Found myself following Team Magma Vs Team Aqua: The Car!


  • noahgs - 16 points - 11 hours ago

    And it had to be a pt cruiser

  • The_Barnanator - 10 points - 10 hours ago


  • Mallack - 6 points - 9 hours ago


  • fundayz - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    How on earth do they back up without crashing into shit?

  • IHSV_1855 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    I used to live in Toledo, Ohio and I saw this car all the time.

  • jru92 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    the only PT Loser worth looking at.

  • Ezreal024 - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    Team Aqua are bastards.

    Damn country is like 70% water anyway, why do they want MORE?!

  • PretendsToBeThings - 0 points - 7 hours ago

    The license plate should be blurred.

My favorite thing about destiny


  • kickstartacraze - 49 points - 12 hours ago

    It's totally a speeder bike from star wars. By no means am I saying that's a bad thing, I love it. But it totally is.

  • TheBlackSpank - 19 points - 12 hours ago

    Yeah, the Sparrow is so fun. Pops up at the push of a button, goes hella fast, and it turns on a dime.

  • TheTaconator5000 - 12 points - 11 hours ago

    If you search for golden chests while doing the explore option on the map (or while doing missions) you can get an upgraded bike. Faster and more durability. There are 4 in the open world and there is one in the Devils Lair strike mission.

  • grady08 - 7 points - 9 hours ago

    And the sound... The sound it makes is a pure orgasm.

  • SlipperySimian - 6 points - 12 hours ago

    Ya im most excited to get to ride my swoop bike through some crazy terrain. Easily my favorite part of this game. I hope theres gonnna be cool ones. The ones from pvp can do a side dash thing with the bumpers. Hopefully if there are dusty planets there will a dust cloud trailing behind you. Even if you blast the jets in water they make a bigger initial splash. But I find it is a little buggy when it rolls. But I imagine that will get fixed eventually, there prolly going to keep destiny going for a while, so there will be plenty of updates and events.

  • Succulant_Moistness - 4 points - 9 hours ago

    There's something about wanting to collide the Sparrow with walls and tumble off into the distance that makes me wonder if there's something wrong with me

  • BlazikenMasterRace - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    You haven't experienced true happiness until you buy a custom ship or find a Scout rifle that does 65 damage. I got lucky, and I'm oh so glad.

  • Chefmalex - 3 points - 9 hours ago

    Too bad I totally lost it the second I got of

  • snsimwak - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    i think the mosquito is pretty fun to ride. Feels like the sparrow but with guns and lets face it: Guns are always better.

  • DKJIN - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Dance battles in old russia.

  • SargentMcGreger - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    The sparrow is fucking fun and I love the way it sounds. I'm trying Destiny on the ps3 since I spent most of nyr money on a new gpu instead of a console but i plan on picking up Destiny on the ps4 along with the console sometime later do sadly I got to wait. But on a lighter note, it runs prty well in the ps3. I can't wait to get it to try out the 3rd version with the straifing, kinda like the bikes on the moon map.

  • Shinjukugarb - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    its a speeder bike

  • dennishamburglar - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    does it feel like the halo ghosts? I guess I will finally get my fix of wanting to whip around on the scout speeder bikes from ROTJ. They look inspired from those.

  • Skie_Killer - -5 points - 12 hours ago

    Meh,its no Ghost.

    Not even a warthog

Nintendo just sent us this for free! Story in comments.


  • ShadonOufrayor - 90 points - 11 hours ago

    So a few weeks ago I wake up to find a guy in my flat helping himself to our games consoles, passing them out the living room window. One of the things they managed to get away with was the Wii U gamepad.

    We couldn't find anyway way to purchase another without buying a full console so my fiancée rang Nintendo and explained the situation, wondering if we could buy one directly from them. To our surprise, they offered to send us one completely free!Not only that, but the guy asked what kind it was and whether or not it was a limited edition Zelda Gamepad. "If only!" my fiancée replied and told him it was a plain black one. Imagine our surprise on opening the packaging to find a limited edition Zelda gamepad!

    Just thought I'd share this story of AMAZING customer service on here. Thanks Nintendo!

  • subject_usrname_here - 4 points - 10 hours ago

    That's great to hear!

  • enndeee - 2 points - 7 hours ago

    Didn't nintendo say a couple years ago that the wii u game pad would be sold separately AND YOU COULD USE 2 AT ONCE?!?!????

