago

    Indiana Jones to the power of Snakes on a Plane.

  • markymarkfro - 5 points - 19 hours ago

    My favourite was the "and you will know I am the DJ when I lay these beats down" pulp fiction reference

  • ILikeToSmokeWeedAlot - 2 points - 19 hours ago

    It was a fun game, was it supposed to be the Lego version of ultimate alliance because it's the same story.

  • ElagabalusRex - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    That is some horrid punctuation.

  • cool_slowbro - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Haha cool!!!

  • kaisnet - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Tunnel snakes rule

  • MineWiz - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    I understood that reference.

  • pale_of_frost - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Some say love it is a river

  • _javaScripted - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    Sick references, game. Everybody knows LEGO's references are off the hook.

  • movies05 - 0 points - 19 hours ago

    Seeing the word "anyways" makes me want to punch people.

  • Butterfoot - 0 points - 21 hours ago

    Huh, I'm literally just now watching that movie...

  • AgnewsHead - -2 points - 23 hours ago


  • murfi - 0 points - 18 hours ago

    this is a damn fine game, probably the best game on ps4 yet (which is sad). i cant wait for lego avengers!

  • BossNiggerNumberONE - -1 points - 18 hours ago

    haha! a reference! a reference to something else! I love the internet!

Talk about video games preserving history :'(


  • PissedElf - 161 points - Yesterday

    Shoot blues, tell Vile Rat.

  • Sp4rt4n423 - 352 points - Yesterday

    Back in vanilla through Lich King I was the GM of a top 5 raid guild on Lightninghoof in the Americas. Long story short, we had an officer disappear on us for a week. His sister actually connected with me on Facebook and informed me that he had passed away. I changed his note to something similar.

    When I made the announcement at the next guild meeting we had a moment of silence, and one of the psych majors we had raiding with us provided one on one counseling. The player who had passed was with us forever, and we were all very close.

    When I quit at the end of Lich King I made the new GM promise me that he would never be kicked from the guild and his note never modified, and that she would pass that along to GMs of the future.

    It's quite heartbreaking to go through when such a harsh reality enters your sub-reality that is just meant for fun.

  • royaldocks - 39 points - Yesterday

    I love MMO when you find a good guild like a little internet family

  • Bad_Internet_Name - 55 points - Yesterday

    this made me sad.

  • ixione47 - 25 points - Yesterday

    i too still have a passed away gaming buddy in my skype. i dunno why i just cant delete him.

    sorry for your loss bud. people cant imagine unless they also experience something like this

  • Tatertots1911 - 18 points - 23 hours ago

    got a pair of brothers in our guild that died in two different car crashes a mile from each other on the same day. there level 60s are still there under there own title "Fallen Hero"

  • shlomo_baggins - 13 points - 23 hours ago

    May their blades never dull.

  • DoYouLikeHurting - 9 points - Yesterday

    Damn, seeing stuff like this always puts me in a crappy mood. :/

  • MLeth - 8 points - 22 hours ago

    His character was left in the most beautiful city in the game, so that's nice!

  • Lhumierre - 14 points - Yesterday

    The Feels.

    I'm sorry for your loss. Loktar Ogar'

  • LordRahl1986 - 6 points - 23 hours ago

    Sadly now the name can be reclaimed....don't let that happen

  • Navity7l - 7 points - 22 hours ago

    Back in Vanilla we had a mage called Karlanda who was battling leukemia for a while. He died after we defeated Nefarian and stayed in our guild roster for almost 8 years. He lived in our hearts and watched over us so we don't step in fire.

  • DomLite - 5 points - 22 hours ago

    I used to play City of Heroes, and there was a rather prominent community member who went by Ascendant. He was a big part of the role playing community and was generally just a great guy. He was rather famous for having an AFK macro set up that cycled him through a cellphone conversation with his hero's agent Sal that went on at length about the ridiculous merchandise coming out that he hadn't approved like an action figure with his non-existent raptor sidekick and laser vision, which wasn't one of his powers, or the terrible saturday morning cartoon that got it all wrong, and most famously Ascendant-O's, a cereal purported to contain a substance that was the source of his power, when it was actually his one weakness, which almost led to his death when he opened a box.

    Sadly, Ascendant passed away mere months before the game shut down unexpectedly. The community was just devastated to lose such a fantastic guy and we all had a wonderful gathering with a candlelight vigil in the starter zone. One of the devs even mentioned that had the game not been canned suddenly, they would have tried to make his character a member of the game's premier Supergroup that had just lost two big members and he would have become a huge part of the game. As is, we have several successor projects in the works by programmers, artists and designers who were all fans of the original game, and at least one has promised that when they get their game out, it will feature a memorial plaza named after him with an in-game plaque detailing how Ascendant gave his life to save the world.

