CS:GO in a nutshell


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    Applies to DotA too

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    Russian is saying "subscribe" for anyone wondering.

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    Or you say hey! and then they reply " habla espanol " or reply in some other language.... GG.

  • renegadezac - 59 points - 13 hours ago

    Don't forget being kicked when winning 15-2

  • the_viewer15 - 5 points - 11 hours ago

    Clutch or Kick.

  • BoltActionPiano - 4 points - 11 hours ago

    Why in dota can you pick English and have not a single game with English speaking players is beyond me.

  • timmystwin - 7 points - 12 hours ago

    Source like right at the start.

  • Bonfrito - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    I must be in the secret league of Americans, I have 700+ hours with no games without English. Plenty without microphones.

  • Isor - 5 points - 11 hours ago

    In 300 hours I have never seen a non English speaker in GO.

  • Sulaboy - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    Someone's just jealous I get all these pro Russians to myself.

  • bandage1000 - 1 points - 10 hours ago

    Russian is saying "subscribe" for anyone wondering.

  • IngeniousGentleman - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Basically any online fps for PC.

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    My favorite on CSGO is when everyone on your team pretends to not have mics, then when you start ripping on them for not having mics, the mics finally come on.

    I cannot understand why anyone would not use their mic in CSGO. It puts you at such a disadvantage if someone doesn't have a mic.

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    We don't get any Russians in the prison colony known as Australia

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    Haha good meme!

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    Oh it's this post.

The Legend of Zelda: Test thy courage


  • farg_red - 46 points - 14 hours ago

    Oh wow, this is OC? Super amazing work. Envokes childhood feelings of playing it for the very first time. You don't happen to sell posters?

    (Also, a wallpaper version of this would be amaze-balls)

  • KirbyQK - 12 points - 14 hours ago

    It is my privilege to say, this is fucking awesome first! I've upvoted all of the artwork because you have this awesome ability to really communicate the scale of whatever it is... Death Mountain, Shadow of the Colossus and the Moon from Majora's Mask!

  • iCantEvenButtons - 5 points - 14 hours ago

    May I remind everyone to check out all of OP's submitted art, as he has some totally unloved pieces that are still amazing; he has a badass close up of Link, as well as some Star Wars art.

  • slaya45 - 6 points - 13 hours ago

    Just found my new wallpaper for my phone! Thanks!

  • ChawcolateSawce - 3 points - 13 hours ago

    This picture made my nuts tingle with delight.

  • catl1keth1ef - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    Amazing, top work dude! This is what sweet nostalgia looks like.

  • thegforce522 - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    Ah, youre the same guy as the last amazing zelda artwork. (Which i made my phone wallpaper). This one is amazing as well.

    I didnt think i would be changing my wallpaper this soon, but this work is just amazing.

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    The death mountain one is now my wallpaper on my desktop. Honestly amazing work

  • MrBayless - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    fuck this is beautiful dude

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    Well, I found my new wallpaper. Great work!

  • Cyrotek - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    We need that as an actual remake. This would be like ... epic.

  • sisonp - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    this is great. got any higher resolution options so I can make a poster?

  • ListenToThatSound - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    I'm suddenly reminded of the TV commercial for OoT. "Does thou have life insurance" or something like that.

  • Ice_Joker - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Legit will be using this drawing and others like it while telling the story to my niece. She'll be old enough soon.

  • Chekoby - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Gotta say I love your art dude, already loved the other two!

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    These are awesome

  • Shankocity - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Poll: if you could have an unreal engine remake of ocarina of time, would you more enjoy a rebirth type thing with 2016 graphics, or a remake mimicking the textures and such of the original?

    I'm curious.

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    Aaaaand wallpaper'd. This is incredible.

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    Can.....can I buy this?

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    Nintendo is really testing our courage today with the email about the Timeline change.

  • ZephyrKC - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    This is easily the most nostalgic and simply breathtaking piece of art I have ever seen from the video-game genre from when I was growing up. I want this on matte hanging in my man-cave....yesterday

  • l0calher0 - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    The feels... I can hear the music in my head. What a masterpiece of a game.

  • KrunkJuice65 - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    I love these!!!

    Keep em comin. You do great work

  • Odin111 - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Wow... This is incredible. really brings back some amazing memories.

  • Madchild64 - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    Oh my nostalgia. Is there anyway I can get a poster of this from you? It's beautiful.

  • fujr - 1 points - 12 hours ago

    This is now my new phone wallpaper.Bad ass art my friend. Keep up the great work.

  • liquidben - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    With that moustache at that angle, it looks like the Deku Tree is about to give Link the Royal Rainbow from Katamari Damacy!

  • Buzzintator - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    WOW, please make a desktop background for this, it's superb!

  • cool_slowbro - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Zelda OoT with modern PC graphics would look absolutely stunning.

  • FluidImagination - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Where do i buy a copy of this for my bedroom wall?

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    Holy shit man, you have some serious talent! Here I was ready to fry OP in oil for reposting but here I am eating my words.

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    Ahhh the Great Danku Tree


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    For a brief moment I thought the signature said, "Totally Savage"

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    You did more! Another to the wallpaper collection!

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    Is this a screenshot from Ocarina of Time? Because this is how I remember it on my N64.

  • emaciated_pecan - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Why can't my life just be like that game. I just want to run around in the grass chopping things collecting coins

  • KossuthInBezantur - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Is that the Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time? Pretty cool work.

    I have been trying to figure out for a long time how I would make a poster of the combat cross from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, just don't know where to even begin.

  • Tasty_Brohypnol - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    I recently bought your Death Mountain print and I have it hanging in my game room. Now this one will be right beside it. Awesome work!

  • smellslikekimchi - 1 points - 11 hours ago

    Wow, I don't think I've ever seen LoZ artwork that really captures the feelings of actually being in the scene until now. Amazing work to the artist!

