Once again, my mobile 4G data is 40 times faster than hotel wifi

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  • HeroAntagonist


    Constant bane of my life. My employer keeps us for months at a time in five star hotels... sounds ideal but obvious comes with major drawbacks... no kitchen, lack of storage space, housekeeping and management constanty trying to get into clean the room even when the dnd light is on.

    But the worst is the state of their "superfast" 500kb wifi. So slow it can barely hold a decent Skype connection with my partner back home. No use trying to play online multiplayer games either.

    First world problem but still. I'd trade the hotel for a dingy flat with a kitchen and decent internet.

  • cutc0pypaste


    Almost 50 times faster! ! more then 48x

  • Orwellian1


    The more you pay for a hotel room, the crappier the internet is, and you will pay a stupid fee.

    Get a $79/night motel and you will likely have free wifi at reasonable speeds. Stay at a $200/night they will charge 15$ per day for wifi that you could swear you hear the dial-up modem screeching it's 28.8k

    (Little bit of an exaggeration, at least nice hotels are starting to give their horrible internet for free now)

  • tcasalert


    So slow that it's taken almost two months to upload an image to Reddit.

  • extradition


    Must've been uploading this image for a while though

  • dandu3


    That ping on wifi is very low tho. Not that it makes a difference

  • Techrocket9


    I think my record is 600x.

    The hotel was at capacity for a major soccer game in town and the area had just gotten LTE-A deployed. Celluliar was 120 mbps. WiFi was 0.2 mbps.