Twin turbo, nitrous fed Street Glide at the races this weekend. Who can guess the 1/8th mile time

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  • ConsectorVerum

    15 hours ago

    Pants on head retarded.

    Fucking love it.

    5 seconds? I'm too used to 1/4 to make an educated guess

  • pngbk

    15 hours ago

    Infinity - it will break down before 1/8.

  • UrbanEngineer

    15 hours ago

    Let's just hear it we are not here to guess.

  • mabramo

    15 hours ago

    20 seconds.

    In my experience, anyone who has a NOS canister just hose clamps it to the frame.

  • Rock3tPunch

    15 hours ago


    Is the guy running street tires? Damn.

  • poopitypong

    14 hours ago

    No air filter on the the tarbo??

  • slayer9019

    14 hours ago

    How well does a HD motor spool up even one of those turbos? I'm seriously asking

  • nofear220

    14 hours ago

    Looks like some terrible driveway DIY engineering to be quite honest...

    • 2-into-1 exhaust before splitting again to feed the 2 turbos
    • Just one of those massive turbos is enough for the boost he's probably running
    • Hose clamps galore