Never change XCOM


  • PillowTalk420 - 263 points - Yesterday

    To be fair, the aliens are telepathic so they could like, read your mind and move out of the way.

    Try plugging your controller into the second port. It worked in MGS.

  • NCR_High-Roller - 50 points - Yesterday


  • _Raikren_ - 16 points - Yesterday

    The pectoids have really stepped up their game since Enemy Unknown.

  • Falfuris - 9 points - Yesterday

    more like 35% then the marine gets splash dmg from his shot but he dies before the dmg hits the alien and the alien 1shots your sniper. this is turn 2 most likely

  • UnfortunateMiracle - 43 points - Yesterday

    "What are you going to do? Shoot me?" - ayy lmao

  • Bobthemurderer - 29 points - Yesterday

    So I am purposely avoiding all spoilers and wikis about XCOM 2 but I have to know: What is that alien called?

  • GhettoGrandpa - 6 points - Yesterday

    Throw a grenade

  • MrGerbz - 5 points - 23 hours ago

    "Dodge this."


  • Iandrago - 3 points - Yesterday

    I bet your ass he missed.

  • MrButtermancer - 3 points - Yesterday

    Unrealistically high hit chance for my games.

  • NicoleTheVixen - 3 points - 22 hours ago


  • LilWayneBruceWayne - 4 points - Yesterday

    That's what I said to the Assassin's Creed Franchise. It uh... It hasn't worked out that well...

  • slightlydirtythroway - 6 points - Yesterday

    That being said....can we please have a console port? It worked so well with EU and EW

  • FrankManic - 2 points - 23 hours ago

    It could be worse. It could be a Chrysalid.

    Do Chrysalids still OHK auto-kill in the new X-coms?

  • StitchesMcBallsack - 2 points - 23 hours ago

    Can't wait for Long War.100% chance on shotguns at point blank LIKE GOD FUCKING INTENDED

  • GetOffMyLawnKids - 2 points - 22 hours ago


  • Not_a_Grill - 3 points - Yesterday

    Fuck R N Jesus.

  • dnew - 3 points - Yesterday

    The funniest play-through ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9zJE9GodMQ&list;=PLXctaw5JGF4LcidFVdkQMV1tc2DfC8x3D

  • Kwaussie_Viking - 1 points - Yesterday

    Only way rookies can hit anything

  • inutoneko - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Still missed.

  • doyouwantpancakes - 1 points - 23 hours ago

    Okay, I promise not to change XCOM.

  • BlueRenner - 1 points - 22 hours ago

    I only have one question about this game. Did they change the bit where aliens are initially passive and fake movement by teleporting between spawn points, then get a free move when spotted to take cover before allowing the human a chance to get the first shots in?

    I really miss the wandering/exploring aliens of the original game. While the whole "move one soldier, pile up all the rest behind him" routine of the last game was tense, it also got real boring after awhile since the lack of independent alien movement would never punish the strategy.

  • ILikeBumblebees - 1 points - 22 hours ago

    Never change XCOM

    But what if they find a bug?

  • Thaiax - 1 points - 22 hours ago

    Shoots, "missed" but shots still pass though the alien.


  • Calsun - 1 points - 22 hours ago

    I stopped playing XCOM Enemy Unknown when having 8 95% chance to hit shots miss in a row...That game was frustrating because of how off the % chances actually were.

  • The_Sniping_Tuna - 1 points - 22 hours ago

    Could you say,"war never changes."

  • MarkG1 - 1 points - 22 hours ago

    It wouldn't be XCOM if it wasn't bizarre sometimes.

  • NuclearShadow - 1 points - Yesterday

    Something that always bugged me as well is the damage amount. As we see here in this picture the solider is going to do 3-5 damage at point blank. But if we were to create a decent distance between them it also remains at 3-5 damage.

    Still despite these logic defying factors it's such a damn good game.

  • letionbard - -11 points - Yesterday

    My experience so far

link opens a chest in loz oot


  • AdamBergeron - 34 points - Yesterday

    What's wrong with a studio apartment?


  • SnapN2aSlimTim - 13 points - Yesterday

    I totally expected a dickbutt statue/coin

  • ScragglyGiblets - 6 points - Yesterday

    Nope nope nope I'm not giving you gold!

  • bitch_im_a_lion - 9 points - Yesterday

    I can get not spoiling it OP, but you might've screwed yourself by making your title so generic nobody's gonna want to click.

  • Midnas_Lament - 4 points - Yesterday

    But your wallet is probably not big enough, so you'll have to put it back.

  • Predatory_Flautist - 4 points - Yesterday

    I swear, for a few seconds I was afraid that the lid would fall open and reveal Preston Garvey, helpfully informing us that another settlement needs our help.

    I may have PTSD.

  • zzzthelastuser - 3 points - Yesterday

    That's awesome OP!


    Here, take this, but use it wisely!

  • OcifferPig - 2 points - Yesterday

    Best thing ive seen today

  • Jason6677 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Were the textures in this game originally this good?

  • RayofFist - 2 points - Yesterday

    Anyone else hear the music while it was opening?

  • PillowTalk420 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I am waiting for the day when I have Link open a chest and inside... Is another chest.

  • alrightiwillbite - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'd rather have silver than gold at this point.

  • FOODxx - 1 points - Yesterday

    I could definitely use one of those...

  • KaizenRathalos - 1 points - Yesterday

    I shamefully tapped the screen to make the text go faster

  • MahtiMursu - 1 points - Yesterday

    I thought "loz oot" was Canadian for "loot".

  • Naraki_Kennedy - -1 points - Yesterday

    Here guys, I gif-ed it for ya.


Jinx make-up transformation


  • GoodAndy - 112 points - Yesterday

    Transformation? I just see post-transformed.

  • Thaiax - 53 points - Yesterday

    This is a repost without any credit given.

