Trying out my new Hogwarts wax seal

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  • Robertelee1990

    1 weeks ago


  • delta_forge2

    1 weeks ago

    The problem is that nobody uses letters anymore to talk to friends and family. Its always phone or email. Would be good fun as an invitation to a Hogwarts style theme party though.

  • xrystian

    1 weeks ago

    Awesome! I have the Slytherin one, but I haven't used it yet. No one to send a letter to...

  • bak3n3ko

    1 weeks ago

    Where can I get one? :D

  • DeeSnow97

    1 weeks ago

    I found these in a local shop, but only for Hogwarts and Gryffindor. Does anyone know where can I get a Ravenclaw one?