    We were also surprised and delighted to find out that Mercedes Lackey herself was actually a City of Heroes player, and a month or so after the news broke, she mentioned that she was working on a collaborative publishing project with a few other authors that revolved around super heroes, and that she had obtained permission to use the Ascendant cell phone blurb in the book, probably as some kind of background happening for a good laugh, as a tribute to Ascendant so that he'll be immortalized there as well. To my knowledge this book hasn't been published yet, but I'm keeping my ear to the ground.

    It really is heart-warming to know that MMO's can foster such a close community even among many hundreds or thousands of players and across any distance.

  • TheLifeisgood72 - 8 points - 22 hours ago

    Reminds me of when I played my old Link to the Past cart and found my dead uncle's save file.

  • NFTrot - 4 points - Yesterday

    I'm really lucky because I still talk to my friends from Vanilla WoW every day.

  • barbald543 - 4 points - 22 hours ago

    John belicose. Eve online, he will always be remembered.

  • CyanideSins - 3 points - Yesterday

    Whoever you are, no matter the cause, you will be remembered for who you are. The times that we spent together will be remembered, the times we laughed, the times we cried and the times that we enjoyed life together. Together in spirit, even if we are no longer both in the same reality anymore, family we are.

    Some poetic words.

  • Lazberg - 5 points - Yesterday

    That awkward moment when the guild is on the front page of r/Gaming.

  • TheWolfOfWallSt- - 7 points - Yesterday

    This is the sad thing, you never think about it happening to someone you know, but when it does; it is so much harder. This is an instance where many people probably enjoyed playing with this person and they did too, taken away not only from reality but from the game community too. Just weird to know someone was here one day and gone the next; I hope the family that updated the activity held up emotionally.

  • _JackDoe_ - 9 points - 23 hours ago

    I'm sorry what am I looking at here?
    edit: Never played WoW, thought I would ask as politely as possible and I still get shit.

  • worth_the_monologue - 4 points - Yesterday

    Who updates that?

  • Joker200 - 2 points - Yesterday


  • Recreatives - 2 points - 22 hours ago

    The friendships you can build with guildies is that one thing that I still miss about playing WoW. Back in BC I was in a pretty small raiding guild and we would use vent and such, one day I offered to help my GM doing something and it actually ended up that he went to the same high school as one of my siblings and was actually friends with one of my sibling's friends. Turns out most of the officers lived in the same area and I actually met a few of them. Lots of good memories with that game. RIP

  • Azogthedefilero - 2 points - 21 hours ago

    Its weird how you just log out one day and then you just pass away.

  • GameBreak - 2 points - 21 hours ago

    The Old Nite. RIP

  • EKcore - 2 points - 20 hours ago

    This is for all who don't know about the Raid on an in game funeral of a person who passed away in real life. This is almost a decade old.

    PVP servers.

  • Hamilton5M - 2 points - 20 hours ago

    I had people I used to game with all the time on steam. Offline over 900 days. I just deleted them last week. I hope they are well.

  • Melkath - 2 points - 20 hours ago

    Darmak and Jalad at Tanagra?

  • Retanaru - 3 points - Yesterday

    Stream friends list is similar. You always have to wonder about the people who haven't been on in years.

  • MixMasterMaha - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Had that happen before with a good friend/guild member. I don't play anymore myself but even though the guild is long dead I'm sure his character is still in it sitting AFK in Dalaran somewhere. Not a bad place to leave in if I say so myself.

  • solapowuh - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Well the top 5 through bc to cata were Reckoning, Cadia, sublime, praetorian and fine young cannibals. I was in demonic myself.

  • FokkerBoombass - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    ...Wow. I can't actually believe how sad I felt when I saw this, I actually gagged.

    I'm incredibly afraid of losing someone very close to me. I probably wouldn't be able to look at anything they left behind without bursting into tears.

  • chouhen - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    The Light does not abandon it's champions.

  • Pinkiepie1170 - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Is that an NPC in the background there? Or is there a "the Drunk" title you can get? If so how do you get it?

  • Twistedlifer - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Theres a Character like that in my guild roster,He died 3 years ago and will never be removed.

  • FR_STARMER - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    You should check out gravestones, too.

  • Mahesvara - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    RIP Kizzodef

  • loochbag17 - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    One of my best friends passed last year. He's on my friends list in every single game... The last online counter keeps getting longer... :(

  • legitxavenged - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    For all our gaming friends who have passed on


  • watchtouter - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    Happy Groundhog Day I guess.

