Anyone know what set this is from?

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  • HassledDromedary

    16 hours ago

    Duel Decks: Cabbage vs. Lettuce

  • GoldenSandslash15

    18 hours ago

    It's a Black Lotus spindown, which was sold just on its own.

  • DRUMS11

    18 hours ago

    As GoldenSandslash15 says. The spindown dice with the Black Lotus design were sold in a 5-pack and are the only design that didn't come in some other product, e.g. Fat Pack, Prerelease Kit.

    Here they are in the package, on ebay.

  • QuadCannon

    13 hours ago

    Back in the day, these came in fat packs, and I'm talking way back in the day. They originally didn't even come with card boxes. I remember getting a fat pack as early as Prophecy that came with 6 boosters, a novel for the set, a foil basic land, a pro player trading card, and a Lotus spin down.

  • Plotnikon2280

    13 hours ago

    They came in the Beatdown Box Set.

  • Slurmsmackenzie8

    18 hours ago

    Beatdown Box Set.

  • Duramboros

    18 hours ago

    I have two of those that I got from the OG Ravnica fat pack.