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Week 37 of 2017

1. Miami is a Mario Kart track now

112451 points - Sep 12,2017, 5:59pm - 1567 Visit on Reddit - funny

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  • SkidMark_wahlberg - 162 points - 1 weeks ago

  • raidaid71 - 231 points - 1 weeks ago

    Koopa Troopa South Beach

  • lostpriorities - 109 points - 1 weeks ago

    That's Fort Lauderdale Beach. Link. Miami is now a part of the Atlantic.

  • ScoodFarcoosAnoose - 41 points - 1 weeks ago

    How do you go about cleaning that?

  • Dirtydeedsinc - 28 points - 1 weeks ago

    Honestly, they should leave it like that.

2. After 2 years of work and no knowledge of code, I still launched my fox adventure game today, The First Tree!

103581 points - Sep 14,2017, 11:40am - 3426 Visit on Reddit - r/gaming

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  • mekanikal510 - 1897 points - 1 weeks ago

    I love the art style

  • zzzthelastuser - 318 points - 1 weeks ago

    I'm currently playing it. Been following it since a year(?). Really beautiful game! I love the music, I wish it would loop though, because I like to explore a bit and after some minutes the silence kicks in (maybe it's intended?).

    I hope you don't throw the game code away now. I would really love to see more fox games in the future! The model and the art look fantastic. The gameplay mechanics exist and the obviously you know how to design beautiful levels. Add some (more) collectable and some small quests + jump and run passages + enemies.

    I also wouldn't mind if the fox made some noises in reaction to certain events.


    I know that this game isn't intended as a Jump&Run or full Adventure game with enemies. I think it's a good start and your probably gained a lot of experience. Hopefully enough people will buy it and you can consider making another game with this engine+fox with a more focus on gameplay than the story (it was neat though).

  • Brak15 - 1329 points - 1 weeks ago

    Here's a Steam page link for anyone who's interested! I'm happy to answer questions too, like how you can get started making games with visual scripting tools like Playmaker. I'm more of an artist than anything, so programming does not come easy to me at all. However, with the right tools and asset packs, you can make a game your own too.

    Edit: WHAT?!!! You guys pulling my chain?! Thanks for the upvotes, I will try my best to answer EVERYONE. Launch day is insane though, so give me some time.

  • TooShiftyForYou - 414 points - 1 weeks ago

    Here's the full trailer for OP's game.

  • notcaffeinefree - 260 points - 1 weeks ago

    Is it a science-based, 100% fox MMO though?

3. 4 days without a cigarette and a co-worker told me to "come back in a year" before I'm proud about it. Mark your calendars, Ladies and Gents.

103116 points - Sep 14,2017, 12:24pm - 4143 Visit on Reddit - funny

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  • yeti_beard - 2314 points - 1 weeks ago

    Secret good guy Steve is willing to play the villain to motivate you enough to spite him. Sometimes it's not enough to quit for yourself, sometimes you need an enormous douche to spite.

  • PM_ME_UR_ENERGY - 162 points - 1 weeks ago

    That's really pretty hand writing. I write like I've spaghetti for fingers.

  • DoAF2 - 453 points - 1 weeks ago

    Or... you can tell Steve to fuck off for the next 365 days every time you want a cigarette.

  • Feenox - 90 points - 1 weeks ago

    This is going to be lost in the sea of comments below, but I had my last cigarette the day my son was born five and a half years ago. I STILL don't say that i've quit. I just haven't smoked in a long time. Quitting implies that you're done, but you never are with cigarettes.

    Just some advice, from one not smoker to another.

  • TheCakeDayLie - 21 points - 1 weeks ago

    Yeah fuck Steve - but as someone who is coming up on 3 years without, good on you. It will get easier, and you can message me if you need help/inspiration.

    I quit on April 20th, 2015 - entirely because of the inconvenience of buying a $14 pack of cigarettes in NYC when I was there for a conference. Didn't buy the next AM because of an early train home, and then didn't again the next day for whatever reason.

    When I realized I'd gone 48 hours without, I knew I could do another day, which turned into a week, a month, and eventually a year, which became multiple.

    I'm happy to be a resource my man.

4. My daughter is to be feared

93955 points - Sep 16,2017, 8:09pm - 1277 Visit on Reddit - Reddit Pics

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  • IggyJR - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

  • namasteriteherr - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    She set that guy on fire!!!

  • hurdur1 - 1 points - 1 weeks ago


  • fulendulop - 1 points - 1 weeks ago


  • Trissan - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    I see the makings of a sith lord here

5. The day after Hurricane Irma, this baby squirrel ran straight up to me, jumped into my hands and passed out. I'm sure it had a rough night.

