• lala0584 - 2 points - 16 hours ago

    Too adorable!!! Is there an "after" picture?

  • occamscarvingknife - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    Careful, he might be a meeewtwo.

  • EnterTheTragedy - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    I swear I heard it when I looked at the picture.

  • love_the_heat - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Repost from a year ago but it was buried with not many views. Too cute not to share again

  • Klondeikbar - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    "I am gonna be a great warrior for my people when I grow up!"

Meet Pew Pew. And her new heated bed.


  • yarsbars - 6 points - 11 hours ago

    This adorable cat has a nicer bed than I do.

    I want a heated bed...

  • Censordoll - 5 points - 10 hours ago

    She's gorgeous!

  • DomesticGroundhog - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    What a beautiful face!

  • zeppelinguy2285 - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Those eyes! I want a cat so bad.

Non-redditor Navy friend sent me this from Japan. Apparently this guy followed him into his ship.


  • jakeep15 - 7 points - 13 hours ago

    "Permeowssion to come aboard."

  • I_Like_Cheese1224 - 12 points - 17 hours ago

    No he didn't. Navy guy here. There is NO way the quarter deck watch would let a cat come on the ship, and you have to pass by the quarterdeck and ask permission to come aboard every time you come on. In a lot of places they even inspect your bags (but that would not be necessary if the cat "followed" him on the ship. That being said the pictures does not really look like your friend is even on a ship. It looks like he is out in town somewhere due to the lighting.

  • Chaos_Kitten - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    It's a Russian spy!

  • daspasunata - -1 points - 11 hours ago

    Is your friend Casey Affleck?

My puppy is so proud of the hole she dug!

Meet "No Name". She wandered into my garage and she's very pregnant


  • Sparkling_Starfish - 29 points - 15 hours ago

    Here's another photo of her playing with the container of catnip

  • Golyan - 24 points - 16 hours ago

    Awwww, sweet girl. She must be close if she's seeking out a safe place :)

    Are you going to raise the kittens and find homes for them?

  • angelnoni - 14 points - 14 hours ago

    I'm so happy to see ur keeping her, or at least helping her. Give her a name, maybe just call her "Mama" 😊

  • chamcook - 13 points - 14 hours ago

    Such a beautiful cat, and such a beautiful thing you are doing for her. She probably followed the 'good vibes' to your place.

  • llnlpn - 9 points - 13 hours ago

    It warms my heart that you're taking care of her. So nice of you. :D

  • nickins - 7 points - 12 hours ago


  • CozShesDead - 5 points - 11 hours ago

    I read "No Shame" in the title lol.

  • outamyhead - 5 points - 11 hours ago

    Aww...She has chosen wisely, keep us updated on the imminent kitten explosion.

  • goethe_helen_waite - 5 points - 10 hours ago

    I had one of those. She wound up living with me for 16 more years after that. I managed to find homes for the kittens (it was like life in a toy store with all the kittens).

    Set up a cardboard box lined with old towels and put it in a corner. She'll probably use that as a nest.

  • Manty5 - 3 points - 8 hours ago

    If she has fleas or mites she might pass them on to the kittens. Are you able to address this before she gives birth?

    Be sure to stock up on newspapers or other disposable things for the kittens to lay on. Until they learn to use the litter box, poop and pee everywhere!

  • Ketesha - 5 points - 13 hours ago

    I hope you're checking around your neighborhood about lost cats before claiming the cat + kittens.

    Otherwise, if she's a stray, I wish you all the best :)

  • neversaynoto_panda - 2 points - 12 hours ago

    Waiting update. :)

  • followthebutterflies - 2 points - 11 hours ago

    She's seriously SO pregnant haha I wouldn't be surprised if you got a surprise within a day or two!

  • Aegis420 - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    Why "no name" instead of "not sure"?

  • mgreco1988 - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    Way to be awesome, OP. :)

  • bitchycrazy1 - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    Oh, my, she's purty.

  • tinyteacuphuman - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    She looks like an Alice to me.

  • Squidbait_Calhoon - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    Speaking as a 9 and a half month pregnant lady, thanks for being a bro and hooking her up!

