Boob Physics Extraordinaire


  • ThisIsReLLiK - 1244 points - 17 hours ago

    Anyone else wait an extra few seconds for the gif to load?

  • Forestisinthetrees - 115 points - 16 hours ago

    Really accurate, if you've seen a woman with huge tits running in a leather bikini top.

  • VritraReiRei - 39 points - 14 hours ago

    Of course when you do stills of anything in motion, you are bound to get weird looking body parts moving like they got no bones! Just look up what a face being punched looks like in hi-speed!

    Now if I see that quite easily in a .gif or video format, then we got a problem...

  • NeinNoNon - 166 points - 18 hours ago

    Looks like pancakes are back on the menu, boys!

  • monocasa - 242 points - 17 hours ago

    Have none of you guys seen a girl run? It kind of looks like this. They generally wear sports bras because larger boobs will do this when they run, and it hurts.

  • digital_end - 116 points - 18 hours ago

    My tits cannot be calmed.

  • MariosStinkyMustache - 17 points - 17 hours ago

    she's had a few kids, leave her alone...

  • boredat4am - 19 points - 18 hours ago

    What game is this? It looks like the plant in metal gear solid 2, but I don't remember that female character.

  • cheekboys - 8 points - 18 hours ago

    A+ physics

  • Nidro - 3 points - 17 hours ago

    looks like a bullet

  • shonky111 - 3 points - 12 hours ago

    Bags of sand.

  • Joe_Ballbag - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    I love that she is running around Afghanistan dressed like a prostitute.

  • sonia72quebec - 4 points - 14 hours ago

    Looks like she getting a mammogram.

  • draumo - 4 points - 11 hours ago

    If it's any consolation you stare at a naked guy's butt for the entire prologue of the game.

  • Hinarfed - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    haha... her face make me laugh no matter what she's doing.

  • Ayuhno - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    That looks like it hurts

  • FilthyRedditses - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    Water Balloobs

  • ACohen2001 - 3 points - 11 hours ago

    Another unrealistic body image for women.

  • bagman_ - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Quiet, you

  • StringyCarpet07 - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Funny I was at a Rennaisance Festival this past weekend and half the women in corsets boobs looked just like this

  • Goullet - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    What has science done?

  • seaboardist - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Houston, we have a problem.

  • jakeeem - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    I only just started the game and my girlfriend won't let me play unless she's able to watch because she likes it. Can't wait for this scene to pop up...

  • kickababyv2 - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    That's pretty on point from what I've seen

  • Victorboris1 - 0 points - 10 hours ago

    Yeah, that was fucking jarring. Her breasts were moving in all sorts of weird ways, which leads me to think no one at KP has ever touched a boob, even a manboob for that matter.

Capital ships noping in! [Everspace]


  • J4Seriously - 620 points - 20 hours ago

    Those warp drop outs are just about the sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen.

  • FadedFromWhite - 149 points - 21 hours ago

    Looks like this is a kickstarter campaign for a PC game which already met it's goal. Dev's said:

    A single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the "Galaxy on Fire" series.

  • DeusDeceptor - 110 points - 21 hours ago

    Their fire control systems need some work.

  • Vornswarm - 31 points - 19 hours ago

    Reminds me of Eve Online's warp in effect, although this is much more sudden and BAM "HERE'S JOHNNY!"

  • benuntu - 29 points - 20 hours ago

    I've been looking for a good space shooter since Freelancer.

  • AbstractPenisBrigade - 50 points - 21 hours ago

    Jesus fuck that would give me chills. Is there a source video?

  • LouisArmstrong3 - 57 points - 21 hours ago

    what game is this? i cant read

  • user_421 - 10 points - 19 hours ago

    Rooks and Kings are pipebombing us again

  • cracktr0 - 10 points - 22 hours ago

    how can I get into the alpha/beta of this game?

  • Bleue22 - 8 points - 18 hours ago

    Bless you for including the name of the game in the headline. I... don't know what to say... It's happening, it's finally happening... Sorry sorry, i need a moment, i'm feeling a little verklempted... Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Have this gold. I need a drink of water...

  • Fredfredbug4 - 6 points - 20 hours ago

    Still 8 Days in the kickstarter!

  • King_Spartacus - 5 points - 21 hours ago

    Holy shit that looks dope.

  • riffler24 - 5 points - 19 hours ago

    Speaking of Capital Ships being awesome, Elite: Dangerous has a really awesome jumping in sequence:

  • deadh34d711 - 9 points - 21 hours ago

    Time to reinstall X3TC while I wait for this to release.

  • Vanish_7 - 3 points - 18 hours ago

    Holy shit, this game looks amazing. I haven't played a good flying game since Rogue Leader.

  • FireMoose - 4 points - 19 hours ago

    On a related note, Here is what two capital ships look like in Elite: Dangerous.

  • gtakiller0914 - 2 points - 20 hours ago


  • Jsuse - 2 points - 20 hours ago

    Jesus this looks good. Is there any game like this that is finished or really close.... I'm still hemorrhaging from my X: Rebirth pre-purchase

  • Ilpav123 - 2 points - 19 hours ago

    This reminds me of Mass Effect.

  • Dreadp1r4te - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    If you can nope, can I yep? I'd like to yep right the hell into this game, please.

