Rare photo of the UK leaving the EU.

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  • CaseNightmareTeal

    12 hours ago

    Looks like Northern Ireland left too.

  • mfb-

    11 hours ago

    Next: Scotland leaves the UK.

  • IrnBruFiend

    11 hours ago

    Scotland looks small in that map. Boycott the sky!

  • Ch33sys0cks

    11 hours ago


  • BadWi-Fi

    11 hours ago


  • TooShiftyForYou

    11 hours ago

    Riding off into the sunset like the cowboy who just solved all the problems...

  • BeerJunky

    11 hours ago

    Something tells me the actual process won't be so sunny. Not just economically but because it's the UK and they only get sun like 4 days a year. :D

  • Kero90

    10 hours ago


  • Spartan2470

    10 hours ago

    Credit to /u/RancidCabbage for coming up with this title.

    Edit: Looks like Matt Keay is the photographer and created this title.

  • XL0628

    10 hours ago

    England will be next permanent member state

  • KidF

    9 hours ago

    Is that Venus on the left?

  • Fruity_Pies

    9 hours ago

    So long and thanks for all the tea!

  • VladimirPoosTons

    9 hours ago

    Looks like upside down Florida is leaving the EU.

  • danielrgfm

    9 hours ago

    Matter of time until some posts a poop shaped like britain ready to be flushed.


    8 hours ago

    Looks like half of the SW got left behind, a fate I'm happy with.

  • Tech_Assassin

    8 hours ago

    If you look close enough you can see my house!

  • Brown-Thunder

    8 hours ago

    All right, All ready

    And we'll all float on all right

    All ready we'll all float on all right

    Don't worry even if things end up a bit

    Too heavy we'll all float on all right

  • MediumSizedColeTrain

    10 hours ago

    Okay UK you made your point, you want out of the EU. Now come back down to the surface of the earth...

  • 1101base2

    10 hours ago

    I don't see a flaming or sinking ship anywhere in this photo?

  • Dunhagen

    9 hours ago

    keksimus maximuscya

  • EoinIsTheKing

    9 hours ago

    Not seeing any NI, or Scotland. And it looks as if Wales is pissing off too.

  • -SandorClegane-

    11 hours ago

    This is very unreddity.

    The title of this post should be "I walked out onto the deck and was greeted by a huge, glorious dick in the sky".

  • There_Was_Blood

    9 hours ago

    Brexit will be good for them! Now they don't have to take in tons of muslims! something that has proven to be a disaster everywhere else!

  • Adolf-____-Hitler

    11 hours ago

    That is just a satellite photo of Britain pohotoshopped into this picture.

  • mofahu

    9 hours ago

    I'll take that as a Soft, and Fluffy, Brexit

  • misterv3

    9 hours ago

    Looks like the uk let herself go a bit

  • BenzeneNipple

    9 hours ago

    Up in a cloud of smoke