  • Humbaba_ - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    I guess I should share my one time sad story here

    I probably started playing wow in 2006 or 07. After few months of fooling around, I settled on taking my human paladin to max level, I made friend with a female druid. Things was moving very slowly in those days, we ran deadmine and shadowfang together and such. When we reached level 30ish, She went offline for like several weeks few times, When she's back, she always answered, she's weak, and been very sick. I would still quest with her and stuff, but at this point I in my 40ish, then 50ish, while she's still 30ish. I would stop doing my Black Rock Depth to go her zone and help her out, send her mats that I saved for her to level JC. After a month or two, I got to level 63, she reached level 41 I think, then she's offline for several weeks again. Then, one day while I was running some instance, she logged on again and told me, She's too weak to probably never ever play again, She said she got 2weeks left, her full blown aids at its last stage. I was so shocked, I drop out of group. She went on to told me that those periods when she's couldn't log on are when she was too weak after some treatment that she got, now doctors told her she's got 2 weeks left, and that was last goodbye talk I got from her.

  • daggereye - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    I just got mega chills.

  • czMotig - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    I changed like 5 guilds over 5 years of playing WoW since vanilla...mostly on Wildhammer, Thunderhorn and Drak'thul (EU servers)

    Had fun with each of them, with most of the people. On ventrillo or team speak.

    But the guilds disbanned, all the people disappeared into the mist of the past...and I feel sad about that because I never met anyone in person.

    I mean...the idea that a guild member dies, someone writes a RIP note of him ...then after some time, people leave the guild, for any reason, the guild disbands and you never know if there was anyone to remember that there was someone who played WoW and died...or if there was a RIP note... if anyone cared.

  • daggereye - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    That just gave me some mega chills. Holy shit!

  • swima - 1 points - 20 hours ago


  • IM_A_TSM_FANGAY_AMA - 1 points - 20 hours ago


  • brazos_informacao - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    Oh man.

    around 10 years ago when i still played RS i had met this guy named August41. he told me he was old, but not how old. later told me that his username was the month and year he was born in. anyway, we were really good friends from around 2004-2006 and did pretty much everything together until one day he wasn't on anymore. i eventually quit rs in 2007 and never really thought about it again.

    a few years ago i googled his name to see if i could find anything on him and i found his obituary. i guess he had died some time in 2006 :( it was so sad finding that out.

  • Buttlung - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    I can relate to this.. My best friend of almost 18 years passed away last October. http://imgur.com/gallery/J6hJdgP It hurts logging into Steam and seeing how long its been since I last talked to him but I don't have the heart to remove him from my friends list.

  • lyon934 - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    F to Pay Respects

  • DerivativeMonster - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    There's something really beautiful about these games and the effect they have on people.

  • notimeleftinMelbs - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    I lead a guild in late vanilla through lich king. We had a member pass in TBC. Similar everything. Moment of silence, memorial notes, and a wake/funeral in game instead of our normal raid night.

    The guild died a few weeks into ulduar but I still make a habit of logging into my alt that I made GM monthly to make sure the tribute stays.

  • MrKrazybones - 0 points - 23 hours ago

    Think about everybody that has played WoW and has died. Their characters will forever be in limbo never able to be played again.
    Until their account gets hacked and stripped of everything

  • NachoNerd - 0 points - 21 hours ago

    What kind of loot did he drop?

  • ArosHD - 0 points - 20 hours ago


  • IAK0290 - -6 points - Yesterday

    Ha, you can only imagine how SWG players feel.

  • nullv - -18 points - Yesterday


  • Demojen - -2 points - 22 hours ago

    I haven't played wow since 2005.

  • Catch22af - -2 points - 22 hours ago

    are you telling me my elemental Shaman is still around?????

What hitting the jackpot looks like in pinball [xpost /r/GamingGifs]


  • Bluntbows - 114 points - Yesterday

    In the future I recommend using Gfycat or Imgur's video to gif services.

    They produce gifs that retain pretty much all the quality of the original video and in Gfycat's case do not bear a watermark.

  • floppybunny26 - 70 points - Yesterday

    A real-life perpetual motion machine. Eat that, physicists.

  • josiahw - 69 points - Yesterday

    When it finally escaped, I can't believe he just let it roll down.

  • ZadocPaet - 12 points - Yesterday


  • crazzyhyperguy - 9 points - Yesterday

    Some say the ball is still bouncing back and forth to this day.

  • SkyJohn - 7 points - Yesterday

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fsQwqh6rzs

  • TrueGlich - 4 points - Yesterday

    Yep that's a design flaw.. someone flog the table designer.

