Living Dreams at AER pre-release

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  • Vidar_the_vegent

    20 hours ago

    I too pulled Mechanized Production in my prerelease. Got it on a consulate skygate (turns out not a lot of cards can kill or get through a 2 mana 0/4) and then in another game a deadlock trap.

    Turns out mechanized production is a solid card if you ever want to win right as time runs out and you're going into turns.


    20 hours ago

    Nothing so exciting for me (no mythics pulled), but I did quite enjoy curving [[Sram's Expertise]] with [[Glint-Sleeve Artisan]] free cast into [[Dawnfeather Eagle]] the following turn. All the better if I had [[Gifted Aetherborn]] down as well.

  • QuadCannon

    20 hours ago

    Idk about combos, but I got to play hard control in BR and didn't drop a single game. 13 removal spells including 2 Battle for the Bridge, plus Vengeful Rebel, and an additional removal spell and removal creature (the 1/1 for B that gives something -1/-1) in the board. Not a single creature played by my opponents was able to stick.

  • NotQuiteStupid

    18 hours ago

    Nah, the dream at my LGS was opening Painted Stone in 2HG. They lost to myself with a vicious Vehicles deck and my partner with GB Midrange.

  • S4phiron2

    17 hours ago

    I opened a masterpiece [[oblivion stone]] and a [[whir of invention]]. Turns out the two work well together in a UB control deck with an artifact theme.

  • Frommerman

    20 hours ago

    I had GB splash white deck which was absolutely bonkers. Two [[Winding Constrictor]] and a bunch of counter synergies including [[Yahenni]] and [[Oath of Ajani]], and yes I did pull off the full +3/+3 to my team combo at one point.

  • TurboK

    15 hours ago

    Nice sleeves!

  • Atlas_JR

    15 hours ago

    I got to stick a [[Siege Modification]] onto a [[Heart of Kiran]] on turn 3.

  • speshalke

    15 hours ago

    I paired mine with [[Deadlock Trap]] and got 6 of them on the board during one game of 2HG. Basically locked them out of the game.

  • lansdellicious

    21 hours ago

    Who else had an amazing time with hilarious combos?

  • johnnydouglas

    19 hours ago

    What is your playmat?

  • SoullessGingerCat

    18 hours ago

    I got to live out my dream of ult-ing Dovin Baan in 2HG this pre-release. We had some pretty bonkers decks (and went undefeated).

  • AtlasPJackson

    18 hours ago

    I got to go [[Unbridled Growth]], [[Greenwheel Liberator]], [[Rishkar, Peema Renegade]].

    The look on a person's face when you swing in with a 5/4 on turn 3 is only matched only by dropping a six-drop on turn 4. One game, that six-drop was [[Wispweaver Angel]], flickering Rishkar. Another game it was Ajani, with an STP outta nowhere.

  • EastCoastGnar

    16 hours ago

    I went 4-0 yesterday and won two of my games by triggering that card after the 8th Pea Fowl showed up. Pretty great.

  • Seymor569

    16 hours ago

    Won a stalled out 2hg game with my teamates cog work assembler copying a duplicant on my side. Was pretty awesome.