Team Skull bugging a trainer at Anime Impulse

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  • Maronmario

    20 hours ago

    I fricking love this community

  • exteenaw

    20 hours ago

    Filmed by @donotfeedthedj on Instagram, and I (the Plumeria) am @exteenaw , and the trainer is @shenanigans.galore ! I actually just met all those grunts that day at the Con, we collected all that we could to take some pictures and goof around, and ended up spending most of the con together. It was insanely fun <3

  • espeondude

    16 hours ago

    This captures how goofy and awesome Team Skull is.

  • gifv-bot

    21 hours ago

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  • eskimoboy24

    17 hours ago

    That looks amazing!!!