  • Nogarda - 4 points - Yesterday


  • unique_conformist - 5 points - Yesterday

    These Aussie guys hit the jackpot in Japan (but not with pinball)

  • NbPengii - 3 points - Yesterday

    If only there was some way to harness this and power itself.

  • tantouz - 3 points - Yesterday

    Man had camera phones not been invented this kind of stuff would only be urban legends.

  • TheRealM_ - 3 points - Yesterday

    totally reminds me of this

  • trutrojan8 - 4 points - Yesterday

    I was waiting for a bunch of lights n shit to pop out, 3 minutes later I realized it's a looping gif

  • rwallin - 2 points - Yesterday

    that's almost /r/perfectloops

  • Dabbiddeedoodaa - 2 points - Yesterday

    "He's a pinball wizard, it has to be a trick!"

  • Mobius_Penis - 2 points - Yesterday


  • ilbak - 9 points - Yesterday

    An old-school cheater. In '80 they would have banned from the bar. :)

  • jonneburger - 2 points - Yesterday

    Bumb the game to end it, score resets because you cheated.

  • Veketshian - 1 points - Yesterday

    Which pinball game is this?

  • viatribe - 1 points - Yesterday

    But everyone has THAT mate who walks over and pulls the plug out of the wall.

  • TectonicPlate - 1 points - Yesterday

    Some say, it's still going to this day.

  • Not_A_PedophiIe - 1 points - Yesterday

    did you get enough points to get the over-sized comb?

  • benzabs - 1 points - Yesterday

    But his score is lower every time he looks up...

  • badadaha - 1 points - Yesterday

    I sat there waiting to see how high the score would go. After 5 mins I realized how dumb I was.

  • monkeyfullofbarrels - -2 points - Yesterday

    I hereby relinquish my pinball card. I couldn't recognize the table.

The most difficult decision to make...


  • jeb_manion - 237 points - Yesterday

    Plus, you always reject. Drive Alexander into the fucking ground, guy is a dick

  • Chirimorin - 133 points - Yesterday

    Reminds me of a friend talking about Civ5.

    Apparently NPCs always make ridiculous offers. You're laughing maniacally while stomping the enemies puny villages like they are ants? The NPC is willing to end this "war" if you pay him a lot.

    It doesn't make any sense. If you're winning a war with ease, why would you pay to end it?

  • flyingkiwi9 - 28 points - Yesterday

    Alexander should be giving you GPT, instead of 'reject bailout'

    I laughed though.

  • I_STAB_HIPSTER_FILTH - 20 points - Yesterday

    If the game made AI more easily scared, I wouldn't play as Hitler so often. Their idiot brains go BEEP BOOP I HAVE 200 KNIGHTS AND HE HAS ONLY 10 LVL10 BATTLESHIPS AND 5 FULL CARRIERS, I CAN TAKE HIM.

    I have only ever seen AI scared once. He had his only city go from hands to hands until I took it from his enemies and revived him with essentially a pop3 city. And I had nuclear missiles. That's what it took to scare him.

  • Steph1er - 37 points - Yesterday

    that's not how trades works in civ. ._.

  • I-Cum-Backwards - 10 points - Yesterday

    Alexander offersAthensThesseloniki 100 Gold 30 Turns

    ...... Nah, fuck that

  • SebayaKeto - 5 points - Yesterday

    Almost thought I was in /r/civpolitics for a second

  • XyploatKyrt - 7 points - Yesterday

    Don't do it, he'll just invalidate the gold and start using Drachma.

  • Rakirs - 2 points - Yesterday

    What game is this?

  • BCD92 - 5 points - Yesterday

    What game is this? Looks interesting and I loved age of empires, rise of nations etc. Is it a new AoE?

  • ajac09 - 0 points - Yesterday

    ohhh burn.

  • littlebear_blackfoot - 1 points - Yesterday

    Greece is the word!

  • windwaker910 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I don't even know what I'm looking at.

  • AaronUFOs - 1 points - Yesterday

    haha it's so funny i don't get it

  • Vroco - 1 points - Yesterday

    What game is this?

Trying to get my friends to play CS:GO with me


  • __PETTYOFFICER117__ - 280 points - Yesterday

    This is in response to this GIF: http://i.imgur.com/bS4dXAP.gifv by /u/beauelliot (@iH8myPP on imgur) BTW.

  • kaminishi - 98 points - Yesterday

    CS:GO can run natively on OSX.

  • Khaim - 11 points - Yesterday

    I hate to be that guy, but what is this from?

  • Swordplay2612 - 19 points - Yesterday

    This is basically me anytime someone asks me about wanting to get a "gaming" pc. many popular games now don't require a top-of-the-line rig.

