3D Marching Band

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  • TheMisterTango


    This is actually drum corps which is different from marching band. A drum corps consists of bugles (trumpet, mellophone, baritone, euphonium, contra), drumline, pit, and colorguard. Basically they do the same thing as a marching band but at a different level. They are audition only groups which during the season rehearse more than 12 hours per day every day for 6 weeks before going on tour. At the end of the season every corps competes at the drum corps international world championships to see who will be the world champion. I believe this gif is of Carolina Crown's 2013 show e=mc2.

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    So mesmerizing

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    Faaauck, that's keeewl!

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    I wonder what this would look like from the other side of the stadium

  • Ghustyy

    21 hours ago

    The logo in the center kinda looks like an eye to me...

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    19 hours ago

    This mind fucked me for 10 seconds

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    Go Vanguard!