  • coolnow - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Finding it hard to believe really. I had whitelisted Nintendo's email in gmail but they once sent me a code and it got sent into "promotions". It was under my radar for ages before i cleaned up my account. I found the code for a measly virtual Gameboy game code but it expired not too long ago. I emailed, explaining that i've never tried to use it until now and how i whitelisted them but they must've sent the code from a new email (understandable for big companies, happens all the time). A week later they reply saying "tough shit". Irked me a bit because even Sony, who are notorious with their PSN and refunds etc, have treated me better in the past.

  • tuffsandwich - -11 points - 10 hours ago

    Wow they only sent you a controller without the Wii U. What dicks!

  • wicked_chew - -6 points - 8 hours ago

    Hey my Wii U was stolen too winkwink

Dr. Robotnik must have been driving


  • manxk - 4 points - 10 hours ago

    Anyone ever beat sonic for PS3? The one where you fight in space for like 6 different stages at the end?

    If you say you did, you're a fucking liar.

  • Tobar - 3 points - 7 hours ago

    Thank you for using the correct name.

  • Odimaru - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    See, Robotnik. All those inventions, when all you needed was a car.

  • Sensual_Anal_Kisses - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    I'm imagining Peter Griffin running over sonic and saying "what the hell was that". Dr. Robotnik in the passenager saying "that was nothing , don't worry about it."

  • Varonth - 2 points - 7 hours ago

    Maybe he is just fixing it?

  • skyman724 - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    Metal Sonic wins!

  • tuffsandwich - 1 points - 10 hours ago


Found some classics hiding in my parents loft.


  • Son_of_Atreus - 24 points - 17 hours ago

    Theme Hospital rules!

  • ScratchThatItch - 8 points - 17 hours ago

    If that was my parents stash, it would be porn, on Beta-Max. Nice 80's porn.

  • Eyedoless - 5 points - 16 hours ago

    King's Quest! Man, I miss Sierra.

  • Falleron - 4 points - 17 hours ago

    Ah Red Alert.

    I actually bought the soundtrack to that so i could listed to Hell March while driving to high school...

  • TheMotherfucker - 3 points - 16 hours ago

    The mission in The Phantom Menace where you have to escort a suicidal Queen Amidala is the worst level I have ever played.

    One thing I loved about the game is the potential for cruelty. Normally you can kill off lots of people in Tatooine and Anakin would scream "YOU'RE A MONSTER" instead of starting the pod race. I wish I could say "you'll be even worse."

  • mosler - 3 points - 15 hours ago

    boxed copy of discworld that should be worth something to pratchett fans.

  • lawyler - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    I am always afraid to go back and play Shadows of the Empire because I have such fond memories of it- don't want to ruin my memories with reality.

  • Gnome_Chimpsky - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    I would kill for that South Park box. No really, tell me who you want removed and it shall be done!

  • TheOneBritishGuy - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    Theme Hospital was freaking awesome!

  • BronsonAlcott - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    Watch out for Theme Hospital. I found my copy a year ago and I didn't leave my apartment until I had beaten it.

  • sunshine_killer - 2 points - 17 hours ago

    I miss the big box packaging. Anyone else?

  • CaptainSnotRocket - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    I'll give you tree fiddy for kings quest...

  • wildwolfay5 - 0 points - 16 hours ago

    No "The Dig?"

    No "Rise of the Dragon?"

    No "Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Atlantis?"

    Lame :(

  • PM__ME_YOUR_STOMACH - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    I wish they released a new theme hospital.

    I spent hours of my life playing that and would happily waste more.

  • Th3Obsolete - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    I wish there would be an hd remake of the Command and Conquer series. That is one of my all time favorite pc game series. I love the early ones not the crappy recent releases made by EA.

  • MrHobbes82 - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Ahhh Dark Forces and Tie Fighter. Two of my favorites from my childhood.

    Even with the cheats on, Tie Fighter was still a pretty tough game from what I remember.

  • Blues67 - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Man, I really miss the Theme games. Bullfrog was such a good studio. Discworld was severely underrated.

  • FinalGuardian - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Was there also a giraffe?

  • MrSnider32 - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Dark Forces. Lapostal

  • outamyhead - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Everything but Rebel Assault in my collection, original boxes too instead of the re-release white box budget value one.

  • AeroGold - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    What does the big "W" on the LucasArts titles mean?

  • AbruptlyBlue - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Theme Hospital was the shits!

  • builderkid107 - 1 points - 12 hours ago


  • Sletts - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    If I were you, I would stop redditing right now, fire up those C&C games, and play until I am drooling passed out on the table.

  • QUE_SAGE - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Phantom Menace was soo annoying. I convinced a farmer to give me a thermal detonator "to clean some fields". I then used it to clear out two pigs who were blocking my path and somehow padme died because of it.