    Real original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/445b63/jinx_makeup_transformation/

    Credit: /u/skeptik0147

  • overbread - 14 points - Yesterday

    I seriously wonder who the most cosplayed character is...

  • Tuxheia - 33 points - Yesterday

    Source video, if anyone needs the tutorial :)

  • ShaneDayZ - 7 points - Yesterday

    op's a dickbag

  • jhorphear - 7 points - Yesterday

    This girl knows how to do makeup. My ex was only successful in making herself look like a clown.

  • manufacturedefect - 10 points - Yesterday

    What game?

  • godofwar5151 - 25 points - Yesterday

    Boobs are a bit big for Jinx, dont chu think?

  • Foxcookies - 2 points - Yesterday

    All that makeup still won't get me out of silver

  • josecvillanueva - 1 points - Yesterday

    Tits are too big

  • Vice_President_Bidet - 1 points - Yesterday

    Need to see the boob physics.

  • incapablepanda - 1 points - Yesterday

    way too much boob. you're gonna need a LOT of duct tape.

  • damonster1994 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • poesse - 1 points - Yesterday

    Amazing wow!

  • Ktwow - 1 points - Yesterday

    For some reason I imagine a person that looks like this would laugh very maniacally during sex.. very scary.

  • ev-dawg - 1 points - Yesterday

    I would do dirty awful things to this girl

  • Ocoro - 1 points - Yesterday

    these 'makeup-artists' are always the ugliest bitches without makeup on

  • beattymymeaty - -1 points - Yesterday

    This makes my Mr Fish Bone happy :D

  • Roflsaucerr - 0 points - Yesterday

    Terrifies me what make-up can do.

  • AngryFGrape - -9 points - Yesterday

    league of legends sucks!

  • Nethervex - -20 points - Yesterday

    A girl desperate for attention has no idea what transformation means? Color me surprised.

  • Phyrexian_Archlegion - -19 points - Yesterday

    Boobs too big. Cosplay failed.

  • IndicaDNB - -13 points - Yesterday

    Horrified. Please cosplay as csgo.

  • AimsonGaming - -2 points - Yesterday

    That's a bloke !

  • tacos_uma - -14 points - Yesterday

    Way too much boob for Jinx.

  • My_God_is_Coffee - -4 points - Yesterday

    Really good but your face expression looks a little bit too sane. You are a violent psycho maniac, am I right? ;) The rest is really good.

  • Gunswordz - -7 points - Yesterday

    Eyebrows yikes

  • bwethern - -2 points - Yesterday

    marry me

  • mynameisgorf - -3 points - Yesterday


  • boohoopooryou - -2 points - Yesterday


    you're welcome

Think microtransactions are bad today? Well, this was a thing.


  • Gjellybean - 82 points - Yesterday

    You think microtransactions are bad today? How about having to pay $.25 every time you died.

  • IronyIntended2 - 49 points - Yesterday

    My favorite was calling up and asking how I can drop eggs like Yoshi in Super Mario Kart. Then I get the response, "I don't know"

  • GuyMansworth - 201 points - Yesterday

    Maybe, but you know what's on that disc? An entire game.

  • cheshirelaugh - 14 points - Yesterday

    Did anyone actually call those numbers though? I sure as hell didn't.

  • ArcticFox-EBE- - 10 points - Yesterday

    OMG! Pay to Win...

  • DizBombMcgee - 26 points - Yesterday

    Bold move competing against the Internet like that.

  • brikad - 8 points - Yesterday

    It's called a "you suck" fee.

  • thereverend666 - 4 points - Yesterday

    This is a moronic comparison.

  • skyjacked - 4 points - Yesterday

    I had a friend back in the 90's who called one of those help lines for Final Fantasy VI. He spent hours on with the person, getting all the secrets and tricks about where hidden items were, learning about the old vanish+doom combo, etc.

    His mom got a phone bill for hundreds of dollars, disputed it with the phone company, and had the bill dropped.

    And I learned a lot I wouldn't have about FF6 before the Internet was there to help me :)

  • Talis26 - 7 points - Yesterday

    I had to call for Secret Of Evermore once.

    This was before GameFaqs and helpful internet, gamewise anyways.

    Was in a dungeon, crossed a platform that lowered, then used an item that auto exited me out of the dungeon as I needed to stock up on supplies. When i went back the platform was still lowered with no way to raise it, thereby making it impossible for me to cross and continue the game.

    Called a Nintendo tip/hint line, told the guy what had happened. His response, "...Damn kid, I think you found a game breaking bug. I think you're gonna have to start over from the beginning".

    It would be an understatement to say I was livid.

  • shaz10010 - 3 points - Yesterday

    Being a stupid little kid I managed to roll up a £180 phone bill off cheat code hotlines, I came back off of holiday with my grandparents to a month long grounding....worst month ever but I definitely deserved it!

  • SyFyWrestler - 3 points - Yesterday

    I still remember my one and only conversation with a "gameplay counselor" from Nintendo Power's 1-900 number. If that sentence sounded like gibberish to you, you probably weren't born in the 80's.

    My question, as a 9 year old stuck on a certain bitch of a level in Double Dragon II, was, "How do I get past Mission 7? The room with the spinning gears and the spikes on the floor."

    The response: "Ohhh. You have to take it slow. If you don't, you'll uh... be in trouble."

  • thaMagicConch - 2 points - Yesterday

    I'm guessing there weren't a lot of in depth walkthroughs for games then. I remember playing Sly Cooper, the original, and just having to give up because I couldn't beat the fucking race in the second level. Beat it a couple years later, greatest feeling ever.

  • Phloozy - 2 points - Yesterday

    My parents were not happy about the nintendo power bill they received....

  • Fuckeddit - 2 points - Yesterday

    Beat the game by trying hard or call the phone number for tips.

    Try to beat the game > Die > $1.99 for more tries.

