J.K celebrates Harry Potter's 20th anniversary.

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  • Homerpaintbucket

    23 hours ago

    I got the first Harry Potter book for Christmas in I think 1999 when I was about 20. I looked at my mother and said, "You bought me a children's book? What are you trying to say?" I ignored the book for about a year until I got the flu. I got sick of watching TV and playing video games so finally I picked up this weird kid's book that my mother insisted was also being read by adults. I read through it pretty quickly and it was a fun read. I told her when the next one came out to pick it up for me. She said, "oh it's already out, and since you're sick I'll go get it for you." So I read the Chamber of Secrets. I thought it was ok and told her when the third one came out she should get it for me. Again, she said to me, "oh it's already out, and since you're sick I'll go get it for you." And so I read the Prisoner of Azkaban. Actually, read is the wrong word. I was consumed by Prisoner of Azkaban. I had never been so enthralled by a book as I was by PoA. I finished it and said to my mother, "I need the next book. Please get it for me." To my horror she said, "It won't be out for about 2 more weeks." It was 2 of the longest weeks of my life. Fast forward 17 years and Harry Potter has played a significant role in my life. The first conversation I had with the woman who would become my wife was speculating about what was going to be in the Half Blood Prince. We named our dog Granger. We named our daughter Lily. In a weird way the series even influenced what major I chose when I went back to college, when I realized that chemistry would teach me to manipulate my world, and really, it's the closest thing to a Hogworts subject you can study.

  • OliviaElevenDunham


    JK Rowling provided me plenty of amazing childhood memories.

  • UnsinkableRubberDuck

    22 hours ago

    Hey, ya'll know about the special feature Facebook's had the last day or two, right? Type Harry Potter, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff into a comment or status and they change colour, and a wand with magic sparks appears.

  • JoeT690

    18 hours ago

    20 years ago, a publisher made the best decision of their career.

  • Hattless

    17 hours ago

    ...world that I had lived in alone...

    J. K. Rowling is a squib confirmed. I can read right through that subtext.

  • quickhakker

    21 hours ago

    I got a top off my (now deceased) grandma that was harry potter related, at the time i didnt read it nor cared about it so i never wore it, the first 4 books were on the bookshelf (my brothers) and i decided pick one up and read, might have well of been a book on anti gravity cause i couldnt put it down

  • Slywater03

    17 hours ago

    I just noticed I have the same birthday as the HP series. One might say we were destined for each other...

  • electric_body_song

    16 hours ago

    I love this woman, so much.

  • KingMolech

    18 hours ago

    20 years of plagiarism.