  • Drunk_Conquistador - 13 points - Yesterday

    Mouse and keyboard is a huge part of playing a shooter on a pc.

  • Gobliterator - 3 points - Yesterday

    I guess there is always a Pettyofficer now somewhere, got that name on Voat as well? :P

  • ipisano - 2 points - Yesterday

    Actually surprised to see this in /r/gaming

  • Sethos88 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Luckily I can't get CS: GO to work in Windows 10. My friend keeps asking me.

  • DaTruMVP - 1 points - Yesterday

    tfw on linux and CS:GO is buggy as fuck

  • ClassicSwarley - 1 points - Yesterday

    Awesome GIF, lovely made!

  • SAL_CD - 1 points - Yesterday

    Oh my god this is right on the nose

  • HyFix - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hey! I know you! You're the guy from the, uhh.. gif wars? They say you don't exist but I digress.

  • DoctorSteve - 1 points - Yesterday

    Know what helps get you into CS:GO? Not feeling like you're missing out on drops because you like to play a lot. What a horrible system Valve changed to!!

  • TheDragonzord - 1 points - Yesterday

    :( ill play cs:go with you

  • evenmoreKUSH - 1 points - Yesterday

    Well done

  • AeroRandy - -3 points - Yesterday

    please don't drag your friends into that game

  • ProdigySnow - -1 points - Yesterday

    1. Submissions must be directly gaming-related.
  • Silent_Knights - -39 points - Yesterday

    But why that game? There are thousands of other shooters to play...on PC?

Happy 4th of July to all the gamers out there!


  • ReallyLateToTheGame - 67 points - Yesterday

    WHOA... There's a Fireworks Simulator?

  • HumanoidSushi - 94 points - Yesterday

    Reminds me of the one with the german worker coming home from his hard construction job only to relax playing his favorite game: Construction Simulator 2015.

  • mesenkomaha - 10 points - Yesterday

    Time to kick back with some Fantavision (PS2).

  • edisito9 - 16 points - Yesterday

    Is it bad that him closing the curtains makes me feel happy?

  • SpookyLlama - 5 points - Yesterday

    I'll be playing the fireworks game from my EyeToy for PS2.

  • AlanWattsUp - 5 points - Yesterday

    I just realised how similar the guy is to the king beyond the wall

  • helloJimHalpert - 2 points - Yesterday

    I spent my entire 4th playing Witcher 3 and have no regrets.

  • Medasian - 1 points - Yesterday

    My friend and I downloaded a fireworks mod for gmod and sat in our server and launched them at each other last year.

  • iethree - 1 points - Yesterday

    just got done watching the fireworks in wow...

  • JayKetchman - 1 points - Yesterday

    This could not be more accurate for me today.

    Happy birthday America!

  • kohlio - 1 points - Yesterday

    My kid is opting to watch fireworks on Minecraft instead of the ones the neighbors are doing outside. As long as he is having fun I don't care.

  • Adius_Omega - 1 points - Yesterday

    I really just don't have any desire to watch fireworks anymore

  • zorak303 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I remember when Animal Crossing came out, I actually stayed home to watch the game's fireworks rather than go see the big fireworks show downtown.

  • crabpeople69 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Playing CS:GO while my GF runs through FF7 PC port. No regrets.

  • anecdotal - 1 points - Yesterday

    me irl

  • EggsNbeans - 1 points - Yesterday

    Someones letting off fireworks and it's upsetting my cat.

    True story.

  • WdnSpoon - 2 points - Yesterday

    I'd often find my mid-20's brother sitting at his computer, with a big 50-gallon aquarium half-full and covered in algae behind him. On his monitor: the facebook game Happy Aquarium.

  • GGNoodles - 1 points - Yesterday

    im going to repost this on new year

  • theyork2000 - 0 points - Yesterday

    Were you holding onto that one when you saw it posted the last 4th?

  • thenonlurker - 0 points - Yesterday

    Can anyone link me to the original comic?

  • legit-lurker - -3 points - Yesterday


  • crash78 - -2 points - Yesterday

    Thank you. This reminded me that I wanted to get on gtaV and shoot off fireworks.

Did you guys know of this Sonic The Hedgehog 2 secret?


  • Spinergy01 - 736 points - 2 days ago

    Holy crap. I just tried swapping out Bloodborne with Diablo 3 on PS4 and it stopped working, too! Apparently this bug is cross platform and has existed for years!

  • TheBrianJ - 45 points - 2 days ago

    Definitive proof that Video Games are interesting.

  • Taliesen13 - 76 points - 2 days ago

    Does it have to be "Revenge of Shinobi"?