  • arentyouangel - 2 points - Yesterday

    This isn't anywhere near as bad as microtransactions. The hint line didn't really effect how you played the game. Sure it made the game easier, but there wasn't any reason why you couldn't find anything out just by trial and error.

    Microtransactions on the other hand often gimp your ability to even play the game unless you're willing to drop money on it.

  • PillowTalk420 - 3 points - Yesterday

    By the time Playstation 1 was around, the internet was almost the same as it is now, just a bit smaller. GameFAQs was around for the SNES era; I used to print shit out for Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger from there back in the day.

    Anyone who payed for these hints was either without access to the internet or just dumb.

  • AngryRedditorsBelow - 3 points - Yesterday

    This isn't really the same thing at all.

    Microtransactions today are made in such a way that they remove content from the game, often times critical content that should be in the base game. This is just a hotline to give you tips on how to play the game. It's not in any way removing anything from your experience.

  • Whiskiz - 2 points - Yesterday

    microtransactions are bad today, that was only for "hints and tips"

  • SLOTH_POTATO_PIRATE - 1 points - Yesterday

    Konami did this too with the Metal Gear games.

  • ThisIsReLLiK - 1 points - Yesterday

    $1.40 a minute for live hints?! What a fucking deal!

  • AimsonGaming - 1 points - Yesterday

    CVG Magazine Cheats Page

  • ArrowRobber - 1 points - Yesterday

    Oh man, this makes me think of GG Wizards of the Coast! (at least back in... < 2003?

    Playing DnD, call their 1-800 hotline for a rules explanation, problem solved! Back to the game!

  • narrauko - 1 points - Yesterday

    My mom did this for Yoshi's Island back on the Super Nintendo.... we were incredibly stuck.

  • kbCorruption - 1 points - Yesterday

    Nice try EA

  • dannygojo - 1 points - Yesterday

    A large portion of this generation of gamers have already accepted the inclusion of microtransactions in 60 dollar games. I already had a feeling that at some point they would develop it in such a way that microtransactions become "attractive". Now all i hear is " if you don't like it don't buy it".

    I prefer no microtransactions whatsoever in my 60 dollar game. They don't just put it their for your convenience, the publishers ofcourse want you to buy into the microtransactions.

  • no1tcefni - 1 points - Yesterday

    I called once for Phantasy Star 3 growing up, they helped with the section I was stuck on for about a month. Ah the days without the internet/gamefaqs

  • Rosebunse - 1 points - Yesterday

    I never even noticed this.

  • baozichi - 1 points - Yesterday

    I called one of those exactly one time, and... it was helpful, no complaints.

    If I recall, there was a door in the water palace or whatever that dungeon was at the bottom right of the map in A Link to the Past, with a door that you needed to press a button in front of. A tile on the floor said "A", but I couldn't figure out what to do because the previous puzzles were similar and didn't involve a door. They told me to walk up to the door and press "A", it worked, money well spent. No internet existed to solve my problem.

    This was a much better service than microtransactions.

  • omg__really - 1 points - Yesterday

    I remember once calling for Sonic 2 level select code, and spent $25 on the line getting codes for Sonic 1 instead. My mom was so pissed she called back and ranted at them and a few weeks later I got a package in the mail that had every single secret code for every single game I owned on every system. It was sweet.

  • poltergoose420 - 1 points - Yesterday

    When were those a thing?

  • PokeEyeJai - 1 points - Yesterday

    Screw that. I'll just buy a copy of Tips and Tricks.

  • barc0debaby - 1 points - Yesterday

    Now a days you have to purchase the option to pay for hints.

  • ganganipple - 1 points - Yesterday

    Fuck off, they don't even compare.

  • MahSelectah - 1 points - Yesterday

    Never in my 28 years gaming have I ever called a tip line.

  • the_disco_pimp - 1 points - Yesterday

    called nobody ever

  • Jonaldson - 1 points - Yesterday

    My friend when we were kids + Shadowgate on the NES = his poor mom's phone bill.

  • max420 - 1 points - Yesterday

    When I was like 10, I racked up a $200+ phone bill calling the nintendo help line. I had a vague idea that it cost money, but not really having any concept of how much, I just kept calling. One time, one of the reps recognized me, and was like "do you have permission do be calling us?"

    Heh, my dad wasn't too thrilled when he got the bill.

  • Crapcicle6190 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I remember having to buy a card of monetary value for Ragnarok Online to "top up" your account which gave you a set amount of playing hours. I can't imagine the outrage that would ensue today if that was suddenly implemented into any current multiplayer game.

  • Bruisedmilk - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hints and tips aren't exactly the same as content put behind a paywall.

  • dont_forget_canada - 1 points - Yesterday

    charge canadians way more money. Classic.

  • MrFurrberry - 1 points - Yesterday

    Oh you youngsters... If only you knew how expensive the Nintendo Power line was....

    To their credit, those guys manning the phones REALLY knew their stuff... It was kind of unbelievable. Maybe once or twice did I call and they didn't immediately know the answer... and this is like 1985..

  • WoodHoward13 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I want an AMA from someone who worked at the live support for something of this nature

  • Icanhaswatur - 1 points - Yesterday

    Yeah, this isnt related at all. And this goes way back to the Nintendo days. At least for me. And this was when there wasnt really an internet to get the answers for everything.

  • Dizman7 - 1 points - Yesterday

    What game disc is that? I wanna say one of the Twisted Metals

  • jhansher - -1 points - Yesterday

    I got no love on a similar post months ago.

  • person95 - 0 points - Yesterday

    But back then, getting coins without gameplay meant putting in some cheat code that you found online/on a magazine, now you've got to pay $99.99 for "amazingly huge bag of gems BEST VALUE"

  • deleted - -1 points - Yesterday


  • Peaaaa - -2 points - Yesterday

    People actually worked to get the money though.

get fucking rekt


  • JimmyTheBones - 431 points - Yesterday

    I think this sub should have a rule that the game tag should be in the title

  • Trucknessa - 30 points - Yesterday

    They better be making Skate 4 soon.... Skate 3 was one of the funnest games I've ever played.