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Story of a great purchase: "Hey there, do you have battletoads?" "Yes"


  • nccm16 - 13 points - 11 hours ago relevant

  • Trizzav - 9 points - 15 hours ago

    You also have Bubble Bobble, epic.

  • ohgreatballs - 4 points - 13 hours ago

    bubble bobble is a huge pull too.

  • joelwinsagain - 5 points - 15 hours ago

    I love that game, still have mine, but it's a grey cart; didn't know they had a green one.

  • Helment - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    could be 30 pesos. Then it would be a hell of a deal!

  • Green_BuffaloKick - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Ohh that CPT America Avengers game +++

  • ImFucking_Sorry - 2 points - 13 hours ago


    I have something to admit:I thought Battletoads was a fake game that people on the Internet pretended was real.Like one big joke that 4chan started. A game that you'd talk about how great and popular it was and then people would feel confused because they'd never heard of it.Is there actually some sort of mine cart level? The way people talk about it it's so vague! I've participated in what I thought was this huge joke. I've seen posts that I thought to be made solely for the purpose of continuing the joke. There was a post a few months back that made it to the front page, it was just a photo of 8-10 old nintendo games and among then was Battletoads. I thought someone had made a fake BattleToads label for a nintendo cartridge. The post was remarkable in no other way, so I assumed it was solely for a 'BattleToads is a real game' joke. I admired the skill and dedication it took to draw a parody of old gaming artwork.That's another thing: I thought the joke had sort of morphed into two jokes. The original 'Lets ask the pawn shop for a game that doesn't exist/this game is fake but let's talk about it like it's real.' But then I thought as time went on, it also became a commentary on the cliches of old gaming. People seemed to be describing the 'fictional' levels and other details if the game in more depth and to me they sounded like a generic video game. I even contributed myself at some point.And what was someone going to do if the called Pawn Stars and they actually had the game? Why DON'T they just get a few copies? And why haven't we come up with a fictional game to fuck with people in such a manner?Then a few weeks ago I realized my mistake. I was browsing an old Mario Paint guide book and found this . I was shocked, my heart skipped a beat. It actually took me a second to figure out that I was not being fucked with. I got that cold feeling in my chest that you get when you find out something you believed 100% is 0% true. I had never bother to look it up, the first time I saw it referenced I thought it was a joke so I never bothered to look beyond that.If I had not looked in that old Mario Paint guide book, I would have assumed this whole post was made simply for the joke of slipping in BattleToads.

  • foxymoxyboxy - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    "AND Ghosts 'n' Goblins, AND Bubble Bobble, AND Maniac Mansion..."

  • Hockey- - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    now to find the battletoads & double dragon game. so much fun and much harder to find.

  • mythozz - 3 points - 14 hours ago

    30 bucks for a reproduction cart?

  • xmoda - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    battletoads is pretty common just so you know...

  • Arod3235 - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    For $30 dollars! It's worth sooo much more awesome!

  • posananer - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    iv never seen a green cartridge of Batteltoads. iv still got my gray copy. Damn i loved that game.

  • Ucala-Guk - 0 points - 15 hours ago

    Holy fuck! $30?! That's nuts! You can get every game on one cart with gamegenie for $125

  • x_mas_ape - 0 points - 14 hours ago

    Best game ever

  • SolidKGB - 0 points - 13 hours ago

    That is a repo cart. Maybe worth 10 bucks.

  • packerjd04 - -5 points - 14 hours ago

    Congratulations, you are finally part of the cancer.

  • bigjohnny82 - -13 points - 14 hours ago

    Well…. you have a repro cart. Doesn't count. I have the actual cart. Counts. You could basically say you have an emulator and a battletoads rom.

Exclusive SDCC print for The Last of Us, by Olly Moss and Jay Shaw


  • el_chupacupcake - 5 points - 15 hours ago

    And now I have to hit up Naughty Dog to see how I can get this, as I'm not at SDCC this year.

    Of all the damn years...

  • EdwardRMeow - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    Damn. If any one is at SDCC and wants to hook up a fellow print collector, PLEASE hook it up! :)

  • 13icho - 3 points - 12 hours ago

    Such a beauty for a horrendous thing

  • AtlasNoseItch - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    I wish my name was Olly.

  • dallasdude - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    If any sdcc buddies can get me a batman 7" from Mondo I will send you some awesome cookies of your choosing and of course pay for the record.

  • b-hop - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Why does this not have more upvotes?