  • SMarioMan - 77 points - Yesterday

    I've got another one, and it's actually useful. If you put Sonic 2 on top of Sonic & Knuckles, you can actually play an alternate version of Sonic 2 with Knuckles as the main character.

  • Potvaliant - 29 points - Yesterday

    I once tried to apply Goldeneye 64 cheats on a gameshark to the game Waverace. In my mind I was going to be able to shoot guns from the jetskis. In reality I broke Waverace and the gameshark no longer worked with Goldeneye.

  • AlchemicRez - 40 points - Yesterday

    Congratulations! You just found the secret to bringing back Aerith. You meet her in the original Cow Level right outside Tristram. Just have her equip Diablo's soulstone in a materia slot. After that have her replay the Chemical Plant level. She can't jump as far as Sonic but she can survive being under water. Drop into the water at the end and throw ninja stars at Bowser until he drops his power-up: the Spikey Shell. Give the Spikey Shell to Megaman then Warp Whistle to Melee Island.

    Next you have store the grog in the Spikey Shell (it doesn't melt like the mugs). Then keep it in your inventory until you meet Herman Toothrot. He will drink the shell/grog and transform into Bahamut-Zero and allow you to change your class.

    Pick the White Mage job. Learn the Half-MP ability then cast Life three times.

    The screen will shake and an image of Gordon Freeman will appear and tell you the release date of HL3.

  • TenienteVegetal - 8 points - Yesterday

    BUSTED!Actually now I'm playing as Joe in Chem Plant =/

  • fatasslarry7 - 13 points - Yesterday

    This is the type of quality content that keeps me coming back to Secrets of Gaming.

  • Hakoten - 6 points - Yesterday

    And then there were games like Monster Rancher for the PS1 when you got to switch out the disc for others and get some sick monsters.

  • ShR3dDr9000 - 5 points - Yesterday

    Did you know that if you remove FFVII while in the overworld and insert Saga Frontier, the game loads incorrect data and allows you to skip large portions of the game?

  • s3ans3an - 3 points - Yesterday

    I still and will always remember the levels cheatall together now...

    Up, down, left, right A + Start

  • JLsoft - 4 points - Yesterday

    [Nerdstuff inbound]

    Doing the swap-Genesis-carts-with-the-power-on thing long ago led me to some decent effects (infinite lives/health/etc in certain games), along with my favorite:

    I had rented Fatal Fury 2, decided to try swapping some stuff, and found that if you yank our Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition right in the middle of the CAPCOM logo jingle, Fatal Fury 2 gets a DIP Switch menu in the Options' 'TEST' section. Each of the switches supposedly does something different, but one of them lets you do the super/'Desperation' moves at any time (your health doesn't need to be flashing low), and another switch enables air juggling, so your hits -always- connect.

    I had so much fun with this that I bought the game after returning my rented copy :)

    I checked every code/cheat/hint book I could find back then for years trying to figure out how to enable that menu the correct way, but it wasn't until like '98 or so that I found a single page on the net saying how...when FF2 shows the TAKARA logo, you motion D->B,B->D->F+Y very quickly and you will hear a yell, meaning the DIP SW menu is enabled.

    ...and the code I still remember to enable both air juggling and anytime-supers is 10010111

  • JDHalfbreed - 3 points - Yesterday

    Interesting bug in my old playstation, when playing Final Fantasy VII, my first disk got badly scratched, couldn't be read, but after the disk read error came up I replaced it with disk two or whatever disk I was on and the cut scenes were just replaced, but the game itself played fine. So, if I put in disk 2 in a disk 1 cut scene, some random disk 2 cut scene would play instead, then cut back to the gameplay as if nothing happened.

  • SexClown - 2 points - Yesterday

    I just tried a similar trick by swapping out a microwave burrito with a lantern battery in midcook....will post results soon....

  • pibroch - 3 points - Yesterday


  • TRUBored - 2 points - Yesterday

    No I but I do know 19 65 09 17

  • chadork - 3 points - Yesterday

    reddit nose laugh

  • kemar7856 - 3 points - Yesterday

    2 questions

    why does this work ?how the fuck did someone find this?

  • alanbbent - 1 points - Yesterday

    Really?? I want to try this but I don't have Revenge of Shinobi...

  • solodomo - 2 points - Yesterday

    I don't believe you.

  • ryanasimov - 1 points - Yesterday

    Amazing! How do people find these obscure easter eggs?

  • LostSoul1797 - 1 points - Yesterday

    19, 65, 9, 17

  • Funkays - 1 points - Yesterday

    Anyone posted the slanted goldeneye video?

  • seanyynaes - 1 points - Yesterday

    Those two games + Space Harrier 2 basically sum up my Genesis experience.