  • Janse - 69 points - Yesterday

    There is a gif where this kinda happens for real, but with a cap. I wonder what you would have to google to find that.

    EDIT: "gif cap fly off during flip" did the trick.


  • SoundOstrich - 37 points - Yesterday

    This is from one of HelixSnake's skate 3 videos on youtube. I just rewatched them a couple weeks ago with my SO and they are still funny, even after seeing them multiple times over the years.

  • SearMeteor - 13 points - Yesterday

    Is that a Nazi flag on the underside of the board?

  • RayKNari - 8 points - Yesterday

    ... Is this a repost? I feel like this is a repost.

  • Chips86 - 6 points - Yesterday

    Skate 4 please EA

  • TyberiusJoaquin - 4 points - Yesterday

    I wish they would just make Skate 4 already. Skate 3 is basically the only reason my PS3 is still hooked up.

  • yungmoneyfaplord - 3 points - Yesterday

    Has any one heard any news on a skate 4 or any previous skate games being released on new gen systems? I know Black Box is no longer, but I'm dying for some sort of new skateboarding game that doesn't involve Tony hawk.

  • I3AZZAI2 - 5 points - Yesterday

    So ya guys know, skate 3 for 360 on sale now for 5 bucks. Backwards compatibility soontm

  • kpsmash - 6 points - Yesterday


  • LeRandomHero - 2 points - Yesterday


    Totally worth watching the whole thing.

  • thiscontent - 4 points - Yesterday

    the way he fell down and died (?) after has me in stitches.

  • thisis4rcposts - 2 points - Yesterday

    Good thing he had that hardhat on

  • Harleys_ha-ha - 1 points - Yesterday

    when you want to hit someone but know that you cant take him

  • satinboy90 - 1 points - Yesterday

    this should have been a fighting move in Batman Arkham Knight

  • Azza_ - 1 points - Yesterday

    The fuck did I just watch.

  • DigitalWonder - 1 points - Yesterday

    If there not going to make a new Skate at least put the old ones on PS Now.

  • Professorbag - 1 points - Yesterday

    I love that guys Skate 3 videos

  • largefarts4 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Yup from one of HelixSnake's skate 3 for 360 on sale now for 5 bucks.

  • Ghostwrite-The-Whip - 1 points - Yesterday

    "It's just a prank bro!"

  • theFysh - 1 points - Yesterday

    I can't believe you've done this

  • EnlightenedFlorist - 1 points - Yesterday

    Skateboard looked like it had a swastika on it.

  • Moose_Nuts - 1 points - Yesterday

    This never gets old!

  • Beelzabubba - 1 points - Yesterday

    Oh, the ol' nollie-front flip- tomahawk routine.

  • Kabal2X - 1 points - Yesterday

    I was playing Skate 3 yesterday and just kept remembering this vídeo

  • BananaWilly - 1 points - Yesterday

    Prettymuch my talent at boarding in real life.

  • UpsetMuffins - 1 points - Yesterday

    He was wearing a helmet. Clearly staged, don't fall for it guys.

  • radiokungfu - 1 points - Yesterday

    MRW my construction boss says I'll never achieve my dream of becoming a skateboard wrestler

  • SalamiVodka - 1 points - Yesterday

    This made me lol during a meeting. I'm good at my job!

  • ACleverRedditorName - 1 points - Yesterday

    I will always love this gif.

  • wilhelmfink4 - 1 points - Yesterday


  • clerror - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is so beautiful.

  • MR_Darnzel - 1 points - Yesterday


  • deleted - 0 points - Yesterday


  • TFBidia - 0 points - Yesterday

    It's a kickflip, so what?

  • LivEisJeebus - -1 points - Yesterday

    That guy casting the shadow has eyes in the back of his head.

  • Gamemaster676 - -6 points - Yesterday

    I though Skate was supposed to be a (more) realistic skating game?

I've made my first game! It's only simple but something I've always wanted to do


  • TrollJack - 101 points - Yesterday

    Wow! Grats! :D I love games like yours, where's the download link??

    You might enjoy "Castle Adventure" and find inspiration from it, it's an old ASCII game from the 80s (requires dosbox)! Was pretty good and the gif instantly reminded me of it. :D

  • deafgamer_ - 35 points - Yesterday

    We can see your name on the top bar!

  • iAMthePRONY - 19 points - Yesterday

    github it

  • coqlover34 - 9 points - Yesterday

    Good work! When is DLC coming?

  • Frampt23 - 9 points - Yesterday

    Great work! What did you use to code this?

  • barryhachet - 6 points - Yesterday

    This is awsome! Everyone should learn this badass skill

  • _PuckTheCat_ - 9 points - Yesterday

    This reminds me of the games I had on my TI-83... Good start!

  • ididshroomsonce - 3 points - Yesterday

    It looks great dude! Congrats!

  • lowbeat - 3 points - Yesterday

    Did you create autogenration for maps, or just placed values in arrays manually ?

  • Bluestar2k7 - 3 points - Yesterday

    Reminds me on the old times ...man i getting Old :D But keep up with your work...everyone is starting at one point. Iam my self try to get into Java in the moment for making my own games for mobil devices ..so you are far in front of me:)

  • Hoinah - 3 points - Yesterday

    Looks cool Sam ;D

  • beeweston - 2 points - Yesterday

    I'm currently learning C#. Was this a project from a website or something you came up with?

  • deathdemon95 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Dude! This looks amazing! Why you gotta keep a rougelike lover like myself from it? I would love to play it, and maybe help you with making it better!

  • anothershittyalt - 2 points - Yesterday

    Kinda reminds me of a mechanic in Ending, except you get way too many moves for it to be a problem in Ending.

    Still fun though.

  • doctor_doge - 2 points - Yesterday

    Download link?