Walking through town, when suddenly. ..


  • pb49er - 9 points - 15 hours ago

    "retro gaming console."

  • Rayygin - 10 points - 14 hours ago


  • Ishio - 8 points - 14 hours ago

    12 MONTHS WARRANTY! This is a must have!!! Never skip out on the warranty!!!

  • Quatroking - 7 points - 15 hours ago

    30 pounds is WAAAAY below market value for a CIB C64. Would've picked it up right away.

  • PeeneeTahini - 16 points - 13 hours ago

    You think your Commodore 64 is really neato. What kind of chip you got in there, a Dorito?

  • raskulous - 4 points - 13 hours ago

    Only six easy payments of $4!

  • waylaidbyjackassery - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Play "Galactic Empire Builder" and "Airborne Ranger"

  • Jazzremix - 2 points - 13 hours ago


  • Reese_Tora - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    ow, my nostalgia!

    Did they have any carts for it? I remember when My mom got that for us back when it was state of the art, she also got Earnie's Big Splash (like pipe dream, but without the time limir) and Tonka teaches math (something like this, I forget the exact name)

  • pb49er - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    I wonder what the 13 games are.

  • UPRC - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    I remember having one of these bad boys growing up. Can't believe how many lines of code you had to type just to play a game.

  • Blues67 - 0 points - 14 hours ago


  • GreenArrowCuz - -3 points - 13 hours ago

    you think your commodore 64 is really neato, what kind of chip you got in their a dorito?

  • DroolingIguana - -1 points - 13 hours ago

    Commodore 64 > Nintendo 64.

Socially Awkward Dovahkiin


  • EviLincoln - 33 points - 15 hours ago

    Cool mod. Zant is still a bastard though

  • WeAreParalized - 14 points - 15 hours ago

    The bear is wearing a helmet

  • Beardacus5 - 24 points - 16 hours ago

    It took me a good 30 seconds to figure out where I knew the helmet from. Worse still, I started a new file recently so it should've clicked straight away.

  • Lacku - 9 points - 16 hours ago

    I want that girl, what's the name of the mod?

  • oddball667 - 10 points - 14 hours ago

    I love the dovahbear in the background

  • ApexZeniths - 7 points - 14 hours ago

    At least she can't really tell if you are staring at her boobs.

  • Asiansensationz - 3 points - 14 hours ago

    Well hidden. I had to paws before I found him.

  • EE9Chestnuts933 - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Still waiting for a zant robe mod with the sleeves. It would look awesome with the floating mage animation.

  • klopkr - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    What mods are these?

  • garishbourne - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    I don't think he's gonna have to worry about his social skills for much longer...

  • Ebbenflow - 2 points - 15 hours ago

    Just done a quick search for the tunic Sofia is wearing on the Nexus but can't find it, would you mind dropping me a link? (eheheheheeh)

  • silent66 - 1 points - 15 hours ago

    Whose Sofia?

  • phlap - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Hnngg, smoothing groups!

  • Deity_Link - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    That Zant mask without any smoothing groups.

    My poor eyes...

  • FriendFoundAccount - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    That chameleon man has seen some SHIT

  • yeastblood - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Sofia is the best follower. I am replaying skyrim with her in tow hopefully I finish it this time.

  • cloudsmastersword - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Is it just me, or is that Zant?

Destiny logo explained


  • SirDooDooBritches - 497 points - 14 hours ago

    Years ago, my dorm mates and I would get together and play the original Halo all night every Friday.

    During a heated moment of teabagging (in the game), my buddy shouted "get away from me.. stop doing that you bastard". I replied "I can't. It's your destiny."

    From that moment on teabagging was referred to as destiny.

    I'm pretty sure this is where Bungie got the idea for Destiny and the crotch logo.

  • VaderPrime1 - 102 points - 13 hours ago

    Plot twist: Destiny is set thousands of year after the events of the Halo series (same universe) and in Halo 6 the story ends with Master Chief finding the Traveler and piloting it back to Earth. The Traveler's ancient enemy returns and Master Chief gives his life in an explosion of glory to save humanity with the Traveler. When the Traveler is found by the survivors hundreds of years later the only remaining piece of Master Chief's armor is this crotch piece...

  • og_b0rn - 53 points - 14 hours ago

    Master Brief

  • Claud88 - 48 points - 11 hours ago

    This was also funny when I made this image over a year ago.

    Thanks for still giving my idea some exposure though.

  • Crypto-Knight - 18 points - 12 hours ago

  • OsmundTheOrange - 6 points - 12 hours ago

    "It ain't gonna suck itself, it's your destiny."