  • Partsking - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    Dat scanres.

  • zehamberglar - 2 points - 18 hours ago

    I like how you can see him go from "hum de dum" to "uhhh" to "nope nope nope" over those like 5 seconds.

  • Dr__Apocalypse - 2 points - 20 hours ago

    Wow that is the biggest pile of "Nope, I gotta return some videotapes" moment I have ever seen.

  • 7r4inwr3ck - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    How are there more people asking what game this is than in an average thread with no title in the post? Unless everyone's sarcastic which I guess is a viable explanation.

  • PleaseBeAvailible - 2 points - 20 hours ago

    Does anyone know the requirements for this game are? Can't find them anywhere.

  • caveman127 - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    Why are there dots (stars?) constantly flying by the ship? That ship is not moving nearly fast enough

  • moeburn - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    What is this game and why am I not playing it right now?!

  • miter01 - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    There should be some effect at the exit point before arrival. I can already see myself getting insta-surrounded or rammed at light speed without warning.

  • SonOfAtticus - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    This looks great. I haven't found a space game I could really get into since Freelancer. I thought I liked Starpoint Gemini 2 and Elite Dangerous, but quickly grew tired of them. Think this will be the first Kickstarter I back.

  • Nulle_mayn - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    What game is this? Looks cool

  • EwanMe - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    Can someone please explain a bit about this game? Is it free to play, do you need to register, when will it be released and will it be on steam?

  • W00DERS0N - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    What is this game, and how do I sign up?

  • buttchuggingguchtick - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    What game is this?

  • DrBrogbo - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    I just finished the 9th book in the Spinward Fringe series last night, and this is EXACTLY what I've envisioned their space travel to look like.

    That player controlled ship even looks how I would imagine the Clever Dream.

  • skiddzorz - 1 points - 18 hours ago

    Thanks, now I'm pushed to the kickstrter for this. I almost forgot.

Not my own content but hilarious!


  • Shortdood - 99 points - 21 hours ago

    Ahh, the old ''My Dad works at Jagex i can trim your armour'' ruse.

    Shameless /r/2007scape plug. Jagex ran server of the OldSchool Runescape. Come relive your childhood!

  • The-Respawner - 105 points - 22 hours ago

    That guy was clearly joking though.

  • zebrastarz - 26 points - 22 hours ago

    My dad works at Nintendo!

  • boomership - 46 points - 23 hours ago

    Reminds me of this.

  • Razenghan - 16 points - 21 hours ago

    This is a repost take it down now, i'll ban you from the subreddit my sisters works at /r/gaming

  • Rauma - 7 points - 21 hours ago

    Plot twist his uncle has also shagged your mother.

  • BadgerBash - 6 points - 21 hours ago

    hey its me your nephew

  • Zeeforkboy - 4 points - 20 hours ago

    Better do what he says man. Some sniper that graduated at the top of his class and is trained in gorilla warfare killed my whole family because I didn't listen to him.

  • UltimateDude121 - 29 points - 22 hours ago

    You know this kid probably wasn't being serious, right? I've said the same thing to people before as a joke.

  • dubblechrisp - 4 points - 21 hours ago

    T$E is a community well known for their childish/immature members.

  • YouDontKnowMeOkayyy - 2 points - 21 hours ago

    Hahah I always say this too when playing, but instead of saying "Counterstrike" I say my uncle works at Ubisoft. Best way to make people pissy.

  • ownedyea - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Well my dad works for Xbox live

  • Blackhawk7 - 2 points - 21 hours ago

    I always use the ol' "My dad works at Bungie"

  • AcidiusGreen - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Oh god what a wave of nostalgia.

  • bored_shirtless - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    The hacker got off lightly, we all know his cousin works at valve.

  • destraight - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Well the guy is right, because there are alot of hackers in cs

  • furiousdeath7 - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Should be the default title for every post. Hilarious or not.

  • imArtiQ - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    Counter Strike Entertainment, new company around here.

  • Rusemaster1 - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    He is obviously joking. This has been a meme on 4chan for years.

  • cousinbenson - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    Its true his name is Terry Ristswin

  • ralamus - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    People still make names like that? Reminds me of my CS 1.6 and Halo days.

  • rampage95 - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    I don't get why this post is being so heavily up voted? It's a really common joke

  • bizzcut - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    Thank you for starting a post with "not my own content" instead of "look at this funny shit that totally happened to me"

  • stdTrancR - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    ... "I know Michael Booth of Turtle Rock Studios" would probably be just as successful of a threat.

  • sloansta - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    Seems legit...

  • sweetjimmy - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    unoriginal and unfunny. front page it is!

  • souljump - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    1v1 me bro!!! My dad works for Bungie!

  • OkComments - -1 points - 23 hours ago


  • port11 - 1 points - 21 hours ago

    That's cool mine works at Bungie

  • Cerothenus - -4 points - 20 hours ago

    Damn. Front page. This really blew up!

  • deleted - -5 points - 23 hours ago


Today I achieved my career ambition and a major life goal to write music for MGSV: The Phantom Pain! Sorry just wanted to share :)


  • Skele10 - 87 points - Yesterday

    Reminds me of that one time I finished two foot long subs in one sitting. I hope you keep the momentum going. Great work and

  • Ragnrok - 86 points - Yesterday

    a major life goal to write music for MGSV: The Phantom Pain!