  • estier2 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Keep it up man :) That looks sweet.

  • lord_dude - 2 points - Yesterday

    "Hello Billibon"

  • B_Bsk8 - 2 points - Yesterday

    This game looks like something I can waste hours of my life on!!! <3

  • Rosebunse - 2 points - Yesterday

    This is awesome!

    It's freaking me out!

  • DeIrieRasta - 2 points - Yesterday

    that's awesome dude! keep up the good work

  • NamelessMIA - 2 points - Yesterday

    I watched that gif for way too long wondering "why is he taking the same path? He knows it's wrong!"

  • skimish1 - 2 points - Yesterday

    It gets a lot easier when you equip one of your pokemon with flash and don't have to deal with a zubat every 2 steps.

  • TheDotEater - 2 points - Yesterday

    Congrats man, this looks great! Would love to try it out if you ever release it publicly. Even better would be throwing it up on GitHub so I can get my grubby hands on it.

    I've been wanting to do something like this in C++ to dust off the cobwebs (C# by trade) for awhile now. Instead I got side-tracked and started doing Python again. Seeing this makes me really want to drop all my side-projects and start on something similar.

    I see you've been using Pluralsight to learn. That's a great resource! Best of luck to you in your studies and keep up the great work.

  • Soundwave61 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I've never made a game before but I keep putting off an idea of doing a little text adventure. Seeing this makes me feel like I should get going with it.

  • Mithious - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is how I started in QBasic about 25 years ago. Tools and online resources have improved so much since then I'm almost envious at how quickly you'll be able to outpace my efforts from the time :)

  • sacreduniverse - 1 points - Yesterday

    This makes me want to actually finish making the rougelike I was trying to make awhile back...

  • Dracovis - 1 points - Yesterday

    Oi! PM me a link, please! Looks great, congrats!

  • iateyourdinner - 1 points - Yesterday

    Thats incredibly cool. Congratulations on your result. How many hours of work did you put into this ?

  • kikoano - 1 points - Yesterday

    Nice I had done demo rpg like that but only with full map on screen not with moving map.

  • nlopreste - 1 points - Yesterday

    Will there be a linux release?

  • axeteam - 1 points - Yesterday

    Cool, publish the code maybe? I once made an simple RPG like this and I love this kind of game.

  • Mazon_Del - 1 points - Yesterday

    Well done!

  • DemetriusXVII - 1 points - Yesterday

    Awesome! Which language did you use?

  • jstxing - 1 points - Yesterday

    Nice! Good Job! I wish I had your creativeness when I was doing my C# class. I ended up doing a tic-tac-toe game. Keep it up.

  • remigiop - 1 points - Yesterday

    Looks really nice. Makes me think it'd be a really nice type of game to play on a TI-83 Plus back in the day.

  • doooooooomed - 1 points - Yesterday

    Awesome man, what a great way to learn programming!

  • Nbness2 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hey what language did you program this in? I was starting to do the same thing, but I seem to have some limitations.

  • MisunderstoodPenguin - 1 points - Yesterday

    One of my coworkers is making a DOS style game like this with her boyfriend.

  • AimsonGaming - 1 points - Yesterday

    was this in your spare time or for a project for college etc ?

  • reverendsteveii - 1 points - Yesterday

    Freezing is an interesting death condition in a game. Srsly, though, you're gonna wanna get your name out of the title bar. This is the internet. It's dark, and packs of feral dogs roam freely.

  • meow_power - 1 points - Yesterday

    Ahh, my first game was a rogue like as well

  • demontraven - 1 points - Yesterday

    I'm sure this will give some great nostalgia to some older people.

    Sadly, I am not included in this group, but I like these text-based graphic games.

  • Zxathy - 1 points - Yesterday

    Would you mind sending me the source code? I know its risky because of game thefts, but I'm just curious how you got that to work and which libraries you used :)

  • Mat2012H - 1 points - Yesterday

    Pretty cool man :P

    I made my first game in C# too (text game)

    Here's a challenge for you:

    See if you can use

    Console.ForegroundColor = Console.Color.Green;

    or whatever to give to your game a more colourful look ;)

  • TheeGargamel - 1 points - Yesterday

    awsd -> wasd ... PLEASE

  • StatusQ4 - 1 points - Yesterday

    You should also use console.foregroundcolor to change the text to green, so it feels more retro

  • PillowTalk420 - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is about as far as I've ever been able to get with doing graphics. I'm not a very mathematical person, and once I get to the point in self-help guides on programming where it's trying to teach you how to draw shapes, my mind explodes.

    But getting a thing to move and do things like fight, jump, pick things up, change stats, etc are, to me, relatively easy things to do, even though they too, technically, use equations of some kind... The above is why I desperately need schooling to learn more than what I've been able to learn on my own.

  • AWebDeveloper - 1 points - Yesterday

    That's actually extremely good.If it's C#, could I look at it (I'm new to C#)?

    Great work! :D

  • Fliff42 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Is it randomly generated?

  • frostbird - 1 points - Yesterday

    All I can see is a dwarf running around hugging Yaks.

  • bro_cunt - 1 points - Yesterday

    Is the "steps to freeze" intentional?

  • Lashghost - 1 points - Yesterday


  • skanadian - 1 points - Yesterday

    Looks like fun! Generate a few hundred levels, set up a telnet server, create some netcode, and escape with everyone else running around the levels.

  • LukaCola - 1 points - Yesterday

    That ASCII art, reminds me of nethack

  • flopperr999 - 1 points - Yesterday

    This game looks fun man good job

  • invalid_character - 1 points - Yesterday

    Alright, Samuel O'Conner

  • apieceoffruit - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hey good job dude. Very cool.

    Ever thought about giving the unity game engine a go? It is all c#

  • drdfrster64 - 1 points - Yesterday

    How come I can see through to your desk top?

