Fall/Winter Chino Infographic | Mid-High Tier

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  • PiousInterlocutor

    5 days ago

    Good list. I lovee my officer trousers from rogue territory, I believe they are also inspired from the original military chinos as well. The details and fabric are great.

    I also have a pair of olive raw chinos from Left field which feel super heavy duty. The cut is more work wear inspired and a bit roomier.

    I also have 2 pair of Norse projects chinos and I feel like they are probably the best value for when you can find them on sale. Their roomier legs are perfect for my build. My next pair of chinos (navy) will probably be from them when I can actually catch my size on sale.

    I love all these brands

  • i_look_terrible

    5 days ago

    I have Epaulet rivet chinos in caramel duck canvas. They're really well made (like everything else from them), and it's a great material, but I don't really wear them much because of their low rise. Might sell them.

    You should add Taylor Stitch chinos. Really soft and substantial material. They come in slim and regular fit.

  • ub3rmike

    5 days ago

    Other mid tier trousers:

    Left Field NYC: mid 100-200 range depending on the type of fabric they used and whether it's selvedge. My only experience is with their non-selvedge olive duck miner chinos, but I've seen some pretty interesting fabrics like indigo cord and salt and pepper melange twill. Slightly slimmer mid-rise version of their Charles Atlas jeans (which are a high rise athletic cut with a taper).

    Freenote Cloth: 220 for current season offerings. I have the white workers chinos in classic fit. Very roomy in the legs and rise, I've got 26" thighs at a 33" waist and I thought the 33" were so comfy that I could probably get away with the slim fit at the same waist based on their measurements. The taper is less pronounced on the classic fit.

  • defyg

    5 days ago

    Any recs on chinos with a straight fit? Most of these are slim/tapered/athletic. I'm looking for a 17-18" circumference ankle opening.

  • triguy616

    5 days ago

    Outlier 60/30 chinos are amazing. They look very close to cotton for a tech blend, stretch like crazy. They are the most comfortable pants I own outside of sweatpants. Price is high though.

  • Sizzel

    5 days ago

    After coming from J-Crew/Banana/Jomers etc.. I got a bunch of Epaulet Chinos and they are killer. The rivets are the best chinos(i have not tried any of the other ones on this list..yet) I have ever had. LIke, throw everything else away good. I didn't realize how bad my other chinos were before. 100% worth it.

    Highly rec them. The fit is killer and they are really well made. Great company, super responsive with great service. MTO options and a ton of fabric choices. They also have Sandows for big thighs.

  • PapaShmev

    5 days ago

    Fall/Winter is coming and I havent seen much talk about what people are doing to prepare. One of the main staples of fall is a good pair of chinos, so let's discuss!

    This thread is for discussion about mid-high tier chinos. If any valued input is added I will change/add to the infographic. Initial descriptions are prone to change and were based on personal experience and research.

  • theulfberhtsword

    5 days ago

    I would add probably Grown & Sewn to this list. They're around 150 - 300 for their chinos, but they're amazing and are definitely on my "to buy" list.

  • ngomaam

    5 days ago

    Nice list. I used to swear by Unis (gio skinny) but I prefer a more carrot-type fit, which is hard to come by. I've been liking Carhartt Wip Sid pants. Comes in a 30" inseam, which is great, and it has the right amount of taper. It's a cotton/poly blend, so it doesn't feel as nice as say, the Unis pairs, but the plus side is it's very durable and maintains shape well. Only thing I don't like is the waist tends to stretch a bit, leaving a loose waist on otherwise fairly tight fitting pants

  • TransManNY

    5 days ago

    If this is mid-high can I get broke boiz infographic?

  • MicahdM

    5 days ago

    Where's the Mid-Low tier one?