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  • ender4171

    20 hours ago


  • sofreci

    21 hours ago

    Oh man, Tom Segura, his standup shows are great.

  • FatGuyOnTheCouch


    What is this from..?

  • _snack

    20 hours ago

    Just glassin'

  • KodyBurns

    18 hours ago

    Bert is fat.

  • screechdiddy

    18 hours ago

    For anyone who enjoyed this, you might like his 9 Inches video with Ryan Sickler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RB1-6rDsCAo

  • Steeby

    16 hours ago


  • vrnate

    19 hours ago

    This show is literally Rob Ford.

    Love it.

  • SithLordDave

    17 hours ago

    I love Tom Segura

  • Needs_No_Convincing

    16 hours ago

    I saw Tom Segura this past Saturday in Oxford. The dude is fucking hilarious. He deserves so much more recognition. I know he's fairly well-known, but he deserves so much more even still.

  • aledlewis

    16 hours ago

    At what point should a person just post a video?

  • lotionformyelbows

    16 hours ago

    Hi Mommy, just glassin, are you keeping it high and tight? You need to wipe down, thanks Jeans!

  • wildcard18

    17 hours ago

    Reminds me of this Onion headline

  • Baked_Pandas

    16 hours ago

    They all look a bit like characters from the office

  • boobsmcgraw

    16 hours ago

    If I had 6 months to live, I'd do all the drugs. ALL. THE DRUGS.

    Except probably meth and that shit that makes your skin rot off. Just don't sound very appealing. Like, at all.

  • PizzaPringles69

    17 hours ago