Your move

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  • DenebVegaAltair

    19 hours ago

    looks like black has a 16 point advantage. Ncxe5 is the best move

    I'm also guessing that black still has its a8 rook, since I can't see it. Surprisingly it's a legal board state

  • Bravo72

    19 hours ago

    The black King isn't even in play!

  • incredax

    16 hours ago

    She plays even worse than Windows Vista Chess Titans on easy mode.

  • rtjbg

    19 hours ago

    I see 4 queen taking moves, anymore?

  • Hoofrint

    15 hours ago

    What the fuck guys?
    She is projecting herself as the queen. She wants to be taken.

  • theonefoster

    17 hours ago

    Or the bishop. Or either knight. She didn't really think this through.

  • Etherius

    16 hours ago

    Either Knight or the bishop could take it, too.

    This girl doesn't chess good

  • thomaschrisandjohn

    15 hours ago

    Well to be fair she hasn't taken her hand off it yet

  • Papapain

    15 hours ago

    Missing the point,that queen wants to be taken.

  • ronglangren

    14 hours ago

    Or either of the knights! FFS!

  • Batbuckleyourpants

    19 hours ago

    Unless black just pushed up the pawn, and she is moving the queen to safety.

  • wuchta

    14 hours ago

    Still got the moves, sti, still got the moves.

  • BaileyJIII

    14 hours ago

    Chess is complicated. :D

  • Qaptan

    14 hours ago

    Just wanted to plug that the 2017 US Chess Championship starts today! Go So!