10/10 advertisement for a movie targeted towards kids

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  • queenvalanice

    11 hours ago

    Think of all the moms that will "get this" and have kids they may bring to the movies. This totally makes sense.

  • eat_healfy

    14 hours ago

    Boss Baby is into domination is now canon and nobody can argue.

  • Havikz

    11 hours ago

    Why is there SO much corporate advertisement about Boss Baby? I just don't understand.. It feels artificially planted into culture, and it's kind of deeply creepy how well is succeeded.

  • sillygoose52

    12 hours ago

    How did anyone okay this. I can't think of anyone seeing this and thinking "yup"

  • Liftoff23

    12 hours ago

    You may want to add it to r/corporatefacepalm

  • Merc931

    11 hours ago

    I honestly do not know who the audience for this movie is supposed to be.

  • ModsAreShillsForXenu

    11 hours ago

    Ads for kids movies aren't all aimed at kids, they're aimed at adults so they take their kids to them.

  • lefence

    13 hours ago

    dis shits my fetish

  • Deadended

    10 hours ago

    Boss baby is going to put on his dom diaper.

  • Smilodon-Fatalis

    10 hours ago

    targeted towards kids


  • Dicksonia

    9 hours ago

    I get the impression that a lot of these "kids movies" are equally as directed at the 40 year old suburban moms that need to be in the theaters with kids seeing it. The kids probably aren't the ones seeing it on social media and laugh emoji-ing to themselves in their cubicles.

  • PapiDimmi

    7 hours ago

    Why is “The Boss Baby” even a thing? Like, just… why?

  • Kirbyguy248

    9 hours ago

    Before I clicked the full picture I thought it was a parody ad of Persona 5.

  • FreeBroccoli

    11 hours ago

    I suspect that this wouldn't fly quite so well if it were done with a female character.

  • zeromsi

    9 hours ago

    Children aren't the ones with the money.

  • ReverseMakiroll

    7 hours ago

    Calling the sex baby! (OMG HE ANSWERED)

  • domenbe

    7 hours ago

    idk why but the expression on his face makes me wanna gouge my fucking eyes out

  • Never-asked-for-this

    7 hours ago

    Let's face it, there will be more 50 year olds watching this movie than kids.

  • CurseofExclusion

    9 hours ago

    This movie as a whole is one of the creepiest marketing ploys I've ever seen.

  • LolpioHoggledorf

    7 hours ago

    This just put more people on more watchlists

  • space-goon

    7 hours ago

    why does the boss baby have different facebook pages for each region of the world

  • ZSSGaming

    7 hours ago

    Just gonna say, there were some jokes in that movie that were not for children. One scene had the baby and his brother arguing over "sucking it."

  • wuchta

    6 hours ago

    r/corporatefacepalm r/cringe

  • Asha108

    6 hours ago

    It's a movie based off an advertisement for like, some sort of phone company from 10 years ago.

    I don't understand why it exists or why people talk about it. It seems as one dimensional a film as possible.

  • Jay0ne

    6 hours ago

    Targeted to parents**

  • redditmortis

    9 hours ago

    This is bad and they should feel bad.

  • Severe-Autism

    9 hours ago

    This is borderline pedophilia

  • gabokike99

    10 hours ago

    Can't look at a Boss Baby meme without thinking of Durv.

  • Mentioned_Videos

    7 hours ago

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  • BabyBackLib

    9 hours ago

    They're don't make these movies for kids nor are they marketed toward kids. They make them so parents will spend money.

  • baranxlr

    8 hours ago


  • itstytanic

    9 hours ago

    In the US, in New York specifically, I saw tons of Boss Baby print ads paired with Alec Baldwin "Glengarry Glen Ross" references next to them (you know, cause he plays a hard-ass boss in that movie)

    That's a serious crime/mystery film from '92 with an R rating. Who were those posters supposed to appeal to? The parents? Certainly not the kids. It's like "Hey, you know that scene where Baldwin forces a guy with a dying daughter and no money to work overtime in a crappy salesman job that forces him to resort to becoming a criminal to support his family? Yea? Well see Boss Baby, where he makes poop jokes in that same voice"

  • BurgerBacons

    8 hours ago

    Is it not out yet? It feels like this whole last year has just been full of boss baby adverts.

  • mrpopenfresh

    11 hours ago

    TIL moms bring their kids to movies.