  • sQuar3x - 1 points - Yesterday


  • theBreadSultan - 1 points - Yesterday

    This game did actually have a secret super sonic ending...

    It was cool

  • lost_in_thesauce - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'll never forgot the cheat code for the original sonic, all these years later. Up, down, left, right, a, start

  • GlynStanley - 1 points - Yesterday

    We'd always heard rumours, but never knew anyone who owned Revenge of Shinobi. I'd love to here confirmation of anyone who actually got this egg to work.

  • Demomanx - 1 points - Yesterday

    Tell me there are more of these.

  • flarn2006 - 2 points - Yesterday

    I used to like removing cartridges while the game was running because I liked seeing how the screen/sound would glitch out. But I didn't do it often because my parents said it wasn't good for the system.

  • themannimal - 1 points - Yesterday

    The more you know.

  • yourmessageinblood - 1 points - Yesterday

    The original GTA for PC you could pull out the game disc and put in a music cd and listen to the music while playing.

  • computerguy0-0 - 1 points - Yesterday

    You motherfucker...

  • mykman1 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • RabidTurtl - 1 points - Yesterday

    I think my Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is broken.

    When I swapped it out for Revenge of Shinobi, it became Altered Beast.

  • wreun - 1 points - Yesterday

    wow I gotta try this

  • LOTRcrr - 1 points - Yesterday

    Plot twist: "stop working" means it actually corrupts the data on the sonic 2 cartridge and it can never be used again.

  • Funeralord - 1 points - Yesterday

    Actually, this is how I got the cheat codes from Sonic 2 to work on Sonic 3: enter all 3 cheat codes, very carefully pull out the Sonic 2 cartridge, insert the Sonic 3 cartridge and soft reset. Ta-da! Level select and debug mode on Sonic 3.

  • BigrMoose - 1 points - Yesterday

    Weird pc isn't effected

  • Evems - 1 points - Yesterday


  • Deroni76 - 0 points - Yesterday

    They probably mean that it breaks Sonic 2 permanently.

  • JollyWhiskerThe4th - -1 points - Yesterday

    Quality shitpost

  • ZecoRho - -17 points - Yesterday


  • Lurker573 - -3 points - Yesterday

    2611 up votes. Yeah . . . unsubbing from this faggotry.

  • crondeau3 - 0 points - Yesterday

    I don't know why this made me laugh so hard.

  • zzt711 - -1 points - Yesterday

    Mmmhmmm.., and hitting alt+f4 in most PC games takes you to the options screen.

Still one of my favorite gifs (FFXIV)


  • FusRoDoodles - 45 points - Yesterday

    When your tank says they've never done this dungeon before, and you realize they weren't joking.

  • cpnHindsight - 152 points - Yesterday

    Oh, now I get it!

  • N8theGr8 - 113 points - 2 days ago


  • Le_Reddit_Elder - 30 points - 2 days ago


  • Fober - 4 points - Yesterday

    No way, still?! That's crazy.

  • NeokratosRed - 7 points - Yesterday


  • cosmicmoss - 9 points - Yesterday

    if Kanye was a FFXIV character.

  • champybaby - 12 points - Yesterday

    Funny story, but actually learned about this painting very recently at the MET. For starters, the Spartans are facing, heading the wrong way. The ice was also nowhere near that large and their were no horses on the other boats.

    But this painting was not meant to be historically accurate, but more of a representation of American culture.

    And ironically, it works here as well.

  • vedrath - 2 points - Yesterday


  • yxonpat - 3 points - Yesterday


  • Mkilbride - 1 points - Yesterday

    Ah yeah. They parodied this actually, that recent video.

  • jdemonify - 1 points - Yesterday

    got some those half naked old man gifs?

  • AlexRuzhyo - 1 points - Yesterday


  • ryanharpbard - 1 points - Yesterday

    What a boring game. Can't believe I wasted $30 on it.

  • DontTellMeHowToFap - 0 points - Yesterday


  • Bamboozle_ - -2 points - Yesterday

    "Funny... BUT NOW YOU DIE!"

  • dubious_mastabatah_x - 0 points - Yesterday

    Man seeing this makes me miss it... but I don't want to pay monthly anymore :(

  • random1199 - -7 points - Yesterday

    Ah I miss this game as a place but as a game, i can't loathe it enough, the daft combat mechanics that were made by someone who truly despises action combat but couldn't get management approval to do a turn based. The seeping pile of shit that is the decision to couple any progress into the story mode (all with unskippable mute cutscenes) which in turn is tied into forced grouping for dungeons which then forces all DPS classes into hour long queues. Make no mistake this is a FF game for FF fans and everyone else can just fuck right off.

