Damn Counselor Troi....

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  • AllHailKingSchneid

    5 years ago

    That betazoid will leave your dick destroyed.

  • canitasteyourjuice

    5 years ago

    All hands on dick. Aye Aye

  • majorpiss

    5 years ago

    dammit she can read my mind

  • zeedeevel66

    5 years ago

    She was always my favorite...so damned hot!

  • Dougleton

    5 years ago

    Years ago, cleaning out the attic at my dad's house I found a box of my dad's old nudie magazines from the 80's. Playboy, Penthouse, as well as a magazine I'd never heard of called Gallery.

    Flipping through it due to a mixture of idle curiosity and desire to see naked women, I got to their girl next door style section where people sent in pictures of their girlfriends/wives, etc.

    One girl looked familiar and I couldn't quite place it until I noticed her name was listed as Marina S. It was her, from the early 80's, before she got big because of Star Trek. I found it amusing, but I found it in the early 2000's, well after the internet was already big, and I'd just assumed the picture was online somewhere so I just threw it all out as instructed.

    Now I just think I was the only one that ever noticed, and I threw out the evidence. The world will miss out on hot nude early 80's Counselor Troi.

  • baggachipz

    5 years ago

    Lace, the final brassiere.

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  • nthensome

    5 years ago

    I like this one better - NSFW