    I have an image now of you 20 years ago in elementary school, and when the teacher asks you what you want to do when you grow up you very specifically answer "My goal is to write music for MGSV: The Phantom Pain!".

  • woohaa - 21 points - Yesterday

    Been loving the music of MGSV:TPP so far! Which pieces did you compose?

  • Macemalakai - 8 points - Yesterday

    Ever since I was a boy, I've wanted to draw for Halo 5: Guardians myself.

  • derpeddit - 6 points - Yesterday

    Why would you be sorry? Isn't this what reddit is for, sweet sweet karma?

  • MoshMuth - 3 points - Yesterday


  • majesticsteed - 2 points - Yesterday

    This literally gave me chills. I hope for more great success in your career and that some day I can share my accomplishments with reddit.

  • CursedLemon - 2 points - Yesterday

    What software suites do you use to compose?

  • weirdo0808 - 2 points - 23 hours ago


  • peachesrcool - 2 points - 23 hours ago


    you can only go down from here ;)

  • Count_Zrow - 2 points - 23 hours ago

    you're not the guy who did that shitty nirvana electro cover are you?

  • Vufur - 3 points - Yesterday

    You can die in peace now.

  • vindolin - 3 points - Yesterday

    Wow, congratulations! Got a Youtube link or something for those of us that don't have the game yet?

  • Woah_Slow_Down - 3 points - Yesterday

    Sorry just wanted that phat karma :)

  • polosexual - 2 points - Yesterday

    You really are a talented composer. Good job! This has to be one of the toughest series to write for; there are so many conflicting moods

  • haqbar - 1 points - Yesterday

    If you composed "Quiet's Theme" then thank you, that song is beautiful!

  • 9ninjas - 1 points - Yesterday

    Are you in long island?

  • arwidcool - 1 points - Yesterday

    Did you just do the composition or did you actually make it in a DAW?

  • xCharlieScottx - 1 points - Yesterday

    Are you David Bowie?

    On a serious note though that's so cool, I'm really loving the score for it so far. Really adds a little je no sais quoi to it

  • Maddog0516 - 1 points - Yesterday

    The game's score is 80s sci fi awesome, keep it up I want to hear more from you!

  • kingofping4 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Wait a minute... if you just wrote the music today, then how could they have possibly included it in the game?!

    This guy's gotta be a phony!

    But seriously, congrats.

  • BlackSmokeDemonII - 1 points - Yesterday

    How is Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss now? I fucking loved him in World at War. Im currently avoiding all videos so nothing gets spoiled (havnt got the game yet)

  • CH_GOROG - 1 points - Yesterday

    Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment :D

  • CurlingPornAddict - 1 points - Yesterday

    Lupe Fiasco must be furious

  • huggy-bear - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hey man, this is really really cool! It's an inspiration to us lowly garage musicians, sometimes we forget that music can be more than just somthing to piss off your neighborhood. Congratulations man

  • ThatDude57 - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    I loved you in "Take on me".

  • graintop - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    If you really just wrote the music today, it's going to be super hard to get it into the game. Order a USB mic and a Blu-ray burner and I'll see if I can find a guide.

  • lukeproc - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Ieuan says he doesn't care.

  • songoku9001 - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Is it just me, or does that kinda look like Liam Neeson on the front of that game cover??

  • gwarsh41 - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Props dude, its a great feeling. I had a life goal of having my name in the credits of a video game. Didn't care where, just wanted my name in there. I knew no one would ever read it, never notice, but I would know. Somewhere out there is a collector with 2 games, both of which have my names in the credits.

    I know the feeling, its awesome!

  • 42z3ro - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Congratulations. What types of music do you usually produce and do you use a DAW?

  • Axiomatt - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    you know if you fancy hooking me up some samples i would be so happy :D i wirte jungle music in the uk and love using video game music where i can

  • thealphainvention - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Congrats Dan. I've been listening to your work for a while and didn't realise you'd got on the official gig. If anyone deserved that, it was you!


  • davvok - 0 points - Yesterday

    You wrote music for Phantom Pain?

Absolutely amazing Zero Suit Samus Cosplay


  • NinjaBullets - 16 points - Yesterday

    Crotch isn't snug enough

  • RatchetFucker - 48 points - Yesterday

    This is a Russian cosplayer named Vlada Lutsak. Here's her Instagram. It's full stuff.

    And yes, she's legal.

  • Babbagooties - 51 points - Yesterday

    Higher-RES for more beauty.

  • thefinalturnip - 173 points - Yesterday

    If it's not Jessica Nigri then I'm cool with it.

  • roseblooms - 39 points - Yesterday

    I stumbled across this one yesterday. The wig is a bit off putting in this one, but I like the suit more. The glowing back piece is a nice touch.

    Edit: Forgot to include source. It was made by Andromeda Latex, to whom I'd consider trading my firstborn for one of their suits.

  • PitchforkEmporium - 149 points - Yesterday


    Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool – However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl.

  • valaair - 57 points - Yesterday

    I'm going to need a view from the back as well... for science, of course.

  • mentalow - 12 points - Yesterday

    Isn't it a 3D rendering ? Seriously ?

