The Presidential Couple of Finland Following a Game in Minnesota.

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  • Pteryx

    21 hours ago

    I wish more teams allowed for accent marks on jerseys. I feel like it'd be a cool way to emphasize the diversity of the NHL.

  • SgtFinnish

    21 hours ago

    Shamelessly crossposted from /r/Suomi, credit to /u/Panukka.

  • waccw

    21 hours ago

  • VVrest

    21 hours ago

    Does the umlaut bother anyone else? The O should be the same size as the rest of the letters, with the dots sitting on top

  • BigSouthRevival

    20 hours ago

    How is the O on the end of Niinisto pronounced compared to a name like Salo?

  • chenac

    19 hours ago

    The first lady (?) is giving me a Meg Ryan sorta vibe...

  • JuggernautJerk21

    19 hours ago

    This kinda looks like it could be a viagra ad