[S1] Why did they stop doing these? It gave you this 'New place discovered' feeling.

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  • Yankee_Gunner


    It's a pilot v rest of show thing. Probably one of the notes given by HBO when they ordered the first season.

    Happens all the time with TV shows since the pilot is usually produced months before the rest of the series.

  • i__love__you



    Never really saw it after the first episode. Probably was a thing just to familiarize the viewers...even tho I feel like it was only done for Winterfell and King's Landing 🤔

  • The_Fassbender


    Well, if rumors are true and we get to see Casterly Rock or High-Garden this season, then I do hope we do get a little introductory shot.

  • Dawidko1200


    Winterhold Winterfell discovered.

  • Waitingforadragon


    I think it's immersion breaking. It reminds you that you are watching a TV show.

  • HouseZanotta


    I think they don't use it anymore, even for new places. S6 Spoiler

  • jmv213


    Probably the same reason Barry had the whole Sherlock CSI thing going on in the pilot of The Flash and it never happened again

  • RivadaviaOficial


    Didn't they do this for Bear Island recently? They probably stopped because we'd seen most places already

  • michaelk981


    I also think it would become overbearing with all the new places you would have seen. It would get old and cheesy if you think about it.

  • jbones4710

    23 hours ago

    I always loved the opening credits in the first few seasons because new locations would always pop up! The last few seasons haven't had many new places to change the map very often. I feel like S6 only had 1 different credits scene across all the episodes.

  • nukeshooter


    They probably just improved the zone data uploading so that new areas were pre-loaded before you even step into them, thereby allowing them to do away with the title screens upon transition.

  • RzK

    19 hours ago

    Now the characters just say where they are.

    "It sure is great, being here in (turns to camera) DORNE"

  • Puninteresting


    Winterfell discovered! 400 experience gained. Passive skill "Seasonal Affective Disorder" unlocked!

  • kable2580

    23 hours ago

    Whoa. Gives me skyrim flashbacks. Gotta go play that game again.

  • alwaysawkward66

    22 hours ago

    You just explained why I play RPGs. Thank you

  • AnalogDogg


    They were newly discovered at the time. Since a lot of places are used again and again, it's no longer needed. If they started doing it again, it'll look out of place and be noticeable, and mess up pacing. Showmakers want you to recognize their settings, and don't want to use title cards or the like to explain the location if they don't have to. Since we're so many seasons in of not using it, when they go from King's Landing, to Eyrie, to Meereen, and then suddenly old valyria, giving the same wide shot but having a cut of Tyrion asking "why are you taking us to [NEW LOCATION AUDIENCE DOESN'T RECOGNIZE]?" maintains the same pace you've had the entire episode and keeps up the dialogue. It's better than pausing dialogue to give you the title card, and then unpausing. You'd notice the break in pace just to identify the location, and wonder why that location is so special they needed to interrupt the conversation just to make sure you know where the characters are. These kinds of things are better suited for for early seasons when the audience doesn't know anything (just pretend the books don't exist for this exercise). When you've been watching the same locations for 5-6 years, that knowledge is already established, including locations we know about even before we're shown them.


    22 hours ago

    They should add, "XP 25pts"

  • Dominus_Invictus


    Does anyone know where I can find a high res version of this image?

  • ambitiousprojects


    I don't know if it's the font they used or what, but the way the name looked on the screen with the view of the location in the background was just so neat and spiffy.

  • Cookies_x

    23 hours ago

    Holy shit, I started watching again last night and said the EXACT same thing to my girlfriend, word for fucking word I thought she had scammed me for karma

  • BlamRob

    21 hours ago

    But then we have to sit around and wait while they find the flight master, repair their gear, vend the junk they picked up on the way and check their mail while they look for group!

  • RigasTelRuun


    It only shows up first time you enter a zone and get the discover xp.

  • gryfinkellie


    I wondered this too when the first episodes ran on HBO last week - I liked them and would have loved to see them in Dorne, Dragonstone Bravos and other places we get introduced to. It's a good set up to where you don't have to figure out where you are while trying to follow the political scheming happening before you.

  • TheFreeloader


    This reminds me, I am pretty disappointed that the show version of Winterfell does not include the winter town. Winterfell is supposed to have a giant empty city surrounding it, which people move to during winter.

  • Bweryang


    It's so weird when a show is given a visual identity like this only for it to be abandoned. The same thing happened with Boardwalk Empire, Scorsese gave the ending a circle wipe transition that felt old-timey and they never repeated it.

  • borumlive


    Maybe since we stopped discovering new places with the same wonderment? I remember being sucked into the series by season 1, and I can see how directors wouldn't choose to use a shot like this in season 4 for instance, because people watching at that point are already onboard

  • TomTom9393


    The feels. I watched the 1st episode last night again to get hyped.

  • who_dat_009


    I wish they kept this up.

  • capass

    23 hours ago

    I liked how that didn't highlight a city in the introduction song until after it was introduced in the show, then it was added to the intro.

  • MSZ28

    23 hours ago

    Discovered Winterfell +11 xp

  • Morphenomenal

    23 hours ago

    It was probably used in the unaired pilot, and the only scenes we see it in are the ones recycled for the new pilot.

  • OliverWotei

    22 hours ago

    The Warcraft movie did this in the dumbest way. They showed the names of like one or two places then stopped.