"My body just likes to be fat I think"

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  • Strawberry_Smoothie

    2 days ago

    When you know somebody is making excuses: No accurate and believable mention of calorie counting, including the calories in drink and the calories burned for exercise.

  • BigFriendlyDragon

    2 days ago

    It's not genes; it's appetite. I know because I also have a big appetite. It's super easy for me to gain weight because it's super easy to eat more food than I need. It's really that simple.

  • Kalagala

    2 days ago

    Your body does like to be fat. Specifically the brain and mouth parts. Your cardiovascular system, joints and skeleton? Not so much.

  • smallfat_endeavor

    2 days ago

    My body "liked to be fat" for a good 35 years, then my left leg wimped out on me, so I started eating less and lost 50+ pounds and am still losing.

    #truestory #youcandoittoo

  • OohMePurse

    2 days ago

    My take on this is that people overestimate the impact of exercise and aren't aware how calories rack up fast. This person really dwells on how active they are, but judging by the fact that they state "walking" as being one of their main forms of exercise, they're just not burning off the requisite calories to create a deficit. Add that to an unquantified "I eat healthy", which as we all know could be a big bowl of granola for breakfast, a handful of nuts at 11am, a thick cut sandwich with an extra half avocado at lunchtime, a pot of yoghurt and another pack of nuts & dried fruit at 3pm, and a mega plate of pasta and a salad with oily dressing for dinner - but no wine and no cheese added so that must be healthy. This person might well not eat very much junk but she (I'm guessing from the stats?) isn't being honest with herself or bothering to look at the numbers on what she's ACTUALLY eating and burning.

  • Slummish

    2 days ago

    All bodies "like to be fat..." Which is why they were designed to store it. The problem is, they also expect you to use it up when times are tough and not to keep piling it on ad infinitum. There is a difference.

  • Flying00Fiddle

    2 days ago

    I could describe myself exactly the same. It's a grind to not gain weight. It's annoying to have to constantly say no when there are yummy unhealthy foods right in front of me. I enjoy exercising when I do it, but I'm on Reddit instead.

    The fact that not being fat is difficult in today's world is exactly why most people are fat. This person's body might not want to be fat but it definitely wants to eat all the food that makes it fat, and she thinks she's doing well by often saying no to the junk. But clearly, she's still eating more than she thinks.

    Sorry, but being thin these days is freakin' hard work. You're not putting in enough work on the food side.

  • FridayMartini

    2 days ago

    I used to think I was naturally around 175-180 or so because I just couldn't get to a lower weight. Then I started paying attention, tracking, and cut out habits that were causing me to be overweight and voila... 35+lbs lighter.

    I have a bit of sympathy only because I used to think the same thing. I also don't get a 'woe is me' really from this one post. On the other hand, if a person can post something like that then a person can find places like Loseit or Myfitnesspal, or many other free sites to enable them to help themselves.

  • mathelby

    2 days ago

    My body likes to do things that make it fat, like eat ALL THE THINGS and lie around like a lump. If I kick myself in the ass, though, my body ALSO likes moving around, and not feeling uncomfortably full, or nauseated from too much fat, or twitchy from too much sugar.

    My body lives in the moment. It depends on my brain, which does understand time, to determine which pleasurable stimuli to seek.

  • lizardslug

    2 days ago

    Aw man. Walking your dog once a day. What a grind.

  • QweenBee5

    2 days ago

    What! NO way! Are you telling me your daily walks are not burning the 3,500 calories you ate that day??? N O W A Y

  • spooki404

    2 days ago

    Everyone puts on weight easily if you consume too many calories. Unfortunately, consuming too many calories is way too easy. My body hated being fat but that didn't stop me from continuing to gain weight. You really do need to step back and analyze what you are putting in your mouth. A couple sodas here, a handful of chips, a little extra salad dressing, "healthy" peanut butter smeared on everything... Paired with a sedentary lifestyle and it's really fucking easy to get fat and stay fat.

  • PertKelly

    2 days ago

    I love that walking the dog for 15 minutes is considered a healthy workout. Like, if you move at all you're working out.

  • mandarinmints

    2 days ago

    72 kg at 172 is a healthy weight. They may have a high bf% but they're not overweight

  • lichtie

    2 days ago

    All these 'woe is me' posts seem to have a common theme.

    They talk about how they get lots of exercise and describe 'walking' as one of the things they do.

    If walking is so strenuous for your body that you consider it exercise, it means you're either horribly unfit and/or you're carrying too much weight.

    *I know there are some exceptions to the rule (hillwalking, powerwalking, racewalking etc)


    2 days ago

    If you have to constantly force yourself up and out, your body isn't enjoying being overweight.

  • fountainofMB

    2 days ago

    I think people like this poster may eventually get there as it doesn't seem overly negative just more resigned to the situation because he/she doesn't understand. IDK about you all but I totally thought I had a set point. And I kind of did, it was the point where what I usually ate in calories matched my TDEE. I just didn't see that at the time. 😀

    Now that I am really committing to CICO and just eating towards this I am losing weight on a regular downward pace. In the past, I would have cut calories by maybe 200 a day so it took a long time to see any results so I thought it didn't work and even then I was very slowly gaining so maybe my cut only stopped the gaining but I never did the math. Now at a more "aggressive" shortfall I see regular consistent results each week.

  • MattAmoroso

    2 days ago

    The trick is not to let your body be in charge.

  • spaghatta111

    2 days ago

    "And I drink very little alcohol"

    Yeah, so did I when I was fatter. Alcohol is not necessarily more high calorie than a lot of other things out there. Not drinking alcohol doesn't mean you're not doing something else

  • Ibelieveinphysics

    2 days ago

    So isn't your mind the master of your body?Take some responsibility. " I would so totes be thin, but my body doesn't want to, so I guess I'm stuck at this weight. Oh well."- that gives all responsibilities and power to something else and not yourself.

    I guarantee you that your body was built to move, to be an efficient machine, and to not be fat.

    Your body is a house for your mind. If you bought a house, and filled it with crap and never did any maintenance on it, how quickly would conditions in that house deteriorate? Eventually that house is going to fall apart but you're going to see damage well before it falls down around your ears.

  • flowersareokiguess

    2 days ago

    This persons BMI is within the healthy weight range.

  • pacjax

    2 days ago

    only 158 pounds at 5'7 is not that bad

  • LeighSabio

    2 days ago

    So, you're genetically predisposed to be fat, but you maintain a healthy weight by diet and exercise? That's the exact opposite of obesity being out of your control.

  • bossy_prance

    2 days ago

    I'm 5'7". 72 kg is 158 lbs. That's not very far gone in terms of a healthy weight - I think it's actually just the high end of of it. I used to get "stuck" at 160 lbs when I was larger than that. Eventually I added more exercise and that got me over the hump. I know you can also restrict calories more for a similar result. If this person (presuming it's a woman, to be honest) wants to lose weight she doesn't have far to go.