  • PrecRa - 1 points - Yesterday

    Now all you need to learn is how to do graphics! It's really easy! Do you want someone to show you how?

  • flapjax68 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Good job OP it looks really interesting and is a new take on an old genre!

  • BrtneySpearsFuckedMe - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hello, Samuel Oconnor.

  • GenTronSeven - 1 points - Yesterday

    Nothing simple about this game, nice job, it had to be really difficult getting all of the text to line up and the scrolling to work.

    Much more difficult than throwing some paint graphics into unity or whatever.

  • SupraChesu - 1 points - Yesterday

    As a student games developer, good job! Keep at it, small projects become bigger ones. Tagged to keep track of the game :).

  • _thebigkahuna - 1 points - Yesterday


  • Salman_Asghar - 1 points - Yesterday

    Speaking of first, here is my first video i posted of the game i love

  • Chungarino - 1 points - Yesterday

    Hey! I'm super hype, and wondering, if your letting some others check it out, mind if I helped give constructive criticism?

  • hopppz - 1 points - Yesterday

    Wouldn't mind having this for my work PC, as should be able to play a CMD game without anyone noticing haha.

  • Pezmage - 1 points - Yesterday

    Grats! That's a big step to get something done! Once you get it in a place you like it I would imagine you can use that as a jumping-off-point for something even greater!

  • Shotgecko - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is actually really cool! I've wanted to make something with my limited knowledge of coding but I didn't know you could do that in command prompt.

  • sjbennett85 - 1 points - Yesterday

    That is awesome. These games are so great and provide a lot of good learning when you make them!

    Do you intend on building up the gameplay?
    This looks like it could go so many ways!

  • SweatyMcDoober - 1 points - Yesterday

    Someone should tell OP that graphical text based games arnt a thing anymore. I can't tell him, it would break my feels.

  • JedWasTaken - 0 points - Yesterday

    You've awoken in a dark room

    Sooo... this?

  • Samwell88 - 0 points - Yesterday

    If your name is in fact Samuel O'Connor this post freaked me out because that is very close to my name.

  • vilk6 - -5 points - Yesterday

    I mean that's cool your following your dreams and stuff but this looks like shit some intern whipped up.

To the Super Hang-On generation


  • Eryxias - 166 points - Yesterday

    Super Hang-On was great, but I have to counter with: Road Rash: http://i.imgur.com/EtXbMSB.gif

  • Ryltarr - 117 points - Yesterday


  • IpsoKinetikon - 29 points - Yesterday

    At first I'm like "How many fucking people are in this race?" Then I hit show controls and realized the gif was only 10 seconds long..

  • Protostar23 - 11 points - Yesterday

    I'm more of a Hang On/Safari Hunt kind of guy. SMS forever.

  • Bhikkux - 9 points - Yesterday

    i miss the arcade machines of this, so many spent quarters

  • forestdude - 8 points - Yesterday

    Sega Master System ftw. And that blacked out light gun that it came with... I remember pointing it out the window on the drive home after acquiring the system and my dad totally freaking out about it, since it actually kinda looked like a gun.

  • GambitXIII - 8 points - Yesterday

    Yu Suzuki 👍🏼

  • DainBramage77 - 5 points - Yesterday

    I still remember the music. I used to have this on the Genesis (Mega Drive)

  • AimsonGaming - 5 points - Yesterday

    I had this on megagames one ! Who would of thought three games on one cartridge

  • Djd33j - 4 points - Yesterday

    I only got to enjoy Hang On thanks to Shenmue. That and Space Harrier were pretty fun to play.

  • Nanite - 2 points - Yesterday

    The Sega Super Scalar arcade hardware was such a beast.

  • salamanderXIII - 2 points - Yesterday

    Used to have an Amiga 500, and I would seek out complex games like Earl Weaver Baseball and the Hunt for Red October.

    But you know what ended up being my favorite game on that thing? The $5 copy of Sega Hang On that my mom pulled out of clearance bin at Electronics Boutique.

  • GoyimHard - 2 points - Yesterday


    man endless hours of retiring from races when your bike was too fucked to drive.

  • Jordan117n - 2 points - Yesterday

    Mach Rider, anyone?

  • arttu76 - 2 points - Yesterday

    Zx Spectrum version of Super Hang-On was awesome considering the machine's limitations.

  • GeezerNaut - 2 points - Yesterday


  • pyro123088 - 2 points - Yesterday

    When I finally actually got Road Rash, I remembered why Super Hang-On was great, but I have to counter with Road Rash http://i.imgur.com/EtXbMSB.gif.

  • fuckincoffee - 1 points - Yesterday

    O swear he's lapped that green dude like 30 times

  • Animagi27 - 1 points - Yesterday

    This is so satisfying to watch.

  • KniteMonkey - 1 points - Yesterday

    Awwww man I miss this. Now I want to bring out my old Genesis

  • bigdaddycruiser - 1 points - Yesterday

    I preferred Road Rash personally :P whipping people off bikes with a metal chain never felt so satisfying

  • Teh_Skully - 1 points - Yesterday

    Holy shit the memories of this as a kid trying to play this game and go as far as I could. Those fucking bushes on the grass man

  • sephiroth399 - 1 points - Yesterday

    i watched that for far too long before i clocked it was a perfect loop lol

  • TheAbominableMilkman - 1 points - Yesterday

    I always wondered if you were actually passing people, or if the same amount of people drive by regardless when you crash into a sign.

  • EdwardRMeow - 1 points - Yesterday


  • R_M_G - 1 points - Yesterday

    That dance the character does when he crosses the finish line though....

  • I-love-blackgirls - 1 points - Yesterday

    Super Hang On! I remember I first played this game from the Smash Pack collection on PC

  • EidolonRising - 1 points - Yesterday

    I used to do shit like this in Forza.. No idea what happened..

