Bought my first motorcycle today

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  • Fearghas2011


    Nice ride, my first bike is more accurately a bunch a rusty metal loosely screwed together haha. Don't scratch it.

  • arthrinso


    I have an 06 shadow. I wouldn't recommend using that for the msf course because the ones they give you are super easy to handle. But you'll definitely be prepared to handle that thing once you're done with the course. Nice ride man.

  • WhiskeyRider69


    Nice looking ride. Congrats! Don't be shy with the MSF course, you'll find most of the people in your class have zero experience, you're already ahead of them.

  • Specwar762


    My buddy bought a bike and wanted someone to ride with, so I picked this up.

    2006 Honda Shadow 1100 Sabre.

    I'm already planning on taking a MSC once I get the general hang of it. I spent an hour at a local school parking lot practicing low speed maneuvers, panic stops, and general bike handling.

  • nxvic

    23 hours ago

    That was my first bike in Blurple!

    Only rode it for about 4k miles before trading it in, just enough to get the riding bug and for the shift lever to fall off going down the highway on my way into work.

    Sold it for 1k less than I bought it new

  • TheKillstar

    23 hours ago

    That was my first bike too. Only red.