  • Dan479 - 4 points - Yesterday

    It's not bad.

    But "Absolutely Amazing" is more than a bit of a stretch

  • extremelyCombustible - 2 points - Yesterday


  • SubjectThirteen - 1 points - Yesterday

    10/10 cause she's got the trademark Samus resting bitch face and not a smile. Samus does not smile.

  • DrZed400 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Anyone have a picture of her in a birthday suit?

  • yukichigai - 2 points - Yesterday

    This just in, everything looks more "authentic" when it involves a super fit woman and skintight latex.

    Good outfit though all the same.

  • VonnyAlex - 4 points - Yesterday

    I legitimately thought was animated at first glance. I said to myself, "good graphics"

  • PM_Best_Nude_Selfie - 7 points - Yesterday

    I bet these comments are all going to be high quality, intellectual discussions.

  • LastWWolf - 9 points - Yesterday

    Good cosplay, but I hate Zero Suit Samus. All its purpose is, is to sex up Samus, which I hate because she used to be one of the most respected female characters in gaming.

  • KaneinEncanto - 1 points - Yesterday

    I swear I can feel a burning sensation from those eyes' gaze.

  • attentionpaysme - 1 points - Yesterday

    It's gotta be hard walking around in that, right?

  • tueborowls - 1 points - Yesterday

    Reminds me of Joanna from Perfect Dark, but slightly-lighter coloring.

  • PokecheckHozu - 1 points - Yesterday

    The thumbnail made her legs look longer than they really are. I had to see the actual image to make sure that wasn't the case.

  • totmacherX - 1 points - Yesterday

    Her legs stretch into next week!

  • Shrewd_GC - 1 points - Yesterday

    What makes getting a suit that fits that closely so difficult? I haven't seen very many costumes fit this well.

  • zykezero - 1 points - Yesterday

    There is not enough metroid fusion love. That is the best suit I think. And I just wish they would make a damn sequel to it already.

  • SmokinJoe - 1 points - Yesterday

    I hate how they changed Samus' getup.

  • SmellyJaguar - 1 points - Yesterday


  • FedorsMum - 0 points - Yesterday

    I'd metroid her bum hole.

  • heezeydeezay - 1 points - Yesterday

    Can I ha yo numbuh huh can I

  • Connor4Wilson - 1 points - Yesterday


    but seriously, that's a pretty amazing cosplay.

  • auger7 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I don't believe this is a real person..this still looks too CGI to me

  • Kriptex - 1 points - Yesterday

    well i mean, its not that technical of a costume. Just gotta knew how to be able to make a dress and do some hair and make up.

  • RRBeachFG2 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Aww the chastising level of bitchiness is right there

  • MaxHeiliger3434 - -3 points - Yesterday

    Of course it has to be the most modern and lamest Samus design yet. Who thought it would be cool to give her high heels? Samus is supposed to bedazzle our gender expectations with her bird dna badassery.

    If you look in the old Nintendo power article she's like six feet tall and 200 pounds. Now she has been reduced to being exactly like every other supermodel fictional character.

  • goodgulfgrayteeth - 1 points - Yesterday

    Despite the fact that every guy on here would love to see her get OUT of that outfit, I'd like to see what all she has to go through to put it ON...

  • TheLetter10 - 1 points - Yesterday

    It's OK.

  • fiveamtuesday - 2 points - Yesterday

    "absolutely amazing' to describe a latex suit and molded hair.

  • loveandmonsters - 0 points - Yesterday

    I really have beef with all these professional cosplayers nowadays. It used to be about having such a deep love for something, you took pride in showing up to some convention in your crappy C3PO outfit made from cardboard. That's awesome. Now it's hot busty chicks who can sew 'n' craft charging bucks to take pics with them. I mean, good for you for taking advantage of idiot males, but goddammit.

  • Rusty_Bumper - -2 points - Yesterday

    yup thats a hot chick, i mean awesome costume.

  • lucasvb - -4 points - Yesterday

    Remember when Samus was represented by the badass armor and a strong non-sexualized character? (Original "less armor" ending notwithstanding.)

    She was a badass soldier who just happened to be a woman, not a woman who just happened to be a soldier. What happened to that?

  • manx_man - -2 points - Yesterday

    Who is she?

  • swishy22 - -4 points - Yesterday

    Really wish we could keep people dressing up in costumes in a different sub.

  • bytetrack - -1 points - Yesterday

    What happened to r/gaming? Is this sub filled spam accounts at this point? The only posts that make my feed during the past few weeks are strictly hot chick cosplay. I get it, she's hot and in a latex suit and this is a male dominated sub but how many "absolutely amazing" INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE cosplay do we need? Is there another sub that talks about gaming or gaming news?

  • apullin - 0 points - Yesterday

    It's a slim girl in a latex suit. It is really that amazing? I a lot of ways, I am way more impressed with that Prometheus cosplay someone did.

  • GuyThatPostsStuff - 0 points - Yesterday

    I'm sorry, but pairing any positive words with "Zero Suit Samus" is essentially the equation for an oxymoron.
    Remember when she was a kickbutt female bounty hunter with practical armor instead of girlygirl Mc. tightpants?
    And don't get me started on Other M.