    I feel like this would've been better if the top comment wasn't basically the same thing, but fuck it.

  • Toke_A_sarus_Rex - 10 points - 14 hours ago

    The logo reminds me of the S'pht Compilers from Marathon for some reason.

  • TaxiDriverJustice - 16 points - 14 hours ago

    The master chiefs crotch. The place where life was created.

  • -TheMAXX- - 6 points - 11 hours ago

    Those do not look anywhere near alike. Totally different shapes.

  • ApexZeniths - 4 points - 14 hours ago

    It all makes sense now

  • reddit_mind - 7 points - 14 hours ago

    The logo has 3 prongs. Sort of separates the person into two halves. The soldier looks like he's full of life.

  • GoryWizard - 4 points - 11 hours ago

    Tried out the beta last night, and holy fuck was I disappointed. Kinda expected something fresh and exciting from bungie. It just felt like ME3/Borderlands, and aside from the character models the visuals were meh.

  • xFumbles - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    Just the Tip of the destiny franchise.

  • FriendFoundAccount - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    master chief dick confirmed

  • OriginalAndWitty - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    ...but they don't match.

    braces for downvotes

  • Soccadude123 - 1 points - 12 hours ago


  • KalimasPinky - 1 points - 12 hours ago


  • NES_SNES_N64 - 0 points - 12 hours ago

    Cannot unsee, you bastard.

  • maggosh - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    I thought it was a rabbit vibrator.

  • 1leggeddog - 1 points - 12 hours ago

  • gdlkngngr - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    Or its the fuckin space ship you get

  • twodogsfighting - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    So, basically, this game is pants.

  • njdevils96 - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    never going to unsee

  • ViolentGiraffe23 - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    This is scary accurate

  • Remmib - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Yep, this was the first thing that stuck out to me when they first revealed the logo.

    Was everyone at the studio too afraid to say anything or something?

  • Mathaes - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    HAHAHAHA Starboy11, this one's good.

  • srgramrod - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Oh that's why the cog price isn't in halo 4, bungie took it with them

  • twitchosx - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    I always liked the logos that Bungie would come up with. Remember the Marathon logo?

  • Zakorus26 - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    So they are saying suck my dick Halo?

  • Marklithikk - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    When people think about penis, its because they are thinking about penis.

  • BARF-NUTS - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    I've been waiting for this game so fucking loooooong.

  • crisscutfries - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    The game can't even have it's own unique logo? C'mon!

  • RedrunGun - 1 points - 11 hours ago


  • sogwatchman - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    Not the Destiny logo... That's the Bungie cod piece... erm logo

  • checkur6 - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    Let's just hope Destiny isn't a bag of dicks.

  • Mobile4444 - 1 points - 13 hours ago


  • thedenofsin - 0 points - 13 hours ago

    I am your density!

  • AgentBanner - -4 points - 14 hours ago

    How many times is this gonna be posted?

  • ronyg1 - -2 points - 14 hours ago

    Needs more jpeg

  • ItalianHippo - -7 points - 13 hours ago

    Here cum the dick jokes...

  • dozperos - -1 points - 13 hours ago

    So all that tea bagging in halo accomplished something?

  • Norph00 - 0 points - 11 hours ago

    To me it look like that rubber mat that sits in a urinal and holds the urinal cake. Also the warlock symbol is a stylized upside down w.

  • aboganza - 0 points - 11 hours ago

    inb4 dickbutt

  • Linkian06 - 0 points - 11 hours ago

    So... Master Chief put the 'D' in Destiny...

  • DreHeyHer - 0 points - 11 hours ago

    Its because this game is going to be NUTS!!

  • jrohlfing - 0 points - 11 hours ago

    Master Crotch!

  • Blodje - -2 points - 13 hours ago

    There's a Freud joke in here somewhere

  • KGB_101 - -1 points - 11 hours ago

    Can't unsee.

  • BaconZombie - -1 points - 11 hours ago

    So /r/SpaceDicks/ ?

  • Greedeater - -7 points - 14 hours ago

    Something something codpiece joke

  • Your_Mangina - -3 points - 13 hours ago

    How big do you think Master Chief's dong was?

  • RagingHardRooster - -5 points - 13 hours ago

    i was expecting a fallout feel campaign with Halo multiplayer i have received neither. also, the beginning when your ghost finds you is a lot like the beginning to ocarina of time. in fact its identical.

  • Dsee3 - -8 points - 14 hours ago

    Naa the best ps1 game was twisted metal. Axel was the shit