Not sure if it's the right place. I'm looking to re-home this gorgeous cat names Chipi. Details in comments.

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  • reddy_freddy_


    He's neutered, 3yo, not declawed, utd on all vaccines and tested negative for everything dog friendly and super cuddly and playful with no aggressive behavior ever. Only three stipulations for him, that he keeps his claws, only goes outside on a leash, and doesn't eat dry food so only raw or wet or freeze dried. I'm willing to travel upwards of six hours to deliver him and would be happy to provide his supplies.

  • RoseSuchakLadderCo


    Are you helping rescue him or are you giving up your own cat?

  • throwawaysurfnyc


    He looks like an AWESOME cat. If you're willing to drive 6 hours maybe cross post in other city's. Also, I'd add some financial incentive (food costs for 6 months etc; NOT CASH just food delivered with cat) after vetting.

  • madstersm


    Does he get along with other cats? Also, is he okay being an indoor cat only?


    16 hours ago

    What’s your reasoning for no dry food?

  • Fantasysage


    Another asshole that gets a pet and can't see it through.

    Newsflash - animals are not trinkets or toys. You get a pet - you keep the fucking pet. It's your responsibility.