  • ForceBlade - 0 points - Yesterday

    ITT: for a default upvoting a girl, surprising. Intelligent discussion

    Also apparently reddit hates JN, a 'famous' cosplayer

  • leechsucka - -4 points - Yesterday

    Is it just me, or does it look like Samus is packing a little something extra?

  • C4Edgez - -8 points - Yesterday

    Marry me pls

  • KS_Mania - -10 points - Yesterday

    She is too fat though. Real Samus looks much cuter face-wise and has a better figure.

  • Awesome-o_O - -18 points - Yesterday

    Sexxx....* weeze * ....xxxxxx......* weeze * ......xxxxxyyyyyy!

This vehicle seems perfect for losing my wanted level


  • j3wbakka - 182 points - Yesterday

    Malaysia Airlines, we'll take you to your final destination

  • alkizmo - 33 points - Yesterday

    Your wanted level will top out for a good 6 months but they'll never find you.

  • HaikuberryFin - 15 points - Yesterday

    Creates new problems-

    now you must try to avoid

    any rogue black holes

  • TheOnlyOtherRedditor - 6 points - Yesterday

    Should've made it as a skin for some of the 777 models to make it more realistic.

  • CryoSage - 5 points - Yesterday

    homie.... you going to lose a lot more than your wanted level.

  • Cruelman5555 - 4 points - Yesterday


  • fishandchips20 - 2 points - Yesterday

    And OP was never heard from again.

  • Redarmes - 4 points - Yesterday

    You're all going to hell. And you're all beautiful.

  • HorseAFC - 6 points - Yesterday


  • deleted - 2 points - Yesterday


  • allenselmo - 1 points - Yesterday

    Well as soon as the police spot you getting into one they know they can just let nature runs its course.

  • strawhatbrian - 1 points - Yesterday

    Malaysia Airline, get lost... in the luxury.

  • balls1287 - 1 points - Yesterday

    it's a year late, but i'll allow it

  • trevors685 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Nope, not with helicopters that can fly as fast as jumbo jets and appear out of thin air!

  • bldarkman - 1 points - Yesterday

    Holy shit o.0

  • bazwalt - 1 points - Yesterday

    Oh burn...

  • Khiraji - 1 points - Yesterday


  • balancespec2 - 1 points - Yesterday

    It's on GTA 5 mods if you want to download it and get lost long time. I just used the screen shot from the modders page (I did not make it).

  • lemonsause - 1 points - Yesterday

    Savage af

  • Dont_touch_my_coffee - 1 points - Yesterday

    Lots of stuff seems to disappear in Malaysia. First the plane, now 700 million cash. What a fascinating country.

  • Xesyliad - 1 points - Yesterday

    Either that, or you will get shot down by some "insurgents" ... (everyone has already forgotten about MH17 apparently).

  • Revolvyerom - 1 points - Yesterday

    Perfect, they'll never find you.

  • Terakahn - 1 points - Yesterday

    I missed something in the news again didn't I.

  • cgmcnama - 1 points - Yesterday

    Sum Ting Wong

    Ho Lee Fuk

    Yu Too Lo

    Still funny though...

  • Wilken88 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I expect the response to be something like this

  • TBrady84 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Did they even find it yet?

  • TripleFlux - 1 points - Yesterday

    Where is the other wing

  • aboveaverage_joe - 2 points - Yesterday

    It's the wrong aircraft, but I approve. See you in hell.

  • Cubixic - -1 points - Yesterday

    shots fucking fired holy shitamole

  • Hack-A-Byte - 0 points - Yesterday

    Too soon

  • goodhotchill - -11 points - Yesterday

    At somepoint we have to come up with a better name than vehicle . Who even thought of that name . Its so annoyong to say . Its a CAR say CAR

The intro to the new Metal Gear Solid in a nutshell


  • zeroyon04 - 112 points - Yesterday

    Just watch these two ~5 minute videos to get all the backstory you really need for this game:

    You don't need to play the first MGS, or MGS2 or MGS4 to understand this game. All of those games take place after this one.

  • Greylith - 26 points - Yesterday

    "Hey babe! What's going on in your game?" "I just escaped a hospital where everyone was getting shot with a guy who wasn't wearing pants! Then I was attacked by a helicopter that was destroyed by a WHALE MADE OF FIRE! Then I was saved by a cowboy on who's horse I'm riding while we escape from a fire demon riding a six-legged nightmare steed!"

  • blue_dreams - 44 points - Yesterday

    I couldn't figure out whether fire-type Volgin and Tretij are trying to kill Big Boss or protect/save him from who ever is trying to kill him.

  • Quysolilo - 20 points - Yesterday

    Me playing the prologue.

  • wolfenburg - 32 points - Yesterday

    It drug on for a little longer than I thought. The prologue took an hour and most of that is Big Boss crawling around trying to learn to walk.

  • dannygojo - 57 points - Yesterday

    Best tutorial level i've ever played.

  • faecesofdeath - 6 points - Yesterday

    Can someone explain the giant, fiery, flying whale?

  • DonutsOverEverything - 6 points - Yesterday

    Here are some nice screenshots I got of this guy.

  • Trappercap - 11 points - Yesterday

    It's Volgin time.Crotches don't grab themselves, you know.

