[Homemade] red beans and rice with fried chicken

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  • MasterEzioAuditore

    17 hours ago

    That chicken looks amazing. I've only attempted fried chicken 2 times and fucked it up horribly both times hahah

  • bubblebutt31

    15 hours ago

    Recipe please!?

  • amirs318

    15 hours ago

    Looks great.

    Side note: do you guys like that much scallion/green onion (especially so thickly cut) on food? I see this a lot in the r/ramen subreddit, and so I finally have to ask. If it's a garnish, sure. But if it's actually to eat, wouldn't very thin cuts be preferable?

  • Wonder___Dude

    13 hours ago

    You from the New Orleans area, or somewhere of the sort? Looks good. I would normally mash down some of the beans to thicken up the sauce. I'd be interested in your recipe.