Today we discovered why "Fatty" looked a bit plumper than usual.


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    Is it because they're eating out of the container, and not because I'm missing some hint to fatty being pregnant?

  • strings__ - 4 points - 6 hours ago

    Just cutting out the middle man.

Sad Panda is one of five kittens I've bottle fed since the day they were born (7/21/14).


  • opposer - 15 points - 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or is there a penis?

  • MathFuchs - 5 points - 7 hours ago

    Why does your cute kitty have a phallus on his face ? anyway he's so sweet

  • Aspasia4234 - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    Too freaking cute!

  • Notty_PriNcE - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    Isn't he the cutest kitten?? 😍

  • AngelaWomack71 - 3 points - 9 hours ago

    In a related note, he and two more of his siblings still need great homes if you're in the Houston area! =..=

  • ccjw11796 - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    I call my tuxedo girl a panda too. That and Nina Penguina, you know cuz she looks like a penguin. Your little guy is super cute and your a good person for taking the time to save their lives :) Having five kittens to play would make it worth it for me, that would be heaven! Their wrestling matches always just crack me up, I could watch them for hours.

  • leoleo1994 - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    On the thumbnail I thougth he had on mouse in his mouth.

  • BigPoppa66 - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    All I see is a fluffy white penis...

Please come out and play


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    Oh Billy

He wouldn't stay still long enough for a decent photo, but today I got one! Meet Archie the 10 week old miniature Jack Russell.


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    Be ready, those don't have a off button.

  • 300TDI_mofo - 9 points - 7 hours ago

    Miniature Jack Russell? The fucking things are small enough as it is.

  • GotFingNoDukes - 4 points - 7 hours ago

    Goddamn that's a fucking cute ass dog.

    Pardon my French.

  • tinyirishgirl - 4 points - 7 hours ago

    Mr. Archie is adorable!

    I think you might have set some kind of World Record by getting a still moment with him to manage such a wonderful picture.

    Will most likely be another year or two before that next still moment!

    JRs you just got to love them!

  • RadMFC - 2 points - 7 hours ago

    Please can we have some more pic he is fucking adorable

  • Sallianne - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    A miniature? How small?

  • lorri789 - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    Good lookn' wee fellow.

  • kai_zen - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Gives me the feelies for when my JRT was that age. So much fun. He's now 13 and prefers to chill mostly.

  • oreoblizz - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    My family recently lost our 17 year old JRT Maggie. She was a great dog and companion. Love JRT's!

  • sk1wbw - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    So what are saying, that Jack Russell terriers don't stand still? Say it ain't so! Lol. Those little guys are so cute!

I woke up with this guy on my chest. This is the only way I ever want to wake up.


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    Someone's ready for breakfast!

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    I'm Dug. I have just met you and I love you!

  • Ghyllie - 6 points - 7 hours ago

    So CUTE!! Is he a Sheltie or a Collie or a mix thereof?

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  • luvthelittle - 3 points - 7 hours ago

    I would love it if my dog waited patiently for me to wake up. Instead, "Belly flop on mom!"

  • KungJonas - 1 points - 6 hours ago thought I recognized the look ( my cat)

  • jggimi - 1 points - 14 hours ago

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    What type of dog is that? He looks exactly like my old dog except we never figured out what breed he was o.o

  • kamichama - 0 points - 7 hours ago

    "Were he to die, I wouldn't ever want to wake up." :-(

  • Basssy - -1 points - 6 hours ago

    Not so nice when they eat a turd before jumping up and exhaling shit breath into your face.

  • sumpuran - -1 points - 6 hours ago

    You’d rather wake up to a dog breathing in your face than with a human partner? Alright...

  • Shadique - -3 points - 7 hours ago

    I dunno, being woken up by a blow job is pretty good too.

No tail so she makes do by using her whole rear


  • CapnCrunk666 - 11 points - 7 hours ago

    Add music and you've got a twerking corgi

  • mathdanse - 8 points - 6 hours ago

    I still don't understand why people cut off certain dogs' tails. It always makes me feel sad.

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    I had to double check if that was Nicki Minaj

  • latebird - 2 points - 7 hours ago

    chica chica boom chica boom chica chica chica boom

  • AFM420 - 2 points - 6 hours ago

    Is her name Miley?