  • BaZing3 - 5 points - Yesterday

    I would like to point out that the post-prologue intro credits had TWO credits for the sunglasses that Ocelot and Miller wear before they credited the non-Kojima Japanese writers.

  • Kelter_Skelter - 3 points - Yesterday

    "Is that a fucking whale!?"

  • billstinkypants - 2 points - Yesterday

    I have to believe this will all make sense later on, or not.

  • Bionaknight - 2 points - Yesterday

    My main impression of the intro was "Metal Gear Outlast: The Phantom Whistleblower"

  • Jarrettosan - 2 points - Yesterday

    MGS 3 snake eater will forever be my favorite opening intro. I just love the James Bond feel of it.

  • JakobTheOne - 7 points - Yesterday

    I didn't realize people were enjoying the tutorial level. To me, it was FFXIII levels of boring. Laying in a bed for fifteen minutes, followed by some just absolutely terrible stealth sections - how weren't we seen like five times? Dude's looking right at us, while we're lying laterally perpendicular to a bed; another shines his flashlight on our partner; a final one sees a guy grab our leg, executes him, yet misses us?

    At the end, I was practically calling out what was going to happen, like when the LATV ran over the Bullet Eater, and Boss runs out of the opening in the building. "Turn left, Boss. Hard left. It is going to explode behind you. Don't run in a straight line. This isn't Prometheus." Then, the dude gets hit by a car after we pointlessly fire at him for ten seconds.

    I enjoy the game after, but the opening half-hour was just dreadful, in my opinion.

  • funnyonlinename - 5 points - Yesterday

    i'm about 6 hours in to this game and i already think it's a masterpiece, the controls and non-linearity are amazing. this is pretty much the best features of all the previous metal gear games culminating into a special game

  • DoctorLovejuice - 3 points - Yesterday

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    The whole time I was shaking my head and thinking "This is fucking nuts. And its fucking great. What the fuck is even happening? I love this game already."

  • BusinessReplyMale - 2 points - Yesterday

    That is the entire series in a nutshell

  • delnoche - 1 points - Yesterday

    What are the songs that were used in this tutorial. Including the one before the start menu.

  • Inaccuratefocus - 1 points - Yesterday

    Just got done playing the intro and I felt the same way. So much nostalgia and yet so much random shit like a giant fire wale who had a hankering for helicopters.

  • L3ftyrocks89 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Revolver Ocelot.

  • Ozzymandiaas - 1 points - Yesterday

    "Metal Gear Solid in a nutshell" FTFY

  • ThePlanBPill - 1 points - Yesterday

    Snake's been huffing butane again.

  • EnvidiaProductions - 1 points - Yesterday

    This exactly.

  • pidgerii - -3 points - Yesterday

    I hated this intro, 90 mins with maybe 10 mins of gameplay. This was a big problem in IV with the stupidly overlong scenes. Games are meant to be interactive, if you want to make movies then go make freakin' movies.

    Once the game proper starts it's all fine, but I was ready to trade the bloody thing straight back in after that stupidly, excessively long, non-interactive intro.

  • Jord-UK - -1 points - Yesterday

    All I could think is holy shit this is epic as fuck... But it is taking so long that I doubt I'll ever start again.

  • AggressionSsb - 0 points - Yesterday

    You know kojima does this on purpose because he knows gameplay is more important. He made metal gear's story ridiculous and cryptic on purpose because it doesn't matter.

  • Hinarfed - -10 points - Yesterday

    So.. it's out... now?

    Hahaha BRING THE DOWN VOTES! The couch warriors are up early!

  • Adrien422 - -8 points - Yesterday

    If you have no idea what's happening, you should start with Metal Gear Solid first of his name

Great aerial Rocket League goal


  • Half_Past_Five - 1151 points - Yesterday

    This is why I don't play online with you fuckers.

  • FraBaktos - 187 points - Yesterday

    Gallowboob posting random rocket league plays now, this guy is a karma machine

  • WesWar - 479 points - Yesterday

    Nice shot!
    Nice shot!

  • B_bearz - 312 points - Yesterday

    Hey! That's me! Great to see Rocket League getting some more recognition, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me :)

    If you want to see more highlights like this from the community, want some gameplay advice or just want to find out more what Rocket League is all about, come join us at r/RocketLeague

    Also, you can find the original post here

    Edit: Incase anyone wants to check out trailers, screenshots, reviews for the game or want to buy it, here's the steam page for Rocket League. It's an absolutely amazing game that I already have 270+ hours in. It's a tonne of fun, even if you're playing by yourself online. The entire community is really friendly (even online) and you can always add people you play with and party up with them for future games (which I've done myself a countless number of times and it's always a blast). The devs are also great and communicate a lot more than other game devs I've seen, so Rocket League is in good hands :)

    Edit 2: Also available on PS4!

    Final edit: Don't mean to sound like a salesman, but I really really love this game and the awesome community which surrounds it. I'd love for as many people to get their hands on this game as possible. It's only going to get bigger, especially with the steadily growing Rocket League e-sports scene, with cash prize tournaments and sponsored teams already. I hope you at least give this game a minute of your time and see what it's all about, and I hope to see you in-game!

  • Chrononaught - 77 points - Yesterday

    Holy shit.

