I had a chance to be in New York City the day GTA V launched. I thought it would be cool to go and check and it out, and maybe buy the game (not knowing how naive I was). Follow me along and this great adventure!

First's thing's first, let's grab the Subway to Union Square.

Caught a couple of guys playing chess in Union Square.

The event was held at the Union Square GameStop located here (Google Map Link). I thought there would be a couple of people hanging out, oh was I wrong.

I was a bit underwhelmed, Rockstar's website promised a big event! Maybe I misread.

The Banshee was pretty cool.

One thing was for sure, I wasn't gonna get the game tonight, PRE-ORDERS only! :(.

Hip Hop gamer was there covering the event.

The end of the line was about a block away. Damn!

First guy comes out with the game, the gaming media go wild!

After a while knowing that GTA V was not in my immediate future, I went back to my hotel.

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