    That said, i had such a good time avoiding the core gameplay crafting and fishing that i have no regrets for playing it.

  • Twasnt - -1 points - Yesterday


  • deleted - -3 points - Yesterday


game dev story isn't realistic at all.


  • I_are_facepalm - 266 points - 2 days ago

    Incomplete game sounds so negative. I prefer "emerging player experience."

  • foreskinfarter - 106 points - 2 days ago

    You can on the PC version.

    However, since you can't pay for good reviews, it's pointless.

  • NotAlwaysPolite - 15 points - 2 days ago

    You can ship one full to the brim with bugs though.

  • IConsumePorn - 36 points - 2 days ago

    "Just you fucking watch us!" - EA

  • SofaProfessor - 9 points - 2 days ago

    I like how the secretary is making this executive decision.

  • BadRabiesJudger - 23 points - 2 days ago

    Kairosoft has been my favorite IOS developer. Games arent overpriced in my head. I have played the mall one, dungeon village,grand prix, game dev and hot springs story. They all are similar but i love how they let you carry over some stats from old games. Was a great selling point. I know the formula stays the same but the pixel art and game style is sort of incrementally awesome.

  • IlikePez - 5 points - 2 days ago

    It's a feature!

  • d3fin3d - 6 points - 2 days ago

    Meanwhile in reality...

  • guma822 - 3 points - 2 days ago

    early early access? we havent even begun developing the game yet, its just an idea i had while taking a shit this morning, preorder now!

  • hazzman14 - 3 points - 2 days ago

    Tell that to Arkham Knight

  • pleaseheadn0rth - 3 points - 2 days ago

    Is there an upgrade you can purchase in game that allows you to ignore what your secretary tells you?

  • Lekonua - 2 points - 2 days ago

    It's funny because a number of major releases in the past couple of years have had inexcusable glitches because the companies only care about making money as fast as possible and not releasing quality products.

  • Inbetweenaction - 1 points - 2 days ago

    you can, you just don't wait until the debugging face is done. and Acham was clearly a "punch the ship button immediately" kind of game

  • ConcreteCrook - 1 points - 2 days ago


  • MasterRyan10 - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Please Understand

  • c_rbon - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Don't worry about it, you can sell the rest of the game as DLC

  • TacticalElmo - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Absolutely love this game!!

  • watchyourface - 1 points - 2 days ago

    But all their games.. Are so real!

  • dnl101 - 0 points - 2 days ago

    Oh hey. It's that joke again.

  • BigAl265 - 1 points - 2 days ago

    This was hilarious....the first ten times it was posted.

  • JitGoinHam - 2 points - 2 days ago

    I've never worked at a game dev studio, but I'm pretty sure the admin assistant shouldn't be making these sorts of decisions to begin with.

  • AiwhaBait71 - 1 points - 2 days ago

    What game is this? Reminds me of Game Dev Tycoon

  • ElFlame - 1 points - 2 days ago

    if only this message popped up every time they tried

  • TheRealCJ - 1 points - 2 days ago

    GDS: Steam Greenlight DLC.

  • IamSkudd - 1 points - 2 days ago

    paging /u/yellsaboutjokes

  • __nightshaded__ - 1 points - 2 days ago

    That secretary needs a job at Lionhead Studios.

    :::cough::: Fable 2, 3, and anniversary :::cough:::

  • ominousgraycat - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Yeah, also won't let you release the same FPS every year for huge profits.

  • SpoiledTaco - 1 points - 2 days ago

    EA pls

  • pawofdoom - 1 points - 2 days ago

    MVP secretary keeping us honest

  • Looooooooooch - 1 points - 2 days ago

    They just haven't reached their goal with preorders yet!

  • Flinkergut - 1 points - 2 days ago

    wow such a dank meme xDDD

  • kurwaspierdalaj - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Kairosoft Games are the best thing to happen to my mobile phone. Beastie Bay is amazing, Pocket League is amazing, World Cruise Story feels like one of their earlier projects but it's still great, Mega Mall, Grand Prix Story. They're all just so good!

  • dylannovak20 - 1 points - 2 days ago

    If I had a dollar...

  • Alchemistzero - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Were you developing Arkham Knight?

  • 4-john - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Tell it how it is /r/Gaming while I am eating popcorns because porncorn tastes good.

    EDIT: Popcorn blame the auto correct I just recently installed.

  • UltimaLyca - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Love a good repost!

  • rcwill10 - 1 points - 2 days ago

    So it's NOT an EA sim? Awwww mannnn...

  • TheCaptainsDizzler - -1 points - 2 days ago

    Well, can you? What am I missing?

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