Hey guys. I recently acquired these old packaged boxes of 7.62x54r. I've never seen anything like them and am wondering if any of you know anything about them.

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  • anothercarguy

    18 hours ago

    Milsurp you might get lucky and end up with a few tracer rounds here and there. A buddy of mine scored a box or two of tracer in the case

  • someomega

    18 hours ago

    Save the clips after you strip the rounds off. You can resale those for a little profit.

  • JakesGunReviews

    18 hours ago

    That's what the military packages their ammunition in for storage.

  • TheBlindCat

    18 hours ago

    I bought a bunch of 1946 manufactured 7.62x54r packaged just like that. Most inaccurate and dirty ammo I've ever shot, but the stripper clips are the best you're going to find for a Mosin.

    Edit: Bought then for what I thought was expensive for the time, like $75 for 300 rounds. They came in a lead sealed sheet metal box, older design than the spam cans I was familiar with. It was a bitch to get open.

  • Chocolate_Charizard

    18 hours ago

    As the title says, they're old boxed packages of 15 rounds each, in stripper clips. I have around 15 of them. Most of the twine on them is still tied.

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  • autosear

    18 hours ago


  • I_Am_NoBody_2

    16 hours ago

    Resell them. Some high-roller collectors will pay big bucks for them, especially the rare ammo.

  • KendleC

    18 hours ago

    This is how I got some a couple of years ago in a lead box from AIM surplus. They were TULA I believe and did come in the cardboard and string. It had to be opened like a giant tin of sardines.

  • magnum2066

    14 hours ago

    My Bulgarian rounds with stripper clips came packaged in those cardboard boxes with twine. I'm betting on that.

  • NormallyILurk

    13 hours ago


    Let me know what ammo it is.