  • FowD9 - 49 points - Yesterday

    I can't stay in the air for more than 2 seconds, how does he stay in the air for the entire length of the map :O

  • HeadHunter579 - 44 points - Yesterday

    I wonder if gallowboob actually plays rocket league or if he just reposts shit he saw a while ago

  • ThrowawayObserver - 10 points - Yesterday

    Eventually someone is going to get so good at rocket League that as soon as they gain control of the ball in the air they can just guide it straight to the goal every time

  • WarsWorth - 4 points - Yesterday


  • Matt280hp - 4 points - Yesterday

    Korean level, over 9000

  • Kryptickzz - 4 points - Yesterday

    I swear your car weighs less than mine.

  • l0calher0 - 10 points - Yesterday

    Alright they need to make a bunch of minigames for rocket league. And by a bunch, I mean 2:

    1.) racing.

    2.) deathmatch. Where you try to destroy the other guys.

    There's no spot for mariokart style on ps4. They could easily take that market over.

  • textbooksforrent - 6 points - Yesterday

    "Well that wasn't that hard, lucky angle more than anything else...oh... oh my. Oh my god. Oh my good god."

  • MattAdams53 - 3 points - Yesterday

  • Frankietee101 - 3 points - Yesterday

    GallowBoob doing GallowBoob things..... where's the xpost buddy

  • csr0897 - 3 points - Yesterday

    Thank you for actually letting people know what the game is in the title. That gets so annoying when you see cool stuff but nobody knows or will tell you what it is.

  • Frogloggers - 3 points - Yesterday


  • LTG16 - 2 points - Yesterday

    When I see shit like this on the internet and then I go and play this game myself I feel like I'm retarded or like I'm playing with my elbows .

  • JP50515 - 2 points - Yesterday

    how the hell do you fly like that?!

  • SockPuppetDinosaur - 2 points - Yesterday


  • BD_CrickIV - 2 points - Yesterday

    How do you fly like this? Maybe this is a rookie question but I have never seen/done that before.

  • TenaciousD3 - 2 points - Yesterday

    More impressive to me that it was in ball cam mode, jesus fuck is that hard.

  • Kidney05 - 2 points - Yesterday

    This is some next level shit. Super hard to defend. No one could even stop him once he was up in the air. Only chance you have is a good jump at the goal last second.

  • BleedingThumbsMurphy - 1 points - Yesterday

    I can't even fly for more than 3 seconds let alone across half of the field.

  • BlazeDrag - 1 points - Yesterday

    Jesus I need to figure out how to soar like that

  • mclove94 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • th35ky - 2 points - Yesterday

    I don't know whether this motivates me to get better at the game or just to give up whilst I'm ahead.

  • dubloon7 - 2 points - Yesterday

    What a save!

    What a save!

    What a save!

    What a save!

    What a save!

    Chat disabled for 4 seconds

    Chat disabled for 4 seconds

    Chat disabled for 3 seconds

    Chat disabled for 3 seconds

    Chat disabled for 2 seconds

    Chat disabled for 2 seconds

    Chat disabled for 1 seconds

    Chat disabled for 1 seconds


  • GallowBoob - 2 points - Yesterday

    Source video

  • Moiphy - 2 points - Yesterday

    Sweet goal

    *upvotes. *

    Sees Gallowbob

    *downvotes. *

  • tcigzies - 1 points - Yesterday

    what is this game and is it free?

  • Lorenzen - 1 points - Yesterday


  • wubwub - 1 points - Yesterday

    That does not seem to be realistic behavior for remote control cars...

  • Makasuro - 1 points - Yesterday


  • PraiseCaine - 1 points - Yesterday

    Wait, you can fly? What?!?

  • SMG_MP7A1 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Just got this game, now regret it after seeing this.

  • Banton14 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Everytime I play this game I just stand around flipping over like a freaking retarded turtle. (Accurate imagery) yet I find this game so amusing. Lol

  • work_account_12 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Kinda reminds me of a boss battle from Spyro. Not sure why.

  • Derpy_Guardian - 1 points - Yesterday

    You can boost upwards? What the fuuuuuuuuuck

  • JusticeMuz - 1 points - Yesterday

    I didn't know people actually used that feature

  • kyomoto - 1 points - Yesterday

    You're already 2 pts ahead and you insult them with this manuever, damn.

    Edit: Apparently I'm colorblind

  • doratheora - 1 points - Yesterday


  • StickitFlipit - 1 points - Yesterday

    how the fuck do you fly up that high

  • JoeMcBro - 1 points - Yesterday


  • beansahol - 1 points - Yesterday


  • arziben - 1 points - Yesterday



  • PM_Me_UrTits_pls - 1 points - Yesterday

    I need to get this game.

  • GreenArrowCuz - 1 points - Yesterday

    if done right, no can defend

  • grandland17 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I tried that once and was beaten horribly by the other team.

Max! Watch out....Oh.


  • Eab213 - 120 points - Yesterday

    I love the joy in his face when it happens.

  • orangedrink888 - 30 points - Yesterday

    hahaha was that Chum that did that?

  • ballpitpredator - 25 points - Yesterday

    This reminds me of my favorite Mass effect glitch

  • EmirSc - 29 points - Yesterday

    dont you hate when this happens irl

  • TheTranceGG - 27 points - Yesterday

    With audio:

  • Philanthroman - 11 points - Yesterday

    Second vid I've seen of this game and I keep laughing uncontrollably. Can't wait to play tonight.