92608 points - Sep 15,2017, 2:14pm - 1944 Visit on Reddit - A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

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  • mikelae18 - 415 points - 1 weeks ago

    Congratulations. You're a tree now.

  • candidisco - 471 points - 1 weeks ago

    So cute! AND now you just need to find his two brothers and you'll have a nice boys band

  • mlavan - 120 points - 1 weeks ago

    that squirrel has seen some shit.

  • darksp33d - 191 points - 1 weeks ago

    Thanks for saving the squirrel, skinny Seth rogen!!

  • JohnConnor7 - 43 points - 1 weeks ago

    Was it hungover? Name it Conker.

6. Solaire vs Rey

89821 points - Sep 12,2017, 6:58pm - 1588 Visit on Reddit - r/gaming

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  • Yoda2000675 - 1866 points - 1 weeks ago

    Oh wow. I love the commitment with those damn dark souls rolls.

  • idarkeden - 590 points - 1 weeks ago

    I love how she panics and thinks "Oh shit is he being serious?"

  • Subtle_Birth - 254 points - 1 weeks ago

    Fishing for backstabs.

  • Dylsponge - 381 points - 1 weeks ago

    [T]/ praise the sun

  • GatoNanashi - 277 points - 1 weeks ago

    With a leggy Weiss Schnee in the background. Oh ya.

7. Snow leopards are no longer endangered <3

89457 points - Sep 15,2017, 9:23pm - 1154 Visit on Reddit - A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

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  • hoop_dancer_joy - 457 points - 1 weeks ago

    I did not know this! That's fantastic news.

  • dickfromaccounting - 152 points - 1 weeks ago

    let's start a trend! what animal can we un-endanger next?

  • Incognitathefirst - 81 points - 1 weeks ago

    Quiet... people might start killing them again

  • NeedSleep85 - 23 points - 1 weeks ago

    My favourite animal! (photo by me)

  • Dustjackan - 120 points - 1 weeks ago

    Give it a few years and we'll see about that.

    And the sad part is that it's not a joke...

8. Jack Black to the rescue!

84570 points - Sep 13,2017, 2:01pm - 1451 Visit on Reddit - .gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

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  • UnexpectedDrunkFrog - 466 points - 1 weeks ago

    He's looking like Jack Nicholson these days.

  • Dr_Smellybutt - 77 points - 1 weeks ago


  • metasirena - 90 points - 1 weeks ago

    I just noticed he's got a crazy-Jack Nicholson look in his eyes.

  • Charred01 - 73 points - 1 weeks ago

    For those who haven't noticed, it has two different phases before he loops. Watch both times he comes out of the water.

  • recreationAtion - 16 points - 1 weeks ago


9. Woman has a striking resemblance to subject of The Broken Pitcher by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

82611 points - Sep 13,2017, 6:58am - 1773 Visit on Reddit - Reddit Pics

10. 2017 Father of the Year nominee

80362 points - Sep 12,2017, 10:33am - 1726 Visit on Reddit - .gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

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  • crystalistwo - 527 points - 1 weeks ago

    One day that guy's gonna get Han Solo'd.

  • CommentsOnOldStuff - 63 points - 1 weeks ago

    Kid's going to trade pop in for Vader... less evil.

  • TheBreakRoom - 54 points - 1 weeks ago

    I seriously thought something went wrong with the ride and he abandoned his kid. Brutal. Classic dad move.

  • dick-nipples - 320 points - 1 weeks ago

    "Water you crying about?"


  • Stan87 - 534 points - 1 weeks ago

    He took him there for that exact reason.

11. What a pane.

76032 points - Sep 13,2017, 7:20am - 1459 Visit on Reddit - .gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

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  • BSRGroup - 725 points - 1 weeks ago

    I love that he's a good sport about it. Some kids whine the moment things go slightly awry.

  • Mutt1223 - 225 points - 1 weeks ago

    He's got a good sense of humor, most kids would start crying. Some adults, too.

  • IAMATruckerAMA - 105 points - 1 weeks ago

    That's what he gets for trying to touch the glass!

  • Whiffers - 49 points - 1 weeks ago

    Harry Potter strikes again.

  • MiMoJaMo - 48 points - 1 weeks ago

    Ah, errors that transcend age

12. Looks like I was too slow for the eclipse awards, but I finally finished my eclipse composite and wanted to share anyway!

73398 points - Sep 10,2017, 10:22pm - 424 Visit on Reddit - Reddit Pics

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  • olfitz - 92 points - 2 weeks ago

    That's about the best I've seen so far! Beautiful! !

    Is that your flying saucer parked in the field?

  • idaho_dak - 9 points - 1 weeks ago

    Beautiful. Where were you?

