I joined the club on Saturday. (Bersa Thunder .380)

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  • NoSkillManiac


    I purchased this on Saturday at the range, after my girlfriend said she liked the rental bersa more than her dad's .38 special.

    Bersa Thunder in .380 acp. I know I'll get some flack for it, but I shot it better than anything else my friends had, or that I rented.

  • MapleSyrupJedi

    23 hours ago

    Yes! A lot of people talk shit about the Thunder but personally I've had 2 of them, paid $200 each off Armslist and had absolutely 0 issues with either of them. I had an older pre-lock one that I had 1000 rounds through and a newer one with the shitty lock on it with about 800 rounds and not a single jam or misfire.

    Quality guns at a quality price, like the LCP I see no point why someone shouldn't have one..or 4 of these.

  • Lurkd00d

    22 hours ago

    Good little guns if you keep em clean.

    I recently got the thunder plus (double stack), and I love it.

  • BT803

    23 hours ago

    Welcome to the club. I enjoyed my first Bersa .380 so much I bought a second one! They really are fantastic guns, especially for the price.

    Plus sometimes I like to pretend to be James Bond on a budget....

  • alpha10alpha

    18 hours ago

    I would recommend removing the magazine disconnect safety. Here is a link for step by step directions with pictures. I have not noticed any change in the trigger pull as some people will say, I just really hate magazine disconnect safeties and its super simple to do (also reversible).

  • Tnguyen817

    23 hours ago

    Do all the combat models come with decocker only?

  • fabbbyyyyyUAS

    23 hours ago

    I peep that microcenter bag, any goodies?

  • tehcheez

    19 hours ago

    This post just reminded me of the FTF issues I've always had with mine. Hope you don't experience the same issues as it seems pretty common. Other than that, I love my Bersa.

  • CueCueQQ

    18 hours ago

    Bersa Thunder was the first pistol I ever bought, and it was my EDC for about a year and a half. I loved a lot of things about that gun, but ending up selling it for basically what I paid for it.

    My problem with the gun was with the mags. I had a lot of mags for it, and I constantly struggled getting a mag I trusted. I had issues with the gun feeding rounds into the chamber vertically, bullet up. Had something to do with the feed lips, and I kept playing with them on and off. I think I eventually got it fixed, but by that time, I'd lost my trust in the gun, so I wasn't happy carrying it anymore, which lead me to selling it.

    I hope you have a better experience with the gun than I did. Pay close attention to mags, maybe only buy factory mags? Like I said, I loved a lot of things about it, just one issue.

  • TheMellowestyellow

    15 hours ago

    I have the double stack version, and its one of the best shooters ive owned.

    Keep it well oiled, the finish isnt all that thick.

  • xXxWirtyXDoorxXx

    15 hours ago

    take the mag disconnect out

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