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  • dalr3th1n


    The plural of life is lives.

    Stay in school, OP.

  • legsintheair


    Op, there is a phrase you are going to need to learn - it is critical that you learn this and get it right, so pay attention.

    "Would you like frys with that?"

  • TheEvilMrFry


    *Lives. Stay in school kids...unlike OP it seems.

  • autranep



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  • crzybrwn


    Had you not been asleep in class you would've learned that it's "lives" not "lifes"

  • sinus


    Jesus im getting old

  • groovyoung


    I think I saw this one in 2011 at f7u12

  • BKing63


    Why are you even wasting your time with education if you just gonna waste that much of your life? Do something productive or something remotely less wasteful of time and other people's money.

    When the world passes you by and you've done nothing with your life and have nothing to show for it, at the very least don't blame someone else. These are the opportunities life is giving you to do whatever you want.