Snapped my clutch cable 10 or so miles out, rigged up a way to get myself back.

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  • CL-MotoTech


    Did you consider just riding without the clutch? I went several hundred miles completely clutch-less once. Make's find neutral and planning ahead absolutely critical, especially on the street.

  • foxox


    Thought I was on /r/moped for a sec haha. Saw you at the LGN rally last weekend! I've gotta get an MB5...

  • gasgasbrakebrake

    23 hours ago

    It's curious, to me, the issues that appear most often on r/motorcycles. I don't think I've ever known any riders in real life who suffered the same as the people here.

    If I believed what I saw online, the most hazardous conditions on the road would be snapped clutch cables, target fixation, and road rage when parking in a normal parking space.

  • xscamerashyy

    21 hours ago

    that's genius

  • deadpatch

    21 hours ago

    Damn, thats actually a great idea! I had a clutch cable snap on my CB back in the day. I just reached down with my hand and pulled the lever. Thats one thing I loved about these old Honda motors.