  • kingy117 - 5 points - 1 weeks ago

    Amazing! Can I ask where you were and what the time of totality for you was?

  • AmpleAmtsOfCaffeine - 6 points - 1 weeks ago

    It kind of looks like a time lapse of Pac Man trying to eat a dot.

  • VictorRadz - 4 points - 1 weeks ago

    Well done. Awesome shot!

13. Puppy doesn't want to get out of bed.

72025 points - Sep 13,2017, 1:58pm - 747 Visit on Reddit - A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

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  • dickfromaccounting - 100 points - 1 weeks ago

    this pup's got sass, style, and cuteness

  • DamnYouVodka - 32 points - 1 weeks ago

    Well, that solves it. Puppy stays in bed.

  • Apostjustforthis - 26 points - 1 weeks ago

    So cute! You can almost hear him go "No. No. No! No. Nnnnnno." haha

  • Yeah_Nah_Cunt - 45 points - 1 weeks ago

    Me neither little pupper

  • abuckcduckefucklmnop - 9 points - 1 weeks ago

    What breed is she/he?

14. Very interesting street performance

70750 points - Sep 16,2017, 1:40pm - 1297 Visit on Reddit - .gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

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  • drunquasted - 1053 points - 1 weeks ago

    The longer I look at this, the more sore my right quad gets.

  • RugBurnDogDick - 454 points - 1 weeks ago

    Car drivers hate him

  • holysocks - 525 points - 1 weeks ago

    there was another street performer who claims he is the slowest moving man, so was subjected to a bunch of challenges on a tv show. He was challenged to move across the room without being detected by a motion detector. He had to move across the yard without the dog realizing he is human. Had to move across a nightingale floor with no sound. Failed them all.

  • ethaninseattle - 66 points - 1 weeks ago

    Well you can tell by the way I use my wa...

  • IDraw2 - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

15. Sand liquefied

70023 points - Sep 17,2017, 9:18am - 1601 Visit on Reddit - .gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

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  • BetaCuckSlayer666 - 639 points - 1 weeks ago

    What the hell am I looking at here?

    Are they vibrating the sand to cause this effect?

  • vigilanterepoman - 190 points - 1 weeks ago

    "I don't see anything liquid about that sa- WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING"

  • groundlessnfree - 60 points - 1 weeks ago

    Well, there's a fear I didn't know I had.

  • Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt - 48 points - 1 weeks ago

    Doesn't this liquifaction happen during earthquakes, too?

  • anonopier - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Would scaling this up cause tremors/soil liquifaction in larger areas? Not for any destructive evil ideas, just curious. Probably can never ever afford the machinery to pull it off even if I tried

16. Family picture.

67465 points - Sep 16,2017, 7:21pm - 581 Visit on Reddit - A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

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  • Staiden - 9 points - 1 weeks ago

    too bad they were set up like that and it was ran in reverse.....

  • mjoliner - 3 points - 1 weeks ago

    What the fuck man. My heart feels funny from that. That's more adorable than a kitten and a puppy sharing a slipper

  • LegendaryFalcon - 3 points - 1 weeks ago

    Having a bad day and you give me this. Thanks a ton, OP.

  • LadyRedfox8 - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    That's precious

  • WIGGS253 - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    I needed to see this after seeing that belly flop video

17. 300 doctors, nurses, and paramedics await takeoff on a C-17 before heading to Orlando for Hurricane Irma response

65653 points - Sep 11,2017, 9:38am - 1854 Visit on Reddit - Reddit Pics

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  • CybertronianBukkake - 424 points - 1 weeks ago

    That's a lot of leg room.

  • nickparkerlol - 63 points - 1 weeks ago

    Rare inside view of the fabled....,"can of save-ass."

  • TooShiftyForYou - 29 points - 1 weeks ago

    Air Mobility Command's 618th Air Operations Center planned the movement of C-17s in coordination with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The 618 Air Operations Center plans, tasks and executes airlift, aerial refueling and aeromedical evacuation missions throughout the globe. After disaster strikes, the AOC provides command and control for delivery of contingency response teams, search and rescue personnel, aeromedical evacuation, personnel evacuation, and humanitarian aid and disaster relief supplies.

    "When called, our Airmen are ready to respond whenever and wherever required," said Gen. Carlton D. Everhart II, Air Mobility Command commander. "They provide assurance and relief to those in need and facing difficult circumstances."

    The healthcare professionals, consisting of physicians, nurses, veterinary staff, paramedics, fatality management professionals, and experienced command and control staff, are part of the National Disaster Medical System which provides response capabilities to augment existing healthcare systems in affected areas.


