There's a storm brewing.

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  • shokzz


    I used to have this pic as my desktop wallpaper for a long time. Awesome atmosphere and definitely one of the most beautiful shots of this game in my opinion.

  • kieranfretwell


    This pic is completely unedited, I really don't think DayZ gets enough recognition for its beauty.

  • eversonkb


    Is this what was happening on the FL servers when Irma hit?

  • SeldomAlways


    Nice pic, so good I can feel that blast of cold air that rolls through before the storm!

    (Edit: big thumbs)

  • hcbit


    Wouldn't it be cool if you could hear the thunder and see the lightning in the clouds in the distance like that

  • WantedToGetInvolved


    Nice picture

    Hope the icons fill up like this