  • meeooww - 2 points - 9 hours ago

    My sister moved into a house with a very pregnant cat living under the porch.

    They promised to take care of the spare kitty until she and kittens could find homes.

    Kittens found homes, but of course 10 years later they still have Spare Kitty.

  • SuperSkarmory2 - 2 points - 8 hours ago

    I have a cat that looks almost exactly like her.

  • mayonayz - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    This happened to us, kinda. A stray cat started giving birth under our back balcany about twenty or so years ago. My mom's a huge cat person, so she sent my dad with a box to collect the mom and the baby she birthed between them finding her and getting the box ready. She wasn't nervous or scared apparently. She finished giving birth in our kitchen. I think my brother and I got to watch- we were really young when this happened, I was 4 or 5, my brother 1 or 2.

    They named the mom Ally because she was an alley cat. After the babes were born and old enough, everyone got shots and were adopted out to good homes (Ally was spayed first). The two boys of the litter stayed with us, the three girls went to a close family friend's sister, and I don't know where Ally went, but mom wouldn't give her to anyone she got bad vibes from.

    I'm so happy to see you're taking this momma in! All animals deserve a chance at a good forever home. Whether you keep any or not, I'm so grateful you're doing this for them. Please keep us updated with the babies!

  • Sameoo - -2 points - 11 hours ago

    How are you gonna help her deliver?

Found this little guy outside of a Mexican restaurant last night. His name is Queso.


  • allydelaann - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    Some more pictures if anyone's interested. Sorry they aren't the best quality, but you can see him starting to warm up to the formula we got him - too little for solid foods. :)

  • OldHagB4g - 3 points - 10 hours ago

    You should name it bean, as in black bean, cause hes black

  • fabiolperezjr - 2 points - 10 hours ago

    Queso as in cheese?

  • anhan87 - 1 points - 9 hours ago

    He's like a baby Toothless ! Soo cute !

  • ermahgerdkerrerts - 1 points - 9 hours ago

    quesito lindo

  • macbeck - 1 points - 9 hours ago

    He almost looks more like a bat than a cat! :)

  • SushiAttack - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Queso, are you going to keep him?

Like Father, Like Son


  • ExecutiveDecider - 5 points - 11 hours ago

    It looks like Morro Bay! I love that place!

  • BrightenthatIdea - 4 points - 12 hours ago

    It looks like there's a small black baby with boxing gloves on the coat of the small dog

  • ekaterinaalexandrov - 3 points - 9 hours ago

    Is that Morro rock?

  • _Nohbdy_ - 2 points - 12 hours ago


  • Mazcal - 3 points - 12 hours ago

    "Everything the water touches, is our kingdom"

  • monotoonz - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Is that Abraham Lincoln on the son's back?

  • BelezaDeSha - 1 points - 8 hours ago

    Morro bay!! <3

  • throwapeater - 0 points - 9 hours ago

    which one is the father?

  • deleted - -5 points - 12 hours ago


My cat


  • Canis_lupus - 1 points - 14 hours ago

    Man, he needs to learn to RELAX.

I woke up to my cat acting normal. Nothing to see here.


  • tohpedo - 6 points - 14 hours ago

    "What are you looking at? My hot pockets are almost done"

  • jargo1 - 4 points - 13 hours ago

    That kitchen is fucking beautiful!

  • YELLIO - 7 points - 15 hours ago

    Cats a little husky

  • Jennatailya - 3 points - 15 hours ago

    Your cat matches beautifully with your kitchen. Also, I want your kitchen, either with or without said cat.

  • ThatRedHairedGirl - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    "Fuck you. This is my house."

  • ThManW1thNoName - 2 points - 14 hours ago

    Holy excessive granite, Batman!

For my cake day, here's my dog, Dempsey eating his favorite rawhide.


  • AwesomeNigerian - 1 points - 16 hours ago

    Happy cake day

  • jonnyappleweed - 1 points - 13 hours ago

    Dempsey's a cute name! There's an excellent burger place in my hometown called Dempseys Burger Pub. This post has made me want a burger!