  • auiotour - 1 points - Yesterday

    Would love to find a game on Android that is that looks old school and motor cycle racing. With touch controls I imagine it could be fun.

  • epilis - 1 points - Yesterday

    SST Band's cover of Hard Road fucking rules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEpfcWBtIZE

  • svengalus - 1 points - Yesterday

    I couldn't stand games like that. I wanted to go off the track.

  • Coylie3 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I can hear "Outride A Crisis" playing while I watch this .gif

  • JasXD - 1 points - Yesterday

    So, I happen to own this arcade machine. How much is it worth? I'm lazy as fuck to look it up (it's 6am and I'm drunk). It works perfectly and has a button instead of a coin slot for free credits.

  • OmegaMan14 - 1 points - Yesterday

    God that's satisfying.

  • xEazy420 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Woahh I used to play that on my parents' megadrive, always crashed into those trees

  • trro16p - 1 points - Yesterday

    I could hear the squeal of the wheels as he took each turn.

  • SideHug - 1 points - Yesterday

    Dude I seriously watched this for about 3 minutes before I realized it was looping lol

  • Daedelous2k - 1 points - Yesterday

    I loved this on the amiga, which had some of the best music thanks to it's chip.

  • theouse - 1 points - Yesterday

    I keep expecting it to go way off the track on every turn

  • NecessaryPiglet - 1 points - Yesterday

    His poor knees.

  • IMSmurf - 1 points - Yesterday

    Holy fuck this race last forever.

  • attiedas - 1 points - Yesterday

    He just missed three barrels. You get kicked out clans for less. Get back there and hit them with your rock!

  • Imustcomment - 1 points - Yesterday

    That smooth fps <3

  • neihuffda - 1 points - Yesterday

    One of the coolest games on my A500! Mine had lower FPS than this, though.

    Looked more like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mRRQIwQtsY

  • BiznessCasual - 1 points - Yesterday


  • southpark - 1 points - Yesterday

    just wait until he gets wiped out by the roadkill...

  • FreerunningSniper - 1 points - Yesterday

    No virtual champagne ever measured up to the stuff in this game.

  • funkmasterslap - 1 points - Yesterday

    Damn, didn't remember this until now. Was awesome

  • Spram2 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I wonder how old racing games did that fake 3D with curves and sometimes hills in them. Even the Atari 2600 had it with games like Pole Position. It's pretty neat and it would be interesting to see a modern game that uses it in a new context.

  • Billbongers - 1 points - Yesterday

    where does it loop!?!?

  • Salman_Asghar - 1 points - Yesterday

    Cool. Here is the video of the game i love to play

  • TdoTrush - 1 points - Yesterday

    Road Rash was waaay better!

  • OmgzPudding - 1 points - Yesterday

    God, this game introduced me to the concept of rage quitting...

  • Mobydeux - 1 points - Yesterday

    Damn it I spent countless hours on this... I need to hear the sounds again

  • emperorsteele - 1 points - Yesterday

    Is it wrong that I got the music to Rad Racer stuck in my head looking at this?

  • rntr200 - 1 points - Yesterday

    I can hear the sounds like it was yesterday

  • IntendedAccidents - 1 points - Yesterday

    I can hear the gif...

  • capnjack78 - 1 points - Yesterday

    Sorry, I'm from the Excitebike generation.

  • DerberAuner - -2 points - Yesterday

    i feel old now. cause i know what this game was.

  • tableone17 - -3 points - Yesterday

    YES!Have some internet points, good sir.

kirby no


  • knifegash - 156 points - Yesterday

    Some Kirby on Kirby action

  • AngryRedditorsBelow - 177 points - Yesterday

    Awwww hell yeah motherfucker

  • oneeyedziggy - 74 points - Yesterday

    factory defect or....?

  • PM_ME_YOUR_VAYJAYJAY - 34 points - Yesterday

    Kirby yes... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • BananaF4p - 34 points - Yesterday


  • snorlz - 17 points - Yesterday

    guess what he was sucking

  • al_ien5000 - 13 points - Yesterday

    I know this is a joke post, but I have been waiting for this to be available for purchase. Where did you get yours from and how much was it?

  • natelight7 - 7 points - Yesterday

    "...everyone's satisfied when that little pink guy starts creeping up their thighs..."

  • Sam-0 - 8 points - Yesterday

    Kirby ate a Plumbus!

  • LunarGolbez - 2 points - Yesterday

    Pls stop

  • Vice_President_Bidet - 2 points - Yesterday

    That's quite a beer can he is sporting.

  • eert_sed - 2 points - Yesterday

    Did he swallow Ron Jeremy?

  • Containment_Failure - 3 points - Yesterday


  • seifd - 1 points - Yesterday

    Sometimes you just got to let it all hang out.

  • Taelzos - 1 points - Yesterday

    I guess he swallowed the blue pill instead of the red one.

  • everypostepic - 1 points - Yesterday

    The swollen prostate Kirby.

  • 10_Eyes_8_Truths - 1 points - Yesterday

    Kirby sucks in things then gets its powers....

  • Sandvicheater - 1 points - Yesterday

    It's now your turn to suck it in!!!

  • DinoDonkeyDoodle - 1 points - Yesterday

    Kirby plz

  • kazafraggit - 1 points - Yesterday


  • turkeypedal - 1 points - Yesterday

    Meh. Just hit him, he'll spit it out, and you can take it and swallow it so you'll get yours back.

  • Sorsappy - 1 points - Yesterday

    More rule34 Kirby

  • markielegend - 0 points - Yesterday

    What if Kirby all along was just a penis

  • akwardfruit - -1 points - Yesterday


  • TopazRoom - -14 points - Yesterday

    how r u no kirby is boy if u dont ask at born?????

  • rillo561 - -10 points - Yesterday


  • dimitribricks - -9 points - Yesterday

    when Kirby ability copys me

  • Stuf404 - -31 points - Yesterday

    He must of absorbed your mom.


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