New Poster for 'Ingrid Goes West' - Starring Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, Oshea Jackson Jr, and Wyatt Russell

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  • Phaylyur

    16 hours ago

    Saw it at Bonnaroo. It was pretty good shit. It was very topical to the current social media climate. Really focused on Instagram, it was a little off-putting to me in the same way Chef incorporated Twitter so heavily. Overall, I'd definitely give it a thumbs up though. Oshea was my favorite part, no question.

  • beachhike

    17 hours ago

    Wyatt sure looks like his old man right there

  • UtahGance

    16 hours ago

    Oh you now I'm always down for more of that sweet, sweet Wyatt Russell.

  • Notacoolbro

    15 hours ago

    that cast tho, holy shit

  • S4PModsAreDirty

    14 hours ago

    Aubrey Plaza is the only lead actor in this not related to a celebrity.

  • rikjames90

    15 hours ago

    aubrey is the master of eye fucking

  • ejromm1

    14 hours ago

    Aubrey Plaza is so god damn sexy

  • YinXtianYang

    14 hours ago

    The GTA vibes are strong with this one

  • inconvenient_tooth

    15 hours ago

    Am I the only person who finds this girl charmless?

    Was meh about Chris Pratt moving beyond parks and rec. Am ugh about female Michael Cera / TJ Miller

  • Sgtconstatino

    15 hours ago

    I smell Oscar

  • MarriottPlayer

    15 hours ago

    Someday they'll go South.