  • CH_GOROG - 6 points - Yesterday


  • alphasquid - 5 points - Yesterday

    So, is this game any good?

  • bionix90 - 4 points - Yesterday

    The guy's reaction is priceless.

  • sirbruce - 10 points - Yesterday


  • GrandMasterReddit - 1 points - Yesterday

    What game is this?

  • AzureBlu - 1 points - Yesterday

    Got the game downloading right now.. 3.5ish hrs left :(

    I wish my internet was faster T.T

  • deleted - 1 points - Yesterday


  • Adiwik - 1 points - Yesterday

    Keep showing your faces, ku ku ku...

  • crozzbang - 1 points - Yesterday

    Haircut desperately needed.

  • vindecima - 1 points - Yesterday

    He just wanted you to witness his shiny new tires.

  • RobertTheSpruce - 1 points - Yesterday

    Why is there a guy in the bottom corner of the gif?

  • applejacksparrow - 1 points - Yesterday

    too bad this game had the misfortune of sharing a release date with Phantom Pain.

  • MonacoE92 - 1 points - Yesterday

    That guy looks like Quinton Tarentino had a son.

  • _Mellex_ - 1 points - Yesterday

    Should one be concerned with all the glitches popping up?

  • arshaqV - 1 points - Yesterday

    Wow, the graphics are amazing

  • deleted - -8 points - Yesterday


  • Mabans - -7 points - Yesterday

    Why are we back in 98 with all these animated gifs?

Fallout has the best attention to detail


  • NigelxD - 239 points - 2 days ago

    holy shit, I never noticed this. Nice find!

  • speaksthetruthalways - 223 points - 2 days ago

    Fallout has lots of these small stories if you look around

  • Sammie_SU - 43 points - 2 days ago

    I'd definitely be questioning his intentions as soon as he whipped out his camera, asking for me to pose with a few other men.

  • Ilikepoojokes - 39 points - 2 days ago

    The damn sculptor left me out. I know it was a simulation, but fuck that guy

  • RocketRetro - 13 points - 2 days ago

    Rest in peace sweet princes :'(

  • subshophero - 93 points - 2 days ago

    Bethesda has the best attention to detail. A notch above BioWare.

  • ice445 - 21 points - 2 days ago

    I actually thought they laid this on a little thick with the "maybe someone will turn you into a statue one day".

    I would have preferred it if it was a small reward for those who had actually looked at the statue in the main game and noticed, instead of advertising itself.

  • Suitcase08 - 5 points - 2 days ago

    Statue carver done mucked up that flamethrower though.

  • Gooey_Gravy - 13 points - 2 days ago

    The guns are wrong, so their attention to detail isn't that good!

  • Vlaed - 4 points - 2 days ago

    I love in game things like this.

  • Leeham721 - 7 points - 2 days ago

    Reminds me of the opening of Bioshock: Infinite. A small detail that you can easily miss.

    As you're heading towards the docks the Lutteces are talking about Booker and say

    Robert: Becuase he doesn't row.

    Rosalind: He doesn't row?

    Robert: No, he doesn't row!

    At first it seems like they're saying Booker refuses to row. Given the time travel aspect of the story, they're actually saying that he doesn't row when they are at this part of the time line.

  • gbuck97 - 5 points - 2 days ago

    What game (DLC?) is this from?

  • theblondeginger - 2 points - 2 days ago

    Too bad I never got to finish this dlc cause it froze halfway through it everytime I played

  • Bogaz - 2 points - 2 days ago

    No, you have good attention to detail.

  • crhonos - 3 points - 2 days ago

    Then you try to enter a tent through an open flap: "This door is locked from the other side"

  • theminimosher - 2 points - 2 days ago

    There's a wig-wearing ghoul selling special aqua pura to other ghouls just outside of underworld, if you decide to confront him after learning he's running a scam while wearing one of his wigs (he has them stashed in a building you raid during the mission), you get a special dialogue option! It really is the little things like that that keep me coming back to Bethesda games all these years later...

  • SirHerpMcDerpintgon - 2 points - 2 days ago

    Damn I totally missed that. At least this gives me an excuse to play through the game again.

  • zakary3888 - 3 points - 2 days ago

    Statue Maker "what can I do to make this better....I know!" -proceed give them all six packs-

  • randompaul100 - 2 points - 2 days ago

    It's backwards, you see the statue first then you see this later in the DLC

  • amercanman2494 - 1 points - 2 days ago

    When is this photo taken? I can't remember this in my playthroughs

  • Gruntykins - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Except the dude on the right has two different weapons.

  • deleted - 1 points - 2 days ago


  • Trav-Nasty - 1 points - 2 days ago

    I hope you like reaching the front page Marmite-Badger.

  • realbrickz - 1 points - 2 days ago

    Statues are a lot like war...they never change

  • plagues138 - -7 points - 2 days ago

    attention to detail..... like a thing was put into the game to reference something from the same game?

    so groundbreak. such attention.

  • Vandaine - -7 points - 2 days ago

    That's pretty great. Never played Fallout but I saw this statue in real life!

  • byzzz - 0 points - 2 days ago

    wow sick find, I forgot about that.

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