D20 Gumball Machine

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    23 hours ago

    Just don't have it come out as a 1, or the machine becomes sentient and attacks you.

  • Kugruk

    20 hours ago

    if those are chessex, which I'm sure they are, you're way overpaying

  • Forest_GS

    22 hours ago

    Reason we don't see these is because a kid would choke on one the first day someone put this in a mall...

  • Degann


    They don't look like gum.

  • iaswob

    21 hours ago

    For some reason, I read "D12 Pinball machine", and I was super fucking hyped for a Pinball Machine based on a stellar rap group. I imagined you could hit each of their heads for sick rhymes.

  • DigitalMinded

    18 hours ago

    $1.00!!! When I was a kid it used to cost a penny, and you got 2 of them!

  • BoxySoxy

    17 hours ago

    If it comes out on a nat 20 you should get a second one free

  • HairyTacoFanatic

    23 hours ago

    That's a fuxking awesome idea.

  • XxETFxXSnazzy

    22 hours ago

    r/DnD would love this!

  • Diablosong

    18 hours ago

    This isn't very good candy... (crunch, crunch)

  • CrimsonSmear

    17 hours ago

    Hot Wet American Summer

  • ElectricDrifter

    17 hours ago

    Reroll the basics

  • MichaelEuteneuer

    14 hours ago

    Spend a quarter and roll a critical fail. Head ends up stuck in gumball machine.

  • abracadingus

    22 hours ago

    Love this.

  • ertate102

    18 hours ago

    I want this..so damn bad

  • DevonWithAnI

    17 hours ago

    Not nearly enough Perkaholics...

  • LivingDead_Victim

    16 hours ago

    I would really love to buy all these... I've always wanted to play D&D. It seems I never had the friends to play or try to learn to play. Maybe some day!

  • Deathmatch1127

    16 hours ago

    πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅TAKE MY MONEY

  • donut711

    14 hours ago

    *heavy breathing


  • ChronosHorse

    14 hours ago

    Store special if you buy a d20 from this machine and it comes out a 20 you get a set of dice for free.

  • Bastinenz

    13 hours ago

    If they are round enough to be dispensed by a gumball machine, then they are really shitty D20s

  • egoncasteel

    21 hours ago

    Now all you have to do is find a dollar coin

  • simonhez


    am I the only one that remember those being 25cents?