  • albertunes - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    Looks like a Brazilian girl dancing samba.

  • straydog1980 - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    I see you baby...

  • macrobaye - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    it's like its ass is possessed

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    She would kill it in the club.

  • downvotethiscontent - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

  • MistrSwisher - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    This is what it looks like from the front

  • crunchybasin - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Fluffle shuffle.

  • Novapuppy - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    off the Richta, off the Richta...

  • MundaneRain - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Twerk it girl

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    Shake, shake, shake dat ass gurl!

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    Here's the full video!

    Here's a higher quality gfy.

  • BenjaminGeiger - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    What you gonna do with that big fat butt?

My cat that's been missing for 1.5 years has been found! Welcome home Princess!


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    Princess was mostly an indoor cat. I let her outside a little more each day then one day she disappeared. I'm assuming she got catnapped because she was found today one hour drive from where she was taken. A vet scanned her microchip and called my cell. A nice lady that only had her for 10 days took her to the vet and got her all cleaned up and free of fleas. I got the lady's number and she let me have my pet back with no issues.

    I am so fortunate she is in good condition and that my boyfriend was able to drive one hour each way go pick her up today.

  • Poor_Norwegian_JK - 26 points - 12 hours ago

    my two cats dissapeared withing days of another. norwegian bush cat, very pretty to look at, and really fluffy. they both hated collars so i assume someone "rescued" them. many years ago but i still miss them :(

  • church0581 - 21 points - 13 hours ago

    The people that took her ran out of the good cat food. She wasn't gonna stick around there for the cheap shit.

  • harveytent - 19 points - 8 hours ago

    poor princess had managed so deceive her master into allowing her brief periods of freedom outside the plantation. She managed to contact the feline underground railroad and one day managed to escape the clutches of cativity for a new life. Sadly her old master never stopped looking for her and she unknowingly carried a brand that associated her with her old master. 1.5 years later she was finally catured and the brand gave away her runaway status and she was returned to cativity once more.

  • Queentoad1 - 64 points - 11 hours ago

    I had a male cat that disappeared on me for almost three years. Then one day I was taking a walk and ran across him in an alley only a block from my home. I left him alone, figuring someone else had taken him in. Two days after that, he showed up at my door and stayed a few more years. One day, left me again and never seen again. Cats are weird.

  • beccamarieb - 7 points - 9 hours ago

    She's gorgeous! So happy Princess came home

  • XFX_Samsung - 8 points - 7 hours ago

    Cats don't go missing, my male cat was "missing" 2 years until one day he came home, let me pet him for a little, ate his belly full and went to sleep for 3-4 hours. He then ventured to the nearby forest and hasn't returned since, been a good 2 years again. He didn't even look back like Richard Parker in the movie didn't so that gives me hope he will return one day.

  • WinchestersSon - 6 points - 9 hours ago

    She looks like the good twin of my cat

  • Fipy - 3 points - 6 hours ago

    My male cat went missing, he now only comes back once a year for 3-4 days just to mate with my female cat. -.-

  • djnonsequitur - 3 points - 8 hours ago

    Noburo Wataya!

  • packetpirate - 2 points - 7 hours ago

    "I thought I had escaped you, human... no matter -- back to the drawing board."

  • random_user_name_13 - 4 points - 8 hours ago

    Yay! Glad you found your baby!

  • BattlingMink28 - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    So fluffy!

  • tmzLIVE - 2 points - 13 hours ago

    love her

  • Bowna - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    I'm glad you two are reunited :') I can't even imagine how happy you felt when you got the call. I served an elderly couple at my work a while ago and they were telling me about how they were just about to leave to drive 5 hours to pick up their dog that had been stolen from them two years prior!

  • Emarelda - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    We had a manx named Dozey that we let outside one day and she never came back, to this day, 6 years later. I still get upset cause I miss her. We assume she was stolen...

  • eleanor61 - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    Hooray! I'm happy for you and your kitty.

  • HaikOhanian - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    There have been a lot of catnappings these days, it is now one of the most serious crimes next to loitering.

