Amidst all the chaos, its nice to have somewhere to call home.

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  • Bheda

    2 days ago

    I wish there was some sort of mechanic in game to make stationary play rewarding. Have more diversity of players. Like have some out constantly moving but also encounter people setting up for the long haul in some areas.

  • guillomeme

    2 days ago

    Ah reminds me of DayZ: Origins, that amazing mod with the house building and the DIY cars. Holy shit those were some good gaming days.

  • mhagamaker

    2 days ago

    Dayz as well as some other very few games will always be what the community made it to be. As of most sandbox games. Most people who pick up the game this late in its stage picked it up because of the stories that was told from other peoples experience. If you can create your own content such as OP and find that satisfaction then you got it going on. Good on him. That is the sandbox experience or part of it I should say. Sure going around high pop areas and sending rounds down range for the satisfaction of some pvp experience is a big part of this game no doubt, I mean after all the fear of others is part of the element that creates the suspense. But if you can find content outside the realm of that then you win the game in my opinion. Thats what the DayZ experience is all about and thats what Sandbox is about. Player driven content. Good job OP