  • CS_GOD123 - 100 points - 1 weeks ago

    Or is it PUBG

  • Ridditmyreddit - 31 points - 1 weeks ago

    Medical student here, are these physicians all armed forces employed or volunteers? How does one get involved in something like this?

18. A chilling phone message from one of the victims of 9/11

63642 points - Sep 11,2017, 11:49am - 3559 Visit on Reddit - Reddit Pics

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  • hucareshokiesrul - 1063 points - 1 weeks ago

    Here is one quote they had on the wall at the museum that really got to me:

    “I didn’t want that day to end, terrible as it was…It was still a day that I’d shared with Sean.” -Beverly Eckert, wife of South Tower victim Sean Paul Rooney.

  • shotgunsmitty - 526 points - 1 weeks ago

    I worked for a statistical research company that was contracted to go through every 9-11 call and plot data points to help improve the system in event of tragedies and emergencies such as this. During the project buildout I had to listen to a hundred or so calls...that shit hits home. I can still hear some of their voices.

    The company found out very quickly that they couldn't keep people in seats very long, most walked off the job the first day.

  • Nerdyredeyejedi - 427 points - 1 weeks ago

    Making me choke up a little

  • illinoishokie - 101 points - 1 weeks ago

    I'll see you when you get here.


  • Spartan2470 - 239 points - 1 weeks ago

    Here is the audio of this call.

    Edit: Most of this video is of his wife, who shared this because sees the call as a message of hope. She explains:

    And you hold out this hope, especially for someone like Brian.

    Who, this is a silly way to put it, but he was a warrior. And just you just didn't believe that something like this could take him away. So you hold out this hope until it's validated somehow.

    And all I needed was that message. And I think he very selflessly left it.

    I don't think he left it until he knew that he wasn't coming home. When I got it, it was just so Brian. It was his final request of me. And his final way to let me know that he was gonna be ok. And that he believed that he'd see me again. And that's all I needed to know.

    It was...I'm thankful for it. So thankful for that message. Because, at least I know without a shadow of a doubt what he was thinking. That calmneess in his voice soothed me. So I do have that.

    And because it's on a message I'm able to share it with anybody that wants to hear it. And it's very powerful. He made very powerful statements with that message.

19. One of my rocket launch images is now displayed two-stories tall at United Launch Alliance's headquarters in Colorado!!

62502 points - Sep 16,2017, 7:00pm - 789 Visit on Reddit - /r/space: news, articles, images, videos, and discussion

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  • johnkphotos - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Here's the original photo I took back in March.

    The image is of the Delta IV Medium+ (5,4) launch of the Air Force's WGS-9 satellite. I took it with a sound-triggered camera placed at the launchpad the morning of the launch. For more background info about the launch and camera info, see this comment.

    Tory Bruno, the CEO and president of United Launch Alliance, reached out to me a few months back with the idea to use this photo as a large mural in their lobby. Until I saw the initial renders of the photo, I had no clue how large it was going to be. I was truly blown away! I'm planning to go up to Denver later this year to see it in person.

    If you'd like to see more of my rocket launch imagery, as well as more images from around Florida's Space Coast, feel free to check out my website! I also post daily content to my Instagram page @johnkrausphotos

    Photo credit for the photo of the photo goes to Tory Bruno.

  • miss-izzle - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Wow! Congratulations! Besides being awesome, it's a pretty great addition to your resume!

  • shmobodia - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Awesome! Q: Did they compensate you for using the photo?

  • dblink - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Can confirm, have him tagged as "Takes sexy pictures of phat space asses"

  • hungry_tiger - 1 points - 1 weeks ago

    Congratulations on the accomplishment. Great photo!

20. How to properly clean your cat's litterbox.

61773 points - Sep 13,2017, 2:20pm - 2137 Visit on Reddit - funny

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  • finchdad - 354 points - 1 weeks ago

    This was most excellent and, pets aside, I want to try it.

    However, I'm not convinced that grabbing a pile of hot, mushy dog poop with your hand inside of a thin plastic bag and then carrying it around is so much better.

  • satanicpuppy - 100 points - 1 weeks ago

    On the one hand, litter boxes are gross.

    On the other hand, dog poop is also gross, and it's not confined to a box.

    On balance, I'll have to choose the low maintenance pet. Cat don't give a fuck if I leave for a weekend. Dog is going to wreck the house.

  • Nerdyredeyejedi - 74 points - 1 weeks ago

    Uh oh, someone insulted cats on Reddit. RIP, OP

  • Tyr_God_of_Justice - 27 points - 1 weeks ago

    That was a satisfying mushroom cloud

  • RutherfordLaser - 22 points - 1 weeks ago

    Cashier: What are you going to do with all these screwdrivers and bottle rockets?

    Guy: Cats, man.

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