  • honorman81 - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    1.5 years? Holy shit

  • Benjyyyy - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    For some strange reason the face looks photo shopped to me, i think i'm going blind =[

    Also it's good to hear you got her back!

  • tealgreen - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    your cat probably wasn't missing, she probably went on a soul-searching adventure. I've had cats leave and come back before. They go out in the world to meet other cats and have babies. once your baby's grown up, you can't keep her locked down forever

  • park-it - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Do you happen to live in the Chicago area....?

  • irlyliketoread - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    I'm very happy that you got your cat back!

  • Lard_Baron - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    My wifes cat left went our twin sons were born. It stuck around till they were about 1 and then left. It came back when they were 3.

    It just strolled back into the house.

  • firyman3 - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Perhaps she was exiled from the Shadowclan.

  • missfunnygirl - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    She's majestic.

  • revkaboose - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Did you spray paint this cat's tail, Focker?!

  • idoneredditalreadyy - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    I'm glad ya'll have a happy ending! I'll bet that's a relief and an amazing feeling to get that call after so long

  • BitchesLoveJamal - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    missing or ran away?

  • darkkite23 - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    She is absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy you got her back!

  • Dahlianeko - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    I am so glad she came back! My cat is my love and I cannot let him outside ever. We drove cross country and I wouldn't even let him free in the hotel. I am heard so many sad stories and I'd never forgive myself if he got out and got away.

    We have a backyard and I've been letting out two cats out supervised. It'd fenced in but I'm still afraid he will jump up and over the fence. Your post makes me want to stop doing this. He isn't missing much!

  • Eat_The_Muffin - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    I was MIA for 2 years in hostile territory, the insurgents captured me and tried to interrogate me to find out the location of the litter box but I stayed strong and eventually was rescued when a doctor raised the alarm.

  • ShooterDiarrhea - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    I had a baby called Princess. I lost her 5 years ago. :(
    Now I've got two new babies.

  • DarthLeprechaun - -5 points - 7 hours ago

    That cat wasn't missing, it wanted to be gone.

  • delbin - -8 points - 8 hours ago

    Maybe you could learn from your lesson and get her a collar? I know she has a chip, but not everyone thinks to get it scanned.

Last day with Mustache. He is one of five kittens I've bottle fed since birth (7/21/14). This dapper little dude went to his new home and I miss his sweet little face!


  • MKRune - 45 points - 7 hours ago

    Why are there so many awesome mustachioed cats, and why are none of them in my house?

  • curryo - 27 points - 8 hours ago

    I think Disney found its next big movie character.

  • Tote_Sport - 14 points - 6 hours ago

    "Excuse me, dear boy. I don't wish to be a pest, but I don't suppose you have any more milk would you? I'm ever so parched after spending the afternoon chasing that infernal red dot!"

  • el_crunz - 8 points - 8 hours ago

    A modern day Hamilton the Hipster Cat.

  • stevesg - 10 points - 8 hours ago

    job well done. It seems as though you would have only let them go to caring homes so congrats on that too.

  • Azumia - 4 points - 6 hours ago

    The first sentence in that title hurt my heart until I read on and realized there was a happy ending!

  • Sapphirra - 4 points - 6 hours ago

    I would not be able to give up that sweet little face.

  • belladonnadiorama - 4 points - 6 hours ago

    he needs a top hat.

  • meranu33 - 2 points - 6 hours ago

    Aww, he looks pretty healthy...glad you were there to nurse and love him :)

  • Infinite_beyond - 2 points - 6 hours ago

    We fostered 4 kittens many years ago, all of them were black and white tuxedoes. The lone female in the group had a black Groucho Marx style mustache. She was so flippin' adorable, it was tough to give her (really all of them) up for adoption. We were able to convince my dad to let us keep the runt, though. I'd post a picture of her adorableness, but the only pictures I have of them are printed (this was back when digital cameras were massive and took floppies) and at my parents house on the opposite side of the country. :(

  • Punkndrublic - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    That kitten is almost too cute. Is there an uncanny valley for things that make your brain melt a little?

  • Demonic_Cupcake - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    You are a better person than I. I would never, ever be able to let him go. Dawhhh.

