Stay In The Yard Boy!

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  • Hypsiglena

    19 hours ago


  • Jeetothezee

    19 hours ago

    "I am def not gonna wait here, HOLD UP"

  • HaroldAndPuma

    19 hours ago

    that dog must have some cat genes in it somewhere...

    somebody in that family tree was being sneaky

  • TheHillofTara

    20 hours ago

    "but you're on the other side of the fence, Human" ~ Dog probably

  • wesbalmer

    17 hours ago

    Serious question here. I had a dog who would do this relentlessly when I was young.

    How to solve this?

  • ScribbleMonster

    17 hours ago

    Australian Kelpie?

  • AsaTera

    19 hours ago

    For some reason I got a flashback of the movie Cujo

  • Hi_Dee

    16 hours ago

    My Boston terrier did this with a 9 foot gate. He kept getting out and a police officer brought him home and tried to scold me about not securing my fence line. I invited him back and around the fence line to look. Then secured my dog in the yard by closing the 9 foot gate. Took two steps away and my dog came flying over at us.

    I think he had separation anxiety and would rather jump a 9 foot fence than let me go some place without him.