Women's legs are used in two very different advertisements with very different messages

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  • Toe-Knife


    I like how it looks like the guy in the middle is in a dilemma of which poster to follow

  • IWasGregInTokyo

    20 hours ago

    Obligatory sketchy guy parked at the front of the Skytrain.

  • JosephMc19


    He's a touching his third leg.. If you know what I mean

  • marloan

    19 hours ago

    Make shaving a thing of the past.

  • Ganonthegreat

    21 hours ago

    I knew David Carradine faked his own death!

  • rifrif

    15 hours ago

    Dang! I saw that on the skytrain yesterday and didnt even think about it. Good catch.

  • oNOCo

    19 hours ago

    On the razor poster, are the legs pointing up based on a female point of view or because sex?

  • AjKawalski

    21 hours ago

    I like how the keep your hands to yourself sign also tells the viewer to call 911, as if they reader is saying "oh shit, how do I do that?!?!"

  • Flufy_Panda

    18 hours ago

    Vancouver Canada SPOTTED

  • idlebyte

    17 hours ago

    sexy != free touch so I'm not sure how it's confusing. Maybe people confused by this should be locked away for a while just in case?

  • NowFreeToMaim

    23 hours ago

    That's women for ya

  • Kreenish

    21 hours ago

    You have to be honest with yourself about your attractiveness, If you're an attractive male (or Trump) your hands can go anywhere. If not, then get fucked.