  • MissyCover - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Why did you not keep him T____T

  • mouz- - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Aww man, the way hes looking at the camera reminds me of the pringles man!

  • tokachu93 - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Squeeze that last drop of karma from him before he goes

  • stolenlogic - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Dat stache

  • hulk181 - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Ah damn, now I want to adopt a kitten.

  • CoolMachine - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Yay! Give that kitteh a monocle.

    Fostering's the shizzle, and so's OP.

  • ringmod76 - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    I must say, that is an exemplary kitten 'stache!

  • LolafalanaBanana - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    I love himmmmm!

  • TakeTheCanolli - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    Looks like he's tripping balls on catnip

  • Mox_au - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    Dayum, dat wun fekin nayce kitteh

  • Nevermind04 - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    You should have named him "Sir Thomas Cattington".

  • LadiesWhoPunch - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    Those giant whiskers on that tiny face are too much!

  • Lemon-filled - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    I raise cats and its hard to let them go sometimes. When you have fed, played with, bathed, and just loved them from the start its hard when they go on to their new home. People always send me pictures and emails of their progress though so it's nice to see them growing, and the love they get from their new family. Your little mustachioed kitty is adorable!

  • Worrun - 1 points - 5 hours ago

    Sell it for $10k!

The Red Panda, a fierce predator.


  • Just_Post_The_Video_ - 44 points - 9 hours ago

    Here's the full video in HD!

  • koke84 - 41 points - 6 hours ago


  • mike_pants - 8 points - 10 hours ago

    He's makin a lil Stitch grimace at the end.

  • ramsesniblick3rd - 16 points - 10 hours ago

    Something that cute just has to be pure evil.

  • ScienceAsshole - 5 points - 6 hours ago

    If we called raccoons Black Pandas, people would think they were much cuter. Raccoons got screwed, man.

  • XP2 - 4 points - 7 hours ago

    Nom nom nom rub my belly.

  • boobers3 - 4 points - 6 hours ago

    The saddest thing about Red Pandas is that they would make the perfect house pet, but we can't have them as pets because they are endangered, but if we could keep them as pets they wouldn't be endangered anymore.

  • __U_WOT_M8__ - 3 points - 6 hours ago

    Is that you Pabu?

  • GeneralDanier - 3 points - 6 hours ago

    Young Master Shifu! Or pabu..

  • r_account - 2 points - 6 hours ago

    see /r/redpandas for cuteness overload

  • NIsaid - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Look at that dexterity.

  • Eat_The_Muffin - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    This is the cutest gif I've seen on here

  • pyrochyde - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    From the .GIF I thought it was eating a box of donuts.

  • imtheseventh - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Sure, but where's the Flying Squirrel?

  • 291837120 - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Except in dota!

  • intangible-tangerine - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    These little dudes are so engaging to watch, I have whiled away lots of time in zoos ignoring all the other animals and just watching red pandas being inquisitive and adorable.

  • Tim_SMASH - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    "Watch as the deadly Red Panda corners then devours a pastry in one bite."

  • klausbert - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    I love those furballs. Our local zoo has some and i could just look at them for hours.

  • derekandroid - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Majestic as fuck

  • vivianocasio - 1 points - 6 hours ago

    Awww but is it good for them to eat human food?

  • 31lo - 1 points - 7 hours ago

    Is he eating a jawbreaker?

  • spicybac0n - -4 points - 6 hours ago


I guess I wasn't doing anything on my computer anyway.


  • widmer6969 - 13 points - 17 hours ago

    So many icons on that desktop!

  • Tristanna - 13 points - 19 hours ago

    FUCKING MORGANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Syrup_Chugger_3000 - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    Damn, kitten that cute, you'd have to stay off yrou computer indefinitely if need be

  • peachiez777 - 1 points - 19 hours ago

    Cute cat and awesome desktop background :]

  • sour_vv - 0 points - 19 hours ago

    Is that an MSI GS60 laptop? If it is, PLEASE tell me how you are liking/disliking it :)

  • bitsnkicks - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Just put that same background on my PC, nice!

  • mega345 - 1 points - 20 hours ago

    You should be lucky, I have a 50pound dog who get all up on my computer while (watching porn) playing counter strike.